Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Value = Love!

July 09th

I got into the elevator today with a big ass carrot hanging out of my mouth. Initially I was going down, but I’d forgotten something… so I got on at the 10th floor heading up…. And the floor I was getting off at was before the floor these 2 guys were getting off at. I could feel a slight something in the air… like, something was there something to be said. So I just let loose and said “extra stop. Sorry fellas!”

One of the guys says “It’s ok. You get respect of the carrot”

I said “Yeh you know, I’m trying to eat healthier. 90% of what people eat is shit, you know.”

They agree and we all had a moment of oneness. We agreed on this point. They wished me well and I was on my way.

Pretty simple little exchange, right? I thought about it… and even tho it was just an exchange of pleasantries It went to illustrate a simple point.

The line between having an interaction, and not having one is such a small one. All I had to do was not make the little comment about the floors. He wouldn’t have taken the first step to say “eating carrots eh?” and nothing would have been said. In this case, probably won’t be much difference to my life, directly. However – it’s this habit I’ve got of just talking to everyone and being friendly that over the long wrong, will make all the difference.

Every person you meet is a potential friend, ally, lover, soulmate etc. you never know who’s who. I’m not saying you should talk to everyone because you can get value out of them. Just the opposite… because you should give value, even if it’s as insignificant as a joke, quick chat… whatever. By having positive interactions you’re actually making people feel better about themselves, changing the course of their day ever so slightly… and therefore making the world a better place. They’ll pass that along – if not to you, then somebody else. It doesn’t matter because… we’re all really one anyways.

I’ve always felt this. Trite example: say I was in London, and I bought an underground travel pass for 6 pounds for the day… but by 6pm I was done with all my stuff. I’d always try and find someone to give it to. I’d walk up to someone who was about to buy a ticket and say “here, take this – I’m done with it!”

Now, some people would take it ready, thank me and be on my way. some would offer me money. Some would refuse, thinking it was some kind of trick and go ahead and but their ticket. That’s not the point – the point is, I felt like it was a waste to just throw the ticket out. If I didn’t need it anymore, it made sense someone else use it… plus, it’s happened to me a few times someone would just give me THEIR pass when I was about to spend 6 pounds to buy one. You can imagine I felt absolutely wonderful. Back in the day when I was broke, saving 6 pounds was a shit load! I’d be happy all day cuz I’d saved that money. So naturally, I felt great, and just passing that along to others given the chance.

In the community the term “Value” is thrown around a lot. Give girls value. Value exchange. “leave them better than you found them.”

I’m starting to really understand this concept now. Again it’s one of those things that is just coming to me, seeping in slowly thru thought and experience.

Value is, making people feel fucking good about themselves, even if just for a moment.

Value is, seeing the value in people – even if they are on the lowest rung of the social ladder

Value is seeing everyone the same, because we are all the same. This goes right in with the spiritual stuff I’ve gotten into. I know that we, all of us – are eternal. There is no such thing as death, and we’re all exactly the same – souls, here on earth to gain enlightenment. The only difference between us is the various degrees we’re all developed. In the real world (i.e the “afterlife”) and in this life, that we’re living now. Most people reading this right now are not awakened and will easily dismiss this truth as they are simply not ready to hear it. some people will never be ready. However, this truth goes hand in hand with why I’m starting to talk to everyone including fucking homeless people and old ladies. They have just as much value as a smoking hot girl… maybe more.

Maybe this is why jesus hung out with prostitutes and restitutes and bums. He saw their eternal light. He knew they were just lost souls, and he wanted to help them. In fact, I’m guessing these people had a lot more to offer him than the “normal” people around.

So - being in that talkativel, warm, friendly state where you you embrace the opportunity to meet people – where you embrace the opportunity to give value and learn and grow… this goes hand in hand with everything I’ve been saying all along. But before it was about trying to get laid. Not it’s more about…. Just being. Being that friendly guy that makes everyone feel good. THAT guy! How could that guy ever not be getting laid? Does that guy even THINK about “Sets?” or “value” or “getting girls??”

Ha! No. he doesn’t have to.

Anyways what the fuck am I rambling on about. We should treat all people well because it’s the right thing to do. Treat everyone well. How would the world be? I realize it’s a pickup blog. But guess what: that’s going to get you laid pretty quick. If you actually lived that like, if anyone did – girls would literally throw themselves at you

Shit – if I think about the couple of guys that I’ve met that are true value givers. I mean, they’re just full of love. They love everyone around them. They have nothing negative to say about anybody. They are loved by all. They can have any women they want. I mean, literally. Any girl that they know would be happy to go to bed with them.

It transcends game.

Game actually becomes irrelevant on that level of enlightenment.

I truly hope I can get to that level.

July 8th - Women are douche bags

July 8th. Filmin in Toronto!

I’ve been spending more and more time with HbKarate. We have fun… It’s cool doing new things with someone, sharing experiences. Jesus, I haven’t had like a significant relationship in what seems like years. I’ve just had fuck buddies pretty much. This is like a relationship. IT’s probably not going to last very long as I’m leaving North America quite soon…. But… well I won’t worry about that now. The now is all that matters, and now I’m enjoying spending my time with this girl. I taught her how to salsa dance the other night. I got her started on my Spanish course so we can do it together. I cook us dinner, she cooks us dinner. We massage each other, we make each other cum. One thing that I’m really enjoying is actually getting to know her – her life, her issues etc. Who she is. I’m really enjoying helping her out with her life… adding “value” as gay as that sounds. Like, just getting her organized and having her to what she needs to do to better her life. It’s almost always easier to help someone else organize their shit than it is for someone to organize yours, isn’t it?

Funny that.

My friend and business manager (I’ll call him, Mr Wing Chun) said that same thing to me…. It’s easier to look at someone’s life from the outside and go “all you need to do is this, this, and then this, and you’re good!” …. Fucking easy! But when it comes to your own shit…. never so easy. It’s cuz we’re all wrapped up in it. we can’t see past our own shit, you know?

Speaking of that,

I’ve been reading “A new Earth” by Eckhart tolle.

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow? Holy shit is more appropriate. It’s all about how our fucking ego’s control everything. How we identify with form “things, people, etc” … how our minds actually run “us.” But, we are not our minds. We are a being entirely separate from our minds. We are the “I am” …. I can’t even go into this right now. I could write about it forever. EVerone just go and read this fucking book. Trust me. Best thing for your game you could do….

What else…. Err… I’ve been working out still. Either swimming, doing yoga, and now I’ve started jogging with my new friend in my building and doing these intense work outs in the park. Around 5 days ago we ran about 1km. Today, we ran 1.5K approx, then did pushups, situps, pull ups and some other all round exercises. Some back stuff too. IT’s a great workout, works the whole body! Last week I was pretty sore the next day. The kid was surprised I got most of the workout done … as he said “you’re in pretty good shape for an old man!” … he’s 19 and does kung fu 3 times a week. And the works out on his off days too so… he’s pretty fucking buff. HbKarate runs too… so when I tell her I’ve run 1.5K she’s all smiles!! She does like 5k, 3 times a week. I guess I could even go on a little run with her? Awww …. Dunno how long it will take before I can run 5k. Probably a while….

Oh, we went to the beach the other day. We’re there, and we didn’t have shit for food. We brought books and a blanket. There’s this couple near us who are doing up this barbeque … they have this grill and tons of hot dogs. I wanna get some of those. So I formulate the plan. I get up, walk over to them, smile and say

“Hey! I run a sausage disposal business. Normally there’s a cost… but you guys seem cool so… if you have any leftovers just let me know – and I’ll remove them, free of charge!”

The girl laughs, and the guys says “nice….”

I got the vibe he really wasn’t impressed. I think it’s the fact that he knows he could never 1) come up with something that funny or 2)deliver it well (or even have the balls to come over

Anyways, I sit back down, knowing my work is done. Sure enough, a few minutes later the muscle head comes over. It’s apparent he’s a few short. He brings over a big, grilled sausage and half a tomato, and along with some bread. I’m like “no no, I was just joking around!” and he says “there’s truth behind every joke!” … I say “That’s true. Thanks a lot man, you rock!”

Now, I knew if his girlfriend laughed at the jokes, he’d be obliged to bring us some food. I was charming, sweet and funny. His girlfriend found me entertaining. So, if he does bring us some food, he’s a cool, kind guy and gets points with his girl. IF he doesn’t, he’s a douchebag.

We eat. It’s delicious! I know it’s not really a big thing but… well… it was cool. Hehe … sometimes, comedy works! ;)


I went around filming some funny shit the other day. I was supposed to be filming daygame but ended up interviewing women about how to approach them. I got some funny footage. I may put it up here for you guys to watch…. But in the meanwhile - I’ll tell you what. Women have, absolutely no idea about anything when it comes to picking up women.

OF all the times women have been picked up, fucked, etc etc, … you’d think they would have some insight about how to pick them up. But they don’t. I’m sure some girls out there do. Or maybe they know, but they never admit they know, and still pump out the same boring shit society tells them to say. One girl, when asked what a guy should say when approaching her said “he could compliment my shoes”

Really? Really. Wow. They weren’t even cool shoes. They were crappy ass stripper shoes. She looked like a stripper.


Anyways it was good fun and I got some great footage!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crazy Drunken angry suicidal Christian wants a piece of me!!

June 30th

Tried a few sets today trying to put across Johnny’s belief system. Clearly I’m not doing it right. Lol

First girl, I opened in a coffee shop. She was looking at the sweets and I said “whooaa… you’re not looking at the brownie are you? That brownie is big trouble!!” and she says “haha no I’m looking at the fruit cupcake!” …. Anyways so we start chatting and I shift into the “I’m happy. Life is good. You wanna sit down and have a coffee?” and she’s like “uhh no I have to meet my friend” … I kept going a bit but realized she was investing exactly 0% and it was a dead set. I let her go.

I go to meet up with some other pua guy’s. As I’m waiting this hot Korean girl with a fantastic body walks by….. In a go. I mean, wow! What a body! You don’t usually see breastasis like that on a Korean girl. She’s 30, and married. She seems interested. She just had a fight with her husband of 2 years. I chat a bit. She tries to leave but I re hook her and then try go into the marriage stuff again. We talk about whether women are more free in Canada then in korea. It’s interesting but I actually don’t know how / don’t feel comfortable putting the offer of sex across… even if I did convey the overall message clearly. Damn it. well I get her email but… no point. I haven’t done it right. Bollocks.

I open another girl just as I get off the phone with a forum guy who’s about to cross the street and meet me. She seemed cute (Well, she was cute) but up close she had a little pudgy belly which just doesn’t do it for me. I called her on being a bit sad. She was going home from visiting her dad in the hospital. She claimed she wasn’t sad, she just had a “Relaxed face” that ran in the family. She kept saying this when I mentioned she seemed a bit sad. She kept asking “Did I really look sad?” then I’d say “yes” and she’s go back into “it’s a genetic thing. My mom has the same thing. It’s a relaxed face” .. errr yeah. Anyways… she was a bit nutty. She didn’t have much to say. But, for the sake of learning I tried to push it as far as I could. So, I got her to acknowledge the insanity of relationships and marriage. She agreed. She said she had quite a few friends that had open relationships. I was like “what? Really?? Cool!” …. She said she was single for a long time. After a few minutes I asked her what her view was on the whole thing. She kind of avoided it… I had to ask clearly, what is your view – do you date, do u always have a boyfriend, where do you stand? … she said “no, I’ve been single for a while now.” …. And then I said “well listen, let’s go back to my house and have some fun!” …. She turned to run away and I was like “just kidding!” and she says “I know” … yikes that didn’t work lol. But I chatted with her some more and eventually was like “gimmie your number, I’ll invite you out to blah blah and she’s like cool” … then I said “listen, if you’re ever feeling lonely and you need a hug or… you know (wink) some sweet luvin you can always give me a call” … Now I never gave her my number so that was a bit retarded. But as I left she goes “give me a call!” … so I’ll drop her a line, just to see if she takes me up on the offer. For future sets attempting this new method I’ll do it as Johnny does – give them my number and see if they call. Sigh.

Did a couple more sets normal style and it’s so easy…. Easy easy … but I know I’m not learning anything. Couple more emails/numbers (the hot one had a BF but… will invite to comedy)

I have to keep practicing. I have to re watch Johnny vid’s. it’s like being a noobie again. Hahah. Fuck it. I’ll try some more next time I go out (probably tomorrow)

I did some other sets, but nothing worth reporting. Me being funny, getting #’s for my comedy shows etc. blah blah.

Oh, I almost got into a fight. That was fuckin weird. I just ATTRACT crazies. It’s truly amazing

Ok, so I’d met up with a few lair guys here in Toronto. All nice guys. No idea what they’re doing in field, but all lovely guys. Well that’s not true, one little fucker was running and opening but just using the same opener all the time… so I gave him some more ideas. Anyways, I’d done a couple of sets and after each they’d ask “what did you say, what happened etc” … so I was standing there around 12am explaining some group theory stuff (some of my methods of opening mixed sets, etc) when I noticed this guy in shorts was just standing there, a few feet away, listening in intently. I say to him “hey man, don’t be shy, come on over!” …. He doesn’t move. I say again “we wont’ bite, get on in here!” … so he comes over. I say “alright, I’m just talking about ways to get into conversations with girls… feel free to listen in. Then he just starts on me. “You’re evil man, you’re evil!” … I’m like “what???” … he just goes off “you’re corrupting these guys man…. You’ve got satan in your mind. I’m a Christian. You’re an evil man…blab la bla” … I try and reason with the guy for like 10 minutes. He gets in my face and pretty aggressive. I backed up a bit but he came forward. I accepted that I was ready to fight this guy (I had 4 other guys with me so the odds were pretty heavily in my favor – not that I needed the help. I’ve got a yellow belt in Karate, I’ll have you know ;) ….. I reckoned I could take him. He was on something. Maybe booze, maybe something else. But he was on something. Anyways – I got into my new fight stance that my friend showed me recently. Basically, you put your hands together like in prayer, in front or you chest and half way between you and your aggressor. Then I was like “listen buddy, just relax. Why are you yelling?” and kept talking etc

But, from this position it is very easy to do a palm strike right to someone’s face. I mean, your hand is pretty much near their face….. so you can go from “whoa whoa easy” to BAM. I was very very temped to fight, once again. But, once again… I wouldn’t throw the first punch. This guy really was a bit psycho. I’d be a douche to hit him first. But man it was tempting. I suppose I could have gotten in his face and been all “you wanna go buddy?” but that’s just not my style. But that’s like 2 times in the last month when I’m absolutely 100% minding my own business and someone decides, I’m evil and I need to get told. I really don’t get it. HE told me I needed to find jesus a few times. And that I was evil. Does that mean he’s evil, or crazy, or wrong??

In all honestly – it was his ego talking. What did I do to offend his ego, his sense of reality? I’m guessing my knowledge of pickup did the trick. If me talking about how to pickup girls is what set him off (and, clearly it was as I wasn’t talking about anything else) …. I’m guessing that meant he has little or no success with women. I suppose he needed to get laid. Maybe I should have asked him when the last time was he got laid! Haha… ah well, whatever. Strange. But… a waste of energy in the end….. the only thing I can imagine I could learn from the experience is don’t ask randomers to join in on your conversations. Then again, that would be going against my very being as this point so…. Nah – I just have to accept this as a freak occurrence and move on. Or, accept that my personality type is going to attract nut cases to me on occasion. It is what it is.

Good bootcamp, first in Toronto

June 29th

Taught 4 guys bootcamp, imbedded johnny’s teachings for around 30+ mins. One of the guys really got it and shit himself. He had that same crazy look in the eye I had when Johnny explained it to me. I guess I didn’t put it across too badly. I recorded the whole thing. Maybe I’ll put a couple of clips from the bootcamp up. Some of it was shit I came up with off the cuff that was actually pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. Part 2 in field will be next week. Should be fun. I am organizing my teaching method into a concrete “System” that will eventually transfer to an ebook. That was the first bootcamp where I tried to follow a structure. It’s interesting actually going by notes. I still never stick by ‘em… but it does make it a bit easier…. Till now I’ve been teaching mainly from my head as I go. I suppose I am turning things into a more professional operation, which is good!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Chillin With Johnny Soporno

June 28th

Hey guys!!

I Hung out with Johnny Soporno yesterday for hours.

I learned so much shit and had so many epiphanies. I took me this long just to accumulate my thoughts and put them down.

There's a whole load of amazing stuff in my head... I can't expect to do justice to his teachings but, I figure I'd pass along whatever my mind has managed to retain. Which, actually, is quite a bit. I think.

Here goes.

So, him, his pornstar girlfriend and I wandered around during the lesbo parade in Toronto. (Yes, it was gay pride week last week!) I saw only 2 cute girls. One I stopped on the street. She had a long term BF but I got her facebook and she seemed keen to attend one of my upcoming shows. The only other hottie was this girl working one of the booths. But she didn't have a brain between her head so I left it. (yes, that's a reason!) lol.

A couple of people asked to have their picture taken with Johnny because of the horns. We also ran into some people he knew. One was was very gay… he’d gotten a penis lollipop and was very busy with the sucking. We have some amusing photo’s. one of the girls in the group was after me (she pinched my butt) but she was just past her prime. Johnny said to her “Sasha’s got a girl who’s up for a 3some, maybe u could get involved?” and she was like “Sure!” .. I appreciate it baby. But I’ll find my own 3some girls, cheers.

Back at Johnny’s place I shared some of my fucked up story with him and he shared a ton of information with me. Talking to him I actually had like a groundbreaking ephiphany. The thing is, I’d had this motherfucking epiphany before when watching his video’s. Now I’ve had it hardcore again. If you’ve seen his material then you already know the epiphany. If you haven’t, I’ll give you the wrapup as best as I can. Essentially, everyone in our society has been tricked to believe that monogamy is good, normal etc. however, it’s in fact a poison on our lives, our society. Not his words, mine. If you actually think about it, having to stay with someone whom you’ve agreed to stay with via a contract (E.G Marriage, or “boyfriend/girlfriend etc” is absolutely ridiculous and not useful.

One of the key points he explained to me was this: If you put boundaries or rules on a relationship – say – we can’t fuck other people. What does that do? It cuts out the competition. What happens then? People get lazy. You don’t have to try anymore. She/he is gonna be there no matter what. It’s like communism in way. You’re stuck. Why try any harder? You get the same every day no matter what. But if you open up those floodgates, whereas both partners can see/do whatever they want with everyone … and they keep coming back and spending time with each other, isn’t that infinitely more powerful? That you [i]choose[/i] to be with this person. That you can do absolutely whatever you want with anyone and yet, here you are. Choosing to spend your time with somebody despite being completely and utterly free to do otherwise is a love far greater than that which comes out of marriage, or any other “agreement.”

HE used this following example. You’ve got a cat. You go to let the cat out of it’s cage one day…. The cat leaps out the window. You panic!! Oh no!! what the fuck! My babyyyyyyyy!! But the cat comes back and everything is ok. The next day you open the cage, and the cat runs off again. Aaarrggh!! You panic! Where did he go! Is he ok!! Doesn’t he love me??? Waaaah. But then he comes back. The third time you open the cage and he leaps out you think…well… probably he’ll come back. And he does. And everything is ok. The 4th time you open the cage you’re like “are you coming out, or what?

Know what I’m saying? Oh yeah.

I can’t even explain what I’ve come to understand and it’s so profound. It completely changes, everything. I said to Johnny “Your reality actually crushes mine so completely, that it makes what I teach pointless. Game is pointless!” … He explained people need to first get to the end of where game can get them to be ready for his teachings. If you can’t actually walk up to a woman and say “hi” without shitting yourself, try explaining to a woman that she should be free – that society’s constraints are BS and she should come home with you right now and fuck your brains out because it’s what she’s hardwired to do.

This makes sense. I get that. That made me feel better. I haven’t been wasting my time for the last couple of years, after all! :P

I threw another one of my limiting beliefs at him. It was this:

I said to him “dude…sometimes if a girl is too easy, I loose interest. I think “I didn’t do shit to get her. She’s fuck any guy. She doesn’t really want me” … I feel cheap so I won’t go for it. It’s fucked up.

Anyone out there get that?

Johnny explained to me that, the woman has in fact, chosen me. I’m 30 years old. So, I’ve spend 30 years becoming myself. The way I walk, talk, act, clothes I wear, things I say, way I talk. Everything about me is different from everyone else. So if she wants’ to fuck ME … she has picked ME. I am the product of years and years of growth, development, adaptation, learning etc etc. You are YOU and nobody else. Why question it? Just go and fuck her brains out.

Seems pretty obvious but it was yet another revelation.

My head is on fire. My world Has been turned upside down. There’s too much fresh knowledge that directly counters all my limiting beliefs at once. IT actually would probably cure all my game issues if I was able to actually adopt them. Here’s what they are. I only realize I have these issues after spending all this time with Johnny. (Thanks a LOT, douchebag!!)

Here goes.

I believe that most women I meet don’t just want to fuck my brains out (I may often joke or behave like I believe they do) but I don’t really believe it.

I believe if a woman puts out too easily she’s a slut, and I respect these girls less than girls I have to put more of an effort in with

I believe somehow I’m screwing women over if I just have sex with them and never see them again. Even if I give them good sex. Sometimes I’ll see women a few times after sex just to make sure I don’t like them. Or, so they don't think I was just using them for sex. How fucked up is that? (This begs the question, why sleep with those girls at all in the first place?)

I feel guilty about dating multiple women at once (well, not dating - sleeping with) - I feel guilty if I think about myself as “a player” ... I really don't feel like I am. Even tho if you ask women, I definitely am. In a way.

This list goes On and On !!

I realize that, ultimately … although I am very free in a lot of ways (and getting freer) I’ve still been brainwashed by society…. The chains of community (and, THE community) are apon me. I’ve sub consciously adopted some kind of belief system that was imposed on “society” long before I came into being. (Well, being in this form, anyways) ;)

Why should I suffer for other people's pre conceived notions of what’s right and wrong? Why should I limit myself or my lifestyle based on said notions? How is that fair or just? I wasn’t asked my opinion . nobody got my consent. Nobody came up to me as I flew out of the womb and said

“Hey buddy. Welcome to planet earth. You’re going to suck with girls. The girls will have all the power. You’re going to be lonely all the time. You’re going to be a doormat for every girl you ever hookup with. Get used to it! Furthermore, you get to just fuck one girl at once, ok, or you’re an asshole. Women are going to pick you, not you them. You’re going to believe hot women have something you want and you’re always going to struggle to get it!”


It’s not easy getting those chains off, either. Even if you see the chains, it’s not easy when just about every other fucking person is wearing the same chains and… they seem ok with it.

Isn’t that amazing? Even If you point to the chains and go “You’re locked up! Look! Look down! There’s chains all over you, you can’t move. Or think, or do what you want!” they’ll say “What? Oh these? Nah it’s ok. These have been here as long as I remember. It’s cool”

I have seen this over and over and over again. Friends with no game. Friends with shitty jobs. People with Girl or Boyfriends they don’t even LIKE. Why? Fear, in a word.


Well fuck that!!

I don’t think I want to be wearing these chains anymore. I definitely don’t.

p.s – I didn’t post this for ages as excited as I was because, I didn’t feel my description of what I’d gone thru did Johnny Soporno any justice. But ah well… it’s only one little post. So there it is. I’ll write more when I figure out what the heck it going on. My head feels like it's going to explode!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

June 27th - Crank call

So I’m sitting here updating my blog and the phone rings. Now I never answer the landline, cuz tis’ always telemarketers, right? Always always. But I’m thinking it’s the weekend. They don’t call on the weekend.

I answer and some philipino woman goes “hi sir, I’m calling from t&g research” and I flip on her


“I’m sorry sir…”

(I hang up)


Ok ok. I am a douchebag. I thought it was funny.