Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Day 2 Lay - My first chinese girl!! sweet!!

tube girl came over and we had a picnic on my bed. Very messy. Weird I didn’t want to sleep with her. Maybe we just don’t have a physical connection? She’s pretty fun but I’m not that into her. I think I may have ethical dilemmas sleeping with a girl for whom a) it’s a big deal and it will mean something. I should have slept with her on day 1 !! Don't matter.

anyways I shoo her out to meet the Chinese girl (got her # on the street jan 18th) … I though I’d never see her again after sleeping through my date after the crazy Korean sex, but she messaged me over the weekend to meet up and we agree for Tuesday.

I meet her around angel and we go to that coffee shop traffic. It’s fucking shit drinks in there. It looks all trendy but their milkshake was absolutely atrocious – last time I was there I wasn’t happy either. Anyways we’re in there for a bit over an hour. She’s a funny girl. She negs me all the time and I’m like “omg!! You’re so mean!!” and I take the piss out of her lots and she hits me lots. She has the cutest fucking laugh. And she makes the cutest little giggly noises it’s really adorable!! She asks me at one point “so, what are you looking for” … I gave her what I’ve learned is the right answer

“I’m not looking for anything. I thought you were cute and spoke to you… then I though you were really fun and wanted to see you again so here we are”

it’s the truth and it’s generally what they want to hear (or more specifically it’s not likely to be what they DON’T want to hear)

i.e if you say “I just want to have some fun” you can trigger their slut defense. If they know that you don’t want a girlfriend etc it’s harder to sleep with you, right

or if you say “I want a girlfriend to love forever and ever” you’ll scare away a (party) girl who may just be after some fun, hence the answer I’ve given. Just my thinking anyways

so we are getting on quite well. She tells me she likes me and I make her laugh. I’ve already told her I like that she makes me laugh, but I said I like her too, that she’s fun. Now the old me would have tried to make plans to see her to do something else

the old me

but after a couple of months of hard core gaming I know how this is supposed to go, right?

I do one of my comedy kiss closes (I point and say, what’s that?? Over there? She’s not falling for it, but looks anyways knowing full well I’m up to something. I try kiss her but it’s blocked off but we both laugh.

So I gently try and kiss her again after a high (big laugh) but she’s shy so I just kiss her cheeck. I know she wants to make out though

One more try and I get her lips, no tongue…

0h I played the lying game which worked a treat, and kill mary shag (didn’t work as well)

I tell her “let’s go for a walk!” … she asks where? And I say “just wherever – around”

We walk around… I ask her if she wants a piggy back and try jump on her back (always gets a big reaction) then I give her one and she loooooves it.

After that we make out properly. We walk some more with interspersed kissing. At this point I need to see where I’m at so I check the busses going back towards mine. She asks what I’m doing and I say “just seeing how I get back to mine from here” and she says “nooo!! Don’t go!” so we keep walking. She says (even tho we we’re walking toward her place) that it’s quite far and she’s have to take a bus. Then she asks if I’d walk her to her house. I say

“You want me to take you to your house, so you don’t get robbed on the way? Or you want to hang out with me at yours house?” she makes a joke how I’d need to fill an application which takes 5-6 months to come to her house. I say I have some movies at my house, we could watch one and I could give her a backrub. I ask her if she wants to go to hers or to mine. She says “I dunno!” and shrugs

then all the posts about “lead lead lead” come into my head. I say

“ok, we’re going to my place”. I hook her arm and we cross the street to the bus stop

she jokes about how it’s far away and I say it’s close!

She says “ok but you have to get me out of your house back to mine by 12” and I say “sure!”

We get back. She sits on the bed and I go pee. I come in, put some music on. She says “how are we going to watch a movie with the laptop over there?” I say “we don’t have time for a movie if you wanna be out by 12 (it’s almost 11) unless u wanna watch half a movie?? I’ll just give you the massage

I know she’s up for it and that as long as I escalate things at the right pace it will be fine

So I sit next to her and just rub her shoulders for a min, then I say, lay face down

Then I do her neck and shoulders a bit and say “hang on u want some oil?” and I just put a bit of oil on her neck. Couple of minutes of that

Then I start going under her shirt and say “ok this has to come off!”

Then a min with the bra still on, then I undo that and just do her back. I kiss her neck etc and she likes it. She starts putting her bra back on… I’m like “huh” and she says “I want to turn over” … this is critical… it’s just a matter of comfort – we know we’re going to fuck, but she doesn’t want to just turn over topless – but it’s ok if it comes off in a moment of passion (like a minute from then – lol) but it’s important to remember this

Anyways so we kiss and bite and lick her everywhere, she pushes me over and gets on top of me!! She goes to town on my left nipple for a while

Man making out with this chick is hot. She’s a good kisser and she’s fucking horny! Oh she hasn’t been laid in 7-8 months she told me on our date. (well, no BF since then but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t had any the whole time)

We frolick around, she goes berserk as I bite her all the way down to there, panties come off she is fucking SOAKING!! JESUS!! I think “well that’s enough foreplay” hehe

But no, more messing about. She gets me on my back and undoes my pants… she tickles my balls semi thru my underwear and it was awesome. I was getting anal play in here (lick pushing in but thru my undies) which felt fucking amazing. This chick was no virgin!! Anyways we’re naked, I show her the box of condoms and she nods and does her cute little Chinese approval sound. It’s a combination of that cute sound and a little approving head nod (like a mini bow) … soooo cute!!!

I put it on … I climb on top and I proceed to thoroughly to fuck my very first chinse girl. Jesus Christ she was making pain sounds. Like she was in pain. I ask if she’s ok but she doesn’t say anything. I go very slow at the beginning but she’s still moaning a lot … that changed to sounds of delight and we had a goot 20+ mins of sex. Several positions … had one internal orgasm, stopped myself and took a 60 second break. Then back into it… 2nd time I let myself ejaculate (aaaaaargh I know!! Where’s my discipline!! But come on my first chinse girl!!) DR Yen will have to forgive me hehe

Afterwords she said it did hurt at the start cuz she hasn’t fucked in a long time and it hurts more with condoms (she doesn’t use them either as only has sex with boyfriends) … same as me – (well same as me up till now, lol)

After she asks me very open stuff “what’s your favorite position, what do you like to do in bed, etc, do you like oral” … fucking hell!! I could have a lot of fun with this girl! I guess she’s going to be one of my fb’s!!

Oh… I bought some condoms and have officially decided to use them with everyone (unless I get a girlfriend) … it’s just too dangerous. It’s apparent where my game is at a point where I’m going to be fucking a lot of different girls…. I was coming from a different mindset a few weeks ago, where I’d just have sex with the occasional girl. But not it’s apparent that I can pretty much fuck a least one or two girls per week…. it’s more a time issue than anything else – I genuinely don’t have time to see all the girls I have #’s for… I’m still not calling a lot of girls – I text some and if they don’t reply I don’t bother with them … but I’m goin to only go after super hot girls, and not text, just call. Texting is the pussy way out I think.

Anyways this is a massive turning point for me. I met a girl on a day 2, I lead, I brought her to my place, escalated at a level that was quick, but comfortable for us both and I fucked the crap out of her. I really can do this as much as I want – anybody can. It’s just a matter of

1) time in field

2) calibration

that’s it.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

My first street makeout!!!

Ok we hit up cargo last night, "free booze" and entry but we got there too late for that

I'll keep in short

opened hb 8.5 french girl standing in the corner. tried to get her to dance and stuff but she wasn't really any fun, was fairy boring and when i went to kiss her she tried to ram her fucking tongue down my throat. not going to bother calling her tho she was pretty hot

opened hb 8.5 russian who was pretty cool - told me she'd just hooked up with some awesome guy around new years who'd been with her for 2 weeks but he just went back to his home country. have already invited her out to a show and she's coming along

was a good set with this other french girl who i got massaging me but she joked with me (using my routine) that she didn't have a vacancy for another man ... ah well... i left my wicked ass yellow glasses on the table and went i went back they were gone. there's 6.50 down the fucking drain. will pick up another pair in the west end tommorow (fucking loved those glasses! FUCK!!)

Highlight of the night came at the end ... We're hitting the streets opening sets (YAd, Max and I) and there's this very cute girl waiting for the bus. i game her about 10 mins. she was a laugh, turkish girl. sexy accent. she was about to cross the street to go pee and i said "we gotta go this isn't even our bus stop" but i said i wanna see you, i'll give you a call. here's my card in case you put the wrong number in my phone, facebook me ... then i just moved in an kissed her. i think it was more she kissed me i just gave her that look, and she did, so it was mutual. oh she was a good kisser, which made up for that sloppy shit from the french girl. mmmm

i've just called her 15 minutes ago and we're meeting up tommorow at noon.

also got a text from the greek girl who wants to see me but i don't fancy her that much

also got a text from the salsa girl (8.5) wants to meet me tommorow

and i'm meeting tube girl for our day 3 today.

jesus christ. and i haven't even called my makeouts and other #'s from last week yet. this is getting fucking ridiculous!!

also i've decided to stop being a bitch and call 2 very hot girls in my phone that have flaked

one i met on the bus (insta date) on new year who was stunning

and one girl i street gamed who'd sent me a couple text but then didn't reply. i figure i real man would just call - yea they've flaked but i should be able to get them to meet me talking over the phone so i'm going to give it a shot. they are both 9's ... the ultra hot ones are still flaking on me though i've reduced the flakes a lot the last 2 weeks with qualification... will keep working at it...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Day 2 with tube girl + hb 9.5 russian on tube

Went on a date last night with the tube girl last night. oooh! she hot!! hot hot hot!! On the way there was a fucking stunning girl on the tube. I said "oh my lord, you're the hottest girl i've ever seen on the tube!" ... "but i've only been in london 7 years!" ... (probably funnier to say "it's my first day in london, haha!" ... anyways she loved it and i met her and her friends there, hung around for 10 mins with them. basically just used my boyfriend routine (she said she had 10) and i ripped on her for it. got her (russian) number and kissed her friends on the cheecks but not her as i left them "baaah, you get enough kisses from your boyfriends!!" hehe she loved it

anyways had an awesome date. girl told me she's never made out with anyone after meeting them for 5 mins before, etc that she can't believe it happened etc. I wanted to see "bitch you never met a PUA who could do shock and awe before, lol"

heheheh anyways i didn't use any game on that date at all we just chilled and it was awesome. we talked about all the shit we were gonna do to each other and she's coming over thursday to watch movies and i'm gonna teach her to play poker. hehe....

Monday, 21 January 2008

Crazy drunken Korean Sex

Fr sun jan 20st 2008 absolutely crazy Korean

So I text her around 10 and she’s indecisive about whether she wants to come out, etc. she doesn’t wanna go to mine and I can’t go to hers. She says to come meet her and she’ll take me “somewhere” … I ask where and she says “be creative” .. I’m thinking she wants to bang me in a park or something?

She tries to book us into a hotel. I say it’s not necessary as I live around the corner but she wants a place that’s “neutral!”

She forgot to bring i.d so we go back to mine

Then I proceed to have one of the most ackward nights of my sexual life/life

Where to begin?

Well I guess I’ll begin with the coke. She looks at me at one point and says “you wouldn’t think less of me if I do some coke” and I can safely say the answer was “nope” …

She does loooooads of it. Like fucking 3 lines at a time till she went thru the whole packet. I did like 1 line and I was shaking. I don’t do coke generally it has little positive effect on me and has given me the shakes once before. I was fucked up for around 30 mins and she was a bit freaked out.. after I took the line she wanted me to fuck her but I was like messed up.. I tell her later.

Later on she denies that she told me I wanted to fuck her. It was always like this with her. She would completely contradict herself all the time and just talk shit. She’s say one thing then the opposite. She got really coked up and just started blathering. It was absolutely the most boring shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life bar none. Try and consider just how bad that is considering she was one of the most boring girls I have ever met. I mean completely lacking in personality, charisma, charm, sense of humour. Just absolutely none of that, and add in “completely fucking insane” … oh and she’s absolutely stunning. Like model hot, I’d said 8.5 before but I was off. Like 9 / 9.5
Oh did I mention she’s a manic depressive, is on several anti depressants, etc. oh yeah. So she’s just going on and on and on and I’m trying to like, I dunno, take some sort of interest. I try steer the conversation about her but that doesn’t work. When she asks me to talk nothing comes into my head, I have absolutely nothing to say to this girl whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever been as disinterested in another human being as I was this girl. I knew this the first time I had her over at my place – that’s why I didn’t fuck her. God I wish I had done it then so I didn’t have to sit thru this shit. My god. And then when I’d try and tell her something about myself she wouldn’t want to hear it. If it was even slightly sad she would cover up her ears! She was the most selfish person I think I’ve ever met. Selfish in bed too, but just horribly selfish. She even said to me “you should have fucked me the first time” …. And “I’m fucking crazy. You don’t want me in your life – better you ditch me early” …. Virtually in those words.
So after like an hour of absolutely horrific mental torture she decides she needs booze in order to get physical and goes at the vodka. She went thru half the bottle, straight!

She said some very fucked up things to me

“Just tell me what I want to hear and you can do whatever you want to me”

She said “if you just say one thing to me, I’ll let u fuck me”

But no matter what I said it wasn’t the right thing. I ask her what she wants to hear and she wants me to tell her she’s an amazing girl. I don’t want to lie to her face

“It would help if you would tell me you would fuck me without a condom, because I’d like to believe I’m a good judge of character” - WOW!!

“I don’t care if I die tomorrow. Just fuck me”

at some point she felt guilty and did say “no wear a condom I don’t want to give u anything”

she was surprised when I asked her last time she’d been checked. She told me nobody’s ever asked her that before. I was like WHAT?? And she almost never uses condoms. HOLY FUUUUUCK. It certainly made my "do i have shitty condom sex with this girl" decision easy - let me tell you there's no way i'm doing her without fuck that!!

Oh this is nice – at one point she wanted me to be mean to her. She said “ I wish you never told me you didn’t want to hurt me. Be mean to me”

So I told her the truth. That she was completely boring, I didn’t like her one bit and that the only reason she was there was because she was hot and I wanted to fuck her. And I said I’d never see her again after and she was like “ok, but you took it a bit far!”

She said maybe she just wanted to vent to someone about shit outside her social circle, so there would be no repercussions.

Every time I got into it and was about to fuck her she’s say “I want another shot!”

Eventually I did a freeze out and was like “look I’m gonna sleep, just go home” and she was like “no no I don’t wanna stop!”

Another sound bite was “tell me It’s just sex. Tell me you don’t care about me” (again the opposite of the feelings she was trying to elicit before

I think this girl had multiple personality disorder (she’d joked about it once)

God this is so fucked up I don’t even wanna write/think about it. Anyway eventually she’s coked up and hammered and she wants to fuck. She keeps telling me not to use a condom. I’m not really that excited for most of it and worry about whether i'll be able to get one on – I manage to get a condom on and we go at it. She’s just flopping around like a dying fish. I stop. She keps falling off the bed. She hit her head on the floor. She was just all over the fucking place going mental saying “I’m so fuucked up! Fuck me!” it was creepy. I kept putting her back on the bed but she kept falling off. Eventually I put her in leg lock and held her. Got her some water when she wanted but she couldn’t sit up to drink it…. Eventually she fell asleep.

In the morning we wake up and I ask her if she’s ok. She asks if I want to fuck her. She tells me to put a condom on … I’m like “yep” … she is already wet. Then I fuck her properly, (well as good as I can with a condom) .. it felt ok I guess. I hold the first one it, but I just blow my load the 2nd one. Shouldn’t have done that as I like keeping my boys at home (and have a day 2 today, and Tuesday with the tube girl)

To be honest it was a waste of sperm. What a nut.

This is just like a quit re cap of how fucked it was. Fuck this

this is the dark side of the pua – i am just realizing you can pull some crazy motherfuckers into your life. A one night stand would have been so much better, 2 nights with this girl was way, way, way too much. Really i shouldn't have seen her again after I figured out I just didn't like her but she was so hot and i'm doing this (all of this) to be able to pull, and fuck hot girls - so even though being around her actually went against, well, my being itself, i went through with it.

at the end I tell her I have to go (kinda do) and try shoo her out. She makes a joke “well I guess you won’t want to see me after this” and I say “probably not” and she said “are you serious??” silence… I tell her she’s too crazy for me

she said she knows she’s insane but that she gets away with it… that's the power of looks right there, ladies and gentlemen (probably just gentlemen....) heh

she just send me a text as well saying she wants to see me again. Unreal

Still...that ass.... :D :D :D


side note: i had hardly slept and went back to bed and slept the whole fucking day and missed the salsa - the girl sent me 2 texts, 1 saying she was coming late so she can't meet me before and another saying she didn't see me and was dissapointed. i told her the truth that i'd fallen asleep and invited her out on wed. i hope i don't loose the girl, she was very cute and sweet... it would be a shame...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cute chinese girl! Will this be my first oriental??

fri 19th jan

Went out with a couple guys and we just hit tottenham court road tube for some night street game. Got 3 numbers, one solid. Chinese girl HB 8. We connected and agreed to go for salsa on monday

Just opened her from the side as she was walking with normal banter, and we chatted. found out she was single, told her i'd never had a chinese girlfriend and asked if she just dated chinese guys or white guys too...she said both but after further investigation her last 3 guys were chinese!

i think i'll see her again for sure

i felt the qualifications i was doing really were working - i knew she liked me a lot because she had her back to her bustop and wasn't even looking for her bus while we were chatting which is a pretty big Indicator, amongst others... this girl i will see again...

Saturday, 19 January 2008

4 Makeouts in 1 night! I'm a slapper!! lol

Fr Friday jan 18th

Was supposed to meet the hot Australian from insta date at 8pm with her friends so Invited along yad, seb, don…. Chicks didn’t get there till 9.30 but we went off to eat for a bit. Seb invited out this older girl with big tits. She might have been a hb 6.5 or 7. not bad. She was really horny. When she left exchange bar she was all “so uh, am I gonna see u again…” she was so dtf

Anyways eventually my girl comes with 1 other. We chat but when I try escalate she makes jokes like “hey you’re still in the friend zone, blah blah” and once she even said “we’re not going to have sex!” and I was like “ok” … though we were getting along well… then I went off to find seb and he’s like “escalate you dumb fuck, she’s on a day 2, she showed up, she’s DTF! 2 minutes, be making out!” so I went back and held her hands, cuddled her, did (more of shoulder rubbing – I’d been at that already) then kissed her neck a bit then we were making out pretty soon. She wouldn’t full on make out deep tongue, (just moderate tongue) … said she never makes out in bars but we kissed enough. She was actually exhausted and her and her friend (who don eventually got through to – heh) went off. This is good because I wanted to try some shock and awe shit tonight

Deeboy meets up with us as well and i met him for the first time. This guy is really friendly - great energy about him. We go into town and go to this one bar, forget the name. not a lot going on in there really though I opened a few sets. Just not hotties. Like 1 or 2…. So we’re going to the tube and opening sets along the way… 1 set of hot girls that hooked but they had to go drop their shopping off at home. We should have been more persistent… anyways seb and dee want to eat so me and don head up to koko’s to meet up with Yad, who’d left 9.30 to koko’s) …

On the tube over there there’s a HB 8 on the tube platform and I go shock and awe on her, but with normal situational opener “hey that looks comfy how you’re sitting (she was leaning up against the wall half sitting” … now we can both look silly…yaay” … so we banter for like30-45 seconds and I start “oh my god you are so fuckking hot!!! Where did u come from??” blah blah interspersed with normal conversation but every few seconds

“I can’t even focus on talking to you. If we went on a date I wouldn’t even be talking I’d just me mumbling GA GA GA and you’d think I was a retard”

“I’m not usually like this I swear!”

chat chat chat

“normally I like to get to know a girl but I just can’t keep my fucking hands off you, you are so hot (touching her)

“you must get stopped like 20 times per day but guys. I’m such a looser, I know, but I just can’t help myself. Just slap me if you need to”

“you should put a fucking paper bag over your head when you leave the house, that would stop this from happening” – this one works so fucking well – it’s a huge compliment, and always get a big fucking laugh too

and eventually

I tell her to stand up and give me a hug….i say “come here” and she holds me and I hug her… then I do a little routine I came up with

“Can we pretend I’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend and we love each other? Just for a second? And we’ve just had the most amazing sex? … that feels so good! (props to Yad as the “pretending” aspect came from one of his routines) the hug was good, then I kiss her gently on the forhead (props to Ace_Pua – great move!) and then

“I am trying to hard not to kiss you”



we’re all over each other. I’m molesting her, her tongue is down my throat hard core. She actually GRABBED me and pulled me in for the kiss just as train pulled up. She’s a Welch actress, 26 had cousins staying with her and really wanted to come with me. She hadn’t been laid in over a year and she only works with gays!! Ahahaha she tells me she has to see me again!! Get her # after makin out/groping her on the platform

get to koko’s and there’s a HB8.5 just walking in… I open quickly

“shit are there going to be girls as hot as you in there? You’re so fucking hot. I don’t even need to go in there if you stay out here. I bet the girls aren’t as hot as you. You could just put a string going around you and charge a fiver and guys would be just to hang around you you’re so fucking hot oh my god. “

talk for 30 seconds

“jesus how many boyfriends do u have? Like a dozen? NONE? WHAT?? Your vagina must be broken! Haha! Blah blah” # close …

more shock and awe lines…. She tries to go back in the club, I take her hand and say “kiss me once before u go in…”

she kisses me on the mouth… I can feel it … I pull her in she gives me another one with a bit of tongue…

(Semi) Makeout (brief)

She says “come meet my friends” and I try sneak in without paying but the bouncers wise to it and she goes in. I have her # for later….

Go in the club walk around open a little

Go outside there’s a 2 set hb8 and hb9.5 swedish girls but looks like this one guy is working them. Dunno I think he’s after the 9.5 so I talk to the 8 a bit, he seems ok with it. I go shock and awe

Same stuff I just go with the flow …. Took around 5 minutes and I was kissing her lips. She was smoking and it was gross so I didn’t wanna make out … she wasn’t super hot so I went back and said I’d see her later. Really I wanted the friend… ah well

Dozed off the the couch upstairs, bouncer woke me and I said “I’m ok man!” (have been up since 7, for me that’s early!!)

At the end of the night got the hb8swedish girl’s number and make out with her and she said to call her. I wonder if I can get her friend out and pull a switcharoo?? Is that bad? Her friend was so hot and oriental looking..mmm

So… 3 makeouts in the club and 1 for my date. I never though it was possible

I am finally starting to understand. You just fucking go for it, really. Just kiss them. Period. If they are talking to you for any length of time, and they are qualifying you (i.e asking you ANY questions) they want to make out. That’s it. Tell them they’re fucking hot and make out with them like a real man would.

End of story.

I have just reached the next level….

Thanks to SEB who pushed me to escalate that set and overall wisdom, props to yad for teaching me what “persuasion” means… (still have to start really applying it to get girls back) and to and switch_seattle who told me weeks ago the girls were just there for the taking and I wasn’t seeing it..…. you were right dude and I’m going to start doing that shit this week… woooo - And everyone else on here for their encouraging comments … now I’m just going to start dragging all these girls home with me. If they’re not like super hot I don’t care. I’m not even bothering to call most of these girls now, what’s the point? I realize now that I can go into a club and just makeout and drag a girl home… so I’m going to start shooting for that more and more

So it’s day 12 of my challenge and finally I think I got my calibration down for make outs

Oh I have to say today I was walking around and everytime I saw a hot girl I just wanted to make out with her. I just felt like in another state like I could just talk to any girl on the street and make out… Also It feels like… I’m just giving that look when I look at girls. You know that sexy “I wanna fuck you look?” well after last night I have that look. And you know what – it’s not a look you can fake. Just like you can’t fake inner game. You have to really WANT to make out with the girl. You have to really WANT the girl. Laser eyes is a feeling that comes from the inside… that’s what it is… it’s intent! Hehe… now, finally I can really add that skill to my stack. I know what laser eyes really means! I’m about to get a lot more deadly…hehehe

I love you guys!!


Friday, 18 January 2008

Jan 16th she wanted to fuck but i didn't do it!

Jan 16th

Sarged like a mofo in the day. 3 numbers, some facebooks. Nothing magical, just working on qualifications. Having a laugh and # closing. Seeing one girl either Friday or Monday, texting the other though she’s dating 2 guys already (told her I was way more fun than them and she should drop me a line if she’s ever around my area) and the third one, I can’t remember her name but I’ll look for it and drop her a line. Had some heavy attraction with somegirls that had bf’s … this one in particular LOVED me … just gave her my card

I think I should try get #’s for really cool girls even if they have bf’s. just to have them around, really, even without any kind of intentions. If they’re hot and cool, don’t I want them around? Am realizing that qualifications are more powerful if they are genuine and represent/weed out what you are actually looking for. Also, honesty works. Just read seb + deeboy’s report with the underwear models (go read it if you haven’t!!) and it made me realize that we should not be hiding our intentions with women. We should be more open about them. I mean hell, if I can walk up to a woman and say “damn you are fine. You are too hot to be out here, you’re going to causing accidents and shit” why can’t I be honest for the rest of the interaction? why can’t I say “ok I respect you have a boyfriend, but you are cool and I think I’d like having you in my life, and you’d enjoy having me in yours. So let’s make the effort to see each other again… even if it’s just as friends” … isn’t that a fucking huge compliment? It is. And I’m going to say that next time I’m talking to some awesome girl who’s into me who happens to have a boyfriend at that time in her life. So what? Who cares? I never go for girls with BF’s but… if I meet one that’s truly amazing and she’d be happier with me, maybe It’s morally wrong not to pursue it? Ooh I’m getting into dark territory… I don’t know… I’m just getting tired of letting the really cool ones go (they always have boyfriends!!)

Anyways remember the hb9 walking thru leisester square I insta dated on Monday? Well we met up just for half an hour on wed and the chat was quite sexual. She said “I didn’t see you as a sexual being the other day but I am now” …

During our install date she just said that she really liked me and I was fun, etc…

We were huggy and stuff after the 30 min date but she’d do like a freeze out on me if I did something too… touchy…. So I’d freeze her out back, then she’d wanna hug again. It was weird.

It gets weirder…

Later on, after I’d done my gig, at 12:46 am I get the text “how was the showw” but I’m talking to my mate on the phone… then I get “let me know when you’re done with performance,”

I text back yea cool, did u get your studying done etc

She sends back “working is doing my head in so im chilling in my room. If we cldn have bought done. Dvds to watch, I need a break from workkk”

Which doesn’t make a whole load of sense, tho I suspect she wants to watch a film with me? As I’m replying “what!?” she calls me and asks me to come round to her to watch a movie. I explain I’ve just got home and she shoulda asked me an hour ago! I said she can come over to mine if she wants and she starts qualifying…

“Do you have a nice laptop?”

“do you have any good dvd’s?

“Is your place messy?”

I’m like “uhh it’s not too bad I guess. I can’t believe you’re asking how good my laptop is… weirdo…. Shaddap and get in a cab”

Next time I’ll say “bitch, it’s a crap laptop, the movies suck and I live in a shithole- you coming or what?

She comes over. We talk and this girl has issssssssues. She is so gaming me it’s not even funny. She doesn’t believe anything I tell her asks me how many girls I have been with , and tell her - and she doesn’t believe it. She freaks and calls me a liar. I’m like “no I’m not lying, I haven’t banged millions of girls…” Asks me last time I had sex. Basically she suspects I’m a player… at one point I’m cuddling her a lot, kiss her neck she says “so what movie we gonna watch?” … so again another freeze out lol

I start fiddling with my laptop going thru options, but we go back to talking and cuddling. LMR she had was classic. It was like we knew why she was there but it was like token resistance/lmr combined. At first, I could lick and kiss her body/breast but she shirt wouldn’t come off for a long time. Eventually it came off. Some resistance to panties/trousers coming off…fingered her with them on eventually they came off. Fingered her, she came. Tried sebastians squirt move but she didn’t like it. Maybe I did it wrong. Some of the shit she was saying the whole time was

“I should go home”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this”

“what are we doing?”

after fingering her she was so horny she said “fuck my brains out!”

and like 2 mins after “I should go”

and there were so many shit test it was unreal. Actually I’m realizing that LMR is a shit test, isn’t it??

I was saying dirty stuff to her, but I’d bait her first so that if she didn’t like it, it would be her fault… so I’d be like

“hey i…. nothing…” and she’s say “what, what is it? …. “no I shouldn’t say it forget it”… and she’d be all like “no, it’s ok, come on”

“Well, I was just thinking, I would like to pour honey all over you all lick it off…all the way down…” and she went berserk, like grindin’ up against me and shit

anywho what it boils down to is this. I didn’t want to fuck her. She was nuts/needy/boring. No semblance of personality. I wouldn’t do her without a condom cuz I hardly know her, spend like 2 hours with her only - and I don’t think I could have bothered fucking her with one.

She texted me last night as well and tried to get me over there but I was too tired. I guess I should do it, just for you guys hehe but I really don’t care. I am seeing much cooler girls over the weekend.. also I don’t wanna mess this girl up any more.

Now I’m starting to realize that … well I’m going to have to be more picky – being hot is not enough!! I mean I normally am, then I started doing this and I feel like I should just have to lay every hot girl but fuck that. I may not do it. But I might. I can’t decide

Maybe if I frame it like “hey I don’t want a GF etc, so I don’t want u to get the wrong idea, etc….” … I’ll start reading the relationship section heheh

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

More numbers, one kiss, some amogging

FR - Jan 14th – 2007

Walked out my new place in euston and right away HB 9.5 passes… stunning. I turn around and match her fast pace. “You have a hell of a walk. Like this is your cat walk. No, like you’re in the army!! Are you in a rush?”

HB “A little”

Anyways turns out she’s going to be a translator for the UN and she’s learning dutch. ( guessed this) and she’s 21 and has been in London 2 years. She lives in the area and is going to work now. She wasn’t slowing down but I used my move “Ok I gotta run, nice to meet you” and put out my hand to stop her (shake her hand) but she just says “yea it was! And keeps walking” … I’m like “you won’t even shake my hand!! OMG so rude!!” and she stops and I chat to her a bit more. I have like semi hook point. She’s not crossing the street ..i should have pushed harded but I just said “ok you’re coming to a gig of mine, facebook me!” and give her my card

I wimped out I should have stuck in and gone for # close! She was too hot to leave to chance! Pussssy clllaaaaaaaat

Occurs to me that sargin is a fucking disease. I can’t even leave the fucking house without leaving chasing after the first hot girl I see. I have to turn that off because it’s stopping me from doing my shit I gotta do lol. But if I stop myself then I’m kicking myself for not going after the girl. It’s a vicious cycle, let me tell ya!!

Ok meet Sebastian. Nothing much around russel square, one pub next to station these 2 americans are eyeing us up. Virgins – well one was the other wouldn’t say. The virgin wasn’t hot but the other one was about an 8, very nice body. They both loved us but I was over the top taking the piss out of them, etc … got the # of the hot one for entourage. Seb says “you’re hilarious but calm the fuck down. Use the least enery needed to open a set” essentially as we talk. go to one pub on main road there near king’s cross btw euston. 3 set, one HB9.5 on HB8.5 and HB6. We chat with them a bit but they’re really not that exciting. The HB8.5 has to go to a party and bails before I really get a chance to talk to her. Seb chatted to the 9.5 for a bit but then had to leave. I worked them both, gave them both backrubs and they gave me etc. asked them straight up if they had boyfriends, the ug said no. There wasn’t any sexual vibe at all. Just really normal banter. Got both their numbers without pretext… mentioned they could come clubbing with me some time.

Seb bitched out around 9pm but I’m still in the mood so I call max and he is (always) in the mood so I get him to meet me at starbucks tot/ court road. We do Leicester sq a bit but it’s fucking dead. It’s shitty weather and I feel like quitting but I’m a soldier so I say “let’s check covent garden, innit” so we go over and it seems it’s happening at the gardening club. We run into this instructor guy (the guy in charge of germany, as he explained when we were milling about waiting to meet neil strauss) … same guy! … him and his wing are heading to gardening club so we tag along. Instructor meets two girls on the way and they were looking too so he gets them to come along and gets one of the girls arm in arm. Max starts gaming the other girl as we walk. Along the way, max was in the middle of the routine and instructor says “yea, that’s a good routine” and then laughs, as does the girl. Basically he was amogging max but I just laughed along and we kept walking. Later in front of gardening club max is still workin this other girl and the instructor’s buddy keeps trying to cut in and amog him. So I like take him apart totally. Within about 1 min I crushed him so badly he was speechless and walked away and left max alone. Before this he’d tried to amog me in conversation as well and I was putting him down but I really let rip when he moved in on max’s set. He said he was new to gaming and I told him that wasn’t acceptable behavior, though I’m sure he knew already. Then I opened this one HB8greek girl in the line and she was heavily into me. We were actually having what badboy would describe is “wide and deep rapport” within about 4-5 mins. It was awesome. Used a (genuine) false disqualifier “ugh, you smoke. That sucks you’re fucking gorgeous but I don’t date smokers” … right away she starts to qualify “well I don’t smoke that often…” … keep chatting … she was oblivious to her friends calling her to come into the club as well as the people behing her asking “are you in line?” … I mean she was totally under my spell. It doesn’t usually go this well – lol … so she asked me not once, but twice if I was coming into the club, I said I wasn’t sure yet. We swap numbers and again I’m like “geez you’re so fucking cute I can’t believe it. It’s annoying!” … I’d done maybe one other thing like this in conversation. So it’s like I was really connecting but also throwing in some shock and awe. I guess that’s the way to do it, you throw those in and keep trying to talk and it was really working, I could tell she was melting. I didn’t really push it far enough but I think this was the first time I was really doing it semi properly, as least during a conversation. I’ll come in direct/shock as the opener but then generally I go into normal chat/qualification (for the last week) but after this set I think I’m going to open direct/shock then go into repore comfort/ swapping into shock+awe lines thrown in, then back to qualification. Maybe this will be a winning formula, I don’t know

Eg “wow yea it’s cool that you’re into that. You like blah blah almost as much as I like blah blah!! You’re cool. Geez you’re awesome but I find it hardy focusing on conversation. The almighty is an asshole, why did he have to make you so god damn hot? Anyways what were you saying? Yeah… dolphins…. Blah blah….”

I’ll try this for the next dozen sets and I’ll post results


There was another girl’s # I got round the line area she was hb8 but had fucked up teeth and said she was dating someone for 2 weeks. Could get her to come out but blah… who cares can’t be bothered with her

Ok I’m fucking starving at this point so I say I’m going to get food, max is coming with me Milan (just got off the phone was max, that’s the instructor’s name) is still in his set. His fuckhead wing wants to come sarge with us and abandon’s Milan. Everything is closed, this one place tries to charge me 2 pounds for a fucking .79p samosa. I tell the guy where to stick it and we head back into Leicester square. I’m glad he tried to scam me because I see 2 set of asian. One of them is, to me, and HB10. like the hottest fucking Japanese girl I have ever ever ever ever ever seen. Don’t remember what I said. Does it matter? Not really. Blah blah blah normal shit, what they doin in London blah blah her friend drags her off to catch the last tube (it’s 12:05) so there’s still plenty of time… I try find a business card but I only have 2 left and they are wedged in my tube pass thingy and can’t find them! She drags her across the street and I think “bah she would have flaked anyways!” … then I look over, the friend has started to go into the tube but the HB10 is standing there looking at me still!! I wave at her and she waves back, I run across the steet and she says, hey my website is .. and she says “what’s your number!” … I tell her and she puts in into her cool Japanese phone (all the letters were in cool and oriental like!) and I get her to call me and I got her # in my phone. I say “I’ll give you a call!” and she’s like “ok” and still stands there as I cross the street. I think I could have just made out with her/taken her home. What a stupid cunt I am. Let’s face it, it wasn’t my game. She just thought I was hot and never meets outgoing hot white guys. That’s the end of. I should have said “ditch your friend, let’s get a drink” and she would have COME!!!


Just the same I’ve just confirmed meeting her at 5pm as I’m writing this so it’s all good

(at time of posting she FLAKED like 10 mins before we were gonna meet up!) fuck

Anyways we go into Leicester square and there’s an hb 8.5korean walking alone, dressed awesome with ipod in. I think “fuck this isn’t going to be easy” but I come up beside her and stare at her till she takes her earphones out. “hey! What’s up!!” and she says “are you a promoter or something?” and I say “no I’m just a fun guy you should meet! Woo!” so we talk. Get her to stop after 2 mins, talk more. She was boooring but with an amazing body. I let her go after 10mins…she doesn’t have her phone but give’s me a few ioi’s and I’m sure she’ll call. Go back to the guys, but after talking to them I think “Fuck it I’m going to try lay this girl” max’s phone battery is dead, I give my # to the asshole to meet up with them if I don’t succeed with the girl… she said she was bored than night (she was looking for coke!) so I go back to her. She suggest we go smoke hookah pipe thingies but we end up in some coffee shop in the gay part of soho. Now what happens in here is going into my comedy routine but has nothing to do with gaming but I’m going to run it through for you lot anyways

HB “Hey, can I have a cup of earl grey tea”

Store guy “No, we don’t have that now”

Sasha “But I can see loads of tea bags there”

Store guy “We can’t serve tea now”

Sasha “Why not? Kettle’s broken?

Store guy “No we don’t have a license to serve tea at this hour”

Sasha “haha now really”

Store guy “no we can’t serve tea after 1am

Sasha “a licnse”

Store guy “yes”

Sasha “for a cup of tea”

Store guy “yes”

Sasha “there’s no such thing as a tea license”

Store guy “yes there is”

Sasha “are you winding me up?”

Store guy “no sir”

Sasha “are there hidden camera’s here? Is there for tv?”

Store guy “no we can serve cold drinks only”

Sasha “what if I have my own tea bag, surely you can just give me some hot water. I mean it’s just water that’s been heated up

Store guy “No, I can’t do that”

Sasha “What if I bring my own hot water, could you give me a tea bag?

Store guy “can’t do that either”

Sasha “I won’t tell anyone if you serve me tea. I swear. What would happen if someone found out?

Store guy “it’s a 5000 pound fine”

Sasha “for serving tea, after 1am

Store guy “yes sir”

Sasha “I think I need to sit down”

Anywho she bought me a piece of cake and we yatted on about this and that. Borin girl. I wanted her # so we went to her place to get it, but she wouldn’t let me up. I can see that she’s just bored and she needs to get fucked

She’s just texted me “Hey how was last night” and whilst writin this she’s asking to meet up later in this afternoon…. Don’t think I’ll have time but soon I’ll see her again…

Oh and I got a voicemail from the guy the next day from the asshole wing “Hey Sasha it was good to meet you. I think you have great potential… blah blah puatraining blah blah keep in touch something something” I wasn’t really listening. What a fucking prick.

As for Milan, I don’t know if he’s any good or what but you’d think someone who was a lead instructor would be confident enough not to have to amog someone who is newer to the game. It’s out of order and these guys have lowered themselves and the company they work for in my eyes.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Fr Jan 13th. Insta date with a hottie!!

Fr jan 13 …. Selina insta date

Hyde park for speakers corner. Talking to phil, this hottie is walking by so I think I asked her ifshe was coming from speakers corner, told her about the crazies etc. started qualifying. Did a back turn after she said she didn’t cook a bit. Then after I asked if she gave good massage and she didn’t answer I was like “forget it” and turned away and said “I didn’t answer yet!” … at one point during a freeze out I told her she could go. She didn’t and I said “what are you just going to stand there and watch me play with my hair”? as I was fluffin my hair (in a modeling kina way) … she says “you do have really nice hair” and then I walked back over to her to continue. Thinking back I should have waived her over to me while I said “ok you get one more chance”

Did # exchange, then sexcelsior said he wants to go so I say alright and run after the girl. “what are you doing after you return your shoes?” … nothing… “let’s get a hot chocolate!” … she said let’s get that first and she’ll return the shoes later

So we go. Before going in I say to her “before we go in there I need to address a serious issue. Now, if I pay, you’ll feel like you have to put out and I only want you sleeping with me if you really want me, not over 2.50 hot chocolate” .. she says “you want me to pay?” and I say “no I don’t want to sleep with you over hot chocolate either” so how about we pay for our own shit? I don’t want tension when the bill arrives and she’s like “cool”

Anyways we talked. I wasn’t using any game, just being fun. I went back to my self a little too much as I was hitting on her and making stupid sex jokes. Even though it went pretty well and I had her in hysterics she said she’s see me again “But it won’t be a date!” so I rip on her and question her and her logic doesn’t make sense. I ask if she thinks I’m hot and she say’s “you’re alright” and I’m like “yea that’s means I’m hot. Girls never actually say it but you totally think I’m hot!” and she’s like “well I’m a personality kind of girl!” and I’m like “you love my personality! When’s the last time you met a guy funner than me?” … silence.. .yea so why is we don’t go on a date?? She’s like “I dunno. You’re in the friend zone, but that might change” after this she tries to leave to return her shoes but I say “I still have hot chocolate left, how rude!” and she says she’ll stay till I finish. Oh – when she said that about the friend zone I said “it’s cool we can be friends… you’re tits are too big anyways, I like a nice firm C cup!” and it worked SO well… I could see the change in her face. This is a good place to say this: I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I can actually see where I am in the sarge just by looking at the girls face. More specifically, when I say something the girl really likes I can read her face like a book. When I pass a shit test I can see “YES I LOVE YOU” in her eyes. This girl gave me a few and I just blew thru them. It’s so automatic at this point I haven’t even put it into this entry but let me think – she asked why I don’t buy girls drinks and I told her the story of that girl who skipped out on paying and it cost me the girl and now I make girls pay straight up for their shit as I don’t wanna meet those kinda girls anyways and she loved it!! That’s my routine now. I will actually tell girls before going in for the date that they are paying for their own shit!!

In the next 45 minutes we really got to know each other on a much deeper level. I told her some personal stuff and covered our ex’s and dreams and all sorts.

She asked me if I often pick up girls in the park and I said “well I haven’t been to the park in ages. What’s there to do in a park??” she said “you know there’s guys that just go out there and pick up women!” and I say “really?” and she says “yea there’s this book called the game my friend told me about and like, you need something to talk to a girl first, uh, what was is called (in my head I’m screaming “AN OPENER!!”) but I remain clueless… anyways you say to a girl “hey I think your forhead wrinkles are cute” … something mean and that gets them to like you. I say “you have to be mean to get girls to like you?? I’ve been doing it all wrong! Maybe I need to read that book! Hang on, what if a girl doesn’t have any forehead wrinkles?” .. she says “well, you say hey are your nails real?” …. I say “jeez, I’ve been doing it all wrong. And here I was telling you I though you were hot and all this. Can I take it back? You’re ugly. You’re an ugly fat cow. You disgust me. I hate you, and you have ugly forhead wrinkles. Do you want to fuck now??”

And she loves it…

At the end she said again I could get out of the friend zone but her body language was saying I was already out and there was moderate kino and I was holding her hands and such. She says she wants to see me again


Note: stop doing my AFC hitting on girls it doesn’t work!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Qualification/Direct method in action

Went to Neil Strauss signing. Couldn’t get in but met him after. Nice fellah. Went sarging after with some newbies/first timers and max, guy who’s been going 7 months and just does MM routines. He was pretty good tho and was getting #’s all night/doing magic.

Opened a lot of sets. One girl in smoking area of anon hooked but bouncer was shooing me away. I told him I’m on public property and he can’t do shit. I said to him “what are you going to do? You going to make a move? Go ahead. I’m waiting…” you gonna beat me up in front of all these people? Good career move” and the girls were into me more. It was a great DHV standing up to the bouncer. Haha. He got another one over and after I made my case he shrugged his shoulders and wandered off….hehe

Anyways the only sets that are worth mentioning are the girls I gave me # to

First one was a Hb8 south American. She was trying to cross the street but I just find out if she had a BF and then qualified the shit out of her. Eventually told her she should get my number. She called it so I’d have hers….

Then max opened this 2 set I sicked him on. Both were 9’s+ … 19 year olds. One Russian and one Korean. It went great. Again, no boyfriend, I make fun of her for it. The 10 mins of qualification and flirting. This girl was spicy and was giving it back! I’d say “do you like bowling!” and she’s say “ugh, I fucking hate bowling” and I’m say, that’s too bad. Then she’s say “I’m just kidding…” stuff like that. Just did everything, if she can cook, do massage, adventurous blah blah blah she’s giving me ioi’s and I give her my # .. I said I don’t take girls numbers but if she drops me a line we should hook up

Then hb 8.5 english. Fuuuuucking very nice. Opened her with one word


you’re hot! What are you doing running around all by yourself! Where u coming from? Where are u friends? How many boyfriends do you have? U don’t!! what?!! Are u defective!” etc etc

qualified her to shit and she went with everything and jumped thru every hoop. I had her massaging me on the street. I really build it up… for the last question I was like “you’re unreal. If you get this one, that’s it, you get to have my phone number!” … after she answered correctly I’m like “listen, let’s start a family. Let’s just skip the whole dating bullshit!! … I give her my # and I say, you better call you’re awesome. Fuck it, I never do this but give me your number, in case you chicken out” and I took it. Then I said “you still have to call me tho!” oh I gave her a hug, then went to kiss her forhead but she kissed me just on the side of my lips! I was like “uh I was going for your head but that’s ok too”

5 mins later ran into her and tried to do “hey are you thinking about kissing me” and she said “no” … “oh u had a funny look on your face …. Secretly I think you want to kiss me! I’m irresistible!” and she’s like “u already go my number! Don’t’ push your luck!” and I said “I’m just saying….”

Many sets the girls had boyfriends but I was doing direct all night pretty much so I never spent more than 30 seconds, on a girl with a BF. This way is so much better. Just hitting on girls HARD and then qualifying.

Will they call? We shall see…

So yea I was so focused on the qualification I didn’t try kiss them initially but I did eventually with the 8.5english.. with the Korean I should have – actually both sets went well I should have bounced them somewhere… but the qualifying is different for me so I’m just getting used to that. Next time I really wanna try to make out with 3 girls. I was doing kino but not enough….

Saturday, 5 January 2008

I feel like shit! I hate game. I hate girls. Just kill me.

Me, yad, MC, Don Coyote, and Sebastian head to koko (friday night)

At first I wasn’t in the mood. SO fucking loud with the band. Can’t hear shit!! Opened this set – hb9 on the dance floor at koko. Said like 2 words really, went into qualification right away “do you have a BF? You don’t, haha you must be defective (run away) .. come back. So are you fun/crazy adventurous etc etc… she was kino’ing me so I was kino’ing her back. I put my arms around her, she likes it. I kiss her neck, she likes it. She turns around and starts kissing me. She wants to move off and show her friend a good time as it’s her birthday (she says) .. (see = hookup) … I say I can introduce her to some of my friends and she says they have to pee too. I say meet me in an hour by that pole (stupid) I should have said meet me at the bar after u pee

Anyways I go to our meet point an hour later but she’s not there (no surprise) so I go outside and go direct (heavy on qualification) on this hb8. she’s into it and I actually 3 way make out with her and her friend. Her friends idea… she grabs me and we hit the dance floor. Dance a bit, swap info. I escape tho to find the other set. Find her – start making out again. Yay. Yad moves on the other one and it’s going well. I say “let’s go chill upstairs” and it’s fine. Heavy making out up stairs. I’m doing everything to this girl. She’s horny. I say “so you coming to my place?” and she nods her head no. token resistance I think. Anyways I should have pushed hard for the extraction or just a bounce elsewhere but I though I had her and that cuz it was 3.20 and club is closing soon I’d get her back anyways. So I say “dance a bit more?” we hit the dance floor. She just wants to dance with her friend, I think cool, go back to the guys and chat a bit. I tell yad to go dance with his one so I can dance with mine/keep her in state. He doesn’t. I go back to dance floor and see some dude trying to talk to her – I pinch her bum. She looks at me and says “we’re going to go over there!” and she moves away! I think ok, fine, she wants some space etc … couple mins later another guy opens her and it seems to be going quite well. Now part of me thinks, go in and make out but I think, I’ll just hang back. Let’s see if she’s a ho.

She was a ho

I came over after a few minutes and say “what are u trying to make me jealous?” and she says “I have to say bye!” I’m like “What? To who?” and she says “to you .. I’m a bad girl!” and I’m like “what? Do you know these guys? And she says “they’re friends with her” (they weren’t) .. and I’m like “ I though we were going to hang out! What the hell? And she says “I’m on holiday!” … WOW! I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach

I asked her friend if they knew them and they didn’t. she just moved on to this other guy after making out with me a lot of the night. WOW!! Apparently she was ready to go home with this guy but her friend didn’t like the other one (she wasn’t easy, yad had to work on her all night) and so they left alone. WHAT THE FUCK

I got this girl horny all night, connected with her a little (not deep) and she just ditches me!

Where did I go wrong? Ok I went wrong in a few places … shouldn’t have left the 1st time, should have bounced after the isolation, then shouldn’t have gone back to dance floor after having her isolated. Anything else? Fuck.. this sux. Yad pointed out tho, easy come, easy go. I mean I guess if she was making out with me based purely on looks, it’s not really that strong a connection, is it? I think I fucked up just saying “you coming back to my place?” it’s stupid! Should have bounced somewhere else…

It’s my own fault. I didn’t game her properly, I though cuz she’s making out with me it’s solid, but it’s not. I needed to really make a connection with her. Then again if she’s a party girl, that’s not what she wants. She wants me to take her home and fuck her. Baaaaaah I’m not good at one night lays.

Still tho – props to Sebastian as I was using his qualification stuff which seemed to be working … I’m going to start doing it his way now… I think this is what’s been missing from my sets. Why I am getting # flakes. No more #’s just lots of qualification and giving out my # … let’s see what happens….

Friday, 4 January 2008

Gay Kina Super Pua!!

Thur, Jan 3rd.

We went to noting hill arts club but the line was too full and we weren’t on the list anyways so we buggered off (ugly chix in line)

Lots of street game with our new secret opener. It’s so good I ain’t even gonna hint to you motherfuckers what it is. Let’s just say their vaginas just open. Just like that. Like taking candy from a poisoned baby. Haha

Anyways so we’re on the street. One set had this bitchy Chinese girl who was the biggest bitch ever. Ever ever. Her friend loved me though and even tho the bitch was outside and was insisting on leaving she wouldn’t go. She was hooked in. they fucked off eventually but it was a good example of the importance of winning over the target.

we didn’t’ really get in anywhere were on the street the whole night. it was fucking freezing which didn'thelp. Not much around other than that club. Ended up in west end just doing street game. I got some facebooks and emails from some cute girls.

At one point, just before we get the bus to west end, this moderately gay guy comes up and asks us where the factory is. We tell him we don’t know but he kinda lingers. I pick up the gay vibe and we give him body language and move away a bit. He hangs around and then tries it on with these other two guys. They were straight but he was totally gaming them. This guy had the best kino ever. Like very few seconds he’d do a little touch, just for a moment, not enough for it to be weird. It was so fucking amazing his kino. Immediately apon openning a set he’d be touching. Over and over and the amazing thing was, it was so smooth even straight guys weren’t objecting. For a moment it actually seemed they were falling for his charms. He had great body language, and was always smiling. Very flirtatious smile. Very friendly. And he was giving sex with his eyes. His eyes told the whole story. Also I want to point out that Yad told me to put in that he had cock sucking lips. The guys were straight and didn’t know what was going on. For a moment we though he was actually getting somewhere and converting them. Once these guys said no, he went straight into another set. Same opener again I could hear him asking about the factory. He even went over to this next guy to share a ciggie with him and over to the bus map to look around. Then the massive kino kicked in again. This guy was a machine. Like yad for cock. He actually made us look like amateurs. It was unreal. Once this guy realized the deal he dismissed the gay pua. Then the gay pua straight away hit up the next target. The other guy just watched. At this point me and yad felt a bit cheap – he hadn’t stayed in set with us for very long and we felt a bit… under gamed. What we weren’t hot enough? This guy was just the bus stop gay pua. AS we boarded the bus he was just waiting for his next targets to show up. Yad said to me “Well, 1 in 10 people is gay and he’s opened 5 guys already, he’s bound to get laid at some point” … I’m like “dude, we sarge just straight chicks and we’ve opened 25 sets already… what does that make us?” … pretty gay I guess. Maybe we should have spoken to him more after all. Seriously though.

Managed to get a 2 set of party girls over to mine. They were pretty drunk and we met them at 3.30am outside a kebab shop. One was like a 8.5 and the other was rough. WE’ll call her HBwarpig. Anyways yad didn’t give a fuck that one but was basically taking one for the team. Got them back, but in a movie but only really as background but they were trying to sorta watching but were talking over it. Played a drinking game but they were really shy and weren’t coming out with shit when push came to shove. Tried to isolate couple times to my room but she wasn’t having it. Even when I wanted to give her a tour, they would look at each other and the friend had to come along. Only when Yad actually started making out with the warpig did I manage to isolate. His line to the HB8.5 was “what are you just gonna stand there and watch? That’s ackward” .. then I took her hand and was like “I’ll show you blah blah in my room” and it was fine. Then It was easy to get her making out. She said she was really tired (she was) and then she wanted to sleep. I said they can sleep over and she said she wants to ask what her friend is doing. Make out some more. She goes for door, I lean back on it and do a little move that Ace_Pua showed me. Give her a nice hug… it works and we make out some more but eventually she wants to talk to her friend. They decide they gonna go. It’s 8am at this point. I walk them to bus stop and that’s it.

Hah. I can even get girls into my bed and not lay them. Woooooooo!! She was drunk and tired and I must say, it was pretty wrong, the whole experience. Where did my morals go?? I mean, really! To be honest I think the whole set was just for practice. Getting girls back, trying to isolate. I was texting him on the bus over to mine “Eject! What are we doing!” and he was like “your one is hot, you don’t want to fuck her?” … what could I say?

who’d have though it would be so hard to separate 2 girls?? next time we’re going to have a much better game plan… yep … we’ve got it all worked out now.. muhahahh

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

FR Dec 27th. Awesome Street sarging + new routines!

I was doing day game today and was just doing direct shit, most of which I’ve come up with recently or just today. Here’s some of it.

"Hey quick question. You're cute but i was wondering are you a really interesting, talented, outgoing girl? I’m only interested in those qualities for a start, so if that's not you just walk away now...."

this is great because you are giving them an opt out straight off, but which girl doesn't think she's those things? if she doesn't she probably isn't. but if she stays to talk she is accepting sub-consciously that she hasn't walked away which means she is interested, right? almost every girl i used this on chatted to me for a bit so it's a great opener, i think.

I met up with Bitch shield butcher and we hit the streets. Gotta say it was nice going out with someone who opens sets as easily as I do. This mother is an approach machine. Anyways I though this routine up (and other) and we did them a bunch of times

“Ever notice how people that aren’t really suited to each other end up in relationships? Well me and my friend here are recently single and we decided to go out and meet the perfect girls for us!”
We’re only interested in totally fun girls - so we'd say "ok, you know that dance machine thingies in the arcade? ever used one of those?" and if they say yes you give them 5 points, if no you say -oohhh sorry -5 points but if they say they want to you say "points of trying - at least you are adventuruous +2pts" ... then "ok you're walking thru a forest, and you find a brand new sony PS3 still in the packaging. do you bring it home for your entertainment pleasure or sell it and buy shoes?! ... . some girls said "i want a wii! or "i have a wii!" and then you said "OH MY GOD!! IT'S A TRICK QUESTION and that is the ANSWER!! +20 points!! you are awesome!!" then maybe 1 more thing to qualify and that's a wrap. DHV a bit and get the #

Essentially "Hey you are cute. just wanted to find out if you had personality!" is the short version but we’re just going about it in a fun way where we can build attraction (comfort really) right there

“Me and my friend has this idea to raise money for starving kids in africa. We're not doing it yet, but, how much would you pay for a date with... me? BTW If you walk away now you're a RASCIST! (alt: if you walk away now you HATE children!) hahahah... Check me out. Seriously -funny guy, very outgoing. I go to the gym (feel my arm!)” ... then if they offer a low amount like 10 pounds, ... you can be outraged. "what! are you serious!" and then I’d thrown in "hang on, i forgot to mention.... (lean in and say quietly) the sex is guaranteed!)” how much would you pay now!?" …. great great great fun. Sometimes the girls bid lower after that, which hurts (just grab your heart and act like you’re falling over) … all the girls loved it though. We got 2 hb 9's (20 year old germans) to come with us for drinks. one had a BF but was giving sexy eyes. They loved us but it kinda petered out and they say they were tired and I let them go. WE just had to excalate. Butcher is a real trooper and kept pushing and got them to come up with us a bit more. I really shoulda pushed it but I bitched out. I didn't think my one (the single one) was into it but i dunno... also they were sitting accross from us so it was tricky to escalate. Fuck. I should have tried to get them back to ours!! They were only in town a couple days – what did we have to loose?

i fucked up one set. this russian girl was well into me yea because i genuinely disqualified myself because she was yad's target. so i was like "i don't like russian girls" and she's like "why not" and i said "they are too hot, like 10's i get nervous. i like a girl who's like a 7 or an 8 you're perfect!: and i lost her. tho i did said "hah kidding!" she was cooold after this. once again don’t neg cute girls unless they are suuper hot! (maybe the lesson was, if you’ve already disqualified yourself, you don’t need to. Or if a girl is giving you IOI’s you don’t need to!!)

ran the forest/dance routine on hb9 chinese that was very fiesty!! she negs my glasses and then i take them off and ask "better without the glasses?" and she winces and goes "no!" hahaha i loved this girl. after the routine which went around 4 mins maybe, after the 2 questions i said "ok final question. you meet acute canadian guy on the street who tried to get your phone number, what do you do? and she said "depends on the reaction" and i said "who's reaction?" .. i took this to mean i gotta game her a bit more so i did one of my DHV routines and did my timebride (bowling) .. she said "can i bring my friend!" and i asked "Is she cute?" and she's like "yeah!" and i said "sure" ... still trying to get me some asian lovin so we'll see. hehe. think my text game is gettin better...

on the way home opened up a SUPER hot girl 9+ at the bustop, … I’d seen the bus around the corner so I just said “the bus is coming … yaaaaaay!!” and did a happy dance. She’s smiling and laughing right away. Bus comes, we board. I know I don’t have much time – I used "wow your cat eyes are very sexy doesn't your BF mind you going out like that!" and she said "i don't have a BF!" and i said "well, you must be defective!" and i got up and walked upstairs...hhe then came back. before my stop gave her my card and said "i don't give my number unless i get a number" and she gave me hers. i call her as i get off the bus and ask "miss me yet?" (this is THE best thing to do) and she's like "you're so cocky, omg!" and i'm all like "yea you totally miss me. i should have stayed on till your stop so we could have hung out more but i didn't want u to think i was a stalker, haha" and she says "the king's head is open another half hour" and i said "i can be there in 5" and she goes "ok"

pub was closed but we walked around and stood near the clock like 45 mins in total and had an AWESOME chat. this girl was really cool and fun. girlfriend material. for reeeeeeal! i almost invited myself to her house but didn't wanna push it. she was texting me for a while that night even after she said she was goin to bed... we'll meet sat for a bevvie. wow wow wow

it's one of those sets that makes it ALL worth it. all the ones that go nowhere, boring girls, ETC .. when u meet an awesome chick who's really into you it's like "FUCKING YEA!!"

i'm starting to realise that i am going to have a lot of women like this in my life. we all can. pretty amazing huh?



p.s if she flakes I’m going to jump off a building lol