Wednesday, 29 October 2008

2 dates +2 pickups = busy day!

Had two dates today, and picked up 2 fresh girls on the tube!
Finally met up with the ballerina. We got along ok, but it wasn’t fantastic. I tried johnny’s concept of being friends+ on her and kind of mixed in my “society’s values are fucked” speech. They work together but I don’t think I’m doing it right … we played the question game which went quite well. I added in a couple of Cajun’s rules that he’d mentioned at the superconf – well just one – that you have to make the girl loose by refusing to answer a question. And I used “when was the last time you masturbated” on her as well. Eventually she got tired and refused to answer the one question. Then we got a cup of tea after dinner and I walked her toward her house. She said to me after one of my jokes “well we won’t be a couple. There’s certain incompatibilities. But I’m considering if we should have a love affair” to which I replied “love affair? That seems to dramatic. Then I made a sexy pose and was like “should we have a … (lips quiver) love affair” … heh… again she had to be up early and I followed my strategy which was not to get too fresh so as to guarantee a day 2. I’m realizing that having dates during the week is a stupid idea, lol … but a necessity when you have a lot of women to meet up with. Anyway after I left her I called the bartender. I did the same thing with her as I did with the ballerina. I started singing a goofy song really loudly. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always great. “I’m your priiiivate dancer, dance for hire!” … for the Ballerina I just did “I’m, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt” and I just kept going and going and going till she interrupted. Hehe. Anyways the bartender told me she’s recently hooked up with a guy… I said let’s meet as friends and we did. I tell you what – she was tired and just hung out 10 minutes so there was nothing too it. As well.
So here are the fresh pickups.
Coming back from my chiropractor, I went out of my way one stop to get credit for my Canadian phone. The pharmacy that was meant to be around isn’t, and I’m late, and I can’t get back into the fucking station because the entrance I’m using is token only as the operator isn’t there. WTF! It’s rush hour!! Anyways finally as I get into the proper entrance, I see this smoking hot girl. I rush up the stairs and she’s gone! Shit! Then I get to the westbound trains and she’s right there in front of me! She’s hot so I want to open her right away … I step up next to her and I see “whoa! You’re the hottest girl I’ve seen on the subway! High five!!” and she high fives me. the train pulls up just then. I stand next to where she sits for a moment. I make a joke about how pink gloves don’t match her dark clothes. “I though you hot girls always matched!” and she’s like “cold hands take priority!” … then she just looks forward. I made her smile twice but she didn’t seem to wanna talk. I sit next to her but it feels ackward so I leave it. I read my magazine. The fact that she’s right there next to me is nagging the SHIT out of me. I think “what the fuck have I go to loose? I know I can fuck this girl. I’m SASHA!” and I re-open. Simle with “hey I just had to know your name!” she’s like “my name is blah blah” and I’m away. This time I stuck in with the conversation. Like a boxer. I just kept punching no matter what. That’s really what u have to do in the beginning if there’s no immediate spark. Just keep punching! Boom boom boom so they can’t even object – they don’t have a chance!! Anyways after a couple of mins I said “I though u were being really cold at first, what’s up?” and she said “oh I’m really tired”
Now I can tell when someone is tired, and she certainly wasn’t so tired she couldn’t hold a conversation… so translation “I’m tired” means “I didn’t want to talk” or more accurately “I assumed you were like every other lame dude I’ve met and didn’t want to bother having another boring interaction”
Right? But one she seems I’m interesting – suddenly she’s not “tired” .. .not a huge revelation but there it is.
As I wrote that I came up with a funny idea. How about coming up with a ‘chick talk ‘translator? … for like all the excuses women come up with. That would be great! I’m going to start building a list. If anyone has any good ones, drop me an email!
Second pickup I was just calling someone before entering the subway and this girl walks by. I hang up and I say “hey, you’re gorgeous!” and she slows down. Then “How many boyfriends do you have??” and I go straight into my direct stuff. She’s into it! We chat a while and we’re going the same way so we keep the chat going on the subway. She says “I’m getting off at bloor, so you know” … HUGE IoI. (Translation “You have 3 stops in which to get my phone number!”… I said “aha! So I’ve got 3 stops to get your number” and she was like “do you have a pen?” … anyways she writes it in my notebook. During out conversation I’d done my “hot girls are hard to find outside of nightclubs” and later she said “I sit around with my friends and we think… where are the cool guys?” … and SHE said to me “you should get your friends and I’ll grab my friends and we’ll all do something fun together!” hah! Awesome!! Maybe she’s a female PUA!
Anyways a good day all in all…

Thursday, 23 October 2008

oct 12th hangin with johnny

was thinking of some of the stuff Johnny S. told me. hung out with him before i left toronto. I was mulling it over so hadn't posted it on my blog but better late than never.

Here's a facebook message I send to my friend talking about hanging with the S man...

I hung out some more with Johnny Soporno Yesterday. He likes me and is kinda taking me under his wing a bit. I think I remind him of himself when I was younger (he is funny and jewish too) ... and he used to do stand up comedy!! WEird huh?

Anyways he taught me this thing which is really good. REady? I'm probably cut and paste this and add it into my blog but you get it first.

This can be done either in conversation or by text. I did it for the first time yesterday via text with this one girl and it went like this

first text "hey looking forward to meeting up with you later. just to let you know, I don't kiss on first dates"

girl says "i appreciate your honesty, haha see you soon"

2nd text "don't worry though, dates only last 30 minutes. if we get along, the second date will start before the first one finishes. that's where the heavy making out takes place..."

girl "hmm glad you're planning it out then..."

3rd text. "Oh don't worry. I'm not a slut ... I never sleep with a girl till the 4th date!"

see what's going on? you're giving the girl permission to sleep with you on the (actual) first date ... but you're setting the fram that she banged you on the 4th date. then she can tell her friends (and herself) that is was on date 4 she banged you and that's it's all good.

What he does is make girls really comfortable around him and make them realize that society is fucked up and has programed them to think certain behavior is slutty and he makes them realize it isn't so. he also explained ladder theory to me - that is - there's a friend ladder and a lover ladder. women can never really be themselves with you if they put you on the lover ladder. and you don't wanna be on the friend ladder either - so you have to put the ladders together. be their friend, that they sleep with. then she will really be herself and there's no bullshit.

it's the ultimate!!

anyways the guy knows his shit. i'll be hanging out with him more this month as he's from toronto also ...


that was the mesage. good stuff. i kind of tried to apply some if this my last day in l.a where i had 2 dates with hot girls. haven't blogged about it but I ran into this girl who I;d sarged in London. got her number, called her at 2am and demanded she meet me for a shake. she came out, we were making out and i was flying out the next day. Told her i really wanted to fuck her but logistics were in the way

actually on my earlier date (american girl which i almost fucked in london - the one with the super hot body... i was getting to it and she saw it was late and ran off. anyways she has a long distance BF who actually cheated on her and she's still with him. I was like "bingo!" ... i went through some of the stuff explaining marriage is dumb, etc and i want to keep her as a friend etc... was making some progress but wasn't really trying as she honestly is quite a simple (kinda relegious) gal and believes in monogomy. fuck man she is so damn cute. i told her next time she is single and i am on the same continent i'm going to fly over and bang the shit out of her. at first she protested but then said it would be fine.

ah well. i'll get it. still have to work on my closing game (the one i was kissing i should have fucked!)


The sounds of SEx

listening to fucking is kinda fun!

So I spoke with the rockstar panel at the Lovesystems Superconference over the weekend. I was on stage maybe 8 mins max so my shortest speech ever, but I got my point accross and shared some of my daygame openers. I met some cool guys and some weird guys.

This weekend has definitely re enforced one thing. Most guys that get into the community are either weird, or they get weird.

Brad P was cool amongst others. Braddock seems to know his shit, I really like his energy. Also Kisser seemed cool. I got to catch up with my old buddy cajun which was great. I set him straight on his version of events the fateful night that we met. I caught up with Mystery too which was awesome....

Apparently he'd send the comedy clip I send him "almost threesome" to some other pua's who thought it was cool. He never told ME he actually listened to it, but I'm glad that he did. I'll stick it on my new website once I get my ass in gear (it's becoming a priority) ...

And I finally found my old buddy Sin!! What a great trip it was!

Also in the shuttle to the airport, I made a HUGE business contact... the guy loved me as well!! It was fate I think... truly amazing...

Anywho ...yeah.... yen was going to sort somewhere for me to stay in N.Y as I didn't really know anyone and has been too lazy to post to find PUA's in the area. I land at 1am and there's no message from him. I'm like FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! I take the airbus to Jamaica (from jfk) and i'm preparing to take the subway to Manhattan to search for a hostel, park bench or crack den when my phone rings. I know it's got to be Yen.

"Oi! Are you here? Come meet us, we'll put you up here tonight"

ahhh. Awesome!!

So I make way on the 24 hour subway (awesome!!) to union square. I gave Yen a call and him and his girl swing by to pick me up. She's really fun and bubbly and YUMMY!!

The only disadvantage to staying the night there was listening to him fuck the shit out of her for the better part of an hour. For those of you who aren't familiar - Dr. Yen fucks thie shit (literally) out of women. What was interesting was this: I could guess by the noises what sexual act was taking place.

E.g at first it was lots of kissing etc which you can hear. then she's pantin and shit so I reckon he's going down on her. Then he's moaning and she's laughing (that's him getting blown!) .... then they are both moaning... it gets really intense and i can here the bed moving a bit. Uh oh! HEre it comes!! oh yeah. HE definately blew his load. I heard him mention her tits a couple of times. He may haev blown on those, I'm not sure.

You'd think it would be really frustrating but actually I found it entertaining and enlightening.

In the morning he was running around with his morning wood out. He tried to run at me with his cock but we've been thru all that before and it wasn't getting the reaction out of me that he'd hoped. Once you've tasted a man's semen while kissing a girl you've shared ... well it kind of takes to a new level how hard core a version of "gay chicken" you'd have to adopt to make me abdicate my position. I took a swipe at his cock, grazed it and he ran away to the bathroom. Hah. That'll learn him, threatening me with his cock!

Oh: An interesting thing. Yen was gaming his girl even whilst she lay in the bed with him. That's right. I know he was horny as fuck - he told me he couldn't wait to get back to fuck her. And yet (maybe partially because she went out of the room to have a pot smoke and chatted to me for a bit ...) e acted like he didn't want to fuck that night! First he pretended to be asleep. THen he was like "no i'm tired. In the morning!" and she was like "you better wake up right now!!" ... of course eventually she got "her way" ... hahaha. always keep them chasing I guess, huh?? i guess we it's give and take. after we chase them, and once we fuck the crap out of them, we can switch and have them chase us.... i'll be experimenting with this.... it's kind of evil. and it's head games but... i can see it's a good way to keep the girl interested....

In the morning (well, 2pm) we go to Brooklyn for Them to pick up the van they'd reserved for Yen upcoming road trip. Unfortunately, while we are eating near the shop, he finds out the asshole sold the van to someone else though he promised to hold it for them. They offered a deposit but he said to just come in next week and it would be fine. What a fucker. I tried to put it in perspective for him (they hadn't lost any money) but he was pretty pissy. I hop out as we're near one of my relatives and I go and visit.

Here I am the next afternoon writing this. Yipee. Now I'm off to visit more relatives. Tomorrow I will go clubbing and meet the art of charm guys, hopefully. Yen has told them about me and said they are cool dudes....

Oh I even had a dream about him banging. IT was in a little red brick house. The bricks were moving like the house was going to fall down. IT was a dirty version of the 3 wolves. hahaha

I fear for her vagina. Poor girl....

Monday, 20 October 2008

Re-United with Mystery

So I'd run into my ol' buddy Mystery on Friday night when I was out with some guys. He invited me to Neil Strauses (strauss's? that doesn't look right lol) party on sunday. So I took My buddy Keychain and my arch nemesis Dr Yen along.

What a fucking party!

This may sound weird for a PUA to say but I didn't game ONE BIT! oh there were some cute girls around. But I was just so happy to catch up with a couple of friends... I walk in and there's my old friend SINN!! I used to roll with him, Mystery and a guy called Craig in like 98/99/2000 ... he looks the same pretty much (little pudgier) ... but I always loved the guy and never knew what happened to him. It's funny I saw a picture of "sinn" a while ago and I thought it was this guy I was friends with (dunno if he wants me to post his real name) but he was a great guy... so we spoke for a long while! he's got an ebook where he's put a lot of stuff. he was really excited about it and clearly loves this stuff. He's sent me a free copy so I can't wait to read it....

alright alright you wanna hear who was gaming who right? ok fine. but i can't divuldge certain details, heh

Mystery was friendly with, well, all the girls in the place. I had the feeling he could have done any one of them that he wanted. Dr Yen went after this hot asian (usually that's my thing) with fantastic fake breasts. some other guy was after her but yen dominated and had her on the couch fondling him by the end. Yen was on tonight, I'll tell ya! Keychain hooked up with this one girl was trying to get her sister to fly her out to London so see him. LOL!! That's tight comfort game!! He's really gotten good actually, it's a big scary. for those that don't know keychain is one of the students on project rockstar in which I was an instructor. looks like he'll be working for the evil empire... but he deserves it. ;) ... oh this is funny. he'd already been gaming her, and Matador trying to get his chick away from him but she wasn't having any of it. he's buff too. a very sexy man! he was fucking twatted ... like really wasted. He was like "you're friends with cajun right? can you tell him i love him. i do." and then 3 more times during the party he's just roll up "tell cajun he's alright man, ok? can you do that?" heheh it was funny. i think he has a crush on cajun. you heard it here first!! so yea it was a bit incestuous. everyone was trying to fuck everyone it was wack! i actually just had fun and didn't give a toss! it's actually liberating not to be gaming

it's funny, i got a look from yen's girl that said she liked me.. and all i did was say ONE thing to her... sometimes less really IS more... will have to experiement with that more

chatted to neil a bit. he's great. very down to earth and just a cool guy. Met his girlfriend too. She's adorable and very very sweet! I'm really happy for him

oh met the guys who are on the new pickup artist show. they seem like sound guys also but they split soon after i got there.

all in all it was a good time. my snacks i brough went down a treat. i brough some citrus flavored vodka but never got a chance to try it. mystery made me have 2 shots of jack daniels with him. EWWWWWW

anyways we caught up properly the first time in fuckin ages so that was cool.... he hasn't changed much actually. in fact i don't think money/fame has changed him much at all. i don't actually know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but... he's the same guy i knew back in the day. funny that.

all right i'm in L.A and it's my last nite. i'm flying out to new york tommorow ... yea mama. so i'm going to go to key club and have some fun there! am actually looking forward to being back in toronto. the girls are much smarter than in l.a ... they're really dumb here, heh! got a couple of hot dates lined up with cOOl chicks! i really appreciate them more now, heh... never though i'd say i miss toronto but i actually do. hah! I'm certainly changing, that's for sure...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

sat night in los angelesto gi

did my chat with the rockstars. one dude gave me some play money after. i'm up to 175 dollars!! (the students get play money to give to instructors they get the most from)
brad p was good, he seems to know what he's on about. after me and yen go to hollywood. we go to that big fuckinig mall near man's chinese theatre and talk to some girls ... we get sucked in talking to some christians. they are boring and we re open them while they are praying. i just wanted to scare them but they were praying. then we sat and listened to them pray.. one of them was angry when she was praying it was fucked up. then i made them listen to my anti relegious praying. note to self - don't waste any more life force talking to christians. it's just not worth it. anyways i though yen was gettin somewhere with his but not really. the blonde i think liked me. she tried to number close me but i just told her my email. she said "hey we should be friends" ... but i'm really not sure if she's trying to convert me or fuck me. what a strange situation.

eventually we make it out to happy endings. i did a set with possibly the stupidist girl i have ever met. her name was jen. she agrees to play the lying game. i explain to her she just has to lie to me 5 times to win. so question one i ask her "what's youre name" and she says "jane" .... i was like "ok sweetie .... we're done here"

fucking yen wants to eat so we go to in and out burger. what the fuck was i thinking. did some sets in there .... go back to happy but it's closed and people outside. do a set, got cockblocked hard core but she was into me. ah well. yen opens a transexual uh... thing. this ugly chick that used to be a man with huge huge knockers. i'm like "it's a duuuude" and he's like "i don't care. look at those tits!" .. i give him more shit to him and he's like "dude i know. i knew early in the set when i asked "what did you wanna be when you were a kid" and the reply was "a girl"


palladin saw THAT punchline coming in the elevator.


gotta get into the bars earlier tommorow ... much earlier. crap maybe it will suck cuz it's sunday. fuckkkkk

Saturday, 18 October 2008

fri night in los angeles.

was farting around the love systems bootcamp in L.A ... Helped out a bit listened to some of the stuff. Again at this point I know most of the material so I kinda just popped in and out. Cajun's version of the question game was good, looking forward to trying it.

Met some of the other guys, tenmagnet and kisser

ran into tenmagnet in the hallways and he spoke to me. He asked if i'd performed at this one bar in toronto where he used to work at. Turns out he'd seem me before!! how funny!! he said to come with him and cajun's group that nite. Then later I run into cajun and he also suggests I come with them and I say for sure. Team canada!!

so later we go out and hit up this bar. It was al the way at wilshire and somewhere. Like west hollywood. It wasn't good. No hot girls. Pushed some of the guys into set and winged them. in my 3rd winging set I was loosing my voice so I bailed out of the set (girl I was winging wasn't hot and I started loosing my voice. As I figured the student's set collapsed but I wasn't going to wing him all day. I gave him like over 10 mins so.... there you go...

eventually the descision is made to head to saddle ranch. It wasn't good there. In fact it was picking up in the first place when we left...there were a few hotties coming in... too late as most had left and it was just one student, me, cajun and kisser left at the venue. We go to saddle ranch and it totallly blows. Juts the bartenders and the waitresses were hot, that's it. Fuckkkk. I suggest hitting the strip club across the street to try stripper game but tenmagnet is like "uhhh no" in kind of a rude way. Cajun explains that he dosen't like stripper game. Tenmagnet then juts says it's a waste of time. "Some chick sits on your lap for half an hour and you think you're getting somewhere but your not"

that seems a bit of a defeatist attitude I think to myself ... i've done alright with the strippers the couple of times i've had a go.. couple of numbers and actually stayed in touch with one. At least the students would be talking to hot girls...which they were not doing at saddle ranch ... ah well. After it's over I get a few guys to walk over to dublin's to see if there's any girls out front maybe coming out. Street game!! but alas that's dead .just as we turn back, I see mystery across the street. I knew it was him, it was a tall guy wearing that fluffy hat. He's surrounded by people trying to get pictures with him! He sees me and is like "hey! It's Sasha!" (note, in fact he called me by my nickname that he uses for me that only he, me and neil strauss know but i'm not going to put it on here ... I don't think he even knows that I go by sasha in the pua world. Anyways I take him aside and ask him why he's punking me. I tell him I know he's got cash and ask why he's ignoring my emails. He said he got a couple from me a couple months ago but says he's flooded, etc. he said he doesn't have any money. I asked him straight up if he's doing drugs, he said that he is trying to get on the cover of weed . magazine or some shit. He wasn't making too much sense and didn't answer the question. He seemed tweaked out. I find it ironic that he was high as I was asking him if he had a drug problem. Haha. Anyways am pretty sure he's lying to me but what can I do. I say let's get lunch on sun, he says he's going to neil strauss party and that I should come with. I say sure and get his number and give him a missed call. Few mins later I see he sent me a text with some details of time and place but not neil's actual address. For those of you who don't know what the fuck I am talking about, me and Mys were tight friends back in the old days. i will write it up properly at some point when i have time. Matador was absolutely fucked .... like completely. He got into this weird amogging battle with cajun. He said to him at first "who are you?" and cajun was like "you know who I am!" and they were like pushing each other. Matador was shoving cajun into this bush mashing up the bush. He just kept yelling "cajun!" ... cajun shoved him back a couple of times too. It was kind weird. Matador took cajun to the side. I told cajun we were going to mel's diner and we started walking ... he catches up later and said that matador has said to him "i knew who u were, I just wanted to say that to you in front of my students" which is hilarous. Cajun asked him about his wig (he claims) and that matador turned red and made a face. Hehe.

Man it's good seeing cajun again it's been toooooo long.


Oh I called him on the inaccuracies of his version of when we met in the cab and he admitted my version is the correct one. I haven't posted that on here but I will do. Just been lazy.

Anyway am using a crappy mini laptop to write this so there will be tons of mistakes till I go thru it. So fuck ya'll. Oh another guy on the bootcmap had 2 beds in his room so I am staying with him instead of another guy on my lair who had just 1 bed in his room. That would have been more gay

but I wouldn't have cared really.

Yen loves it here and says he's moving down. cool. he was amazing by the aggressiveness i persued this one girl in the lobby. i think i just do that when he's around too impress him. hehe. ah well...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

wed 15th. subway pickup (30 min lay)

finally fucked again. yipeee. good one too. chatted to a couple of girls on the phone but the ballerina has a big presentation tommorow and the bartenter was bartending. sigh. meant to go with chris to some club but approached this cute israeli on the subway. i was like "hey you're reading jew!" and she's like "there's no such language as jew" and i'm like "i was kiiiiding!" ... i was reading my book on soviet jews so that helped. she was pretty into it so i stayed on the subway till her stop. it was only 1 stop i was going on the subway so i just went with my gut. so i get off and she agrees to get a coffee. unfortunately her stop was the end of the line so there was nothing around. i say let's juts sit down and chat in the subway. so we do that and we chat. eventually i just start escalating. i give her a bit of a massage and she demands more and more. typical israeli, take take take. i play the lying game but bet her a 30 min massage. she says "oh and if i loose i have to come to your place for the massage?" and i'm like "of course. that's where the massage oil is!" ... i was shameless and open about what i was doing. when i suggested we go back to mine her reaction was positive though she didn't say yes. i knew i just needed a bit more comfort. she kept saying the classic stuff "i can't believe i'm letting you do that/kiss me there/get away with that" ... all the usual. she tries to get me to hers but i say i have a big bed, massage oil etc. when i get her back there no resistance at all she jumps and and that's that. i fuck her in a few positions where i am in the lead but she just pounces me and rides me till i come. i lasted longer than i though i would with condoms. hehe maybe 12 mins. after she told me "if you asked my best friend what i was looking for in a guy i would have said a complete stranger, older, somebody i don't know..."

she said to me "i dont want people i know knowing i have sex" ... so she was pretty blunt about that. we didn't even exchange info, nothing. no pretense, just 2 people having a good time. it was interesting. i've never really done it so... cleanly, i think it the word. yea, that's it.

there just wasn't any bullshit at all.

oh i even told her i was a pua. that was funny. i was like "there''s an underground community of guys who learn all about seduction, go around and pick up and fuck loads of chicks..."

the she says "and you teach them?"

and i was like "yeah" ... and she just smiled. reminds me of david x ... think he did a bit of that

anyways... she told me early in the set that it was nice being hit on, that it had been a while. turns out she had had a bf in israel and it was long distance. they had broken it off a couple months ago... she loves him etc but they don't wanna to long distance. anyways. some girls just want to get laid, so there you have it...

Friday, 3 October 2008

To my legions of fans:

Hey guys (yea, both of you, lol) you'll notice I just put up a shitload of entries

That's because I was keeping a blog this whole time but not posting. Wifi is scarce in amsterdam, see? Mwaah. But now i'm back in Toronto and i've got it at home, see?? mwaaah..... So i'll be posting regularly.

I noticed today I have 2 subscribers. Woo. That's cool. I know more people than that read this blog. Why so shy?? Subscribe. Make me feel the love. Come one. You know you want to...

I got a lot of shit to do while in town!! Does anyone know an awesome web designer?? Msg me if you do!! If you're in Toronto and you wanna sarge - drop me a line also!!

I'm here in North America for 5 weeks then i'm off back to Europe. I got some work in Sweeden teaching game! It's gonna be siiiiiick!! Oh and I'm going to the Love Systems Superconf in a couple of weeks. That's gonna be siiiiick too! shiiiiiiiit.....

oct 2 back to toronto

Well I’m at the airpot at schipol. I found a socket to plug into, there’s no internet but I’ll post all these up when I get back. I’m getting on a plane back to Toronto! I can’t believe it. I was in Holland for 3 weeks and I didn’t lay anyone! To be honest I wasn’t sarging for the first 2, just playing poker. In the last week I did really well but just fucked it up
I keep learning the same lesson over again – if you don’t have the logictics to fuck, don’t get all hot and heavy cuz she’s feel SLUUUUUTY.
You can kiss, but not really heavy petting or dirty talk. No verbally making plans to fuck. It’s not sexy. Just hang out and maybe kiss a LITTLE.
Then a girl can say to herself “I’m going to his house but we’re not going to fuck. We just kissed last time so I’m sure nothing is going to happen”
Once you’re in a room with her, she going to fuck.
If I get in a bar or wherever on a date with a hottie and I get the signals I just wanna get my hands over them. I love girls, I can’t help it! But I’m falling into the classic trap – the anti slut defense! No, the post anti slut defense!! Haha, they act slutty, then feel back and they stop themselves from acting MORE slutty!! I never get ASD in the moment, but after! Haha. When I get to Toronto I’m going to do it right. I’m not going to lay a HAND on any day 2’s. I’ll kilss them in the end like a chode. Then I’ll fuck them on the day 3. that’s it.

Obviously SNL is a different matter altogether. If u meet them in a club you can just bang them. I’ll be having a go at that also…

I’m excited. When I left Toronto a year ago I didn’t really have much game at all. I fluked a few snl’s and the women all picked ME. I always though “Toronto women are bitches!” and though there may be an element of truth, another truth was I just didn’t know how to handle women. Well…hehe…Sasha is BACK!!

oct 1 - lost my phone


I lost my phone! I dunno how it happened. I had it – I went to the internet place, then the casino, then the internet place, went to sleep, woke up and no phone. I checked EVERYwhere!!! WTF!! All my numbers are GONE! Fuck it. That and I lost a bunch playing poker yesterday. I’m getting on the plane to Canada tomorrow. I was going to stick around to lay one of these girls but fuck it. I lost all my numbers…the Bosnian would call me eventually but who knows when. I’m not going to sit around and wait!
…Ok I managed to get my old number, and they only charged me 11.50. Not bad! I only really care about the Bosnian. She’s hot as fuck! Well if she calls she calls I guess.
I decided yesterday to split town. I though I’d hang around and see about making more money but after me playing bad and loosing my phone in one day I figure “the tide is turning against me!” so FUCK it. I’m out. I just bought the ticket tonight – I’m leaving tomorrow (today at 6pm) to toronto on KLM. FUCK IT!

Sept 30th

Called the super hot girl from the club. The chat was going great. I made fun of how all these guys were dancing around her but not approaching her. that I wanted to come up to them and say “it’s ok guys, she’s friendly!!” heh… she said she’d noticed them also. Anyways the chat was going well and I’m on a shitty pay as u go, so I asked her to call me back and she says sure. She doesn’t – I text her like “I meant now!” then 10 mins later called her, voicemail. Left her a funny message. How can THAT flake??? I mean WTF !? I guess I shouldn’t have hung up? I think it’s high value – call me back! Getting the girl to invest HER phone minutes. Heh. Weird.

Sept 29th

Supposed to meet this girl to fuck our brains out. She doesn’t call.. I’m actually on a date with the hot Bosnian girl from 5 and it’s going great. We had pancakes and I had her in a bar – we’d played the lying game which she’d lost, and the question game which went really well. She asks me if I’ve ever hit a girl. I’m like, no. well, not unless this counts – and I slap her. hah. I do it again and she hits me back. Telling question. I tell her by that questions I know someone used to hit her and she tells me her first boyfriend started to hit her a year into the relationship. She was with him for 2 years!! Wowsers! I tell her I’ll only slap her around in bed, but it would be sexy. Hehe. She asked if I was rough. I said I like to bite a little she asked how. I was like “I’ll show you” and I bit her neck. From then, I know it’s ON baby. We’re making out soon after. I’m really worried about what to do. I text the other dutch girl around 8.20 so confirm we’re still meeting up. No reply. Bosnian needs to make a phone call so I call my girl, no reply. I figure she’s flaking… so around 9.20 I ask the Bosnian if I should come with her. she says “yea… but no sex!” … I reply “ok, but I’m allowed to tease you!” … she said “you can’t touch my vagina , or my breasts!” and I’m like “okkkk suuuuure….”

So we get back to hers, watch tv, chat, etc. I give her a full body massage but she won’t let me at her boobs. I try everything. I’m massages near her tits, near her pussy. Kissing her back. I can’t get there. She said “I just don’t want to have sex tonight, not with you or anyone” …

Oh I forgot to mention, in the question game I found out she’d fucked some older guy 2 nights ago… so… well it’s a bit dirty but what can you do. So that’s it. Left in the morning. It was raining and we waited forever for her street car. She hates it when I call her a bitch. I can see she deffo has a bitchy side. High maintenance also but she’s a 9 so I’m not that surprised I guess. If I see her again I can lay her(maybe 2 more times, who knows)

I’ll tell you how I know she’s hot. Next morning when we finally got to central station, we’re walking through it and (naturally) I’m (value) scanning for girls (heh) … and as usual there were hotties about. But I’ll tell you something – I didn’t see one girl hotter than here. One or two were AS hot – but none were hotter. THAT my friends is the real test if you’re with a hot girl. If you KNOW she’s the hottest one in the room (especially if you’re at a train station in Amsterdam) and you look around, and she IS the hottest? Well then my friends…you’ve got yourself a hot girl!

Man I wish I hadn’t jerked off a couple of days ago over the Japanese girl. Damn it!! I didn’t properly ejaculate but still it quelled my anger. If I’d been 100% horny things may have been VERY different. I was TRYING to fuck her but only technically – there wasn’t real passion behind it. Masturbation should remain a SIN!! It’s anti game. Fuck.

Sept 28th - Virtual blind date

Sept 28th meetup with this girl who texted me (wasn’t sure which one it was)
We got along well. After 5 mins I put my head on her lap and she’s playing with my hair and it’s ok. I kiss her arms, massage her etc. we make out. (in comedy cafĂ©) … go to park make out – talk about what we’re going to do etc. she’s a great kisser! She hasn’t been laid in 2 weeks. I told her 3 weeks for me (true!) … she told me she masturbates every day. I’ve got a live one! We agree I’ll come to hers tonight, or if it goes long with her friend the next day. Later she texts saying let’s do the next day. Works out as I was in the club with mowgli and gladiator who we ran into on the street! He was helping with adam’s bootcamp. # closed the hottest girl in this club (well there were 3 ultra hot girls, but I think she was the hottest – skinny, gorgeous, loves to dance. I opened her as soon as I came into the club and saw her. my standard direct stuff. Made fun of her for being single etc. she asked me why I’M single and I said I just left London so had to do it. The economics of measurement she studies! She said “ I enhoyed our chat but I have to get back to dancing with my friend, I will look out for you!” I said “if I don’t see you do u wanna go for coffee sometime? She said sure, I said u got a number? and she gave me her card. She’s a siner/songwriter. So hot. Will call her later today.

Sept 27th

Sept 27th saw the jap girl at breakfast with another guy! He’s going back to japan next day, a geeky type … chatted for a bit. He’s quite ackward, actually. They just met that morning and they’re going to do touristy stuff together. Ok! I’ll still get her in the end. Muahah… When I give her hug goodbye I can see she likes me. Arranged to meet her the next day but I slept in L (oh turns out she WAS in school the day she flaked!) ... also the next day she was also in school so it wouldn't have worked out...

Sept 26 - waking up into a beautiful japanese dream

Something quite hilarious happened today. (or at the very least, something completely different!) … in a way I guess it’s any PUA’s dream….
I woke up yesterday in my hostel. And right there in front of me – there was a hot Japanese girl right there in the room with me. Standing next to me. I’m like holy shit! I sit up and start gaming her right away. I’m talking to her and she’s really receptive. I start to panic. This is the THE perfect situation. I’m in a room, with a hot girl, and there’s nobody else around! Maybe I can lay her right here? Its 11.20am and check in is 2, but I know they clean the room from 1-2 in my section of the hostel. Shit. That leaves 39 mins to seduce her ;) … can I do it? The talk goes great and I get as far as massaging her shoulders. I think I could have started kissing her but I didn’t pull the trigger. I decided to get more comfort in so we spend most of the afternoon together. She’d only been in town 3 days and didn’t have a phone, so first things first – we gotta get her a phone!! We hit up a phone place and get her a sim card. I actually have an old nokia that’s locked to vodaphone so I tell her she can buy it off my cheap or borrow it till she gets a phone. (she’s moving to Amsterdam so she’ll be around for 2 years) … so we get her a sim card, but the idiot sells her a card from another network, even though I said vodaphone. So it doesn’t work in my phone… sigh. We have a bagel and coffee in this little place around the hostel, then we hit the park. In the park I was biting/kissing her everywhere but she wouldn’t let me kiss her mouth. Man she’s so cute!!

We arrange to meet in the lobby 1pm the next day but she wasn’t there today. Ah well. Maybe I shouldn’t have escalated but it was fun – I don’t care. Just so many girls around Amsterdam. Hopefully she’ll call me when he gets her number sorted.

Fucking hilarious situation though. Man I should have just escalated harder. That would have been awesome to fuck here right there in the hoste room! Hehe…

Got a few other numbers, not much so far we’ll see how it plays out. Going to buy a ticket back to Toronto in a moment…

Sept 23rd - early hours

Well I just won a thousand euros so I’m in good spirits. I spoke at the real man conference. My speech was well received and got some good laughs. The Speakers that went really well Zan 1st on day 1 (I didn’t see it) and Seb drake (first on day 2 – I didn’t see it) and Adam Lyons (I was really impressed, fucking great shit – and FUNNY!) I actually said to him “uhh dude – I’M the funny one. Stop that! Lol) he told some great stories which were entertaining – and had useful information in them. And he very simply explained his theory that you need 3 things for game. The shit made sense. check out his website for more info. He also game me a really nice plug while he was on which was really cool of him. Thanks dude! Oh also I saw Johny Soporno for the first time. I was really really imnpressed by him. I mean, holy shit. I’ve HEARD of him before. Yeah. But I HEAR about a lot of people. But this dude is the REAL DEAL! He just talked about honesty game in his own way and how marriage is a sham. Women are brought up to be contract whores. This part was nothing new to me but he put it eloquently. It was really awesome shit.

I met him really briefly after and he ran off. I was with keychain and a couple of other guys… keychain was gonna come into town with me but he wanted to split the cab with the other guys. I’m like dude it’s fine. I’m cool on my own. Go! So he goes. Walking to leidsplein I run into … you got it. Johnny soporno!! Siick! He says to hang out with him. In this time I learned a lot of shit! I opened a few sets and stuff when I saw you cute girls around. He didn’t say much in the sets. Mostly the girls were drunk and annoying but I kept at it. This one set this really sick thing happened. I open this cute little Spanish girl we’re chatting but I can tell she’s not really interested. Johnny comes over. He makes eye contact with her but doesn’t say shit. When she leaves, she says “nice to meet you” while looking at him, and she kino’s him – her hand lingers on his arm. I say to him “dude she wanted to fuck you!! And he’s like “I know!” I’m like “dude you didn’t do SHIT!” … I’m like “it’s not fair! I’m better looking than you! This is bullshit!! What the fuck!!!” and his explanation was

“it wasn’t happening with you, so it was a bit weird. She needed someone to connect with. So when I looked at her she connected with me – looking at her was enough. That’s what happened…

holy shit. A new level. I talked to him quite a bit that night. He explained his secret. He gets to know girls. I’ve heard it before but clearly I’m still not doing it right.

also he reassured me that Amsterdam is a hard place to pickup in. he said there’s 3 places that suck. Toronto, Amsterdam, and uhhh what was the third one. I can’t remember. Thank fuck for Toronto – I always struggled there. Probably it was because I didn’t’ have game, but I’ll blame some of it on the chicks. Thank’s Johnny. Thanks. Heh.

This guy fucks loads of porn stars and hot chix and has threesomes and all this shit. And he’s an overweights guy who looks about 45

I am nowhere near my potential. This guy really motivates me. he should be the poster boy for the fact that game works. Seriously. Him and david x.


And we’re gonna hang out in Toronto!! Yay!!