Saturday, 28 March 2009

LR - Another Russain/asian girl.

March 28
Just had the easiest lay ever ever. No seduction, no game. Nothing.

I can’t even believe it.

Ok, so 3 of us head down to my favorite club, berns. We fart around the coat check a bit. We’re planning on going to the upstairs bar but I say “let’s just check out the club area first for hotties while we’re down here!” and they agree

So we do like a couple of sets – then I see this Japanese looking hottie with great cleavage. I’m like “hey! I love your outfit, it’s great!” blah blah… we talk a bit and she says she wants to dance. We dance around a bit. She points to her bag and says “I’ll be right back” … I think ok, if she comes back she’s interested, if not, I’ll move on.

She comes back. That’s good.

I do my “you’re so cute I’m gonna steal you!” and pick her up and carry her off a bit then but her back down. I chat to her a bit but she’s more into the dancing. She says she’s thirsty. I say me too and we go to the bar.

At the bar again we talk a little bit but she’s not really offering up conversational threads, just answering mine… I make a comment about Swedish girls being players and she says “no I don’t have a bf – sweedish guys are boring”

Ok well that’s good…

I try talk to her a bit more but she runs off to the dance floor. She didn’t really wait for me this time (which she has before) so I thought that’s probably the end of the set. I was about to leave and I just thought “fuck it, let’s just be direct”

So I come up to her and say “hey listen I think you’re really gorgeous and I wanna get to know you but you seem to be more interested in dancing… I don’t think you like me so I’m going to go”

Then suddenly she became very interested. She said “no no I like you I just wanna dance. Come with me” and then we exit the dance area.

she asks me where I’m staying. I say on my friend’s couch

she says “I have to go home. Do you want to come with me?” … I shoulda hesitated a bit or gave her a loop but I didn’t. I just said “yeah!”

she explained I can come if your “sister” isn’t there (who she lives with) and first she has to check on her “friend” upstairs. As we are walking up there she says “can you wait here? … I say “ok I’ll be dancing in that room”

I dance around a bit and this one ugly girl is staring at me. Her friend later tells me that her “friend” is really shy but thinks I’m the most beautiful guy… and wants to know what I’m doing now. I tell her I’m waiting for a girl I just met. She goes away

As I’m waiting it’s like 5 minutes then 10. everyone is coming downstairs in a flood as they closed the upstairs area (the clocks went forward to 3) so at 2 (soon after we got there) everyone was pouring downstairs

It seemed it was empty up there. I think she’s gone. I curse myself… I should have went with her or done something else

Partially I was thinking “meh I’m here, would be fun to game and meet more girls and maybe find a hotter girl, the night is young!” .. but I decided that this girl was hot and DTF – would be pretty stupid not to go with her if I had the opportunity.

I start going up the stairs and bump into her. I’m like “ok, shall we go?”

Then she explains some Korean guy Is up there talking to the dj who she likes, but she likes me too and she doesn’t know what to do

Well, I knew what to do in this spot. I start kissing her neck and biting her – I try kiss her mouth but she won’t let me. She says “ok let’s go”

Somewhere around this time she asks me if the joke I made about having a big penis was true and I say “well, that part wasn’t a joke!” … she says it was the right thing to say as the Korean guy “probably” has a small penis

We’re on the subway and she’s still fretting about this other guy. I decide I have to put an end to this or I won’t be able to enjoy the whole experience

The train was pulling in. I said “ok, I don’t mind going back to the club, it’s cool. Are you sure you want me to come with you?


Are you totally sure?


Ok, then you can’t talk about this other guy tonight … she quickly agrees. I’m like “I’m not talking about other girls, am i? … she was like ya cool …

We bonded a bit on the metro. It was a tad bit weird at first cuz in every other ons I at least really got to know the girl. Played the question game… sometimes for hours. I really knew nothing about this girl!

Turns out we have quit a bit in common. We’re both Aquarius’s, both like electronic music, had a lot of same tastes etc. both were against marriage.

When we get to hers (sweet pad!) he “sister” (who’s actually her cousin) is there… she’s already determined that and still invited me over – so I don’t know why she put her sister not being home as a condition earlier? … she talks to her in sweedish and then says to me “yea she was naked. Oh she probably thinks you’re the Korean guy!”

Ah I see. She just was worried about her cousin thinking she’s a slut bringing some guy home when she is dating this guy. That’s what’s going on.

Anyways I tell her I want some tea and she makes some. She goes to her room and comes out with a Japanese kimono on. It’s soft… her left boob is 80% out… at this point I really can see her breast and I’m like “oh shit. Bit too perfect – she has fake boobies!!!”

Damn it. I hate fake boobies…. I’m leaning against the counter as she makes the tea … she grabs my cock and smiles. This is the first sexual thing she’s done to me… a cock grab

I love older women (when I say older, she’s 29 which is still older compared to the rest of the girls, even tho I’m 30, hehe)

They are more confident… maybe that’s a part of this whole thing?

Anyways I kiss her and grope her in the kitchen… (still doesn’t let me kiss her with tongue) … she does have a fantastic body… ass, belly, it’s all nice

We go to her room – I give her one of my famous massages. She’s like “wow you really are good!” and I’m like “yea I wasn’t lying about that!”

Later she comments on my cock and I’m like “I wasn’t lying about that either!” hehe

As I’m fucking her she still won’t let me kiss her! She said “yea I have a thing about kissing guys I don’t really know! I was thinking “oh but letting a complete stranger put his cock in your pussy, that’s impersonal?” but I was fucking her and I thought better leave it ;)

She says she hasn’t had sex in a long time – I ask what a long time is and she says a month…

I kept stopping so as not to come… I had a little break after a while (probably the 4th or 5th) and she’s like “I’m so tired, I just wanna sleep. Just let me sleep I’ll be horny in the morning!” … then it was “let me just sleep for a few minutes” … I attacked her some more but she really really wanted to sleep. Damn. I woke up around 8pm so there’s no way I was goin to be able to sleep. I tell her I’m gonna split but I’ll write my facebook down… I toyed with the idea of farting around on the net on her laptop till the morning. I asked her where the computer was. She said “I don’t know if I’m confortable with you using it – what if you put a virus on it??” I’m like “I just fucked you!” and she’s like “yea but you wore a condom. Have u got a condom for the computer?

Hehe… anyways hanging around hoping to fuck in the morning seemed kinda gay – not my style …. I write my name down on a paper and but it weighed down on her table… I went on her laptop and found her email address, which I emailed to myself… just in case she feels slutty and doesn’t add me and I want to see her again…

Couple of things she lied about

Her “friend” upstairs was a guy she’s dating

She said she didn’t drink but in bed said she was actually quite drunk

Interesting – had she found the guy she’d have gone with him – I was like her backup. Women are evil! Yes – pua’s are evil too but women are definitely evil!

Anyways – it felt like 0 game was used but reading back I suppose I’ve just automatic so much shit – it always feels like that these days. But without game would I have

Opened her?
Stuck with her?
Told her she was hot and that I was leaving as a last attempt?
Known to start kissing her when she wasn’t sure about taking me with her?

No. I’d have fucked it up on all counts….

I drank her grapefruit juice and I left.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


I'm in Stockholm. I wanna msg the girl i fucked last time but i feel bad as

1) she has a boyfriend

2) she's a big fat stinky liar

would it not be lowering myself to see her? as a pua should i be out there fucking new girls? she's not THAT hot..

it's a bit of a moral dilemma. my friend here says "YOU aren't in a relationship. SHE is. she's being bad - it's not your problem! bang her!"

fuck it i'll hold out. damn it. me and my stupid principles...

not even that i'd just feel like a dick....

Sunday, 22 March 2009

sexy turkish girl, and WHO!!

March 23

On Thur night went out last minute for my friends to get a drink in town. Opened one set, fun cute Turkish girl dancing. Standard stuff… eventually she goes back to dance after we chat, but leavers her stuff with us so I know she’s coming back. We play question game when she come back. She’s actually smart and asking interesting questions like “what’s more important, for you to love her or for her to love you. If you had to pick one” … anyways her friend is like “hey I’ve met you before” (I have no idea)

Guess who it is. It’s the cockblock from the Russian girl!! OMG!! It IS a small island. This time though she knew better and was quite friendly. She told me on that night a lot of guys were bothering them so she was in a pissy mood. Go figure. She mentioned she knew the Russian had seen me again after that and she was surprised. I asked what else she’d say (well specifilly what happened between us) but she said that she was only told she’d met up with me again, and that she knew the Russian liked me. Awesome – she really didn’t know we’d slept together, which is good!

Anyway long story short, this Turkish girl is good to go. I wouldn’t even say “dtf” more like “ngr” … no game required! She’s just broken up with an asshole BF who’d kinda fucked her over and was out for a good time. Timing really is everything, sometimes.

Anyways it’s 6am and the (former) cockblock has to be up to go to airport to leave the country at 10am. It’s 6am. Even tho the block is like “ok look you can stay but I really have to go sleep” for like 30 mins, the chick just won’t walk away. She loved me. I should have just said to the friend “ok we’re going for a walk but I’ll make sure she’s back for 10” and taken her away. But I was too nice figuring I’d see her again

That was stupid as that was 3 days ago and still, haven’t seen her. Shes been replying to all texts except the last one. We’ll see. Anyways u know the community saying “all girls want sex?” … it should be changed to “all girls want sex NOW” … that midset will lead to far more success. Sigh.

edit: I'd just met up with her. She was sober. I couldn't even kiss her. She was nowhere near as fun as when I met her. that was a window of opportunity that is gone FOREVER


esp when they are drunk and all over you.... jesus

pretty much if you're making out with a girl and it's night time, u should try and fuck them. let me sum it up for you


(i'll add in -at night) so as to prevent accusations of "rape encouragement" but i think you get what i mean.

i'm tired of loosing girls this way. we're on about ooooh 20/25 girls i should have fucked but didn't

that's it. it's over. they're all getting fucked now;

you watch.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Feeling poopy / final seth with my Russian FB


My “Malteese GF” (the Russian) just left here. It it wasn’t for me setting aside my pride, I wouldn’t have seen her last night.

Here’s the scoop.

Basically, it’s like 1am and I’m still in the house. I don’t really feel like going out. I know I SHOULD go out for the following reasons. Malta is DEAD during the week. There’s nobody around at all. So, it being Saturday, I should really get out there. Plus, the Russian is flying out Sunday afternoon back to Russia. If I go into town there is a good chance I’ll hook up with her. Even still, I really really had to forcemyself.

She’d flaked on me the last couple of times I thought I’d get her over. On thur she called to hang out – we walked and had coffee and – actually I wanted to spend some time with her out of the bedroom as I actually like this girl. However, after the walking and talking, I wanted to fuck. (surprise!) … but she had stuff on. Then on Saturday during the day we were supposed to meet at 4. I woke up around then but went back to sleep and woke up at 6pm. No, I don’t have a day job. Fuck you :P

Anyways – I call her and she’s like “oh I had to pack, and now I have to get ready for my graduation party!”

Also, on Friday she could have been over in the day fucking me, but she went shopping instead. What the fuck??? To me, that’s retared. I mean, come on. I’m good in bed and everything!

I’d just presumed I suppose she’s want to get laid as much as possible before leaving the island and I guess I took it personally that she didn’t care too much (or was acting that way) (or figured she’s see me at some point)

Anyways when I called her I wasd a dick on the phone. I was like “oh what are we going to just say bye on the phone?” and she’s like “I guess” (but in that tone of voice where I know she doesn’t mean it) … and I’m like “ok…it was nice to meet you” and she’s let “oh come on!” … and I just said “ok well, bye….”

So pretty gay. Then I was going to sent her a text sayin I wanted to see her but I realized that any text I sent at that point would be coming from a needy place and be full of weak sauce so I didn’t do shit

Eventually when I was in town, I saw some hot girls but really wasn’t in the mood. I opened a couple but I let most go by. Went into some clubs and just wasn’t into it. Around 3am I’m ready to leave. I thought “fuck it, she hasn’t called me so forget her. I can get laid easier than her anyways” …

But then I though it was my reactiveness that caused me not to get laid the night before. It was my fault. So I though “fuck it!”

I guess I pictured vin rames outta pulp fiction. You know that scene (spoiler altert) where he’s telling bruce willis he has to take a fall in the boxing ring? 2 words. I’m paraphrasing but he basically says “when you’re in that ring you’re goin to feel a slight stin. That’s pride fuckin with you…


Ok well, I wasn’t paraphrasing. I found the clip on youtube so I can assure you that’s exactly what he says.


I can text her, and get laid

Or, I can be stubborn and let her leave the country

So I just texted saying it would be nice to say goodbye in person

Bout 10 mins later she calls and we arrange to meet in front of hugo’s.

Her friend is there – she knows what’s up and excuses herself. She is drunk and says “ I wanna get more drunk!” … I’m like “hey, I got vodka at my house!”

Now, I feel a bit weird. I’m trying to get a girl over with BOOZE that I’ve already been with. Haha. That’s not why we got that. But anyways…

She’s all “I don’t wanna come over to your house! I wanna go dance!!” …

I’m like, fuck it. Let’s dance, motherfucker!!

We’re in there, I buy her a drink (oh no! first one for her ever!!) and she goes to say bye to her friends. She cant’ find them. She comes back and I’m dancing alone. She stands there looking at me. I dance around some more. She still just stands there. I’m like, what are you retarded?? I go take her by the hand, bring her to where I was standing and then start dirty dancing with her.

What is she confused? How long would she have stood there watching me dance?? Wtf?? She IS a farmer.

We dance for like 10 mins and it closes.

Nothing else going on so we walk by to mine. She tries to get me to buy her cigarettes as she doesn’t have her wallet (that’s why I agreed to get her a drink btw) … but I’m like “I don’t think so! Hussle yourself a cigarette. Make your little cute face! You’re a girl!” but she’s shy about it

Of course, I make fast friends with this Italian guy outside who gives her a couple. I made a whole show of it – “this girl is going to sleep with me, but only if I get her a couple of cigarettes. You gotta help me out!!” … hahaha. It was funny. I tried to give the guy 50c but he wouldn’t take it.

I met a guy once who smoke for free all the time based on that principle. If you offer people money for a cigarette, they never take it. I told her about the guy and she’s like “you do that?” … I’m like “uhhh first time babe. All for you!”

You don’t have to be a smoker to see how that would work. Hmm.

Anywho we get back … we go on the couch and are hard core making out. I took her clothes off and ate her out on the couch. Then she gave me some head… she was on her knees and everything. If I were someone else that would get me hot, but really it was just a blowjob. I fucked her on the couch. After a bit I’m like “let’s go upstairs!” … we did everything. Went to bed at like 8am and woke up at 10 and fucked again

I came twice. I feel empty and drained and shit. Actually when I’m a bit depressed I find I’m more likely to want to ejaculate – it’s a temporary high. But after you feel even worse. Cumming is like taking extasy. It’s great in the moment but the next day…ughhhh

I told her I was goin to make her cum using my tongue, and I did (Yaaaaaaaaay)

Just to make sure in the morning I was like “hey u almost came there from my mouth” and she’s like “no, I did!!” … i couldn’t help it “and this morning?” … “yes then too” BOOM! 2 for 2!!

So, I’ll always be the first guy who made her cum from oral sex. That’s kinda cool.

Oh last night I’d asked her “hey would u have called me up if I hadn’t texted you?

She says “probably not!”

You see?????????? FUCK PRIDEE

I got this Japanese girl I could meet up with today I said I’d call but … I just couldn’t fuck right now if I wanted

It just occurred to me – the way I’d act right now around a hot girl would be perfect. i’ve just got laid. I couldn’t possibly have more sex. I wouldn’t act needy like I wanted something around even the hottest girl now cuz I really don’t care. I’d still flirt – it’s in my nature. I’d tease, joke, have fun. But there just wouldn’t be a trying to get laid vibe. Cuz I wouldn’t be.

What am I saying? Am I saying jerk off before you go out? Nah, get LAID before you got out. Haha. I know, not everyone has that option. But, just try and keep that in mind. You can be interested in someone but just not project u want something from them… this may seem obvious but it’s just more so after you’d drained yourself of your cemen

Oh we didn’t use a condom the 2nd time we fucked last night either. I joked about it and she’s like no! … so I used one and got rid of it. She was like begging me for more sex but I didn’t let her know I’d come – I just acted I like I was teasing her and kept goin down on her (she came so it worked out) … later I told her I’d come but it didn’t matter then.

Jesus Christ. Let me just say that my buddy T is the horniest cunt I know. He’ll literally fuck every single day no problem. 2, 3 girls in a day. It’s all good. I can’t do that. I’m guess when I was 22 I could come 6 times a day too so maybe it’s normal … jesus. I’m a long way from 22 and I’m only 30. but those 8 years are a motherfucker

To anyone who is young out there (see 25 and under)

FUCK. Fuck all you can. Get good at game NOW. FIND your weaknesses. WORK on them. You can’t just fuck like you can when you’re 20 your whole life…. So GET TO IT.

I’m thinking I should start taking zinc regularly and eat more fruits, nuts, and whatever as I’m not nearly horny enough. Or maybe it’s that I have sex quit a lot?

I asked her just now “hey what if I told u I was a player, that I had ho’s in different country codes!” … she’s like “I don’t think so” …. I asked why. She said “just a feeling”

It’s interesting that I can be a player, but I can and was being completely myself with every girl.

Let me repeat: I’m not changing, lying to, or bein anybody but myself with all the girls that I hook up with.

I’m just being me, with many girls.

I think I’ve finally come to terms with the cat that I can fuck many girls and be ok with it. I don’t know about “being emotionally attached” with many but just for sex it’s totally fine.

The other day I thought “ I can really appreciate the different aspects about thse girls. one has big boobs, one has a super hot bod, one is really hot and nice bod, blah blah. It’s cool – I can enjoy different things with different girls

I guess emotionally that could be done too but I haven’t been in the situation… I remember Mystery being adamant in about ’99 he could love more than one woman at once… I think I’m starting to see how it’s possible….

I guess I am turning into a player.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ugh. Rookie mistake and I hate drunken girls...

Damn. So I see a fucking ridiculously hot girl, right? Tall, wearing almost nothing. You can see her whole stomach/rib cage and my god she has an amazing body. She’s in a rush. I let her pass to see where she’s going – as I suspect into a bar. I go in… I stop her. “damn! You’re really moving fast. Are you on crack? Are you looking for crack or some shit?”

Girl “haha no I’m meeting this guy, this bald guy in a black trenchcoat. Have u seen him?”

“nope! So, blah blah”

Talk to her few minutes, going really well. Then Dave shows up. She’s meeting him.

FUCK. Every fucking hot girl around he’s got his paws into. How amazing is that?

Later we saw her sexy dancing around a pole. It’s mesmerizing. I find myself thinking “wow. I can actually come up to a girl this hot and pick her up and sleep with her”

Not this one. This one would be a bit tricky

But, in General it got me thinking. This game stuff is amazing, you know?

I mean think about it. A couple of years ago, most of the time I wouldn’t even approach such a hot girl. Even theni wouldn’t know what to say, how to act or any shit. Nevermind working the logistics and shit. I just couldn’t do it.

Now, with any girl I’ve got a shot. Unless she’s in a serious relationship – or I don’t get a chance to talk with her

I’d say any single girl you give me 20 minutes with alone, I can get it to a point where they’re going to want to see me again. Probably 5 minutes is enough, if they’ve got a personality. I mean this shit is awesome!! Nobody stops to actually ponder on that. But game is AWESOME! Having game is fucking AWESOME! Nobody is posting “shit, this stuff works, wow!” but more people should be!

Anyways I ran into this hot Indian girl (also very good body) and good lookin’ too… I’d got her numbe a couple of days ago while shoppin. I called her but no reply. She’s like “what I left my phone in the hotel!!” … her and her friends were haaaaaaaaaammered. We roamed the streets and watched fights. This one little crazy Frenchman (after his fight being broken up) just RAN LIKE FUN toward the other guy so nobody could catch him and it kicked off again. This Scottish guy standing around (first time it was being broken up) was like “yea I’m with you mate, let’s get him!” while his French friend was holding him back. He didn’t even know who’s good/bad or what the numbers against him were. He was just up for a fight. Crazy fuck

So this guy tags alone me and these 4 girls. he can talk, but is pretty dumb. Like, really dumb. I’m making progress with my girl and I think I can get her into her hotel room. I made a noob mistake … though I was befriending the fat loudmouth leader she pissed me off. She kept forcing my target to smoke while she was next to me which I hate. Then to drink more. I had a go at her and she just flipped on me. Like flipped. Telling me to leave and stuff. Then my girl was like “maybe you should go” … I calmed them down but it was too late at this point.

Set was over.

I let my emotions get in the way. My hatred of smoking partly, and just that this loudmouth essex girl (yes they were English/Indian) just wasn’t as funny as she thought (or at all, just fat and loud)

I should have told her so. Why was I still nice after the set was over?

Oh – and as they turned on me the Scottish guy threatened to knock me out. This is after I gave him one of my new fancy kama sutra brand condoms. What a piece of shit. After I ask him what’s up he’s like “oh sorry yea I hate girls arguing”


Ugh. After everthing I’ve learned, I let my reactiveness cost me a set. I know I’d have slept with her and she was smoooking

Ah well I’m getting some tomorrow anyways

Oh – got the # from this little Japanese girl today too, may flake but we’ll try it

Friday, 13 March 2009

Malta update. Some funny shit involving an imaginary judge and an underage girl.

March 13th

I should have written some shit earlier in the week but I’m a lazy cunt. I’ll try remember what I can:

I’ve been in Malta the last week. My friend “Natural Dave” lives here. If you haven’t read my blog in the past, he’s an old friend of mine from Canada. He has some really sick game. I’ll leave it at that. My friend Dunners came to visit me from London, and my buddies T and J from Denmark. Duners left on Sunday waaah. But we had some good times. Ok here’s a re-cap so far.

Went out last night. TUESDAY! Fucking sux in Malta during the off season. There is a whole lot of nuthin’ going on. Na ‘meen? For real! Nevertheless we spoke to some women but the quality was far from spectacular. The only cute girls werea group of 17 year old Italian girls. Couple of them were HOT. Illegal in Malta – Morally on the border of my morals. My moral Border. That sounds funny.

Moral Border.

Oh what great adventures can be found there. What dodgy, great adventures. Hehe. I have to say, a couple of those 17 year olds were hot. But, we didn’t go there. Though I think I might have. I know it’s wrong, but damn. Those were some sexy girls. the longer I’m in this the more my morals plummet. Fantastic. At this rate I’ll be makin love to babies by around 2011. That sounds like a great presidential running slogan. “fucking babies by 2011”

I was sucked into one set that was just shiiiiit. 3 boring, unattractive girls. I mean, what the fuck dude? It’was a 3 set, and 3 of us. So I can’t just bail, right? But FUCK. I’ve said before that if my wing opens an ugly ass boring set I am NOT WINGING. Well I did it anyways. I am a wonderful human being. But it was painful, PAINFUL.

WE’ve formed a theory on Malteese girls. They have no game. None. They have no idea how to interact with guys they like. We’ll talk to some girls who are fuckin borin (then later when we’re leaving they give us ioi’s (what, you guys are leaving already? Where are you going?) … though they just sat around and said nothing while we were tryin to chat them up. Unreal.

We finally checked out the strip clubs (they’d been in once before and had repoted on the poor quality of girls)

Yep, the first one was BRUUUUTAL. The guy let’s us take a “free look” promising the high caliber of girls. BRUUUUUUTAL. I wouldn’t sleep with any of these girls for FREE. DAAAAM. Like UGLY, or in some cases, FAT and UGLY. NIIICEEEEeee

I tell the guy we have to go or we have to pay, but they are chatting with these strippers. The guy is poking me like “ok buddy u guys have to pay 17 euro’s” (he was charging just 2 of us as he’s friend’s with dave” .. weird as 2 x 7 is 14, not 17. Anyways I realize trying to talk to Danish pua’s while they are talking to scantily clad fat strippers in near impossible so I walk out. The door guy then harassed them and they promply left.

Ok like one girl has a nice rack, but was fat. And another one was kinda pretty but that was it.

I left the guys early (2am) as I’d had it but nipped into this other (Free) stripclub. There were actually 3 cute girls in there, I was amazed! One kept stealing my favorite shades and could not be trusted. She wouldn’t give them back, I had to steal them back when she wasn’t expecting it. I got bored after about 10 mins and left…

I run into the boys (hello) who check out the second strip club… they left after 3 mins. We all head back

In the morning we piss around on the roof and get a bit of sun. Wrestle a bit. I get attacked by T while holding an impromptu bow staff. I could have fucked him up good … who attacks someone holding a weapon? I have some small scratches on my hand….

Then they left to the airport!! I’m sad L

Now I’m in Malta…all alone, with my friend natural dave and my fuck buddy from the last trip…

That’s right! She wanted to hook up …yaaaaaaaay as she’s very hot. She’s outta here on Sunday but I’ll see her again tomorrow. Right now she’s shopping in Slima. SHOPPING when we could be fucking. What the hell is that???

When I hooked up with her a few nights ago, she was like “ I’m on my period, no noo” blah blah I fucked her and it was fine. What was she moaning about? Dave says the blood dries up if they get horny? I dunno. Are they actually worried we care they are bleeding a bit or what?? I don’t know.

Oh – she doesn’t know how to swim. How weird is that? 22 and can’t swim. It’s weird. And she just learned how to ride a bike! Hahaha. Hey, she comes from a little town in east Russia, so who knows. Her nickname should have been “farmer girl” not “tiny” as it was. Heh. I’ve teased a lot of girls with “farmer” but it’s never really applied like this before. Hehe.

Oh yea, how can I forget this: I met this other hot Russian girl. She seemed very keen, (called me twice) … we go for coffee’s. I’m joking around and it’s going ok. I made one joke she didn’t like about her mom (was a pretty general type of joke) but she got all serious. Then she says “my mom was a virgin when she got married at 24 and I’m a virgin too” … cooooool

What does a pua say to that? “not for long, bitch?” heh… anyways thru the date if I even made some kinda rude joke she’s be like “don’t talk about that! You’re corrupting me!” hahaha it was weird, but in retrospect fucking hilarious. That would be a funny character in a show. Sexy virgin girl. We actually had a pretty good time. I ran into my old FB while I was hanging with her (we’d texted, she figured she’d run into me in pacevill (the club area) as it’s very small. So, I rock into this one bar with one girl in each hand feeling like a pimp. Then like 5 mins later the virgin says “I’m going to borrow her for a minute” and leaves with her! My new set stole my old set!


I run into them again outside and get rid of the virgin to go catch up with my old FB. We talk and she lets me know she’s not with anybody and didn’t hook up with some other guys cuz she was leaving soon and knew I was coming back into town. Sweet – this means I am gonna be getting laid for the next week J … she mentioned the virgin girl was acting like they were best friends. She’d done that with me too. We decide we don’t like her right after my 2nd set # closes my first set. Jesus.

Oh – also that night I saw this girl who was pretty close to a 10 dancin around. One of the ones so hot I was a bit frazzled. I opened her friend (who was also hot but more plump than I like) and joked around with her a bit. Then I ran into her later and joked around with her, told her I loved her friend. I told her I had hot friends in town and we should all hang. We exchange numbers

Only she looks at pics of us and she decided she likes T (I big him up too)

She comes to meet us for a bit while we get coffee and cakes but has to run off to meet someone. We go to leave, but I’d forgotten my sweater in the cafĂ© so I go back for it and as I pass her again she urges me to save her from this guy. I put me arm around her and we walk off. It wasn’t her date, it was some religious guy being weird…. She said her friend flaked on her and she wants to go to the beach and chill with us. We go meet the guys. In the next 45 minutes T gamed the shit out of her and she was ready to fuck. Unfortunately she revealed she was, in fact, 17 and not 18 like she’d told me. This puts him off (illegal on this island. Although, if she’s been fucked before, that IS a legal defense) haha how cool is that? Especially if she’s a bit of a “party girl”

“Your honour – I’d like to bring into evidence, 35 horny guys who all claim to have had sex with the witness. I believe we will conclusively prove that she is not a virgin in the traiditional sense, or any any other sense, as is happens”

Attorney: Objection! The witnesses anal virginity is not in question!

Judge: “Sustained. Let’s keep the questions relevant to the penetration of the witness’s vagina”

Attorney “I’m sorry your honour….”

Ahahahah. Now that IS fuckin funny.

Anyways she kept texting me – eventually I arrange for her to come round but she chickened out last minute! She kept textin about him after that too. Fucking kids, eh? (no pun intended)

There were some other nights out but not a lot happened. I think I got most of it. Hope you enjoyed.

I am a funny fucker. I actually cracked myself up there. Originally, the judge said “The witnesses anal virginity is not in question! “ which may be funnier. However, the way I have it down we get an extra punchine from the judge after. Meh. It works.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Sex with Sweedish babe

Had another One night Stand on Monday. Couple of funny moments

Well, we go out Monday night in Stockholm. That’s right. Monday. Well you see, we’re only in Stockholm for 2 nights. Me and some friends are on our way to Malta to celebrate my big 30th birthday. The first party was in Amsterdam, this will be party #2. The Ryanair flights were piss cheap out of Stockholm, so I thought it would be a good excuse to go there for a couple of days for the boys to check out the sites. (See: HOT WOMEN)

So: Monday. There’s shit out. It’s dead. Dead, dead, dead. The last bar we’re in is this rock bar. There’s a couple of mixed groups but no cuties. Some old biker dude claims he remembers me cuz of my jacket, that we once spoke. I smily politely but have no recollection. I say “let’s bail” but just as we’re about to walk out I think “fuck it” as there was this one cute girl with a couple of friends – couldn’t see the friends from my angle.

So I open her with “gee it’s dead tonight” and she’s quite chatty. We talk for a long while (I saw “we” but really I didn’t do much talking)
I just let her blather on for a while. My friend T is talking to the other two girls and our other friend J is also talking to the 3rd one. Eventually T is making out with his one (who’s actually pretty cute too with MaSSive titties) tho a bit chubbier than I go for. So I start escalating a bit with my one. Nothing major, bit more kino (tho I was doing that from the start) … I go outside with her and try to kiss her but some guy keeps talking to me about my jacket and I can’t get away from him. Damn it. Inside I try kiss her more. She says “Oh my cousin is working on the bar and he’s really protective” as a reason not to make out. Alrighty. I keep trying anyways and eventually (after about 5 attempts) we start making out. Now, in our conversation she asked what I thought about her lips and I said they were nice. She said “lot of guys called them cocksucking lips” and I was like “well I thought it but I was being a gentlemen” … anyways SHE’s making it sexual which is worth noting….

The conversation is actually a bit boring and the logistics are bad. She’s just moved back in with her mum and we’re all staying in a tiny bachelor bad with a virtual stranger. T’s one also is living with her parents. Both girls are 22. So, when everyone’s getting ready to leave I say to her “ok, well my friends are leaving so …..”

Now, this was just really a way to gauge where I was. I found out quick.

“Oh, no… can’t you stay a little longer?”

It’s on. I say “sure, I’ll stay a bit longer – but do you want me to come with you?”

She says “yea I want you to come over but I don’t want my friend to see. Can you pretend you’re going on our same bus or something?”

Hmmm … this is a bit weird. I said to her “wouldn’t your friend want you to have fun if you’re single? Wouldn’t she want you to be happy?”

She explained that her ex (which she broke up with a month ago) was in their same social circle, that her friend was friends with him and she didn’t want to be seen hooking up.

I wanted to discuss strategy with Tais but he’s making out with his one. I’m like “dude come here!” and he’s like “you come here!” … I’m like “no you come here!” … he’s like “fuck you, I’m confy, you come here!” I’m like “dude I really need to talk to you, come here!” … finally he did and we went thru the situation. Hehe… it was like a massive frame war except that wasn’t my intention – I just couldn’t discuss strategy to fuck these girls in front of his girl! That would be a bit akward and counter-productive.

Alright, that kind of makes sense. I tell T the scoop and he says “my one says your one has a boyfriend” … I’m like “naah, they broke up a month ago!” … he’s like “nah, she has a boyfriend” … I’m like “naah, she don’t. your one is just cockblocking hoping you’ll tell me that and it will put me off.”

In the end we walk them to their pus stops. T goes back to the flat and I get on the bus with the girls. they are neighbours as well as best friends and live right next to each other.

We go to their place. She actually has a big ass room at her mom’s place. And a fucking 21” monitor for her computer! SaWeeet!!

We pretty much get down to it. I bit and lick her everywhere and we proceed to make sweet love for a while. I manage to stave off ejaculation for quite some time but then succumb to my lower instincs :(

I give her a nice backrub too and she shows me the values of her cocksucking lips. At one point I was like “omg, are you deepthroating me??” and she’s like “yeah!” … I’m like “so what, did you like practice that or something” (yea kinda stupid question) and she says “when you do something a lot you get good at it”

We sleep

I attack her again in the morning. I manage not to come but after a session my willy goes back to normal pesky size and the condom falls off. Now, I’ve only got 2 condoms so I plan on using that one some more.

I managed to get in back on but the elastic bit on the end is sort of nearer the end of my penis which feels a bit weird. It doesn’t really work. I consider rolling the condom out and then putting it on again (as originally) but then decide that’s just silly.

I decide to just make her give me another blowjob and treat myself by blowing a load in her mouth. This was a waste as I’d already experienced the orgasm while holing in the cemen…. It actually felt weird letting it out after this. I guess I’m at a point where letting it out is counter-productive entirely (or at least sometimes)

The first couple of blowjobs weren’t great as she didn’t listen to instructions and was giving me porn style blowjob as 99% of men like them. On the 3rd one she slowed it down after I told her about 15 times and it was quite good….

After this we louge about and around like 5pm we decide to nip out for some pizza. As a sweedish girl she was ready to pay herself but I thought I’d treat him. I actually joked “I usually tell girls I can’t pay for them as then I’d wonder why they slept with me if anything happened” (it’s one of my little routines) but told her as I’d already slept with her it was my treat. That’s right. 6 euros. Right there.

What a sucker.

She walked me to the metro station…I said I’d be in town next month and she said to give her a call. I said “bah, with my luck you’ll probably have a boyfriend by then!” and she just did that dismissive wave like “yea riiiight”

The next day, my friends target (the pretty girl with big titties) comes round to the flat for a booty call. We’re gonna head out and see what’s what on a tues and give them some time to do their thing. I say to her “you’re a bad girl”

She says “why?”

I say “you know why!”

She says “no I don’t!”

I say “you told me she had a boyfriend. Tryin to cockblock!”

She says “what!! She HAS a boyfriend. They been together for 6 years! He’s over there right now!”


It gets worse. In the morning as we were cuddling/rubbing/fucking/sucking her phone kept ringing off the HOOK. I said to her “you can pick up if you want. I think it’s funny you speaking on the phone as I do stuff to you”

She picked up the phone and I heard it was a guy on the other end. He called again later and she spoke to him a bit … I was fingering her hard trying to make her give her away what’s going on. It was a little game

Her phone was ringing so much I told her to turn if off. 5 mins later he mom is at the door, she talks to her and comes back to bed. She says “that’s what happens when you turn off your phone. One of my friends called her landline.”

So – after she spoke to the guy I actually said “who dat?” she replied “just a friend” … I said “he probably wants to sleep with you!” and she said “Yea, he probably does”

Well that was her motherfucking boyfriend. She spoke to him on the phone while I had my fingers inside her.

That ain’t right.

It gets worse. Well, better depending on who you are

As we’re talking in the flat, the friend said “wow. I called her today and asked if she did anything stupid. She said nothing happened with sasha” …. WoW! I’d just arrived at the flat at 7pm, she came over at 9 … I was joking around how we could have gotten the metro over together!

Then she had a revelation “Shit. My ex boyfriend told me that the night I broke up with him he slept with her, but she said he was lying and denied sleeping with him!!”

Well, she knows what happened now!

Guess she owes her ex an apology!

So what’s the moral of the story? Girls lie like/manipulate the facts and make up shit when they wanna get laid. {Manipulating biaathces!! =)}

That, and girls cheat on their bf’s with disdain.

Now, to a lot of “pua’s” none of this will come as a big shock. I, however (so far) have never really gone after girls with boyfriends. They don’t interest me. I didn’t go for one tonight, I really didn’t know.

Should feel bad? T says “fuck no dog!” … I do feel a bit guilty. Poor guy. How would I like finding out some dude was fingering my GF as I was talking to her on the phone? That is some fucked up shit. I hope he never finds out…

The final punchline:

Just yesterday T’s on facebook. He turns to me “Yea my girl messaged me. She says your one still denies you two ever had sex!”

We laughed. Loud ;)