Wednesday, 2 April 2008

group theory in action hb 8.5 pickup

So, there's 3 girls, one of them a very hot english girl

I open ... now they are sitting down, do i just sit right down on the arm bit of the couch next to them

"hey really quick, do you guys ever get harasses by bouncers? this guy didn't wanna let us in cuz we're 4 guys. i'm like, it's a tuesday dude. are you kidding? ... do you girls ever roll up and the bouncers like "sorry...too many chicks in here you guys, not tonight...." it's unfair!!


soo are you guy all workmates or what? drinking on a tuesday, huh?? what's going on there, you alikies!! bla bla

Dunners comes in and distracts one friend (semi cute) leaving me with HB8.5 and the ug

i work them both ... at first my one doesn't open up. i ask her what fun stuff she does other than drinking and she says "nothing" ... eek ... i didn't think that was too big a hoop....

i lead and yatter away some more ... it goes ok, but not great at first. i ask her if she's good at back rubs. she says yes. i leap over the back part of the couch and sit next to her. she doesn't comply and says "you're a bit too sure of yourself, buddy!"

i say "what, i just need to know if you can give a good massage. i myself give a fantastic massage, but i'm tired of hooking up with chicks who's massages suck!!"

HB "let's see what you've got!"

So i go to town - she loves it, of course ;)

chat a bit more after - we hit a lull in the conversation - i feel i should close and get out

i throw in a false time contraint - "anyways, i have to get back to my friends there at the bar, but before i go, just tell me one cool thing about yourself..."

FINALLY she opens up. i don't even remember what she said... then we got into actualy rapport (what kind of movies do you like, music, bla bla bla) and the set went really well after that point.

(yes, yes, i know MM says use it always at the beggining of the set, but this worked perfectly in this spot - because - i felt that they were thinking "ok is he going to be here all night" and even if they weren't, me thinking that is going to affect my state, and the set- so in either case the solution is to give yourself the time contraint - and in this case stick to it. I've already been in the set long enough to # close (extraction seems unlikely when she's with her 2 mates, isolation woulc be ackward - but maybe it's my limiting belief?!) so it's not really a FALSE time contraint. it's real. i need to get the fuck out. plus, cuz she did like me, she feels that (even if small) sense of loss when i say i'm about to go, so it increases her chances of giving me a good answer when i try qualify/build comfort with her in those last couple of minutes. right? right.... )

sooooo we got along great just chattin about normal stuff. she likes comedy and is going to see chris rock. me too!! yay! blah blah try get her to my party, but she's seeing a gig on that date. i say well, let's just hang out another time. come to one of my gigs! she says sure, and we swap #'s

i tell her "i'd like to see you again - i'm going to give you a call"....

HB "Yea, do....."

this is a really limited version of what happened as the set was like 25 minutes, but it was pretty good. the interesting part was, you can hit little walls in the set but just plow on.... she was interested though from the start .. as long as u don't do anything too stupid it should be alright

maybe i should have gone for the makeout? bit weird with the friend right there but ... i dunno... i should have had another wing come in for the 2nd friend, then it would have been easy to isolate.... ahhh... next time i will try for that....

funny kiss close on shocked girl on the street

haha i just completely flipped a girl out

i only left my flat to get some vick's "first response" and vitamin C cuz i'm getting sick

spoke to one hot black girl who loved me but just got back with her BF

she actually said "shame i didn't meet you a couple of months ago when i was single!"

shame indeed...


italian girl hb8 ... she's about to light a cigarette so i come up and just start listing off the dangers of it. was quite funny when i got to "erectile dysfunction" ..... "come on baby, think about your future wife!" (lean in) ... oh ...sorry.... you're a girl, haha"

i tell her i hate smokers and she's adorable but we could never date because she smokes (false disqualifier)

fluff talk, she been over 6 months. no boyfriend here, left her boyfriend in italy. i bust on her for being a player and claiming not to have a boyfriend

i tell her she has a sexy lips! she's always turns away when i compliment her

anywho i say "listen, where you going? are you breaking up with me? you can't break up with me, we haven't even gone on a date yet!"

chat some more. i get her number (tell her i'm throwing a party and she should come)

i tell her i need a nickname for her to remember her cuz i have other italian girls in my phone.. she's like "really?"

i tell her, her nickname will be "smoking" because she's smoking hot and she was about to smoke when i met her"

she says "i'm not smoking"

i say "you're alright" (hand gesture)

she tries to walk away but i can tell she can't do it.... it's like... she knows it's on and is actually trying to pull her self away. why do they do that? they love you, but they are walking away. i'm still trying to figure that out

then just for fun i decide to do one of my funny kiss closes

"hey! what's that over there??" she turns her head to look. as she turns back

SMACK! right on the lips!!

she's completely shocked! "OH MY GOD!! YOU'RE CRAZY!! YOU'RE REALLY CRAZY!!" and she starts chasing after me

"give me your phone!" ... i'm like "no!"

"you're crazy! don't call me!!" as she runs off

she still wants me to call Wink

hehehe you should have seen the look on her face. priceless!!