Thursday, 31 July 2008

first cold bus makeout!! haha

So I did my chat on game last night which was great. I should have filmed it!! room was packed out and they PAID to see me. That's when you know you're good :P

Then I had my comedy show in the same room which was good too. Some of the PUA's ran off to try out the shit i taught them. couldn't even watch the show, they hit the field right away (bastards!!)

Well I guess it's a compliment of the highest caliber. Does that mean my game is tighter than my comedy?? Considering i've been in showbiz for 10+ years I'm not sure that's a good sigh! lol :(

So yeah, I had my first BUS makeout last night!! Haha … I got some food with ACE, Ziggy and Sargent … after am chillin with ziggy waiting for my bus. There’s a cute, young polish girl there. I open but I’m not too into her. very cute face but not skinny enough for my liking...

She’s getting on my bus too. Sweet. Sit next to her. I do the classic yawn move (in an obvious jokey way) and put my arm around her. no problem. Ok, so I just start cuddlin her and putting my arms around her. she likes. Kissing her check. She likes. I tell her to close her eyes and she does. I kiss her – it’s on! So we make out – I try get her back but she won’t do it.

Ah well. I give her my card and get off the bus.

Maybe I should have gotten her super horny and rubbed her in her v.i.p special place?? Haven’t done that in public yet. Hmm limiting belief? Yea I shoulda done it…. I know some guys would have gotten her so horny she'd have come with them. Sigh... I had too much sex last week - i didn't want it badly enough! (shame on me for ejaculating, that didn't help!)

She wasn’t as anorexic as I like them so I wasn’t too bothered… would have made a great story though, haha!!!

Next time I'll push harder...

Friday, 25 July 2008

On fire during bootcamp

Man was on fire today doin a 1:1

This guy didn't wanna approach but I broke him in the end. Whuh! you should have seen the relief on his face after the first one he did. He actually felt silly asking for demo sets after a while lol

So there was one good mother/daughter/sister set which I opened with my standard shit. i was groping this 19 year old spanish daughter right before the mom's eyes and it was alright. i actually isloated her (carried her away) and then brough her back. just in town for a few days and had a bf back home. what a body!!

Stopped one spanish girl dead in her tracks. I usually dont' open when they are walking directly for me but this one i had to. She was looking hoooooot in her dress and was walking RIGHT pass me. I just said "whoa!! you're HOT!" what are you doing looking so good! you gonna start fights! etc etc and she loved it. I grabbed her head and tried to peck her on the mouth and she ran away. i chased her down the street yelling "u can't break up with me! we haven't been on a date yet! i know u love me!" etc etc ... she stops. we chat some more. she is into me. she for no reason goes to walk away and i say to her "i'm not going to chase you a second time" ... she comes back. i say "look give me your number, we'll go for a hot chocolate for a half hour and if you don't like me i'll leave you alone, i swear!" and she's like "ok we'll go out!"

opened this girl who was sitting in Leicester square park. She was kind of cute, but was really skinny. tight body!! i hugged her at one point and she had this bumb on her back? she explains that she walks funny and that her body compensated and grew that thingy. she's a cripple!!

got her number anyways. i think it would be fun to bang a cripple. i'll do it. (i think) we'll see. i haven't actually seen her walk yet, hehe.

oh and this italian girl with a sexy walk - the student wouldn't open so i went it. hot body, face was older than i'd though. man women really loose their looks past their 20's don't they? sooo sad!! she seemed keen so we'll see...

got some other number, can't remember :(

but it was a fun day!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

designer vagina, anyone??

so my flatmate asks me if the japanese girls minge was shaven

i text him back "lights were off, it didn't matter"

then talkin about it afterwords i told him that i never emjoyed the sight of vagina. i actually avoid it whenever possible. even at strips clubs. show me your tits, your abs, your ass. put that minge away. he's like "i loooooove minge. make me a huge poster of minge, i'll just sit there and stare at is all day"

i say to him "i can appreaciate it when a girl is all shaved down there, it's nice and all but i don't really care. " then he says

"it's like modern art. you can see why other people would like it but it doesn't do much for you"


i laughed so hard i just had to blog that. hehe

PUa's are evil

PUA’s Are evil. We are. We’re bad. Bad bad bad.

I don’t care, I accept it. But we’re bad. What they say in the media is right! We are just using women for sex. Who are we kidding? I just want to fuck loads of hot girls because I can. They’re hot, I want to fuck them. It’s like a game. I’m not going to stop till I figure it all out and can get into girl into bed that I want. Then I’ll stop. I just want to know that i can do it. Maybe it's for my ego. Maybe i have something to prove to myself, or others. Maybe it's the thrill of the chase. Maybe i just like having sex with hot girls.

All that stuff “it’s about self improvement, it’s about finding a girlfriend, leave them better than you found them!” … it’s all bullshit for 90% of people in the community. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m going to make a pole. Can I setup a pole on this byatch?? hmmm

I think 95% of people are “good” but are in this purely for sex. That’s what I’m saying. I don't even need to get any better at this. Sex isn't an issue. But I want to solve the PUZZLE. HOW do you get the really, really hot women?

I'm going to figure it out, even if it gives me chlamydia

First Japanese lay!! Meet to close - 6 months! (i'm getting better!) lol

Holy fuck. I finally slept with the Japanese girl. The one I met fucking 6 months ago. Meet to close, 6 months! I’m getting better! Haha

I had my finger in her once before but didn’t lay her. Read the report here before reading this one:

If you go back to my blog for Feb, the entry should be there!

Right, I’d seen her a few times after that report but didn’t get anywhere. The meeting before the last one (before she went to japan) she revealed she had issues with sex. That her boyfriend cheated on her and basically she had trust issues. She went to japan. I didn’t plan on bothering to see her again but she wanted to meet up when she got back around a month ago. I figured ok, One more shot. I’ll try to lay her. When she texted about coming over for dinner, I actually sent her a text that said “if you are ready for sex come over, if not you better not!” … I remember her reply. “blah blah blah, you can’t say that, I’m SO shy!” She came round but I really wasn’t feeling it. I think I’d stopped fancying her partially – but that night I genuinely was really really fucking tired. So we slept in the same bed and I just passed out and that was it.

After than I wasn’t planning on seeing her again. I’d lost interest. Anyways the last couple of weeks tho she’s sending me cute emails. Saying she’s got some mochi (rice cakes) for me from japan. I ignored it, then she sends another email “they’re going to expire soon!! Last chance!” hehe so I though ok. ONE MORE GO, see? I think partially because I’ve invested so much time, once one more night to try and close? That and she’s cute, disease free and Japanese (still no jap lay at this point)

I meet her at old st tube. I actually feel nothing for her. no excitement….. a bit akward actually. We walk to a bench and sit and talk a bit. We decide to go out and eat and walk to a Vietnamese place around the corner. I get her teaching me Japanese. I learn a couple of sentences. After the food I call paladin and say a few things to him in Japanese. I tell him I hate him and that he’s gay in Japanese. I suspect he’s impressed. He chats to her via me in Japanese. So I’m converting from Japanese to … yea Japanese. Without actually speaking Japanese. It was fun (retarded, but fun)

We get back and my cockroach of a flatmate has started watching “the lives of others” with his mate even though I texted him saying I wanted to see him. He’s a bastard. We and the midget watch some Japanese pop and anime on my laptop. She can’t find the cartoon she wants with English subtitles. Also she showed me some band that was like new kids on the block but Japanese. It was eerie. Hung out with bugsy (that’s my flatmate) and her for a bit before he went to bed. Then we started talking about more serious shit. Like why we hadn’t hooked up.

A lot of stuff was said in the conversation.

How after me she was getting close with another guy, but she wouldn’t fuck him either and now he won’t talk to her. and how the same thing happened with another guy in the u.k as well. My comment was “wow! So many!” haha.

She told me she didn’t really like sex, or more accurately that she always felt really guilty afterwords…

She asked me if I was ignoring her recently and I told her I was, that I wasn’t planning on seeing her again. She thanked me for seeing her again. She told me she really likes me and that I’m different from everyone else. I asked her how. She said because she can talk to me about stuff and that I listen. And that I kept seeing her after she didn’t sleep with me. haha (so she likes me because I’m a chode! LOL)

She revealed how she gets scared whenever she gets close to people because she’s scared of loosing them. I told her why bother living if you’re not going to get close to people? That’s part of life, getting close to people and then loosing some of them. She vented a bit about her fears and how she’s a bit fucked up and I listened.

I told her it’s hard to be around her because I really want her. I kissed her. she asked why I didn’t try sleep with her the last time I saw her. I told her I’d kind of given up and that I was tired then. When I asked why she asked, she revealed she had accepted that we were going to sleep together then. It was because of the text message I sent! She said she wasn’t quite ready, but she wanted to see me and she’d decided that she was going to sleep with me in order to see me. Fucking hell!! I’d actually forgotten about that text – but I remember what I was thinking when I sent it. “fuck it. If she’s not going to put out I don’t want to see her, I may as well tell her that!”

Well she said to me today “I brought my pajama’s that last time, I was planning on staying over. Don’t you remember??” … no I didn’t. but shit!! I should have laid her then!! Waaah!! That’s a great fucking text message though. “if you’re ready to have sex come over, if not you better not come” …. Fucking yes!! And if I girl flips you can say “what I’m fucking kidding!” but the seed is in her mind! Oooooh mama! I’m adding that to my text routines stack.I told her now it’s too late for us and that I was seeing another girl.

She was sad.

I kind of wanted to express that if she didn’t sleep with me I wouldn’t see her again.

Then I said to her “Will you be upset if I didn’t see you again after tonight?”

She nodded her head… she looked really sad at this point. I think sub consciously, or partially consciously I knew what I was trying to do – I was trying to get her emotional. I realized that if I could get her really emotional I could sleep with her. I guess In a way I was breaking up with her. At least, as much as you can when you’re not really dating.

Then I kissed her and said “stay with me tonight” and she said she has to go to work. I said “you can go to work from here”

She said “what about clothes!” and I motioned towards her outfit. She says “No, I’ll go home and I’ll think about you, and what you said. I’ll be sad if I don’t see you again but I’ll think about you.

Then I just said “stop running away. Stay with me tonight”

And she started crying! Like properly crying on my chest. I held her for a couple of minutes and let her sob. In my head I knew exactly what I had to do. But I was thirsty as fuck and could barely make out with her… I had parched mouth!! So, as she was just finishing her sobs I sat up and said “do you want some water?” and she shook her head no. I went to the sink and drank a cup and a half. Then I walk back and I put out my hand. She takes it.

I take her to my bedroom, stand her against the wall and kiss her passionately. We make out and I kiss her check, neck, the mouth again. I sit her on the bed and keep kissing her. then I lay her down. I’m on top of her and am kissing her deeply. I am getting really turned on! I sit her up and take off her sweater/shirt in one go. Then I undo her bra as well. There’s no resistance – we both know it’s happening tonight. I kiss her front and caress her breasts. I bit them, kiss her belly, bite her neck. I ravage her. she likes! I take her trousers off. She’s impressed as I figured her fancy belt out right away. Kiss between her legs, more licking and making out. I start rubbing her thru her panties and she’s getting really horny!! I go to take them off and she stops me. I think “wtf!” but she says “I don’t want you to see!” so I turn the light switch off, then take them off. I finger her and she is sooooo wet. I go to town. She’s enjoying my finger. I get really hard, but then it goes soft, then hard again. Like in waves. Wtf is that? Do other guys get that when they are naked and about to fuck? The disappearing re appearing erection show? Or is that just me? I start undoing my trousers. I stand up next to the bed and take them and my knickers off in one shot. At this point I’ve only got a semi to I keep fingering her. I kiss her all over – at one point I’ve got my face on her belly, and then I’m licking and kissing her belly button as I finger her. I got really fucking hard…. I figure this point was as good as any. I gently insert myself inside her and it feels fucking amazing! No need to warm up here. I like to take it slow anywyas but I could have just rammed it straight it… it fits!! She’s got quite the gash for a midget!! Oh my god is feels so good without a condom. This is what it’s meant to be like! (yes I know I’m safe you fuckers) … she’s not the slappy type either. If she gives me something so bit it, it’s a miniscule risk I’m willing to take for this experience. So we did me on top, on the side, semi side. This was interesting, I’m kind of on my back but she’s on her side. I had some good levearage and was doing some good pumping. Actually in that position I put my foot on the wall which was really comfortable. It was really passionate. Lots of kissing. I almost came a few times and eventually went really hard and almost blew my load (I blew, but wouldn’t let it come out!) yay! Once Again the shit I can do when condoms aren’t involved is fantastic. I AM A FUCK MACHINE!! WA HOOOOOO!!!

I held her after and she fell asleep quickly. Then I snuck into the living room to write this. How fucked up is that?? The girl is in a post sex coital position in my bed… I’ve still got some of my own dribble on my leg, and I’m writing the LR. What the hell??

I believe it was actually the conversation that got me laid. It’s like when we were talking I was on autopilot. It wasn’t exactly conscious – I was just winging it. Did I actually think I would make her cry when I said that shit? No. maybe it wasn’t even what I said. Maybe that was just the tip of the ice burg and she needed to let loose all that frustration. She hadn’t been laid in a loooooong time. I think since her ex cheated on her, last year!!

Man is was great. I don’t even wanna lay that girl from on anon. but I may do it anyway. Just on principle. Haha! (pua's are evil)

Monday, 21 July 2008

my friend's 15 year old sister called me

My friend is a PUA and he has a 15 year old sister. I've met her at their house. I hit her and chased her around with a wet team bag. I wasn't really gaming her, I was just having fun. Maybe i've interwoven the two so totally it's just natural, at this point.

Let me just say he told me If i ever touched his sister he'd kill me. Now that I would, because you know. That's his kid sister. And she's 15.

Anyways she tried to add me on facebook a couple of months ago after i'd met her. I ignored the request. Then i noticed another friend of ours had added her, I though what the hell. it's fine.

today she calls me around 1.30pm. I'm still in bed. She says she's around angel and do i know if there's a park. i say "you know about game. open someone and ask them!" and she says "can't you just help me!" .. i say "i don't know that area. there's a small park around here" ... she says "i could come there..." i say "you're crazy! i knew you'd fall in love with me. this is bad. really bad. i gotta go!"


I called paladin and told him what happened. i'm like "blah blah blah wtf is she calling me for! i'm not going to go meet her! she's 15!" and withough skipping a breath he asks

"when does she turn 16?" ;)

pua's are evil

Sunday, 20 July 2008

woman (women) billions of miles away

Today hit up spitlefields market with my flatmate. Was filming. Finally got shit working with the spycam! Yay! Didn’t have any great sets. One ok one, but the thing turned off! Got a few numbers. One german girl was cute, her friend knew all about game. She loves mystery’s show! Haha. She didn’t believe I was a pua when I told her, so I ran over to some girls, stopped them and got their numbers. Hahahhaha. Then the german was like “I liked you but now you’re a player so you don’t get my number!” I was like “no baby, I just did that to show off to win you over. I don’t care about those girls, I’ll erase her number right now!” but turns out the german had a BF and wouldn’t give me her digits

Ah well. It was fun though.

Oh I called the finnish model today on the way to the market. Used my model opener. She loved it. She was like “I have a facial mask on you can’t make me laugh!!” … her friend still in town but I think I can get her out to meet me. I’m SO much better on the phone than on text, gotta use that more. If I can get her out … well would be good practice trying to bang a hottie. She’s like a 9 easy. Smooooking! I was actually nervous calling her. wtf is that? ME? fuck it.

On friday – Paladin was was going to anonon so I though fuck it. Was meeting some newbies from LSS to push them into set. He texts saying he and some rockstars going to I think why not. We get upstairs and I open this girl. She’s pretty cute, she’s at a table with her sister. She’s wearing this backless number and it catches my eye. I use one of my openers that I’d totally forgotten about. Really fucking amazing – I’m not even going to post it on here!! Haha! Screw you guys!! :P :P :P

Anyways I told them I was teaching guys how to approach girls and that my guys were going to approach them – that I’d talk to them afterwords and see how they were doing. At one point I called her a tease. I said “you’re like dangling a tasty carrot around, and I’m this cute little furry rabbit, and when I get close you just pull the carrot away. So mean!” had them in hysterics. Later she old me she thought that was sexist?? Women don’t like it when u accuse them of dressing to get attention. Weird huh? We all know that’s what they’re doing but they don’t like you bringing it up. I’ve noticed that before actually. I’ll say “wow you love showing off those boobies, huh?” and they don’t like it! I guess they’re secretly ashamed of using their bodies to manipulate our horny, weak little minds into doing their bidding. They don’t like us bringing it up.


Anyways she was cute but I wasn’t like super into her or whatever so I left it and was just going around talking to the guys, doing silly shit (using paladin’s chloroform opener) … yea that was fucking FUN! hahaha. I had this white cloth on me (props up my camera, as I’ve been doing spy cam filming) so in set I’d be like “hey can I ask you a serious questions. Does this smell like chloroform?” and I’d shove it into a girls face. Only good reactions so far. Sometimes they pull away really fast, usually they just laugh. Or sometimes just look at me like I’m crazy. Heheheh. Was talking to this really hot Chinese girl. I picked her up to isolate her from her friend as one of the guys came in to wing. But this move was spotted by some Chinese guys they were with and they came to “rescue them” … I thought I’d re open later, but after I didn’t see them again. Should have just re opened with “hey! don’t be stealing this girls from me. I wasn’t going to hurt them, I swear” or whatever. Ah well…

Sooooo I re-opened sexyback girl. Spoke to them about how 2 of the guys chatted them up. The sister said her one did alright, was running some routine about how he had to give his cleaning lady shit for not cleaning right?? lol. Dhv I guess?? Haha. Mine didn’t like the guy who opened her. awww….. we chat some more – I get her number this time (and fb) … she said “you won’t call!” which is IOI. I leave again and talk to other girls. After a while me and paladin say we’re going to split and go to hoxtton. I hit the mid level with the girls again with the intention of saying bye to some of the guys. I get IOI from a Japanese girl (hot body, fucked up teeth though) but I start dancing with her and her friend. Then hbsexyback spots me. crap. I go dance with her instead ad the jap girl really did have fucked up teeth. (that’s a killer for me, sorry ladies! :P …) we shake. I start getting into more state just enjoying the dancing. I escalate. I try kiss her over and over but she doesn’t let me. hot retarded. She even said “I don’t kiss guys I don’t know!” and “I don’t do close dancing!” and “I’m a prude!” hmmm well she’d had a bottle of wine with her sister. She was dancing with her glass in one hand and had the bottle (gauntlet) in the other. It was hard to dance. I’m like “just pour the rest into your glass (there wasn’t much left) and she’s like (but some of it’s my sisters!) and I said “you can still let her drink half of it!!) … after she did that of course she drank the rest. I was literally waiting for the last of the wine to enter her bloodstream before really pushing the escalation. May as well take any edge that I can, right? (eeeviiillll)

Soooooooo eventually we kiss, then a bit of tongue, then full make out. Here we go. He sister is hooking up with some guy – he isolates her upstairs! Sweet! After some good dancing I tell her let’s go check up on her make sure she’s ok. They are getting friendly!! We sat and chat. Stupid seat is wet. I tell her to come over so we can watch movies (I did this after realizing she likes kung fu. I was really excited about it, and was like “let’s go watch a movie right now!!!” and she wanted to . ehehheeh. I’m actually talking to her on msn now taking the piss out of her. haha. She claims it was I who said she was a prude, and not her. semantics :P Right let me continue… basically she doesn’t want her sis to go on the long bus ride home alone, but invites me to go to her house. She lives like an hour bus ride away. At this point the guy is making out with the sister. I talk to him and say “look I got mine sorted, she’s saying she wont’ come back with me only because of your one. He said “my one is using the same excuse with your one.” .. I’m like “mine is done, can you handle yours?” he’s like “yeah dude i’m taking mine home, don’t worry” .. we shake hands. I don’t think he was in game but maybe was a natural? We all go dance. The guy tried everything he could but the sister just wasn’t going to go back with him. I agree to go with her but last minute I think I’d rather actually hang with paladin and maybe see this girl later. Then I thought “stop being a bitch. FOLLOW THRU!!” … why was I talking to her for most of the night if I don’t’ want to bang her?!? so I crack jokes with the both of them on the way back. We have to switch buses as the one we were on ended. I got to get a “drink” (to buy condoms sneakily) but she’s in the shop with me. we have to ask to get out as it’s a really rowdy crowd next door and they keep it locked. Wow. I tell her to jump out when the customer in front goes out as her sister is lonely out there looking into the shop like a lost puppy… and I buy some of the shittiest condoms.

They knew, she told me later. Haha

Smoothe after that. Get there, the sister was even joking on the bus that she’s going to go straight to her room and put earphones in. ahha. Social proof!! So we get in there, I tell her she gets a massage and get her clothes off. Start fingering her…. .go down on here for a while 15 mins maybe. She likes. She’s quite, I ask her to tell me how good it it on a scale of 1 to 10 so I know what she likes when I change around. She says “I dunno” … I said “ok, well let’s just say what I’m doing now is a 5” .. she said “well it’s better than a five!” … I said “ok let’s say it’s a 7 then….” And I keep going. Later she’s getting into it and she mentions something about 9.5? or maybe she said “closer to 9 then 5” .. anyways … I get her close to cumming cuz shes squirming and trying to get me to stop but I hold on and go for it. Haha. Later she gets on me and goes down on me. she’s pretty good but still rougher than I like it (I like light soft (gay) head) nah, gays probly like it rough, hehe … I almost come - get her to stop. Then almost come again.(internal) I turn her onto her back and fuck her mouth as a precursor to sex, but it doesn’t feel good and I go back to regular size (though I didn’t let any cemen go) … after that I wanted to cuddle and sleep so we did. She wasn’t as receptive to my maneuvering in the morning and I didn’t care much. We hang out and I split as I’m meeting the rock star guys at 1pm to teach them some more daygame! Oh she made me tea and a ham sandwich!! Thanks babes!! Hehe… wasn’t ackward - any of it. The bus ride to oxford circus from hers took 90 minutes! WTF!!!!! I texted her later and we’ve been in touch since. She almost came over last night, she was around the corner of my house and said “she had hairy legs” so she couldn’t. complete BS. And as I KNEW, as soon as she got home she texted “regretting my decision, wish I was there”

Why do they do that? WHY? She knows, and I know, that she wants to be here with me. it’s like 12.20am on sat night, I had her naked and cumming the night before, she likes my company. She wants to be here. I can tell. And yet, she won’t come over? Chix really are retarded. She admitted is on msn just now!

Yeh just now she said she’s free thur/fri but I didn’t solidify anything. I’ll see what the situation is. Hopefully I’m seeing 34 year old Italian by then (she texted today, she’s in italy till tues) …

ooh so many on the go now.... eeeeeek... going to throw a party i reckon. yep. that's what i gotta do.

Friday, 11 July 2008

July 10th Date with 19yr russian, street night game

So I attempt to get some shit done in the day but not much. Got a date at 4pm with this cute 19 year old Russian girl I’d met on bootcamp. Fucking huge delays on the central line – I take the tube so I know I won’t be late and I’m fucking 10 minutes late. She’s still there. I peek at her from a post and she sees me a smiles. Ackward for the first bit but she loosens up. We get some juice at the sainsbury’s and go to soho square. We play cards and I tease her a lot. She didn’t leave a boyfriend in Russian (she’s only here for a month, this was day 5) .. she just got a uk number too which is useful. I try to gently escalate but she won’t let me too near. Though I gave her a massage and had her elbow the sweet spot on my back a little. We wrestled some. I’m doing a new strategy for dates for next couple of weeks. I don’t escalate on day 2’s, I build comfort then get them to mine on day 3 and escalate hard. Only if I think I can sleep with them on day 2 will I escalate. So I’m either a)building sexual tension without any release (no kissing) or I’m trying to sleep with them. Anyways I can see she likes me, she gives me that look. We got some food (She ate a lot!) .. after that when I said I was going to get my bus she looked sad. I asked her what’s up but she didn’t say anything. At that moment I though “ok fuck the poker tonight, let’s try get her back” but I though if she wasn’t going to make out, should I really try to close the deal?? … I decide it’s best to wait till next time and walk he to her stop. As I’m walking to my stop my mate (who I owe 20 quid to and wanted to pay back) says he’s stuck at work and isn’t going to make the tournament. Fucking fuck! I consider texting her and telling her to meet me somewhere and get her back to mine …. Really wanted to but then decided against it. I play poker, no cards. Made one move up against KK and QQ LOL. (for the poker fans out there!) :P

I’m walking home and yad calls and says he and yen and ziggy are in front of punk doing street game. I consider going but I’m tired and I just wanna go home. I get back, take my shoes of and sit on the couch

Paladin calls and is like “dude the rockstar guys are all at punk. I’m going right now come on!” and I’m like “fuuuuuuuuuck duuuuuuuude”

So basically all my pua buddies are in one fucking place. God damn it.

I put my shoes on, make a sandwich and fly out the door while munching

I get there and all hell’s breaking loose. There’s hot chicks running around pua’s running fucking everywhere. Jon’s in superpua mode with this set of girls. I chat with yad and him briefly and am off talking to some girls. I was chatting to keychain, then I look over and see jon still in superpua mode with these 2 girls which he’d been gaming for a while now. He seemed to be having a great time. I though he might want someone to distract the other girl so he could isolate his one - I went over to hug him. Just as I did I see a flash and realized a picture had been taken. He later said I fucked up his photo routine! Sorry buddy, bad timing on my part! He was after this really cute girl with frilly hair. I try chat with the other one, she’s pretty drunk – then this other girl pops up. I fall for her straight away. She was so fucking hot and tiny. I spoke to her, she was very fun! (drunk also!) and had the softest skin. I go off after her, managed to talk to her for a bit but she gets sucked into a whirlwind of friends etc. I loose track of her and am sad. Later on I see Paladin talking to his girl and some dickhead trying to amog him. I move in with dark thoughs of amogging in my mind. He was such a dink, I would’t have though P would not have too much trouble dispensing with him. He’s asking Jon if he’s gay and Jon’s bantering with him. I was listening and was just about to launch into “asshole comedian amog mode” when I spot my girl out of the corner of my eye running around like a maniac. God she’s hot. Yad is just up on my left. I say “dude, this asshole is trying to fuck with Paladin, and my target is over there. I’m worried she’s going to go back inside, can you amog this bitch I’m going after this girl” … Yad says “yea sure” and I chase after her. Turns out she’s seeing some guy but she didn’t seem to much into him and gave me her number anyways. I tell her I like being friends with girls first anyways! (yes, that is true, you cynical fucks!)

Later on, Paladin was like “what the fuck dude, where were you when I needed you to wing!!” … I told him I’d went after my target and asked Yad if he would wing you with the asshole dude. Apparently he was nowhere to be seen! I feel bad about this: I pride myself on being a good wing. I guess the lesson is, Don’t delegate winging!! Lol

There was another set I was in outside that was good. 3 girls, all cute. One with big tits, one really tiny and one with dark long hair. The mini one was giving me more ioi’s so I went after her. she may have had a bf, she was being ambivalent but KEPT giving me IOI’s. I was going to get all three of their numbers, but the mini one was like “take my number!” .. she was too drunk. She couldn’t even punch it into my phone! Hahah. She tells me it. The go back in after a while. At the end of the night I was convinced (very much against my will) to go to Leicester square. I pass the mini drunk girl and she waves me over! She’s there was a guy who’s clearly her friend. She was begging me to drag her off. Why else would she wave me over?? HELOOOO I give her a hug and tell her I’ll see her around. What the fuck was I thinking? I should have said to the friend “we’re going for a walk buddy. Back in 10 minutes!” and just taken her to the park. Ah well. Got a date with this pilates instructor girl from ages ago tonight. She had a nice figure!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

4 years from meet to almost close, lol

So last week this girl who I’m kind of friends with contacts me. I think I’d texted her maybe 1 month or 2 before to say hi. We’ve known each other since 2004. I met her in a pub during a comedy show. She was absolutely one of the hottest girls I’d ever, ever seen. I got her number on the premise of inviting her out to another show, or something. We became friends. I never had the balls to really escalate. I never even told her I thought she was hot. One time, sometime back then in 2004, we were getting a bit friendly in a bar. One of her friends was encouraging her to go off with me. We were massaging each other, etc. But that was it. Then one day she told me she’d slept with some guy she’d met. She said she didn’t really like him or anything but he’d convinced her to give him her number, then she met up with him and he was really persistent so she fucked him. Then they became a couple and were together for 4 years. Until a couple of months ago. Aha! When she called I asked her what was new and she said she’s moved out of east London (she used to live with him) so I figured they’d broken up. It was a short call, she said she’d call back but didn’t, I texted her 5 days later – couple of texts back and forth and she said I should make her dinner. So the next day (last night) I get home and I have the place all to myself. My flatmate is off in spain… and I have a friend coming to stay the next day so I though I’d better make use of the place. I call her and catch her on her way home. I tell her I feel like cooking up something, that she should come over! She’s all saying she told her parents she’d come home early but then agrees. We chat quite a bit. I tell her I’ve been teaching game and we have a long talk about it. She’s a skeptic. I recorded the conversation, very amusing. “guys should just be themselves!” ok honey… eventually she relents and sees that game is good.

So she’s a proper alkie and brings a bottle of wine and some coke I’d asked her to grab. I had a Russian bottle of vodka stowed away. I tried to drink (got a bit drunk) and we danced around. Eventually I sat her down and asked why she was still in touch with me. she gave some gay answer like she stays in touch with lots of people. I told her that I though she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met – and that I always like her for what she was like. For always being cool. (She asked, “so you think I’m beautiful on the outside and the inside” and I said “yes” …

After that I just started to and kept escalating. Little step by little step. Biting/kissing her neck and arms, massagin her everywhere. She wouldn’t let me kiss her lips – eventually I could but not with tongue. Then with tongue.

At one point we were almost properly kissing and I said “kiss me” and she said “don’t say it, it should happen naturally” which I took her as saying “it will happen”

Then she said something like “one wrong move and we won’t be able to stay friends” … she also later said (after we’d already been making out a lot, and I’d been sucking on her nipples) “We’ll wake up and we’ll just be friends again, right?” and I said “right. we’ll always be friends” and that was what she wanted to hear

Anyways the last resistance was her saying she was going to sleep on the couch. I was like “nah I’m giving you a proper back rub. There’s no room here. I just wanna cuddle you and sleep, don’t worry”

Go to the bed. Give her a massage. Doing everything to her.. turn her over and lick and kiss her everywhere. She really does have an amazing body too. She had stinky ass smoke breath though (always smoking) and a fish smell from down there. Eek. I didn’t really wanna do it, and she was a bit unresponsive (wasn’t sure if it was an act or what) so I just stopped and said “you better sleep” …

She said “don’t stop”

So I keep at it – eventually she’s grabbin my cock (trousers on) and I’m rubbing her (undies on) but she was grabbin in a rough way that I didn’t like. I wasn’t really that turned on. I just held her and went to sleep

Could have banged her in the morning but I really didn’t give a fuck

Maybe I just wanted to see if I could have done it. Maybe it would have fucked up things (though we’re not really proper friends anyways) .. actually I’d said that at one point when she voiced concern about loosing me as a friend. I’d said “you’re not really a friend. You’re just some girl I know” … she reacted to that – wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. But it was the truth, really.

Anyways it was right there and I didn’t take it – it wasn’t fear of escalation either – I just didn’t want to fuck her. I never had a great connection with her anyways – I was just an orbitor. Hoping one day I’d fall into the pussy. Well, post game, in 1 night I went from “friend” to having her in her undies in my bed grabbing at my cock.

I’d say that was an improvement… it seems so easy escalating. Maybe because I know her it was easier?? Even though there was resistance it just felt natural. I’d never escalated sexually with a girl that I actually know. Like a friend. (well, kinda)

In the morning she gave me a peck on the check and ran off to work!

My sex drive is lowwww :( ... my back being completely fucked doesn't help.

I may regret not sleeping with her in the future but last night/today I just didn’t feel like going for it. Ah well. *sigh*

If she didn’t have stinky breath/stiky vag I think it would have been alright…

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

july 2nd

July 2nd

Completed bootcamp for a couple of students. Not a lot of hotties out. Fun opener with Lion King flag. “Hey, where’s your Lion King flag? Don’t you have one? All the cool kids have got one. Alright you can hold mine for a moment. Wheee!! See how much fun it is! Ok time’s up, give it back!!” Just being goofy but it was fun. Took the guys on the underground for tube game. Some cold ass girls on there today but they learned how to open girls on the tube. One hot Russian was tough!! I was speaking to her in RUSSIAn and she was a tough cookie. One student kept wussing out though he was opening more sets the last sessions. I TOLD these lads not to put too much space between the sessions but they didn’t listen… one of them reverted to AA guy when he was opening seated girls in the park just a few weeks ago. He kept walking towards girls – I told him last time you have to RUN after them or you loose all your steam. He’s like walking at their past – not even closing on them. I told him I’m going to literally kick him in the ass if he doesn’t run. I started doing it and he started running some…

In the starbucks after I opened one cutie with a nice bod. She was very open to it. She was meeting her mom but texted me 30 mins later to meet up with me just after but I’d already met up with a mate so I told her to swing by my area the next day.

On the way home to chill with my mate, this smoking hot girl walks by. I sign and go after her. Then I had the BEST set of the day. Soo great!

All I said was “Hi!

And she was like “Hey!!” – she was so open to talking I actually thought she’d recognized me!!

I said “Listen, I was just with my friend there (Waved to friend) and I saw you walk by, and I just though holy shit you’re hot..i had to come over otherwise (then she interrupts with) “aww thanks that’s really nice of you!”

I didn’t want to waste time as my friend was waiting for me so I said

“don’t tell me. a husband, and 14 kids!”

she said “nope!”

“7 kids!”


“no husband?”


a fiancee!






Aha! I knew it!

Haha nah I’m kidding

Wow. You’re single. There must be something wrong with you …etc.etc

Then I did my usual stuff, telling her she must be needy or crazy to be single! Eventually she said “lawyer” and I said “that would be it! And we laughed…

But the difference was, I really meant it because she was smoking hot, and was pretty cool. She had a great energy!!

After that we had a genuine chat. He last bf was in oct. I said “you must be all (grrr pent up motion) and she said “I don’t need a boyfriend for that!” and I said “hang on are u referring to pleasuring yourself or hittin up a local bar and hooking up with some random guy!” and she said “what do you think?” and I said “both, on rotation??”

Anywho we flirted well and I made the effort to go into comfort and just chat about normal crap. She likes hip hop, I don’t so I made a sad face. I ran away once when she gave the wrong answer and she picked up her bag so leave, as a bluff. I was like “put the bag down!!” hehe bit needy but in a funny way!

Got her number, didn’t wanna make her call me. said I’d leave her a message now to get the ackward first call out of the way. Said “you don’t have a personalized message” and she said she didn’t have time. So I asked her out to her phone, in front of her (2nd time I done that I think) and then had her put my number in her phone in case I got the wrong number. I saw she had a missed call and said “oh u got it. Awesome!”

She said “ooh you’re confident” when I wanted to put mine into hers ( I was just checkin she’d gotten the missed call”

It’s a bit of weak sauce but she was smoking and I didn’t wanna not see her again cuz of a mistake! I hate it when they don’t have personal greetings!!

Then walking home there’s a tall red headed hottie. Chatter her up, stopped her. She was pretty cool, lives around the corner. Again I went into comfort. Told her she was hot a few times in passing. Kissed her checks and said “I’d so makeout with u if I was drunk!” what the fuck?? Anyways she was a bit drunk she claimed (I hadn’t noticed it) and I should have tried to kiss her or even get her back to mine. Why not?? Stuuupid… still those 2 sets were both hot!