Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Date with smoking hot germal/somalian girl

Date with crazy hair somalian/geman girl

Yea I coulnd’t fucking figure our where she was from either. She was surprised when I got german right. She doesn’t look arian at all, but had a german accent that was weak. It had occurred to me, but I just wasn’t saying it. Her tryin to get me to guess got boring so I moved on. This girl is smoking hot. Maybe I’ll start putting pics up on my blog. He body is so perfect. She’s a part time model as well. She told me “man guys are assholes this model just pretended he had a connection with me, slept with me and never saw me again” I’m like “yea guys are assholes, they do that!” … she was na├»ve. Super hot though. Yum. That story was the only one night stand she’s ever had. Ever. She’s 23. Not a slut at all. I’ll try meet her near my house next time and make it happen. Won’t be an easy lay though…

I called the s. African model chick. I did my standard modeling agency opener and she hung up on me. then I called back and it went abruptly to voicemail after 3 rings. I left a hilarious message but no call back :(

Numbers from girls on the street, late night, that are drunk are flakey! (news flash!!) ah well

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hyde Park with Paladin and Ziggy

Day 2 with hotbod kiwi girl I met ages ago.

She fucking wasn’t having any of it. She told me she only liked me as a friend weeks ago, but I didn’t believe her. She said it again today. Okkk then. Crazy ass bitch! :P

Street game with paladin and ziggy and yad. Great weather!

Hit up speakers corner, yad didn’t like

At one point I just sat on a bench on the middle of oxford st and yelled at girls to come over. I’d just open loud “hey you sexy bitch come over!” and they would. I was like “this is awesome I’ve invented a new for of game!” and paladin was like “I’m pretty sure construction workers have been running that game for like, 80 years”

Hahaha. It’s lazy man’s game but magically effective

I stopped a hot 18 year old that was with her mom, she and the mom loved me. that’s always fun! I’d have gone for her number, but she lived up north as WELL as being 18 so I left it. I was in super state while yelling at girls from the bench. Paladin was like “shut up, what are you doing!” As I yelled something slightly offensive at some cute black girls. Ah well.

Oh at one point I send Paladin running after some hottie, and I used that as my opener on another girl at the stop. “See that little girl in the blue? That guy there coming up to her, that’s my mate. I sent him after her. You gonna see something.” Hehe I think I actually said in a slight tony Montana accent “Ju gonna see something…” hehe. She was boring as shit though and though we sat together on the bus I just put my music in. She was killing me.Once again the truth is the best opener.

Friday, 20 June 2008

June 20th shitty angel and mediocre koko. 1 makeout

20th went with Paladin to meet LondonSoul in angel. Shitty bar, no good sets. Hit up another place that was empty then finally koko’s! Music crappy but some cute girls. First set was just outside my house – like a 6 set with this one cute asian girl. The American one hooked right away and was slowing down to speak to me but I just wasn’t into her. I asked her if the oriental was single and she said yes. I chase after he, pic her up, tell her I’m kidnapping her and she screams. She tells me to fuck off. She’s not cool so I let them go. Later at the bus stop there was a cute girl and her friend who went into the shop and were standing there for ages looking at sandwiches. So I went in and was like “ok, I know it’s hard… let’s take a look at your options here” and I just joked around about what might be safe to eat in a dodgy little shop at the end of the day. Turns out my target was 15. When I realized that I Just walked away (comedy takeaway!) – I didn’t even use my normal line “bah, you’re too old for me!” ..

We got to this bar to meet soul. There were no hotties but I was just social and spoke to a few girls. We checked out the angel area but it wasn’t happening. Some cute 18 year olds said there were goin to this one beer hall. Soul was gonna stick around cuz he was there with a couple of mates and one girl, so we bid our farewell and move on. Me and Paladin hit up this music hall. There were 5 people in there when we got there. Fuck it, we go to koko’s. Opened a lot in there... Remembered how much harder it is to actually hook a set in a really loud ass venue with everyone jumping up and down. While drunk. Not easy!!! Winged Paladin on this one set. His one was kinda cute, the friend actually had a pretty face but was much bigger than I like ‘em. Ok she was FAT! But I danced with her and joked around and stuff. After a while I said to him “escalate!” and he gave me a camera to do it photo routine. I didn’t realize that’s what he was doing tho, I just took a pic thinking he wanted to have one of the set. Later in the night he was like “no you were supposed to take at least 5 pictures, I could escalate with it!” I was like “whoops!” … he said “that wasn’t a good pic” and I was like taking it personally “yes it was, fucker!” lol

Turns out he felt her up and didn’t like her bod and the attraction wasn’t there – we moved on. A lot of cuties had bf’s. I was pretty direct most of the night.

Opened a few sets on the dancefloor that went nowhere…

End of the night, he’s chattin to this blond and I’m working to her two friends. He said she was pretty but he doesn’t like blondes but went in. I was after this other kind red head in the set. I put the third girl on my lap who was kind cute as well. She left after a bit – and my target wasn’t into it. I watch her lean over and start talking to him so I chat with his one. I suspect she is into me. I’m confused. After a while she’s in the middle and I keep signaling him “do you like her or not??” but she’s right there so he can’t say shit back. Eventually she picks her phone up so I say “are you goin to do something or what?” and he said “I can’t” and I said “what? Who can’T” and he said “I don’t think either of us!” and I said “well if you’re not going to I think I can. Go and dance I’ll meet you in a bit!” so he did, we made out and I got her number. Once again – I just let her leave at the end of the night. Why? What am I doing? I think I wanted to hang out with the dudes more than I wanted to go and fuck the girl. Ah well.

On the busride home there was this pretty hot girl and this guy who seemed to be gay. They were pretty friendly and I really couldn’t tell what was going on. They got off on our stop and I opened him a bit. He liked me as they wandered off. Paladin turns to me and sayd

“you just got attraction from you obstacle”


this is cracks me up!!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Big T's Birthday

Big T’s Birthday. Lost one hot black girl in clubgame. Opened great, got her on the dance floor great - Could have escalated on floor, didn’t kiss, some dude just starts talking to her and I though it was a friend. She says “I have to talk to him he’s coming with us” or something and that’s it. He stuck to her like glue.

WHEN U GET A GIRL 1 on 1 dancing, ESCALATE!!!!! Pussy.

Lack of escalation is just as bad as any other fuck up. U loose the set, that’s it.

Got this hot ass girls’ number on the street in about 2 mins. South African model. She was receptive but non committal about meeting up.

Yen made out with a 16 year old I winged him on. Eek. Well he’s got the record now – I don’t think that’s one I’m keen to break, hehe.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Worst blowjob ever

I just had the most unsatisfying experience ever

The black girl from a couple of week ago finally comes over. This is after loads of times saying she's going to come over, then not calling, or changing her mind and trying to get me to come over to hers, etc

If i'd have liked her, I would have been pissed off. But I didn't so i wasn't.

Just the same it's friday night, I don't feel like leaving the house. I'm being a KJ and typing articles and shit. She wants to come over, last minute, as usual. I tell her fine, come over

I'll be honest - the only reason i wanted her over was to get a blowjob. She has these amazing sexy thick lips. That's was literally the reason

she told me over the phone she wanted my cock in her mouth - cool!

Even though when i saw her the last time she acted with dismay at the suggestion of my getting a blowjob

just the same, she comes over.

get this. she calls me when she's outside telling me to come down

"Just come in, you know where I am"

"Oh I don't have enough money for the cab!"

I'm like WTF? Is this girl kidding me or what. I got in the elevator - but by the time i got to the bottom i just though "there's no fucking way this is happenning. she's going to hustle me to pay for the CAB?" So i just went back upstairs and called her and said "I don't have any money up here"(which actually i almost didn't)

She says "just borrow some from you flatmate" ... ack i'd told her he'd come home

now the NEXT level of game would have been to say "uh, he doesn't have any cash on him either. good luck, see you if you make it"

but i relented - went down there and gave her a tenner. it had come to 27 pounds and she had taken 20 from her house. she gives me the change and i say keep it, that she can give me a tenner later

she insists on going to the bank machine now. i know i'm never going to see her again already, so I agree

We walk about 5 mins to the bank machine. when we get there she informs me that she doesn't have her bank card. she puts on a bit show like she lost it and her oyster (buspass) card

Hmmmmm from the cab to here she lost it?? could someone REALLY be that disorganize?

why did she even take a cab, the underground goes straight to my house from the station nearest her.

It's not about the money - it's about the principle. SHE did a stupid thing, why should I pay for it?

Already I am completely turned off of this woman. i mean, i already was. She was calling me all week sometimes 3 times per day, telling me she wants me to be her boyfriend. I'm like i've met you TWICE. what are you on about? she tells me she wants my babies - at first i think she's kidding but she's really not. She tried to fuck me without a condom and tells me she wants to feel me cum inside of her.

She told me all sorts of things that really put me off her as a human being. do you KNOW how shit someone has to be for me not to even want to sLEEP with them? (ok not that bad - maybe i get put off easy)

but she told me how she won't go live with this one guy who offered to pay her rent because he lived in an area that was too far out. ok - not because she'd have to fuck him and be his live in girlfriend even though she didn't really like the guy, because it was in a postcode she didn't like. wow??!

Then she tells me how all her friends are gettin boob jobs. they're all like 20/21. I tried to explain to her that confidence comes from the inside and that getting bigger breasts are not really going to improve anyone's long term happiness - that this was not the solution to boost someone's confidence. That there were better ways.

She looked at me like I was from another planet.

she's selfish, stupid (genuinely stupid - not Monty Python stupid) immature and grossly selfish.

But wait -if i could JUST HOLD OUT for a BLOWJOB!!

It was the worst BJ of my life. she was just moving her lips up and down the shaft - she wouldn't even get NEAR the tip, nevermind putting it in her mouth. I say "you said you were going to give me a blowjob"

"I am" she replies

"no you're not!" I protest

"This IS a blowjob!" she states

"Oh no... I don't know what THAt is, but it certainly is NOT a blowjob!"

i sigh

"A blowjob involves some of my penis being in your mouth, at least some of the time!"

she tells me her gagging reflex comes up if she gets the taste of cemen in her mouth

I point out that i'm a man, i've tasted cemen and i didn't puke up (read prev blog entries if you don't know already)

she doesn't get the humour in my comment. big surprise.

I see my moment. My last words to her were

"Well, you'll never be my girlfriend. My girlfriend's give head"

She got dressed and she left.

Sweet. That was a lot easier to deliver than

"You're stupid, selfish, boring and immature. Piss off"

I need to just stay away from the crazies.

Even when they have massive tits.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My new 30 day? Challenge

My New Challenge

Right – I’m going to have a mixed challenge where I improve my game. It doesn’t mean I’ll be going out a lot. What I’m looking to do it improve my relations (see, more sex) with the girls I already know (or almost know) (or who’s numbers I have and don’t know)

One of the things I’ll be doing is telling girls know straight up that I want to sleep with them. I’ll try different ways

“I’d really like to sleep with you”

“I really wanna fuck you”

“Hey, I’m not looking for anything serious, but we should have some fun”

After conversation with a female friend I’m thinking the 3rd option may be the way forward – she said some girls are likely to be offended at “I wanna fuck you” because it sounds like you’re going to just fuck them and move on, whereas “let’s have some fun” is much more inclusive. It implies the girl will also be having fun. Instead of just being fucked.

Other things I’ve noticed I need to work on are as follows:

Opening less sets. Yea, I open too many, have to many numbers (many of which I don’t’ call) or don’t pursue with the enegy/commitment if I had less numbers. So I’m going to limit myself to one # close per day. It means I’ll only be approaching the hottest girls. Each day, if I get a number I will post the sarge, girls name etc (maybe a pic) and then I’ll keep everyone updated as to how it went. Now, I AM allowed to GIVE my number as much as I want. So If I get a # and meet another girl I can still proceed with it but I can’t get her #.

Some days I’ll be busy and won’t leave the house, so I won’t get a number – hopefully those will even out with the extra few girls that will call who I give my number to. At the end of the challenge. I want to have around 30 girls I’ve had interactions with. 30 girls I’ve tried to lay. How many will I actually Lay? We’ll see. I’m going to be going for quality not quantity so I’m really not going to set a goal. The goal really is to behave in the way I’ve laid out here and see what happens.

Another 2 big ones for me – Pride and reactiveness.

Pride – loosing it. I’m too proud. I won’t call some girls just because I fell it’s their turn to call or they’ve done some bad or whatever. Game needs to be approached without pride. The goal is to get laid/or find a girlfriend (which still means getting laid) … Why would I not call a girl if there’s a chance I could lay her? So I will not only call each number – I will actually try and lay each girl relentlessly.

Reactiveness: I am too reactive. In real life and with girls. I’ll get all emotional with girls. This is like bane to girls. They are the crazy emotional ones. We’re supposed to be the calm, logical ones who don’t react when she’s flipping out about this or that. And it costs me lays.

Next point: I want to have certain boundries and rules for my interactions with girls.

From David X I’m going to follow these rules, without compromise

1) 3 strikes and you’re out! I’ll tell them about the rule early on before (or maybe after) their first mistake. I’ll tell them their second mistake. After that, they’re out.

2) If I don’t sleep with a girl by the 3rd date, I never see them again. I will tell them about this rule either on first date or second date

There’s a bit of a grey ares with the 3 strikes rules – as I’ve said no exceptions but also I’ve said if there’s a chance I can still lay them I should call them even if they’ve been outcast. I’m not sure how these two can work together. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe it should be, they are cut out of the duration of the challenge, or that +1 month. After that I can drop them a line again. I like that idea.

I will be doing some ONS game as well! No taking numbers WHATSOEVER in clubs etc. None. I’ll tell girls “I only take numbers of girls I’ve slept with. Girls are too flakey otherwise” or something….

And the last thing

I’ll be going back into serious tantric mode. My record for non ejaculation stands at 2 months (I cracked when I slept with the black girl 2 weeks ago) but it’s absolutely essential that I don’t blow any loads at ALL. It’s hard enough to enjoy sex with thilthy condoms – when I’ve just come the night before (mafia voice) forgetaboutit !!

Ok I think that’s it. I’ve kinda started the challenge already, we’ll say it started June 01.

In summation:

Open less, follow up more - go for the kill

Follow David X's dating rules

Tell girls I want to sleep with them

Be non reactive and loose the pride.

** oh forgot - I want to work on my basics too - eye contact (lazer eyes) and more kino!!

Let's see what happens!!

Monday, 2 June 2008

"telling girls i wanna fuck"

(most of this rant writing on the 4th around 1am) as I was too tired to write up the report from the 2nd.

Yea so - this girl calls me up that I ran into on the street the other day. This is the italian (actually she's from south america, but lived in Italy) - She's the one I picked up on a bus when it was cold in december and called when i got off the bus and went on an instant date with. I could have laid her that night (she was drink and giving me massive IOI's) but my game just wasn't there. I didn't have the confidence to pull it off! It had been impossible to meet up with her, but eventually I did. Went on a date that started slow but was great in the end (it was during my first 30 day challenge) at the end of it she said “hey let’s hang on properly next time. Dinner and a bottle of wine at my house!”

I've been out with her once, but she's really flakey. I was pretty cold to her on the street and accused her of not calling me back! She makes some excuse about her phone not being able to make calls. "try using this phone right now!!" .... i tell her i'm sure it doesn't work, right now. she says she'll give me a call... sure she will, I tell her

Well she called. I was a dick - told her she was a flake and a waste of time. That I don't have time for girls like her. That i've over her. I asked her if she was like that with all guys or just me. she told me, all guys.

Now we're getting somewhere. She apologized for being flakey and gave some lame excuse. She told me she's seeing some guy she likes but it's not serious. She says she’s been out with some guys but they are all really boring. She says she would really like to be friends with me. That she wants to be honest, and that she only sees me as a friend. She also promises to return all my calls on time from now on.

Ah now - here's where my new challenge comes in. I know I have to say it. Abundance! Yea she's fucking hot (really, really hot, i'm not kidding here) but I decide to go for it.

“Friends? Ha. I don’t think so. You’re way to hot for us to be friends. I really want to fuck you! … Maybe if the sex was good we could become friends after but… you’re just too hot!”

She’s in shock

“Ya – stop wearing makeup. Or like get a paper bag – cut some eye sockets and put it over your head. Things would be a lot easier then”

She tells me I’m crazy. And she tells me I’m an asshole and maybe it’s good that we hadn’t hung out.

I agree with her. “Yea, I’m an asshole. But at least I’m entertaining”

And after all that, after a bit more fluff she says she has to go. I say “cool”

Then she asks me out on a date, if I wanna meet up, go for a coffee.

I say, yea, maybe we could go out sometime. I dunno.

Hmm I think that wasn’t the best response. I should have said “sure, but if you fuck me around again I’ll never call you again”

I’ll call her in a few days and see about meeting up.

Anywas it feels good having told her I just wanna fuck her. And you know what? It didn’t get a bad reaction. It was a good reaction. She was surprised – very surprised. I don’t think she’s ever been told that before. Yea she called me an asshole So what? That’s an IOI. I wasn’t really being an asshole I was just being honest and telling her what I want. And she asked me OUT afterwords!!

There’s something TO this. Can’t wait to implement this on more girls.

Maybe I should text her now and say “after further consideration, other than being really hot you’re not really the type of girl I would get along with – so yea friends would be fine. Drop me a line if you want hang out! J

Ooh what a neg. that may be the way forward……we’ll see. I could say that and not try to fuck her. Or say that then try.

Shit there’s too many god damn strategies and methods and choices and outcomes! I wish it could be easy

Nah I don’t, this is fun to figure out. Sigh….

Also, the super hot French girl (I texted her a funny “hey things are moving too fast, we’ve known each other 6 weeks and we’ve already been out 2 times” message (haha) which got a reply. She confirms plans for Monday, but then I don’t hear from her at all. Left her a voicemail around 7, no reply. In the text she sent she said “I’m still not ready to fuck” and I replied “that’s ok, I hear French girls aren’t that good in bed anyways” see you … (maybe I should have said, see you Monday??) ah well … not gonna call her now for a week at least… (actually I think that was her 2nd strike) so if I talk to her again I’m going to have to tell her how it is…

Also, last week I cut out another girl (hot 21 year old) I’d given her the 3 strikes warning and she flaked again. I hung up on her and that’s it. I may even remove her on facebook, haha. She always gave me IOI’s as well but was always SO flakey. Fuck it.

I’m really going after hotter girls now and they are soooooo flakey it’s unreal

I’m reading “way of the superior man” and he explains that, essentially ,the more feminine a woman is, the more flakey/crazy/emotional that she’ going to be. Everyone should read that book – I’m only half way thru but it really reings true. Some of the stuff I’ve already figured out (have a higher purpose, the girl can’t be the main thing in your life) .. that women like to be led, and all that. Good stuff.

It’s kind of satisfying cutting girls out. Yea they are hot and I’m not going to see a lot of them again but I’m playing by my rules. I’m going to really be strict about the 3 strikes thing now. I’ll tell them about it early on in fact… after their 1st mistake!