Friday, 23 October 2009



I have nothing to say in this post really, other than I AM BACK IN THE MOTHERFUCKING UK!

I haven't been here in almost a year!!

Saw most of my mates already. 3 of my close pua mate's have GF's now.


It's all good. We wouldn't really run around chasing girls anyways - we more just talk about shit and chill anyways. But still. Woulda been fun if they didn't have GF's. But I'm happy for 'em.


It really is my home. God damn, I LOVE THIS CITY !!!!

I'd actually come back to train the rockstars.

I made it back. But, they didn't seem very enthusiastic. Furthermore, they didn't give my stuff a shot, didn't try my openers and then left half way thru day 1. (actually, not even half way)

They came off as socially miscalibrated douchebag's with big ego's. They've been at it 6 weeks and they know everything already.

One of them said I'd offended him with my jokes. Maybe. But that's no reason to abandon your training. I think they were actually too scared to do some of the fun/crazy shit I was asking them... and their solution was to just fuck off.

I passed the message along that I wouldn't train them unless I'd received an apology. It didn't arrive so.... that was that.

It did like a couple of the guys tho (the co-ordinator and the business instructors, and one of the rockstars) so hopefully I'll spend some time with those guys at some point.

Maybe they were just used to everyone sucking their little cocks tryin to get into the book but - I just wasn't going to do that. I gave them my 100% full training, as I do to all of my students. I'm supposed to dumb it down and make is more accessible? Go easy on them? I don't think so. Maybe it's hard to appreciate something when you're not paying for it?

Apon further consideration they were not in any way worthy to learn my daygame skill set. I'm glad it worked out the way it did. Maybe they are actually good guys and they've just been worn out and poisoned and made weird by too much game too fast. (Refer to my recent "Zero to Hero does'nt work" post. Maybe under normal circumstances I would have gotten along with them? Maybe they'd have loved my shit and it would have massively improved their game?

Ah well. They'll never know now.

ooooooh i'm gonna tear up this city

The amount of hotties that are just running around London is AMAZING



Even if you just had the balls to say "hi, you're hot" to all the women passing by, you'd eventually get laid

THE NUMBERS ARE AMAZING. Just unreal. I had a 1:1 and gave him most of the hotties but GOD DAMN I can't wait to hit the streets. OHhhhhhhh yea mama. It's gonna be like 2007 all over again!! Wahooooooo !!!!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ireland !!

I slept in the same bed with this guy. He grabbed my ass and caressed me and pulled me in. I was like "uh, it's me dude" and he went OH FUCK!!

Really funny. He musta thought I was a broad.

This same guy wakes up and starts drinking straight away - on a day he's got a party at his house. The Irish are maaaaaaaaad.

My little game talk went very well... like 23 or 24 guys came out... and then I did a mini bootcamp on the sunday with a few guys so that was cool. I was absolutely fucked on lack of sleep. IT was amazing. I even did my hour long comjedy show. was barely functioning but I managed. Somehow.

A talk, bootcamp, and comedy show in ONE weekend!! woo!!

Hung out with JuiceTerry who was a friend of a friend. HE helped me organize shit and was a super nice guy. I LOVE YOU MAN!! Anyone who goes to Ireland should hookup with this dude!!

Ah - on my first night I made out with 2 babes. One was really hot and 19 - the other was 34. I went to a late night tango class with the 34 year old but couldn't get her back. I tried.

the 19 year old was smooooooooking. Invited her to the party the next day but she didn't show. Ah well. EAsy makeouts tho... I can see the appeal of night/booze game. haha

I love the Irish. Truly. I do.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Dublin Ahoy!!

Wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - It's back to Europe for me!!

12 days really is the most amount of time one should spend in Canada. Any more and you start wantin' to hurt yourself. (And others)

I'll be in Dublin this weekend! I'll be givin' a free talk on Friday night.... then going crayyyzeeeeeeeee. Well, maybe not crayze. But I'll be in Dublin. AND I DON'T DRINK!

Probably I'll be crucified!

If anybody knows anybody in Dublin - Tell 'em I'm a comin!! And tell 'em to come come to the free talk! (Will post venue soon) !

Report: There are, however, hot, hot girls in Toronto. Oh yea. I went to government last night. There was all these dj's and shit. The music wasn't that great. But the honies!! OMG!! Hot 20 year olds dressed as SLUTS!! like, a LOT of flesh. Like, on the UK level. It was great!! and TONS of hot asian girls!


The volume was ridiculous. I tried yelling at a girl or two, then quit and danced and chilled with some friends.

Man If I liked nightgame, and I could hear myself talk - I may have tried harder. BUt I don't, I couldn't and I didn't really give a fuck. It was funny - normally I feel this pressure to approach women when I go out at night. Which I hate. But, I decided before the night that I was actually going for the music and I didn't give two shits about the girls. And that helped a lot. Till I saw some hot girls. And then the weird pressure was back on

WTF is that? Can't I just go to a god damn show with DJ's and dance withouth having to pickup? What's the matter with me?

That's not normal. The community has made me not normal. I realize that's not normal and yet - there it is. I feel I absolutely have to talk to girls.

Well, I didn't. It was hard. BUt i mainly didn't.

Funny in the day I don't feel that pressure, I just approach when I want. But as SOON as i'm the club....


It's like I hate it (night game) but I feel I have to do it.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Uma THurman made me ejaculate on my foot

Yesterday I had phone sex with Uma THurman.

Well, it wasn't really Uma THurman. That WOULD be a hell of a blog report. Nay.

I met this girl last weekend while out with a friend. She was wearing blue face paint. SHe looked a bit like Uma THurman. So that's my nickname for me. She actually called me (wow) .... we had a long ass talk. I told her of my ways (Johnny Philosofy) and was like "omg, I love you"

And so IMMEdiately, everything came out

her sexual history, which guy fucked her how, how many guys she's toying with. EVERYTHING.

And it became even clearer to me how powerful complete honestly can be with girls. I mean WOW. It just gets more and more obvious.

Like, why the fuck wouldn't you talk about all this stuff with girls?

How are you supposed to build a relationship based on honest and trust if you're decieving them, and they're not sharing all the facts with you?

How is any relationship other than a one night stand going to work if you're hiding the fact that you're a manwhore from the girl???

By being totally honest you are being completely different from 99.9999% of men.

NOBODY is saying to girls "Yea i fuck around a lot. I don't want to be your boyfriend. Let's just have fun. You should date other guys too"

I could go on and on. I'm going to be yapping about this more and more and I use it more. I'm still only on a 3 hookups from this (and one jerk) haha....

ANywho - we had an AWESOME talk (I spend 1 dollar in long distance, i think she spend like 2.50) ..... and she was sooooo sexual on the phone it was amazing. SHe lives a couple of hours drive out of Toronto though... I just wasn't willing to make the trip and neither was she. So - phone sex. She had an orgasm... and I had one (but held it in) ... then for some reason i go for anotherone and let loose. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Uma thurman made me blow a load on my foot. Gross!!


SHe's never had phone sex before. WOW!! I took her phone sex virginity!!!

God damn it.

I may be seeing that hot 18 year old I blogged about before. She's gettin in from out of town today I think.... So we'll see. She's flakey as shit, but seemed very keen in the texts she send me back. She's very hot - amazing face+body and FUCKING FUN. Makes me laugh. Could be a very very hot night. One or two other leads fizzled. I think she's my last hope of a Toronto LAy before I head back to the UK.

I did hit up a few girls from before but...... no luck! There were a few more I could have tried but... Bah. No matter. Still.... I'm feeling frisky these last couple of weeks!! I think it's the variety of women. Johnny's right about that too - Variety does make you hornier!! heh

I have a feeling I've got a whoooole load of variety coming up....

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I can dive!!

Yesterday I dived into the pool without plugging my nose. I've never, ever been able to do that before.

In the last couple of times I've been in Toronto, I've improved my swimming technique. I've actually been improving my front crawl to the point where - I can kinda front crawl without choking.

But ... I still had to plug my nose while jumping into the pool. I've never, ever been able to do it.

Yesterday, I was in the pool... I'd gotten out, and as I walked up to the pool I stopped. I just thought "this is fucking ridiculous. I can do this" and I jump into the pool, head first while exhaling. And it was fine. I did it again, just to make sure - and got a bit of water up my nose. Ugh. Then I thought, better do it again and end it right. 3rd time - all ok.

So that's it. I am officially in the club of people that can just... you know. jump in the water. Sweet.

This may not seem like a big deal but... to the people out there that have to plut their nose when they jump into the water - It's a big fucking deal.

Yay for me!!

Another fear conquered. IT was stupid. I'm surprised it took me this long.

Monday, 5 October 2009

0 min lay... Social proof in the house!! ;)

So: My Last day in BA was insane. Not that anything fancy happened. But because I’d never really gamed the girl, or got her number, or really even spent any time with her.

Basically, This girl had come to one comedy show alone… I chatted to her a bit and thought nothing of it. She was cute but I was busy. Then, she showed up at the next one with a couple of friends. I chatted briefly to them, and thought she was kinda cute – but I didn’t realize we’d met before. They left without saying anything after the show, however.

So, next day I get this message in my facebook

Aw, what a pity - I had been waiting all week for your show because I thought you were pretty cute and deserved to have some hot sex after all those disappointing Argentinian women, and so I was going to come up to you after the show and suggest we go back to my place, but then you went on and on and on and said that the thing was never going to end, and it got late so I just gave up and went home. Oh well, maybe next time...

I replied:
ahahahathat's the funniest post show heckle i've had! It deserves it's own category! The post show sex promise!! :PHang on - which girl were you? I can't really tell by your pic! But thanks for coming. I presume you're kidding... but i am quite horny and frustrated so... going by your pic i probably would have taken you up on the offer, lolI only went on with that joke 3 minutes, then i quit. You can always come over to Palermo in the afternoon... my flights not till 10.30pm ;)hehe

Her reply:

...or you can come here. 1946 Chicauna. 6D I'm around most of the day until 6And you wouldn't recognize me from the photo, I'm blond now. ;)

Well, what can I tell ya. Sometimes, you just have to let them win a round, hmm? I hopped in a cab and got over there. Now I’m thinking “if she looks really bad, I’ll have a tea, make an excuse and say I have to leave” and if she’s a go, then it’s a go!”

There was a genuine time constraint. I got to hers at almost 4.30 but I was getting a cab at 5.30 from the house. AND I had to swing by Hbsinger’s house cuz I’d lent her a book. Yikes!

Well, she comes downstairs and she’s pretty good. Nice body, cute. Between a 7.5 and and 8.3 depending on your tastes. If you like blonds maybe an 8.5… but I don’t that much.

Anywho… yea we go in. I’m being funny and she’s like “you can relax” so I do a bit. I wasn’t nervous. Just… funny. She wanted to talk a few mins first… she insisted on finishing out tea. After 10 mins I’m like “alright that’s enough tea” and she’s like “ok!”

After that, she just wanted to get the clothes off.

She was a good kisser… pretty good body… but she didn’t like getting bitten very much. She kept saying “ow! Ow! Not so hard!” … I’d gotten used to the Canadian who liked a bit of rough. Ah well.

She went down on me… fast learner… it got gooooooood to me! A little head… I finger her a bit, and we get down to it. I said to her after 15 mins “condom sex isn’t my specialty… I can go down on you and make you come like that if you want!” … she says “fuck me really hard, come, and then go down on me!” … for some reason that didn’t appeal so I fucked her a bit more and has a semi ejaculatory orgasm. (felt like I let it out, but I don’t think I did) …. Maybe like 20% came out. Which is better than 100%.

So, after that… I dunno… I really didn’t know her and I didn’t really feel like going down on her. I think it’s because it was such an easy lay … In my mind I thought maybe she’s a ho and could have whatever.

But in truth – yea that was it. She wasn’t a ho tho. Just had good taste in men. Oh yeah.

So I gave her a bit of a backrub and then said “gotta go!!”

She was not sexually satisfied. I did promise her to make it up to her next time. And I will.

we chatted. She’s actually a cool girl and likes kung fu movies! How cool is that? Awesome!! Hopefully I will link up with her when she comes to the uk in dec……..

Sometimes, no game is required at all.

She wanted to hook up with me because a) she thinks I’m hot and b) I’m funny… and possibly c) because she knows there’s no strings, I’m leaving the country.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “It doesn’t count cuz she’s Irish” …

FUCK YOU. Irish girls are not slappers. Not all of ‘em, anyways. :P

ANywho: Really I think this lay was kinda social proof based

When she met me the first time, I was running around talking to everyone before my show, just being fun and shit. Then she saw me do comedy

Then, again she saw me tear it up at a comedy show.

So, yea. That’s it really. She already decided that she knew me. I actually said to her at one point “But we hardly know each other” and she said “well, I know you a little”

Essentially, her watching me doing comedy is just a ramped up version of social circle game… it’s me dominating a whole room of people socially. Big turn on. Oh yeah.

This really illustrates how effective social circle game is. I came pre screened by all those people who thought I was awesome… and that was enough.

I’m really going to try build a social circle of hot girls when I get back to UK. And I’m going to disqualify them all. Every girl I try get into the circle I’m going to tell “Listen, you’re just not my type. I only like you as a friend, ok?”


And eventually, I’m going to sleep with every one too. But, I genuinely and going to try and just make friends with them.

I’ve realized that once girls actually get to know me, they want me. 80% of the girls that slip away are lost before the day 2. Once I get them out, my odds go way up. So, the key is… don’t give them a reason to not come out.

I think I’m going to leave direct game on the side for a while (except for when I really, really have to go direct)

I believe this will result in more lays in the long term. We’ll see.

So. 7 weeks in Buenos Aires...

Lays 3
Vagina's eaten (cockblocked by a baby) = 1

Girls I could have banged: Very large.

At the end there, they were really coming out of the woodwork! Ridiculous!