Thursday, 28 February 2008

I'm clean baby!!!

Had my tests done last week. I don't have anything!! WOOO!!

Next girl i find who's super hot that I like, who I reckon doesn't have anything, i'm going to fuck her up the poop hole without a condom

no i'm kidding. i don't like the poop hole. but i may just not use one. god i want some condom free sex. i lust for it. condoms suck!! baaah!!

I'll save it for someone special. for now, it's rubbers for everyone!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Got past the cutest LMR and then didn't fuck!

Had hilarious and cutest LMR from the japanese girl

Ok so she comes over, I make us tea with the new expensive organic honey I bought (couldn’t even taste it!) and make her a sandwich. We laugh a lot. This girl makes me laugh! I keep doing these really fun jokes/pranks with her, some of which are worth noting:

When she gets off the bus: she stands there and looks at me, I don’t move. When she takes a step towards me I take a step back, mirroring her. I keep doing this every time she gets near. She’s laughing but annoyed at the same time. Finally I relent and she comes over and I give her a hug.

Then in the kitchen, I made the tea, and the I took the hot tea bag and put it on her hand, just for a split second. She freaks out like “Aaah it’s hot!” but I’d already thrown it in the bin. She’s yelling at me “are you crazy?! What are you doing!”

This stuff is great. Especially when the girl is really fun. It’s just my natural thing but as I was doing it I was thinking this would really work for other guys as well, so I thought I’d mention it.

So, we muck around on my laptop. We discover the cute Japanese messages I’ve been sending are not making sense to her because the translator website I was using was completely old (using old Japanese nobody uses!) …. Eventually I start on the massage and it’s a real challenge getting her naked! She didn’t even wanna take her top off at the start so I just did what I could reach, then that came off. The bra took ages. I actually undid it for the massage then put it back on before I turned her over. Then kissed her front, then just took it off forcefully and started kissing her while molesting her breasts…then I went to town on her (fantastic) boobs and it was great. After that it went quite fast, but still some resistance…. I’d try touch her in her special place but she’d smack my hand away. She had the cutest LMR lines ever… here’s some of them (Try and imagine in her cute Japanese accent)

“what are you doing!?”

“are you crazy!!”

“don’t touch me there!”

“you’re a bad boy!”

“you could get in trouble!”

“I’m going to tell the police!”

at once point I was just ignoring her protests…. She said “can you hear me?” I say “yeah” she says “ok because sometimes my English not so good, so if you don’t understand you say” … I say “I understand!” and kept going. Hehe

Eventually I got her naked and fingered her. She was into it but no orgasm ;( … She touched me up a little too, but I wasn’t that horny. She was pretty passive, and I didn’t have a big hard on so I didn’t sleep with her. (this was 2 days after the Korean girl)… maybe I need Viagra?? This was like one of the hottest girls I’ve had in my bed and I didn’t do it! Aaah!!! I’m old!! Waah!!

Hopefully next time. Maybe there won’t be one now….ugh….

This should be an LR! Whatever I could have banged her if my penis followed orders, so... i blame my penis. who's side is that little fucker on anyway? (I SAY little....) :P

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Korean lay #2 (non crazy korean sex - lol)

Monday, 25th feb

Korean #2 (non crazy Korean sex) haha

So, I meet up with the Korean student from the park .. (met her on thur) … Now she was pretty much DTF when me and yen met her in the park. She checked me out as a walked by (I turned around and yelled “Oi!! I saw that! You just checked me out! You could at least have said hello! I’m not a piece of meat!!) … but when I was talking to her she was giving me sexy eyes, compliments (my glasses and my shirt) and said that she liked yen as well. Afterwords he’d said “dude we can spitroast this chick” and we ran into the park to find her, but she was gone. Anywho – yesterday I say meet me on the corner near where I live. She’s 10 mins late. I’m with Yen and one of the german pua’s. When she arrives I say “oh, there’s 3 of us, but they’re going soon” and she says “even better!” …. Whoa!! She IS dtf!

We go for hot chocolate. We fluff talk. I find out about her sexual past. She’s had 2 boyfriends who are around 25 years older than her! WTf?? She says guys hit on her a lot and she just ignores it… I make a joke like “wow this hot chocolate is thick. Like candle wax. Wonder if it chunks up when it dries” as I pour some on my finer. It doesn’t. I give her my finger “want some chocolate?” … she lickes it off! No, she sucks it off. Ohh, THAT was hot Wink … so then I pour some on her finger and suck it off as well. That gets the sexual tension up. WE fluff a bit more … I give her a hand massage and tell her I love to give massages. She gives me a hand one for like 5 mins and then proceeds to do my arms. She’s good! I then (at the same time) start doing her arms and she says “you ARE good!” …I mention to her that I give a killer massage with oil and that I have some awesome stuff at my house…. I said “do you trust me a little?” .. she says “yea” … I say “ok, let’s go”

I take her back, give her the tour of my place. Me and yen setup my bed RIGHT by the door of my new room (his idea) so that when I give a girl the tour, just as I open the door I can SHOVE the girl right onto my bed (haha) and I did it with her, but I didn’t shove hard enough to she just stumbled over the bed. I explained the joke to her. I tell her to get on the bed. Now keep in mind, we haven’t kissed or anything at this point. Just the chocolate licking….

To I start on her shoulders, and arms etc. she likes it a lot, then I slowly remove her shirt (well I kind of pull it down, she was wearing this dress) so I’m taking off the shirt and dress at once. Then after some more massage I undo the bar and go to her her ass and massage more. Then I’m going under the shirt/dress and massagin her bum. Now I’m pretty sure we both know what’s going on here, but at this point (or maybe just earlier) I kiss her shoulders and neck just to be sure and she groans so that it. Off comes the rest. I can see she’s very wet! I do her butt, legs (inside of legs, more moaning) .. (forgot her feet! Oops!) … get her to turn over. She’s very ok with all of it. No resistance whatsoever! Massage her tummy, tits, etc. I am hard as fuck! No I had to be meeting people at 8 and it’s 7.20. I think I can fuck her and get out (I’d told her before I had to be somewhere) but I wanted my fucking backrub so I told her that. She then gave me like an hours massage which was amazing! Like the works!! I fingered her (it’s like a fucking mini Jacuzzi!) I reach for a condom and show it to her … she says “I never do stuff like this! Do you?” and I smile and say “I think you should get me very, very hard…”

She gives me some head…at some point I skull fucked her a bit. She liked that. I just grabbed her head…I have to do that more often hehe. Anyways I put the condom on, we fuck. She’s making lots of cutsy noises. Man oriental girls just love it!! Fucking hell. These were screams of delight tho – no “painful moaning” like the Chinese girl. She asks “was this a one time thing?” afterwards. I say “no way, you’re good with massage and you live around the corner. You’re my new massage buddy!” and she says “cool!”

Ah – orgasm total was 3 – no ejaculations!!!

2 during the massage (she massaged that leg muscle right near my balls and I held 2 in!) then one whilst fucking. No cumming tho!!! Yaaay!! I don’t feel horny but I think I should be ok for wed….hehe

so my oriental total is now

Crazy Korean = 1
Non crazy Korean = 1
Chinese = 1

And I’m dating a Japanese girl so…. muahahah

oh - Yen wants to spitroast this one. I'm pretty sure she'd be ok with it. I just don't know If I can do it. Another limiting belief? What if our eyes meet just when I come. I'm attracted to him already. And I already tongued him once. I'm slightly concerned... Undecided

Monday, 25 February 2008

sun 25th

  Tonight met up with some german pua’s. hung out with yen for the second time. He rocks.
He’s telling me me it’s a limiting belief having girls over and not fucking them – or in general
not fucking girls when I meet them or on the day 2. maybe. Is is that crazy to wanna know some
girls?? IS IT? It’s not. Tho yea I know, some I may not be able to lay later, so do it sooner if
you can. I know I know.

I’ve been sending (her) little texts in Japanese (there are free websites than translate any
language to any other) and it’s totally cute. Just funny little message in Japanese. “you are a
sexy girl!” or “I like your feet, haha” or whatever. She replied “what, are you
crazy!?” but I said “it’s funny because it’s in Japanese!!” (in Japanese) and eventually she said
“I like your funny messages!” … but at first she just sent “you are crazy, what’s wrong
with you!) … little shit test? Her English isn’t perfect but she shit tested me the other day
too, as a joke she said “and I am cancelling our date tomorrow!” so I’d just replied “too
bad, we would have had fun. Ok see you some day….” But she texted back “yea I know it would
be fun. See you tomorrow” … it’s amazing the difference having fuckloads of girls on the go
makes – I really wouldn’t have cared much if she did cancel. I’d just have called another
girl!! Woooo I have a strong frame! I’m not needy! Hahaha it’s great!!

Japanese girl had plans for Monday night, and prop can’t see bisexual girl on mond, am busy
tues. plan is too see bisexual girl wed in the day, and hopefully jap wed night (or thur night) …
feels good to spend time with a couple of girls and get to know them. I’m just not chasing other
girls. If it’s easy fine, but otherwise I’m busy. Yay!


Hurt my foot running at the gym. Decide I’m not going out. Spiritual/reiki guy comes over to
hang and do some reiki on my messed up back. I do actually get some tingles in my head. And
this slight nausea when he was working on my stomach. We chatted for hours and have a lot in
common… he told me he’s had an “enlightenment” where all his chakras opened up and shit. Crazy
stuff. He’s at a crossroads, just as I am. Fuck we talked about so much shit! For a moment it
occurred to me that spiritual enlightenment and findind peace with yourself and “god” and the
world is much more important than PU and that maybe all this … just isn’t that important in the
scheme of things. For a moment ;) … don’t worry guys. I’m not there …. Yet….

Yad came over for a bit and brough some girl along. Turns out she had a BF, lol.

I had 3 or 4 girls contact me after midnight!!!
One Russian girl who’s number I got on that crazy day when I’d gotten 7 #’s texted me. I
called her and we talked. She’s fucking bored in this town, and has some “BF” but I think
it’s just a fuck buddy. I can nail her I think. She wants to hang out

This black girl facebooked me, we chatted on msn. So boring. She’s hot but I already know she
doesn’t have a personality. Can I be bothered?

Then the crazy/boring polish girl. She sent me this message “well I’m a bit drunk after work
to be honest, just wanted to tell you that you seem quite an interesting person and that you
touched me last time. Was good to meet you, that’s it. Take care.”

At 1am! I almost texted her back “come over if you want to see me” but just the thought of
having to lay next to her after the fact – I can’t do it. She’s painfully fucking unexiting
and has serious issues. I almost sent the next but decided I had the will not to. I’m going to
fucking HOLD OUT for sex with a woman I actually want/like. So I’ve held out….
Part of me thinks any girl texts you after 12 she is down to fuck. I almost said to the Russian
“come over! Let’s have tea at mine!” … she was disappointed when I cut the call off at
like 30 mins. I could hear it in her voice…. Shit fuck I just wanna know if she’s have come lol.

friday 22 feb =1st time in 24

 Friday –

Date with hot Vietnamese girl (from crazy 7# close day)

She’s got a hot face. Not thin – not much personalit. Said all her friends are Japanese
girls. Will try get her out! Friend time!

Went to the club 24 and brought around 15 girls. Mainly hot ones but some “friends” of girls
who were not so hot.

One girl was shit testing the crap out of me.

“My friend says you are a player”

I said “yea, I’m a player!”

“How many girls have you slept with?” – I said “will you believe me if I tell you?”
… she said “yea” … I said 25 and she stared me down then said “ok I believe you”

“are you addicted to girls?”

I was like “huh? All men are addicted to girls. It’s in our DNA. What are you weird?”

And also “how many of these girls have you slept with?”

I said “I haven’t slept with any of them….yet”

Better answer would have been “all of them!” haha

Anyways she was annoying. I’d made out with her last week in another club, but I really
don’t fancy her at all. Ah well.

I spend the night with another girl. Some girl I’d gamed and didn’t even remember meeting
when she facebooked me. She came out tho and we talked. She was cool. She was very interested. So
many ioi’s! I asked if she wants to get some coffee and she’s like “yep!” so we go for it.
I take her to my secret spot. We talk a lot – fuck she’s cool! And bisexual! We make out .
good kisser. Again – I know I could have just said “let’s go back to mine” right out of the
club, but I admit I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. We make plans to see each other again.
Next time tho, I will bring her straight over to my place. I asked her if she did one night stands
and she said no she’s never had one. I asked if she’d ever slept with someone the night
she’d me them and she said yea, with a lot of her relationships. Helooooo … yea I guess I still have
some limiting beliefs!!

Anyways it was a great great night and I made a connection with this awesome girl. It will be
kewl to see her again!

thur, feb 21

Thur hug out with yen
Got a # from this cute Korean girl. She checked me out when she passed my and I yelled “I saw
you check me out!! You’re unreal!” and came up to here. She told me she liked my glasses and
my shirt. She was DTF I could tell. She said she liked yen as well. I told her to facebook me –
was going to get her # (said in case u loose my card) and she said “I’ll add you” and I said
“ok!” … she added me, couple of messages, got her # now so will meet up when I have time.
May try just bring her straight back just to see what happens. Once I walked back to yen tho,
after talking to her she was like “dude, spitroast! Go go go !! and we went loking for her but it
was too late. I wanted to hang with him anyway so whatever….

wed, feb 20th

Wed – did a gig. Had my new friend the spiritual reiki guy come out – had a day 3 with the
little Japanese midget. I made her come a bit west near notting hill gate to where the show was. I
was performing. I told her I had a surprise for her. It was the interval and I was mc’ing the
gig. So I get her to take a seat. Then I go up and start the show and her mouth was completely
open. I joked with the audience “look at her! She had no idea I was performing!” and she
actually yelled “what are you doing there!!” hahaha everyone cracked up it was just one of those
hilarious moments

So I take her into the west end – we grab tea’s to go and I take her to one of my secret
spots. Can’t post that. Can’t have a bunch of pua’s knowing where I take my girls, hehe but
it’s pretty cool. We talk …. I’d tried kissing her a couple of times but I got the check!
Aaargh! I just kept trying – it’s not too hard when u know it’s on. Eventually I break thru and
there’s lots of making out.

In the end I waited with her for her bus (which also went to my place) but It didn’t show for
like 40 minutes and it was cold. When the next bus that showed up (that went to my place) I just
took her hand and said “come on!” … I’d already said she can stay at mine but she said “I
should go home, I have to work in the morning!” but she didn’t fight at all
When we got to mine, I said “ok that’s your side. I’ll join you later. She asked if she
can sleep in her jeans and I said whatever she likes. I told her she better stay on her side of the
bed, took her scarf and put it down the center making a line. She said “YOU better stay on your
side! Hehe” … anyways I rubbed her feet as she fell asleep, played on the internet and then
joined her.

Yea yea the little voice in my head was saying “come on baby, this is it” .. yea maybe it
could have been, but I like this chick and didn’t feel the need to try and fuck her. It felt like
it’s too early. I think in japan people don’t fuck so quick although I know the girls are
even more sexual and dirty than western girls. (I’m started to think this but we’ll see – more
“research” needs to be done, hehe.

Saw her off in the morning. Got a text saying how much fun she had, etc. will see her again
soon…. Ooh she’s cute!! And fun!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

another date (cool girl) and more thoughts

A girl came from outer bit of london to see me.

Err, she wasn't as hot as I'd remembered but cool to hang with. We watched a kung fu movie which was awesome. 5 deadly venoms. go fucking watch it if you haven't seen it! Could I have fucked her? maybe. I could have fooled around for sure but... well i think i'll just have her as a friend...

since i had the realization that i can fuck just about every hot, single woman i meet about 2 weeks ago things have changed. i've changed. I realized that i got into this for stupid EGO based reasons. i've satiated that now. i think part of me getting into PU so hard core over the last few months was just to see - could I do it? could i be one of those guys who bang loads of chicks? well - the answer is yes. I can. So suddenly. i don't feel it necessary to fuck a load of girls. i haven't fucked any in 2 weeks ... the realization made it so CLEAR how many OPTIONS i have it's scary. I NEVER though it could be like this. so as soon as i realized it I'm like "oh so what, i'm just going to be a whore now?? or what?" so i'm just kinda of going on a FUCKload of dates. i'm SO much more picky than I was before, and I was picky before. Even if a chick is hot, if she's boring i don't give a fuck. If she's a little fat I'm not gonna do it. i KNOW one of the dates coming up will be a HOT girl that has an AMAZINg personality. those are the girls i want to fuck. i've realized just from the couple of lays i've had in the last month that i don't just want an emotional connection with girls i sleep with - I NEED one.

so if a chick is just hot and nothing else - i can just add her to my social circle. be friends. that's cool. i'm realising that it's better to do that than try fuck every girl. those girls have value too, not just cuz they have hot friends but as human beings. so i'm just going to fuck the girls i really really want to and just be cool with the rest. man i'm goin to be able to throw one hell of a party pretty soon. (if anyone has a big house MSG me and we'll talk, hehe)

I may well just go and fuck a load of girls in a row at some point, just for the experience. but i really don't know if it was make me feel any happier. I don't know if there's any point to it at all, other than to post crazy fuck reports and to impress my PUA peers.

partly i hate sex with condoms also which does contribute to the "i don't care factor" ... it's not that enjoyable with one, so unless i really know a chick... you know ...

have just taken all my sex tests. i think i'm going to find one super hot amazing girl and just fuck her brains out without a rubber. over and over, for weeks, ... and then use rubbers if i meet other girls. but then, why would i bother having condoms sex on the side??? again it would be just for my ego "ooh look how hot that girl is i fucked... anyways ...yep. i think that's my plan. well, as i write this, that's my plan. hehe

i can't believe it. i think i'm becoming enlightened or something. i don't even thing it's a big deal that i can get laid. i don't care much really. there's more to life. they are just chicks? bah ... i must be loosing my mind. maybe i really am loosing my mind..... ???


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Aids test! oh yeah mama, let the good time roll!!

Ok, I took an aids test last week. Well, to be accurate, I took all the tests. But there's only one I'm really worried about. Funny that. We're all so concerned wth Aids. Hep B is a motherfucker too, you know? Shortened life space, liver disease. No thanks. Even though the results for everything else are ready today, Im not going in. I want all the bad news at once. I don't want to be cleared of all the OTHER stuff, then be told I've got Aids. Oh - and I AM expecting bad news. I'm a wreck. What's the matter with me? I don't sleep around. Honest. I can't take this pressure!! So I've decided that i'm going to live my life another way. No, I'm not going to have less sex. No, I'm not going to use condoms more. I'm just going to Assume that I've got aids. Always. As soon as i've had sex one time, with one girl without a condom - that's it! I've got AIDS! That way, when I get the negative test result, I'm really happy. Im calling everyone i know "HEY!! I DON'T HAVE AIDS!! PARTY AT MY HOUSE NEXT WEEKEND! YEAAA!!!! IT'S MY THIRD "I DONT HAVE AIDS AND IM NOT GOING TO DIE PARTY! EVERYONE IS INVITED obviously dont invite people that have aids, as that would be really awkward for them. They should have attended the "I HAVE AIDS AND I'M GOING TO DIE PARTY" - which I held the month before... (just after I had sex with the dodgy girl with three front teeth,) you know? That was the party for them. Ok, maybe its a bit over the top. But hey, any excuse to throw a party right? So in a week, when I post the result, theres going to be a little shin dig people. AIDS ROCKS!! (Well, uh you know what I mean) oh and since were on the subject, while I was cruising around looking at AIDS statistics (yes, working out the statistical probability that Ive got aids as we all do when you go for the test fun for the whole fun family) I discovered a very interesting statistic. Check this out.

For one particular region, It said the new H.I.V cases for whites was 11800, blacks, 19000. (about 50% more. And For new cases for whites, 395000, blacks, 398000. (Almost the same) Does this means some white people are going straight to aids? Thats nice. Can you see this conversation?

Husband Honey, Ive come back from the doctor. Ive got good news and Ive got bad news.

Wife Give me the good news first

Husband Ok the good news is, I havent got H.I.V

Wife Oh thank god. Oh thank you Jesus. Praise the lord! Whats the bad news?

Husband Ive got Aids baby, I got Aids. Thats right - straight to aids. I dont fuck around. Well, I do, thats why Ive got aids.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Feb 17th new record for #'s in a day - 7 !

Had a date with the cute Japanese midget from that I met in camden town. It went great! I didn’t escalate just chatted/comfort … at some point I just held her hand and she left her hand on my and we were holding hands so that was a compliance test… she said she wants to see me again and all… ooh she’s cuuuute!! Was really fun hanging with her! What a bod!! I made a fucking scene in the the coffee shop because they wouldn’t put both stamps on my “loyalty” (free drink) card as it’s one per visit. I’m like, yea but if we’d paid separately you’d have given us two, I just want them two on my card. She’s giving me hers. They are like no. I said give me the stamp or I’ll go around the whole shop and tell them that you guys are mean and that people would be better spending their money in starbucks they treat customers better. They wouldn’t do it so I opened the whole shop and made a stink and the customers were with me. My date was like “noo!! You can’t do that” but she was impressed. Hehehe. i’ll do it again next time too if they give me and shit. Bastards….

Met up with snoball, dunners, don charisma, max, reis, cyber, and some new cats I ain’t never seen before (or just barely)

Some fucked off right quick (including snoball) but he got me non-latex condoms for a gift! Thanks duuude!! And don got me a silly trancey flahey necklace... (not e to go with it tho) L

Sooo street sarging, Leicester square, etc. I got 3 or 4 more #’s plus what there was from the day, so a new # close record for me .. total 7. some of the chicks VERY hot. I’m goin to ring them ALL tomorrow. Mainly Chinese, Korean, ones. 1 hot French one and 1 hot Russian once. OMG some of them were hot. Let’s see how many flake…hehe i think whichever ones i caLL actually won't... will post!

My vibe is so strong now – I just look at girls and they open me sometimes. I just chat shit for a bit, flirt a bit and just get their number. some of the really hot girls try the “I don’t give my # out shit and I just kill it with one of my lines and they crumble every time… it’s so easy it’s unreal. Like 3 of the girls I # closed today were like model hot 9’s for sure. One Chinese one had a BF I could tell she wasn’t happy with and still gave me her number (I won’t call her) and another one wouldn’t say so I figure she does kidna have one… we’ll see how it plays out… Here a pic of the one I was smooching last night. She does modeling which I didn’t realize. She’s been textin me today… She’ looks even hotter on this pics! Jesus Christ!!!! I almost shit myself when I saw these!! She really is a stunner. Can’t believe I had my tongue in her mouth yesterday. (well, I can…)

Anyways yea as usually pushed some new kiddies into sets, etc. my new amazing opener is the fucking bollocks. it just stops girls cold.

Is was fun just going super sargin on my b day pua party. Guys tho, if I run after some tail, don’t just stand around open some fucking sets!! Come on!! I’m going to to start using my belt on you new guys and whipping your butts!! Hehe….

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Feb 16th Hoxton with some newbies & dunners

Had a date with the Romanian girl from last night. Yea, she liked about being Lithuanian. I asked why, she said “because nobody knows Romania so I say Lithuania.” WHAT!??! Weird… anyways… Shy at first, but once I got to chatting, we were off! Laughing, joking around, I was groping her tight little bod all over and we were making out and shit! She’s like “are you always like this!?” and I said “only with the cute’uns! I can’t help myself! I’ll try” and I’d to like a short freeze out (just not touching) then back into it. She wasn’t as hot as yesterday without the makeup but cute. Maybe a 7.5 … hottt body tho! I say let’s hookup maybe tomorrow around 9 or 10 for a drink and she says maybe, if not then in the week….

Met up with beballer briefly in soho just to say hey… ran into some other lss guys and say what’s up before heading over to angel to meet dunners and some new guys. Sarged my way into the *middle of the line (what??) for hoxton bar whatever it’s called and eventually got in. I’m openening up the whole place and it seems to be on with this one pretty hot girl from outside. I give her my card and tell her I’ll see her later…. So I meet the new guys and try get them into some sets. Aaron uses my line and gets a great reaction - gets into a good 2 set. I wing and we chat up these girls. One of them was like “We wish other guys were as cool as you. We just get approached by boring guys who say “are you having a good night” heheh.. yep. Anyways I get the # for mine, but she wasn’t that hot, just to come along to this party they are having. They insist we come. He facebook closes his one. I tell him go for the # next time….good work though dude

I open and pull the a couple other guys into sets with girls but they fizzle… we hit the dancefloor and do a bit of that. I opened one or two hotties that had BF’s… bit of dance game…. Eventually the hottie from before opens me on the dance floor and it’s on with her. She really has fantastic tits. The fucking cunting flash on my piece of SHIT sony ericsson k 800 decides to (occasionally and for weeks at a time not work) so I can’t take a pic. She has some on her phone I’ll get her to text them) … this chick really is gorgous, but not as thin as I like them. Will post the pics up when I get a hold of them. So we make out and whatever. I don’t even wanna try bring her back. She says she wants to see me again, etc. she’s telling me why she likes me, etc

Oh everyone was opening me by the end of the night. Like people I’ve met, people I haven’t met it was silly. And I only go IN there at like 12.30?? got some food with her and her mate and dunners after and that’s a wrap

God she really had a beautiful face. 21 years old. When I said I was 29 I said “oooh you’re too young for me baby!” and she’s like “my ex was 29!” and I’m like “alright then!” … did lots of walk aways and she’s ALWAYS pull me back on the dance floor. It was so on

Soooooo onnnnnnnnn

* yea you’d think if you’re going to be a cunt and use your skills to push into a line, you’d have the good sense to go to the front of the que, but not me. What a dildo I am sometimes….

feb 15th, clapham sarge, +expanding the reality of the dun man!

Went out with dunners and beballer. Kewl guys! Met up in oxford. Couple of girls were throwing themselves at me and Dunners but we just ignored them, hehe…. Then we hit up Clapham. Beeballer was mainly chillin with his ex girl (friend?) so it was me and dunners. He told me he doesn’t usually approach girls he finds attractive and goes indirect. I’m like “what? You’re HOT! Fuck this! Go say (yadda yadda) to those girls (HOT blonde and her ug friend) he went in and they loved it! I kept making him do that and he loved it. I send him to open this 2 set of sitting hotties and 1 of them was SO mean it was unreal. I just kept negging her back after she negged me and it got really ugly. I eject, but he (credit to him) goes back in and # closes his one! Apparently they were really nice when I left. Haha. Oh well. Can’t win them all. I went back in to the bitchy one just as a challenge to see if I could break her down – I was making progress when they went to get more booze… I then opened this HB9 I saw earlier at the bar (me and dunners were going to open but he wanted to check the back) and when we got back 2 guys were in there. Anyways I stuck in with this girl for around 30 mins. Great chat, she was a dentist, 25. very fucking hot. We make plans for hot choc on Tuesday. Dunners seems pretty chuffed to realize he can just go direct on any fuckin girl he fancies and it’s all good. I opened a hottie on the tube earlier and she fucking loved it even tho she had a BF. You really can just go for it. Funny, in set with the dentist I told her I was going to chat them up earlier but didn’t wanna be a dick when those 2 guys were trying it on…hehe… was really open about the whole thing. Got an interrupt from ( I think their friend?) but handled it gracefully. Let him know she was hooking up with me though pretty quick, hheheh… I just shuffled him over to her blonde friend and that was that….

Anywho then on the street there’s a fucking cute 3 set, 1 guy and 2 girls. I go for the single girl, joke around and get her #... she says she’s Lithuanian. She’s drunk and I say to dunners “that’s a flake, but if my phone game is strong maybe I can get her out. Maybe 33% I’ll see her again, if that….)

Dunnners you’re a natural baby you can have any of these chicks you want, no probs! All you had to do is what I did – accept that as your reality and just fucking go for it matey!!! You’re going to be fucking like a rock star!!! Diiiiiiiiireeeeeect motherfucker is where it’s at ! Xoxox I love u dude!!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's day!!

Feb 14th

Today was sick. Valentines day

Mainly was using “"Hey girl... Where's your boyfriend... It's valentines day!"

Date at 2pm date with artist caroline

this girl is hot, great energy. Good times. Used “you are cool…to hang out with” which worked well and disqualified herself cuz she smokes. She bought my drink! This girl was so so so cool. Taking about EEEverything!! Ooh can’t wait to actually hang out with her again. She away on the weekend but whe she gets back…

Texted one hot polish girl who seemed to be flaking. I said “even though u suck I wanted to wish you a happy valentines day!”

Her reply

“I don’t suck, im fact I’m pretty awesome. I’m just not sure if I’m into an 8yr age gap … x

my reply

Wow. You look fucking amazing for a 37 year old!! Thought u’d be adventurous enough to have a drink with me. Mayube we’d be friends? It’s not all about sex! :P

Her reply

Its not? What a sahme :P lol yeahn I know, everyone keeps telling me I look great, u gotta love botox nowadays. Well,okay then, iguess I could get convinced about that drink :P

See? Shit test – blow thru it – or even if that’s really the reason, just diffuse it.

Hit the streets with Yad, hook up with Lucy and lucy, on a uni campus building got #’s and cuddled/kisses neck, massaged a bit, then went into town. Oneil’s. all the hot ones had BF’s but I just got to know them and gave them my card to come out to a gig. Ooh, worked this one german cutie for 10-12 mins. She was hard work but I just led and got her to open up a bit…couldn’t get her to put her number in the phone. The band came on and it was too loud so I just went for the # close, she didn’t comply. Almost, then she’s like “uh, I don’t even know you” and I use my # close lines, I’m already stalking 3 girls, etc and she still hesitates. I say well I need my phone back, one way or another. She gives it back and I walk off. I didn’t have the patience really to work it any further… she seemed a bit uptight anyways.. if she calls fine… if not fine…

Did dance and chat with this one HB9 american girl who had a man but she insisted on coming to one of my shows… I told her it can be arranged

Hit the streets, get a number from HB9 18 year old blone in the lineup for cheapskates. My vibe/frame was so strong I just did it in front of everyone. Her friends were like “yea she’s single!” and 2 guys in the line were like “holy fuck! This guy is amazing!” … some chick was like “hey, no line cutting!” and I said “I just want her phone number, I’m not coming into the club! And she’s like ok cool” … so I chatted just till she was about to go in and got her number. about 5 mins chatting altogether, might be ok. I won’t text this one, this one is getting a phone call. Yep.

Then more gamin on the streets – called lucy from before, they’re around the corner. Me and yad hit them up. I make out and grind with mine. Yad’s been fucking to much even to try bang his one though she’s quite cute. Mine says her bro is crazy and she should go home (she’s staying with him) and has to be up at 9. I’m not that bothered but she asks if we can go out either fri or say and I say maybe, give me a call.

On the bus back I am just opening the whole fucking bus really, as soon as I walk on the girls to my left. I social proofed gamed I guess because when I opened these other girls they were like “you want us to touch your horns too?” haha … anyway this one girl was fucking super hot. Her game was at least as tight as mine. You could tell she had a lot of guys chatting her up. In was unreal. It was like a fucking boxing match between me and her, seriously. Like BAM, BAM<>th and came out on top on the 10th. Tough, but very fun using my skills and actually being matched. i was impressed. It occurs to me that a hot girl gets approached probably as much as (well, not quite) but on par to how much a PUA approaches girls. Me personally if I actually go out “gaming” I’m opening maybe 25-35 sets per night. That was up till now, now I’m getting more picky and better at building rapport and I’m trying to really solidify the numbers so it’s going to be less. But a newbie can open up like 25 (even 40 of 50) because so many sets go nowhere, right? But a girl that hot is going to get 10-12 guys per night.. so I’d say she’s getting half (maybe a third) of the in field experience of a PUA. Right? But she’s been getting this all he LIFE. Like since she was 15 or 16, every day, every fucking day that she lives and breathes and LEAVES THE HOUSE she is getting it. So – who is more experiences? The HB 9 or the PUA? Almost every time the HB9. If she’s 18, and the PUA has been gaming 3 months hard core (I mean, my level of hard core – Yad’s level of hard core, AFC_Adam London level hard core) I put it at around a tie, maybe. But you take a HOT 25 year old woman she’ been in (let’s work this out. 10 years, at say, conservatively, 3 sets a day. 365 x 10 x 3 = 10950. So almost eleven THOUSAND sets. Let’s say, some days she was sick and didn’t go out, fine let’s round it down 11% to ten thousand. TEN THOUSAND FUCKING SETS GUYS. Have you opened ten thousand sets? Nooooo. Not many PUA’S have. So – who’s going to have the advantage? The better lines? Reflexes? Instincts? Overall calibration? Who’s going to have the home turf advantage? She is! You’re approaching HER. She’s the home team. She is ready to destroy you. She eats guys like you for breakfast. So like I’ve been saying more and more the only way to counter this, (truly counter) is to have a massive amount of in field time as well. Experience defeats experience. This is all common sense shit. I’m not breaking any new ground here but… it just really occurred to me as I was verbally sparring with this chick. She was GOOD man. And she was only fucking 22! But by my calculations she’s already been in over 7000 sets by that age. 7000!!!

Now, I’m not saying that WE, the world’s pua’s need to open 10k sets before we’re good. That would be madness…. We have a lot of advantages. Firstly, we’re going out there with a purpose and continually improving. We have clear goals (getting laid in most cases) and if you work on something constantly you improve a lot quicker. Girl’s don’t have a goal, they just develop these reflexes as a defense (I supposed their goal is NOT to get laid, haha) … they can’t say yes to every guy, can they? Their vaginas would explode. Or their belly from hundreds of different sperm fighting each other for supremacy. Ewww…. We have set strategies, routines, books, bodies of knowledge, forums, friends, other pua’s and want not, that are there to help us improve. We have NEED on our side. They don’t. The female APUA (yep, new term has been coined – the anti pua!) is just merely acting/learning out of necessity. Out hunger for sex/companionship DRIVES us. I reckon the PUA in the end has the bigger advantage, but only after a lot of tine in the field/study. Initially, when one enters the game, the woman has a massive edge. Enough to break any pua (unless he is a true natural, in which case, why is he even in the game?)

So some advice to aspiring pua’s …Go for the younger girls.


Yea. They have far fewer defenses. They haven’t been in the game nearly long enough. So, they’re not as good. Go for them. Keep it legal, obviously 18+ and all that. I don’t wanna advocate and dodgy behavior. “Sure, officer, I knew she was 14 but this PUA on this blog said, the young’uns were easier…” but 18, 19, 20, 21 year olds are going to be waaaaaaay easier than 25-28 year olds. Those are the toughest, they’re still (often) hot but they are EXPERIENCED APUA’s and they will destroy the inexperienced PUA….. then if they get up to 30+ they get easier again, they’re not in their prime anymore and they soften up… especially around 35 onwards… but a 25 year old hottie is going to be the toughest set you ever had. Or a 30 year old, if she is still fucking hot… right?

So the battle rages on. APUA’s vs PUA’s!! Sounds like fucking star wars, doesn’t it? Hehe…. But… who’s on the dark side and who’s on the light side? I suppose that depends on who’s asking…. Considering I go around wearing a little devil’s hat with horns…. Naaaaah we’re definitely the good guys. And the vagina blockers must be stopped! Hypens must be destroyed!! MuahHHAhaHaHAHA

Ok ok we’re the bad guys. Fuck it. The bad guys have more fun anyways…..

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Monday, 11 February 2008

date with HB 9.5 - rapport only. less funny. it's working

So I went on a date today with one of the hottest girls I have ever been out with. Maybe that I’ve ever met at all, HB 9.5, easy. This is the one I met in late December on the bus, went on insta date. She was really busy, and flaked out, so I hadn’t seen her till today. I invited her out to my birthday drinks and she couldn’t make it but she texted me to ask how it went. Today I say, let’s meet up. She says she ends work at midnight. I say that’s fine. We meet.
This girl was so hot it’s unreal. It’s fucking past midnight, we go to a caffee and the old man behing the counter makes some cheesy remark when she asks for honey. It was “you don’t need it, you’re sweet enough. What’s sad is I’d have said that 3 months ago, LOL! Oh how far I’ve come. Aaaanywas
I dind’t bring up her looks, or compliment her at all (just “hey you’re fun”) maybe once but that’s it
It was just rapport, bonding, stories, real shit. At first I was thinking “wow I’m not even being funny what the fuck is wrong with me! She doesn’t think I’m funny! Omg she’ll never see me again!!” It felt weird… but after like 45 mins I got back into my normal self and started joking around and telling funny stories and she fucking loooooooooved me. AFTER we’d gotten to know each other and had “normal conversation” .. and this was on a day 2 keep in mind…
When I walked her to the bus stop you know what she said?
Hb “hey, we have to hang out proberly” (she’s already said it before one time)
Sasha “yea sure, like what’s properly?”
“like dinner, and a bottle of wine at my place”
Sasha “Bah, I don’t like wine, but I like girly drinks… we’ll get some pinya coladas! What will u cook?”
This thing (blah blah mentions seafood)
Sasha :ugh I hate seafood
Hb “Oh, don’t worry! I can make it with chicken too, you’ll love it!!”
Sasha “ok, that sounds better”
One of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen
Not one sexual joke, comment, nothing
And yet I’m having dinner at her place. Booze laden dinner

See. some times it's best just NOT to....

more numbers and fun

Feb 12th

Today was fun. Was sarging with matt a bit then with yad. Did a gig as well. Jeez it’s so easy now it’s like automatic. Just stopping girls and getting their number. I got like 5 or 6 today plus facebooks. It’s just silly really. I’m just seeing how far I can push the siliness/directness in some sets because I already have too many/ can’t keep track of the girls I’m meeting. It’s ridiculous. Girls are adding me on facebook, hot girls – and I’m messaging them with “hey uh, sorry, who are you again? Where did we meet? Why do you want to be my friend?” cuz I can’t remember. They’re fucking gorgous student girls in their 20’s and I really just don’t know.

One girl today was pretty hot this American. She was loving me so I just found out she didn’t have a BF. Then I just said “how long has it been since you’ve had sex?” and she’s like “a while!” and I said “we’re going to fuck. What’s your number?” and she gives me her number. i walked off thinking “it can’t be that easy, let’s see” and I text her “hope I didn’t scare u, I won’t hurt you. I’m normal. Haha. Let’s meet tomorrow for a drink” and she said “I’m up for that”

This girl was hot.

Another one was crossing the street and I was like “omg, you’re crossing over just to talk to me. I don’t really like girls that are that forward. You should wave first next time, hehe”

Got some hot philipino girls’ number who hasn’t had a BF in 3 years (warning sign) she kinda had crooked ass teeth though a hot body, probably won’t call her

Got this black girls number who was cute, fun, and had an amazing body (gold tooth though, hrmmm….)

Some other numbers I can’t even remember

Oh I’m on the way to my mate’s house and there’s this hot Spanish girl. I open her, she’s a bit upset and tell me she was just on a date and the guy kissed her on the check. Right off I’m goin shock and awe (she was drunk) telling her hot hot she is. I said

“hey you can kiss me and pretend I’m him if you want” … she’s like”no!” and I said “kidding” … I was getting my hands on her and she wasn’t objecting. She’s like “I have to talk to my flatmates etc” and … well she’s torn between me and going home. I’ve seen this in girls before, more and more. Where they really are torn between 2 courses of action. Think about this. It means that any moment you’re just one tiny though pattern away from – whatever it is you’re trying to convince a girl to do. Get her number, get her to buy you a drink, get her to sleep with you. It’s THAT close. She’s litereally walking away from me, then walking back. It’s almost irrational. Surely she knows if she wants to leave right at THAT moment or talk to me? But no, they don’t. we know, don’t we fellas? Anyways I didn’t force it (it felt dirty and too easy. Some chode probably spent half his pay getting her drunk, didn’t have the balls to kiss her (maybe he didn’t like her??) and here I am face to face with this horny lonely girl. I think I could have done it… got her back to mine… but… I was actually looking forward to getting to my mate’s house. I had to print something. Thinking back, I should have pushed it. Why not? She was hot!! Anyways I took her number and she was like “yea call me, for sure, I wanna see you…” but then I got a text from yad that he # closed this girl we were just talking to on the tube (and then I called him to tell him about this drunk chick) but when I clicked end I erased her number as I hadn’t actually saved it yet. Lol FUCK! Ah well. Just one of like, billions of girls.

Oh we open this set and one of the girls knows me and I recognize I’d already sarged her and I’m like “hey I know her, lol!!” this happened yesterday as well, this girl opens me cuz we already talked … I knew her face, but from where? Her name? no fucking clue. Same thing happened yesterday, this girl who was with her friends was like “hey! Sasha!! Over here!” and I’m like …errr…. Yeah…hi….

Oh yesterday was with matt was well, he stayed in set with one girl I sicked him on. She was like an hb 9.5 … so fucking hot it was unreal, and just at the end she said she had a BF and he ejected. I yelled at him “dude what are you doing. Her friends are goin to look like her – you should have just framed it like she was awesome and you wanted to be friends and that’s that” once again, ask them early on, then u can frame the whole interaction as “we should be pals”

Erm, yea, I’m not even meeting up with all these fucking girls, same with yad. It’s silly. We both have to actually STOP sarging and just go on dates with all these chicks. I think between wed and Sunday I have to meet up with ..jeez it’s a few. I’ll be posting date reports and crap!! Oh it’s gonna be some fun times.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

End of 30 day challenge report

General update

Well, I haven’t been blogging because… I got tired of blogging all the time I guess. I’ve come to a level where getting #’s from girls is piss fucking easy. They don’t even mean anything anymore, and it isn’t interesting to write about so I don’t bother. If I lay a girl, seriously mess around with one (in bed, not emotionally :P ) I’ll put it on here.

Err, then again another PUA told me that he got really good when he started writing up everything that happened. But I talk to so many girls, well I don't really have the time – but I’ll make an effort to put more on here. I really don’t even know if anyone is reading this, lol but fuck it I’ll keep hammering away. Basically I’ve just finished a 30 day challenge when my goals (at the beginning) were to try go for makeouts in every set, and try giving my # out to girls without taking their number. Well, both these goals are fucking ridiculous, I can tell you right now.

Here’s why:

Make out in every set? Eh? You’re going to get slapped around if you try and make out with every chick you meet. Sometimes it’s just damned inappropriate. I mean, yea, I wasn’t going for it as much as I should have but certainly going for it all the time would have been a massive over correction. No the goal should have been “go for a make out in any nighttime situation where I’m getting ioi’s, or daytime situation where I was getting massive ioi’s. that would have been fair enough. Anyways the reason I came up with that for my challenge was, that I was shit at physical escalation and never kissed girls even when I thought I could get away with it.

Well, I can tell you now, I’ve fucking gotten over that bit. Yea. I went to koko’s in Camden town a somewhere in week two and I make out with 3 girls in there (and 1 on a day 2 earlier) … I could have done many more, but it would just be to prove it to myself and after 3 in a row I knew I could do it. It really wasn’t hard. You give them that sexy look, let them know your intentions, keep’em chatting, keep telling them they’re fucking hot and go for it. I was using shock + awe within my conversations themselves (worked nicely for me, dunno if anyone else is doing it like that) …. *(Also I’ve realized you can go sexual at any point in an interaction. More on this in a minute.) Anyways, once you just start making out with chicks one after the other u just know you can do it. So now, when I wanna make out, I can make out. The calibration of it comes with time. I can see how the MPUA’s (hate to use the term, who can really say who is an MPUA is who is not?) but the guys who are really amazing, I can see how they can just fucking make out with a girl in 30 seconds. They just know the girl is ready. Just like I’m starting to see in a girl’s eyes when she is ready to come home, when she wants to make out. It’s there, you just have to look for it. (I can see it in the eyes, but use whatever body language/ioi’s you need to. But after a while you DO see it. Just comes down to time in the field.

Right, the 2nd thing I said I was going to do was start giving my # out to girls instead of taking their number. The idea is, if the call/text, then they are chasing you. You are the prize. Now, I want to say that I do like this idea/frame. It’s cool. I can see it working. It didn’t really work for me. I’d meet some cool girl, give her my number and never hear from her again. Some I would, some I wouldn’t. It’s just too fucking frustrating when you don’t. Well, not that frustrating as there’s always so many more sets – but still frustrating. Then again, why am I surprised. I get #’s and never call sometimes (yes I have to stop doing that) so why is it surprising that a GIRL who’s used to guys calling HER wouldn’t call me? Not that shocking really. Err – the more I think about it, the greater I think the “give your number” thing is. But I think that’s for a level of game that is slightly above where I am now. At this point, I know I am good but I still have a long way to go. I think your shit has to be really tight to be giving your # to girls and have them calling you. That being said, today I met a fucking very very cute Japanese girl, hung out with her around 15-18 mins, gave her my card and just said “hey, you’re fun. We should hang out sometime” … no time bridge, nothing…. And I had an email from her by the time I got home. This girls was hooooootttttttttttttt

So I’m getting there. The point is, with what I’ve learned and the way I’m going, yes I think I will be at a point where I’ll be able to just give my number and have the girls always calling me. It may be quite soon. But, I wasn’t at that point when I started my 30 day challenge. Of that I can be sure. Anyways, that too is situational… sometimes u won’t get a chance, or it will seem needy to ask them for their number, or SOMEthing … so just give your number in a calm manner and hope for the best. I mean, it’s a sign of confidence in itself that you trust the girl will ring you. A needy guy won’t walk away without that girls number, but a man who is used to girls chasing after him… well… he wouldn’t care if she called at all, now would he? I will be messing around with this more and more, as I have less and less time to chase after girls the better I get at it. Eventually I can see myself stopping taking numbers altogether, but not quite yet….

Right – another epiphany I had is that… well I’ve been too high fucking enery/too funny this whole time. Most guys are trying to be funnier, I have to work on being less funny. I was so busy entertaining girls I wasn’t getting any rapport. My friend got a 1 on 1 from a guy here in London, and all the guy taught him was how to have a conversation with girls, asking them questions and getting the girls into opening up and share stuff about themselves. Essentially it’s called “having a normal conversation, with a normal human being.” I realized that this is something that has fundamentally been missing from my encounters with the lovely members of the opposite sex. I was just being funny, trying to impress them into sleeping with me. And hey once in a while it would work. I’d “get lucky” … but not nearly as much as if I’d shut the fuck up and let the girl talk. Once in a while, I would create rapport by making fun of the girl and joking around, but we weren’t really having a real conversation. Right? So if you just kid around with a girl, tell her she’s hot and then get her number, is she going to feel comfortable seeing you again? I can tell you from a (significant) amount of experience that the answer, my friends, is NO. FUCK – NO.

What’s missing?

Comfort. Oh, and the other thing. Qualification. There can be no successful sarge without these ingredients (or at LEAST one of the two) … unless you’re going for fool’s mate. Then just attraction is enough.

Yes. She has to know that she can talk to you, in a normal manner if she meets up with you. Furthermore if you put her into an enhanced state with your hilarity (or say your magic if that’s your thing) or simply your MM negs / group theory – she’ll be worried that it won’t be the same when you see her. She’ll think she was just in some “weird mood” or whatever. And you’re just some fun guy that hit on her/wants to fuck her. So what? There’s millions of them. Nah, billions. If she’s hot, there’s around 2.2 billion men that want to fuck her. (that’s a guess, but if we take out the men that are too young, and too old, I’m saying 2.2B) … ooh wait, the Christians. The Buddhists. Ok I’m well off. Let’s just say 500m. ok? You’re one of 500 milion guys. So unless you’re rich, famous, or absolutely amazingly good looking, or have something else that really appeals to her … you’re just one in 500,000,000. nice, right?

But if you’re a fun, interesting guy who she can talk to and feel COMFORTABLE around, who’s she’s also ATTRACTED to… well, then you’re one in a million! Haha (see what I did there?)

Also, I’ve written about qualification before so I won’t yatter on about it but it’s very important – she needs a reason you like her other than her DD cup size. Pretty simple. So find some reasons and let her know what they are. Can be “oh, you like kung fu movies?” to “huh?? You’re like giving back rubs?” to “OMG!! You do salsa dancing?? I love salsa!!” whatever. Try to find something genuine to qualify them on…. Some charectaristic you’d want potential girlfriend to have, some activity that you actually like (or at least would really like to try) … nothing wrong with saying “omg! I totally have been meaning to try that. You’re into that? That’s it you are TAKING ME to …” (and then, hopefully, taking you ;)

Right – my phone game’s been sucking in that I’ve been texting girls. Sometimes they don’t reply then I feel needy texting them again, so whether I do or not the whole interaction is fucked. So if a girl is hot and you actually give a shit, call them first time. Me and yad have been chatting about this and we’ve realized that the best message to leave girls if you get their voicemail is the most normal one you can come up with

“hey, this is Sasha. Meet you the other day in that coffee shop. Just calling to say hey – give me a call back”

that’s it. You don’t have to be funny. It’s a little try hard. Just be normal. Don’t try arrange a date on the voicemail, more pressure. Less is more. So, now that we’ve realized this I’m officially ONLY doing that. Meet a girl, CALL the first time (no texting) and just leave NORMAL message. If they don’t call back, in 3 days I might text just saying “did u get my message?” or I may call again and do a funny message about how I’m not sleeping/eating/why have they abandoned me (ok to be funny on the 2nd call) but on the 1st one, normal normal. BORING AND NORMAL!!

Right – now – I’ve written my attraction + soi = flake theory below and it still holds

This next month I’m going to be putting a lot of these revelations into play so we’ll see how it holds up. Where I’m sitting now, what I’m saying (to my knowledge) is the right way to go about it. If you can’t take a girl home on the night, don’t try escalate things at all. Just be fun/interesting/social …. Make plans. She won’t flake. Then you can get sexual / escalate when you have her on a day 2, near your seduction location. Ah, logistics is massive, btw … especially for one night lays….the girl I pulled home from the street the other day… it was so easy, she was standing in front of my doorstep. That may be the best place to try and sarge, btw… in front of your door! Hehe sounds creepy I know … if you’re not holding a shovel or a needle when you do it, it’s ok ….

Oh. Yeah. I should sleep.

So what am I working on

Stay in set longer – get rapport. Be less funny and more “normal”

Call every number. Leave a normal message if they don’t answer. If they answer have fun and make plans to meet.

Easy peasy!

Oh here are the official stats

Slept with: 2 girls

Head from: 2 girl (that I didn’t sleep with)

Jerked off in front of 1 girl (played with sum lovely boobs)

Hymens destroyed = 1 (yes I could have, but didn’t)

Girls that were DTF that I didn’t sleep with = 4+ (at least)

oh, I regret the Turkish girl. Oh she was fine… in my defense, when I met her round the corner from my place the reality that I could just bring girls home and sleep with them was JUST sinking in… and I thought I’d just sleep with her the next time. Well, she left the country and that’s that. SOooooooooooo lesson learned. Close the fucking deal ASAP. If you like them, you can still see them again. (unless it’s like the woman of your dreams, etc. still I would think better to do it earlier rather than later) … depends what you’re trying to get out of P.U I suppose, but there you have it.

My entire reality has changed. I know I can just bring girls back and sleep with them. And, I can see much more clearly when a girl is just down to fuck. Oh, seeing they want it, and believing it to be possible are 2 different things…. For me, I never saw it before, because deep down it wasn’t in my reality. Well… what can I say…. A month from now I’m sure I’ll be living in a another reality once again. So ask yourself this:

Has your reality changed in the last month? If not, why not ….

And what are you going to do about it?


Errr another naked non complete sexual experience

Got the Israeli girl over to my house last night

I thought it was a booty call, but we just fooled around a bit

I don't really like her, but I though what the hell. A bit of fun.

I can't really be bothered to try and escalate things with a girl I don't really know or like. Why was she even over here? I thought the fact that she was coming over at 4.30 in the morning make it an (obvious) booty call. Ah well....

I'm going to stop doing that....

well, she wanted me to touch myself a little so i gave her a litte show. she had nice boobs. i got to touch them. that's something i guess....

I really don't like israeli girls. It's a patter i'm noticing. They're so... cunty. I'll leave it at that

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bloody virgins....

So last night I do a bit of gaming with Yad. Now, I said I would out him on this so I'm going to. He's a legend, and approaches/fucks more than anyone I know, but he'll still approach like HB 3's and shit!! Like fat, ugly american chicks. Not like chubby. Fat. Bordering on obeese. I just bail immediately. I will not waste 20 seconds on these sets. and I feel like a dick saying "this chicks are rough buddy, let's get out of here. Actually I'd like to see the looks on their faces just once if I did that.... anyways, if you see Yad in the field, call him a chubby chaser. or ask him "how are the HB 3's buddy??" maybe it will get him to stop...

Got a couple of numbers around my area and then I decide that I need a shower before heading off to cheapskates for the first time. I tell Yad I’ll see him in a bit. My other mate drops by to pick something up and we decide to go for a bit of a wander. I open up one hottie walking by and he butts in with his crude come on’s. He’s one of the biggest AFC’s I know. It’s very frustrating being around him, actually. I have told him about PUA and although he did ask me for a bit of helpl he certainly didn’t seem interested in talking about it on the day. I actually called him an asshole and walked off. I text one of the girls who’s number I had got just earlier “Hey what u up to” and she replies “just at the pub where we met in front of. Where are you” and I said “just moments away, shall I drop by” and she said “yea”

I go meet up with her. She’s a cute 29 year old. Quite fun and bubbly. I give her a 7. Anyways we chat for a bit. She’s seeing her ex in a bit. He’s an asshole The met up with him a few days ago, they argued for a day and they they had sex. I ask her why she met up with him – because she wanted “closure” … I asked why she is seeing him again and she gives me the same answer. I bet her a 20 min backrub that she’ going to fuck him again. She accepts the bet, insisting it isn’t going to happen. Alright. I figure it’s a win win for me. Oh interesting point – when I met her originally on the street I made some joke that she hadn’t been been laid in the month she’s been single and she agreed even though she’s just banged her ex a few days before … (IOI!)

Aaaaaaaaanywho I gave her a little massage which she loved, she gave me a shitty massage and when she left to meet him I opened some sets in the pub. I think there is a fair chance I could have gotten her to cancel and run off with me, but I though I could do better so I didn’t bother. We said we’re going to see each other on Monday but once again, I know I’m going to be getting some before then so who knows. (backup I guess) .. I chat with one hot Canadian girl with a BF who was pretty into me. Facebook. Finally it’s past 9 and I think I really have to go have that shower and get ready to go out. I intend on pulling some hot student tonight!! As I’m walking and I get to about 20 feet from my door, I see a cute black girl who’s walking towards me. “Hey, what’s the time?” … She’s like “I, uhhh… hang on” and I say “Nobody cares. You’re cute, I just wanted to talk to you, haha” … we talk for like ten minutes. It’s pretty flirty. She asks where I live. I tell her right there and point to the door. She says “you don’t live there! Prove it!” So I open the door with my key. I said, you wanna check it out? She says “sure”

We go in. I show her around a bit and we talk some more. After a while I say “We should make out” and she says “ok” … I learn that she’s 18 years old (I’m clever not to reveal my age yet)

Eventually we did a bit of stand up massage on each other and I say “Let’s go to my room. I’ll give you an amazing back rub with oil. I’m not promising I’m goin to put out though, so don’t get any ideas!” and she says “you better not get any ideas either!”’

We get up there and I put the sexy lights on. This consists of me turning on my 3 pounds idea lamp I bought in 2006 which I lost the main part of. So you just hae to lay it on it’s side or hang it over the chair (I do the latter) … and turning the main lights off. Oh and my laptop lights add to the ambiance. I ask her if she wants hers first or does she want to give me mine. She says I get mine first. Cool girl. So I take the shirt of and she goes to town. She’s really into it. She gives great massage! We talk more. I ask her if she normally dates white guys or black guys, she says neither. I’m like “What?? You’re not a vigring, are you??” she doesn’t answer. She’s a virgin. Oh boy oh boy oh boy” the massage continues. She’s great!! I ask if she wants to switch but she’s happy. So I’m happy. At one point I say to her

“You have strong hands. I can see why your people made great slaves”

She doesn’t get offended or hit my, so I take that as an IOI too Wink

Talking more I find out not only has she not had sex, she’ never been naked, with a man, in bed before. Ever. Yipes. I ask her straight up “how far do u want this going tonight” and she says “not all the way” I’m like “cool” … I was scared for the hymen breakage. I dunno how that works and I make some jokey jokes about it

Eventually I say “ok, your turn” and give her one of my amazing body rubs. Ooh she loves it. Kiss the back of her neck a bit, bla blah turn over. Full frontal oil massage (oh guys you gotta do this, it’s just as much fun for the girl as for you, heh)

I tell her she should have her way with me as she’s never had this sort of experience. She gets on top of me and pretty much goes for the cock. She gives me a pretty good blowjob! I couldn’t believe she hadn’t done this before. I start thinking it’s all a con. Kind of. I have an internal orgasm and calm down a bit. I figure it’s her turn but on second though “go on, have a litte more cock, sweetie, you need the experience” haha (well she does, right?) … I tell her that I like it slow, but that’s just the way I like head. Other guys will curse her for learning from me, hehe

Then, I blow one in her mouth. Yea yea I know I shouldn’t. but, come on. I’m the first cumshot she’s ever had. Ever. Every time she goes to town on someone she’s going to think of me blowing one in her mouth. I had to do it. It was mandatory. She was a bit surprised. Haha. I can still see the look on her face. It said “Eww, what??” hehheeh I think she swallowed too. What a babe!

Anyways I start rubbing her and she’s really horny. As I start unbuttoning her, I make some joke that I’m scared to look - she blind folds me with her bra so I’m fingering her blind. Yaay. She is so tight I can barely get my big finger in. it’s like weird. I don’t even know where the hymen is but I just take it easy. I’m scared. I’ve never been scared in bed before but I was a little scared. I almost make her come though it’s hard to maneuver around in there. I wanna use my 2 finger move, but when I do she says “stop!” .. I look down and there’s blood all over my hand. Aaarrgh! So, I start licking it off and she gets really freaked out. I always knew I was a vampire, but this experience just proved it to me. I mean, I was compelled to lick my hand. Then I went down on her and drained her till she stopped moving. Then it got ackward... Ok I was kidding, I see the blood I go to wash it off, and when I come back there’s a fucking pool of blood on my blanket. Now I know why I bought the red sheets,(bonus!) but it’s gone thru to the white duvet!! Craap!!! We clean up as best as we can and she gets dressed. “sorry about your duvet” she says… “I’m sending you the bill for dry cleaning, luv!” …

I walk her outside, we kiss and I say “you totally just used me!” and she says “you totally just used me to!” hhaha… err, I ask if I’ll see her again, she says “I’m not going anywhere” … I give her my card and tell her to facebook me. I ask if she’s gonna tell her friends and she says “in a few months, probably” … we say our goodbyes and I part company. Yes, I could have boned her. No, I didn’t want to. It should be someone special.

What. It should. Don’t look at me like that. Stop it. Come on. Seriously. Stop that.

First virgin experience! Bah. I was a little shocked for a few hours but now I think I’m ok. At least I know this one didn’t have aids. Tongue

So, one busted hymen and douvet later what do I have to say? hrmm..... I dunno...
Bloody virgins...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

LMDR theory

Attraction + Statement of Intent = LMDR (Last minute date resistance)

Ok, you meet a girl. You like each other. You connect. You let her know you like her, etc. You might kiss her, you might not. But you’ve made your intention clear – you want to sleep with her (whether you’ve conveyed interest in a long or short term relationship isn’t that relevant for my theory) just that you have given her a SOI

You make plans to meet up. You even gets some texts going back and forth, etc.

She flakes, you never see her again.

Sound familiar? It does to me, because it’s happened a fuck load of times in the last month.

Yea, I know what you’re thinking

“Not enough comfort/rapport buddy! you didn’t get a solid enough connection!”

perhaps in some cases

“you didn’t qualify properly!”

Err, sometimes... but sometimes I do it all right and they still flake on a day 2...

I know when I have a connection with a girl, when a girl is into me. We all feel it sometimes, and it is a great feeling. And when all those ingredients are present, the connection, the bonding the attraction... they still flake out on a day 2. And it's like "WHAT THE HELLLL!!!" Why does this happen?? ?


We all know about LMR – Well it’s essentially the same thing, except you haven’t gotten the girl into bed yet. If a girl is feeling attraction to you and you’ve made your intention clear with an SOI …. You’re a man. She’s a woman. You’ve made it clear that you are interested in her. Most women are not fools, she knows very well that by meeting up with you up she is saying “yes” to the possibility of sex. It’s not a big deal to us, but for women it is. Think about all the reasons a woman would be nervous about a day 2.

- She may have a Boyfriend (or is already dating someone and feels guilty)
she’s not sure she really likes you
- maybe she was caught up in the moment
she's scared it may lead to sex
she's scared it may not lead to sex
she's not sure if she wants to be in a relationship
- maybe she wants a relationship and is scared you won’t want one
she's scared if she doesn't sleep with you will be upset
she's scared if she does sleep with you she'll be upset
maybe she's worried the sex won't be good
- maybe she’s worried the sex will be good and/or she’ll be hooked
she's worried you won't see her again if you do fuck her
- maybe she’s had some bad experiences with ex bf’s (most girls have) and doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again (there is a gammant of sub reasons here)
- she’s worried about getting knocked up and you’ll run away (primary reason for LMR)
she doesn’t want to waste time on another relationship that will lead “nowhere” … it didn’t lead to anything with all her previous boyfriends, why are you any different??
- maybe her friends won’t like you
- maybe your friends won’t like her
- maybe your family won’t like her
- maybe her family won’t like you

AND ON AND ON AND ON – we could come up with dozens of logical reasons (and there are probably dozens more non logical/emotional ones)

So – if my theory is right, it’s the SOI that is destroying my chances of getting all these amazing girls out on day 2’s

What’s the counter to it?

Stop giving SOI’s, unless you can sleep with the girl on the night.

Pretty simple huh?

Not I’m not saying we should stop getting girls in bed on the same night. Far from it – I love direct, I love Shock and Awe and have had some amazing results (makeouts on the street and on the tube!) and am planning on using it more and more in the field. Whoever, what I’m saying is, in certain situations, where you don’t think you can seal the deal on the night, it is better not to give a SOI in order to drastically increase your chances of a day 2. Say she’s with her friends for a birthday for example. Do you really think she's going to ditch them to fuck you? Well, if you're game is uber tight, it's possible. Probably not, however. Or, it could be a logistical issue. Or Simply if you get the impression that she simply isn’t that type of girl. Many women aren’t. If that is the case, don't you want to maximize the chances you will see her again?

So, basically it goes likes this.

Meet girl. Open girl. Have fun. Connect. Build comfort. Get rapport. If there’s a natural attraction that’s great. Don’t make a big deal over her looks….don’t drool over her or tell her she’s fucking gorgeous. Don’t tell her you want her. Be a fun, sociable, amazing guy. *vibe vibe vibe*

How about:

“Hey, you’re an awesome girl. I have decided to add you to me social circle of whacky/original/amazing people. What’s your number – we’z got to chill!!” (time bridge to whatever)

Get the number.

No Major physical compliments. No smooching. No groping. No SEXUAL kino normal friendly kino is cool as that is part of rapport building and should happen naturally

She’s not going to flake. Sure in the back of her mind she’ll be thinking “I like this guy, I wonder if he likes me, maybe something will happen, etc”

But I suspect the fact that you haven’t given an SOI will in itself force her to meet up with you. You’re this awesome social guy, she’s this hot girl and you haven’t even hit on her. What the fuck? She has to see you again. She has to validate herself …. Plus she’ll want to see you because a guy who doesn’t hit on a girl as hot as her MUST be high value. IT will act like a dual magnet … sucking her into that day 2. She’ll be texting/chasing YOU.

I’ve only done this with a few of girls in the last couple of days and it seems to be working. I’ve just been my normal self, but without showing a sexual interest in the girl…. I’ve been SEXUAL, sure, but just not hit on the girl directly (or if I did, in a jokey way…) not complimented their looks….. just fun/funny/cool interesting guy who is getting to know this awesome girl. Here’s the kicker, a couple of girls in the last few days have number closed ME using this strategy. 2 of them had boyfriends… and they’re coming out to one of my gigs to check me out – and bringing their mates! …. What will happen from there I don’t know, but they are VERY hot girls with BF’s and they’ve gotten my # and then texted me!! Yipes!!

I’ll know in a week for sure but I have a funny feeling I’m onto something here.

Thoughts appreciated! Better yet, field testers appreciated. Go out there and don’t hit on girls!! (Yep, it’s pretty nutty, reading that sentence back .... on a seduction blog! I know!!) Cheesy