Thursday, 20 November 2008

Broke my loosing streak!

Alright I know it's a blog about sarging but I was on SUCH a bad run playing poker it was fucking me up. Yesterday I made the final table in a tourney and the made some money on the cash tables too, officially breaking my loosing streak! yay!

Today I did 2 approaches and 2 (I think) solid # closes. The amazing thing is they were at night which isn't my forte... but I did great! I ran my standard daygame shit and they loved it. I'm realizing if you're fun and confident etc - that shit will work anywhere anytime. It's just harder to do anything that involved talking at 140 decibels. However, we went to a jazz bar and at the bar I approach a fucking HOT turkish girl. Once again, turkish girls can be REALLY HOT! her friend wasn't but she didn't get in the way. I joked around with them for a bit, then when my target said something I misinterpretet (purposely) as offensive I was like "ok, see ya!" and walked off as they cracked up. Then like 3 mins later I went back to say "me and my friend are sitting over there, come join us" and she said "in 2 mins!" ... so they come around and join us. but before too long she said they have to go! (they were staying with a friend and had to get back) ... so i made a sad face and didnt' react as she was putting her coat in. i just kept the sad face and didn't do anythin to see what she'd so. she lingered. her friend had walked off and she was like "ok come to (nameoftown she lives in) and I was like uhhuh..... and she gave me this cute look. she was waiting for me so I wasn't going to dissapoint. "Hey, let's get a coffee or a drink sometime. give me your number!" and I had her call me. as she left she said "see you then!" and she tried to hug me. Now, earlier on by the bar she said "you're so huggy!" so i stopped the kino so at the end I refused to give her one and she said "ha, whatever, you wanna kiss me!" and i was like "naah! get outta here!" so she walked out.

can you guess what i did next?

yeah - i waited till she was outside, then i ran up behind her and LIFTED her off the ground with a massive hug as she screamed in terror. ahhaha. then i grabbed her head, gave her a big kiss on the face and ran off. I heard her yell "you scared me!!"

we get some food and i see her passing with her friend (and their other friend they'd met) and i slapped her ass as she went by. she turned around "fuck o....oh!" hehe....

anyways we hit this other bar and this smoking hot girl and her friend are walking by. i do it Dr. Yen syle and grab her "You are fucking gorgeous!" and immediatly i've got hook point. i didn't have to do sHIT else - I already had her. amazing. I ran my normal shit which she just loved. i went ballistic when she told me she was single. looking at her friend "he has dead children's bodies in her basement right? come on... what's going on here" .... great. They were going for a smoke and I say "i'll be in here. come find me" and she's like "i will" ... her FRIEND then comes up and says "will you be downstairs?" and i say "sure" and grab my friend and go downstairs. we hung around there for a bit and saw them come down. i see they are there with 2 guys. fuck. well, i go in anyways and just start talkin to her. i'm like "you're making this hard on me, you've got the competition sitting behing you!" and she's like "no these are my friends" and the guys go for a smoke. couple minutes of banter i'm like "ok well i'll be next door but if i don't see you give me your number and i'll give you a call sometime" and she is happy to oblige. this girl was fuckin hot also. maaaaaaaan i've been avoiding it but i may just start takin pics and stickin them on this blog.

then we went to this other party that sucked ... i figured it out before we went in so we avoided paying the cover and then snuck into this frat party because my friend knew a student who was also a comic. he said we could get in trouble if we were discovered. the chicks were in some cases hot but mainly not. the guys were all fucking hammered. like amazingly totally hammered. it was like being right back in london ,haha. some drunk guy heard us speaking english on the way out and said we could get in trouble if certain people found out we were there. take a fucking chill pill it's a party. i mean, wtf? i don't think there were enough sober guys in the place to being to take down the two of us frankly. i reckon i could take 3/4 hammered dudes out if it came down to it. i got a yellow belt in karate after all...

anyways i'm back on it. it's all good. i'll be fucking in a week or two. game is easy!! i don't know what i was moaning about 2 days ago. moan moan moan like a little bitch

oh i'm commitin to finishing reading 3 e books i started and watching johnny soporno's vids...

read almost half of gunwitch so far. some good stuff at the start

then gotta read my buddy ace pua's e book, and sin's e book. these guys are my friends and i haven't read their fucking books!! (well i don't know gunwitch but i heard it's good)

i'll let u guys know what i think when i finish!!

oh i texted the girl from the street set and she insta replied...

oh i almost forgot. i filmed some vids of me - one street sarge and just me talking game being goofy. this blog is farily anonymous with no pics - i'm debating whether to including vids on here and shit? i guess i should - they'll be going on you tube. what am i worried about, exactly??

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Been just playing poker in Amsterdam. on a shitty loosing streak (for those that don't know it's one of my job's along comedy and teaching game)

i'm getting fucked over left right and center! hard to be in sarging mood but i've opened a few sets

one girl seemed keen but she had a BF but gave me her card. will invite her out to a gig

got another number from a cute yesterday on the street but wasn't solid. she was 19ish i think. a couple girls outright refused to give me their number!! WTF!

oh i went on instant date with some girl who recognized me who i'd opened before months ago. she was keep but was nuts. kept scratching me - like we'd fight but it would escalate. i slapped her in the face in a jokey way and eventually she ran off. i could tell she was a proper nutter so i let her go. it would have been trouble, that's for sure. spend 2 hours with her... bit of a waste but oh well...

weather is shit also.... but i have exactly 0 women. no sex. nothing going on. what a disaster! plus i lost my phone with all my numbers in it. i had a couple hotties in there... ah well. i'm a little pissy but not really. i kinda wish i had those numbers tho couple of those girls were smoking. i been sending a few myspace message around for online game. johnny says that shit is good so we'll see....

sigh.... life is shit right now! :(

Sunday, 9 November 2008

nov 9th a very short set

me riding on my bike in amsterdam. spot a hot girl

"hey i was riding my bike and i saw you walking and thought you were totally cute - i had to turn around and say hi. wow you look really young. how old are you?"


"Guess I'll just a keep on ridin'"

Thursday, 6 November 2008

nov 5th, stripper game in Toronto!

Nov 5th
Flying away tomorrow to Amsterdam
Had dinner with some friends and then we went to the bestest strip club in Toronto – the brass rail! Yes there were some hot ass girls

I opened maybe 4. spoke to this one girl for maybe 5 mins. Great face, stunning body and abs (but small breasts) … She was hot as FUCK. I opened her with something so perfect and powerful that I came up with it absolutely blew her away. I’m afraid I’m putting that in my “personal collection” for students only. It’s THAT good. But for those of you who read my blog I’m sure you can imagine what it was. Heheh … I BLAMED her for fucking up my night and walked off, turning back at the last second to ask her name. After that is was pretty on. We had a really good chat and she said she wanted to hang out… offered her # and I said “facebook me girl, I’m off to Amsterdam!”

This other one I kind of implemented a concept my mate dave told me ages ago which now I’ve heard taught elsewhere – where you just have a small interaction with the girl first. In my case, I said something funny to her and walked off. It’s great cuz you’re offering value and you’re not asking for anything at all. So you walk off and they’re like “wow, he’s cool!” … I’ve done this before and forgotten about it, but it’s great. Also you don’t’ have to worry about a “follow up” … you just say your piece and move on. Then when you re-open you kind of know them a bit or have had an interaction. Adam Lyons teaches this also where he gets you to go around and just meet everyone in the club and remember their name. then later when you re open them with “hey jenny, how’s it going?” it’s like a warm approach. You know their name…you’re in…. It’s great stuff! Anyways, this song was playing where the lyric is “she’s a MAN EATER… “ you know the one. Well I made eye contact right then, so I said to her “wow, we made eye contact right where she said “you’re a man eater!” … that’s a sign! (wink) and just kept walking. Few minutes later when I opened her she was already all smiles. Had my general fun banter. Then I told her she’s fucking hot and she avoided the BF routine. She said she messes around with a couple of girls that are there. I asked if they ever throw a man in the mix. She said yes. I said I’d love to fuck her … she asked when I’m leaving town and I said tomorrow. “it’s gotta be tonight baby!” I give her my number. the bouncer yells at us for blocking the isle and I bid her farewell.

God talkint to strippers is easy cuz they are fucking bored. And most guys in there really have no game. Some girl was trying to get me to get dances from her and I said “I don’t need to, I have game, baby” and she actually said “if you had game you wouldn’t be in here!” … OUCH!! I said “meh, I’m here supporting a friend.” … anyways…. I think strippers should be easier to fuck. They’re clearly sexually liberated. I’m going to try and master stripper game. I’m going to go to strip clubs once per week … I think I could really get good at it: anyone could. And I know think it would take that long, either!

Also I had a chat with the stripped that I almost had a 3 some with, in the late 90’s with Mystery. Man she loves ripping into him. I learned more shit about him. She fucking really hates his guts, lol. I’m not going to put that on here but wow. Fucking amazing. She couldn’t believe it when I told her what he’s up to now. I’ve just emailed her his ebook etc and info about his show. She’ll shit herself, I’m sure.

Anywho it was fun. Strippers really are just normal soulless girls trying to earn some coin. Kidding. Only half of them are soulless. Basically u can tell in about a minute if you can steer the conversation away from lapdances and have a real chat with her. if she JUST wants your money, move on to the next one. Also, the really hot ones are always super busy doing dances in the back, you don’t even see them. So if you DO see a super hot one, open her RIGHT away. Don’t hesitate as you may not see her for the rest of the night! I’ve developed some great fucking lines for strippers. Gonna keep working on them.

Why do I even wanna bang strippers? Who cares? Is it an ego thing? Maybe. Probably. But I don’t care. They’re hot and their naked up there strutting their stuff and I wanna be able to just fuck the shit out of them. Is that so bad?

Mmmmmm …. Belly buttons…. (homer simpson drooling sound….)

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow! Bye bye Canada!!! Can’t wait!!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

nov 3rd update

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Whaddaup ya’ll!
Just an update: nothing major has happened, no lays :(
Let’s see, on haloween we went to this club that had a UFT party. IT was mainly girls that were HOT! Seriously! The music was SO loud it was killing me. I really don’t like that kind of environment. I spoke to a few girls but nothing much happened. As soon as we left the club we linked up and went to fran’s with these girls. My one was very hot 20 year old Indian. She’s a virgin!! Aack!! Had my hands all over her, no kiss. Hopefully seeing her before I go to Amsterdam

The bartender – I called her and she told me she’s hooked up with some guy – I met up with her anyways but she was tired after work and there was nothing going on. She was really up for it before I went to l.a – but hey – 10 days can change everything, you know? Moving around a lot is not good for your game (unless you’re a night game guy!)
the balerina: she flaked after a great fist date. she had the boyfriend/girlfriend standard mindset. i tried but i'm not sure i put it accross right. ah well... will keep working on it. this re-enforces my rule: don't get too fresh if you can't fuck. also, don't go on day 2's during the week when girls have to be up early. it's just not good.

Saw this girl I had a date with a few weeks ago. She came round to Johnny Soporno’s place and we hung with him, his porn star girlfriend and a couple of his friends. Good guys. We watched highlander! But right after the movie she had to split as she’s gotta be up at 5.30am.
I was really determined and actually dragged her to a restaurant to get rice pudding but after she said down she was like “I have to sleep or I’ll be useless tommor!”
I told her she should take wed off from her martial arts class to make sweet love. She’s like “ok I’ll hang out with you but we’re not going to have sex!” and I said “ok, as long as I get your boobies in my mouth!” and she’s like “no!” … anyways I’ll see

Going back I was horny and I opened this cute Korean girl who was SO fucking cold to any sexual stuff. I hung out with her for like 45 mintes but if I tried to kiss her check or hug her she’s get freaked out. She’s been single for a year, no sex. Played the question game: she doesn’t even masturbate!! I’m thinking if I can get her horny maybe I can do this. She kept saying “ I think you’re wasting your time” but she kept stickin around. Fuck it. I tried.

I realized something: you probably CAN lay (virtually) any girl but it’s just a matter of time. You need to realize (realistically) how much time you’ll have to put in to lay a girl. It’s a matter of how easy the girl is, how horny she is, how much she likes you initially, and how tight your game is. If you meet a girl like this one, in a club, just fucking move on. However I realized today that really investing and plowing and building comfort is the way to success with any particular girl. It occurred to me that maybe I should pretend, when I open some hot girl on the street (where there are tons of girls) I have to act like there ARE no other girls around, you know? Maybe too much abundance is bad for my game. How hard am I going to try knowing I can wait a couple of minutes and just open the next got girl that walks by?? I let too many sets just get away even tho I chase some
CHASE THEM ALL! Pretend that IS the LAST hot girl in the WORLD! Your LAST chance at sex. Your LAST chance at a GIRLFRIEND> your last chance for HAPPYNESS!! There she goes!! She’s running away! FUCKING GO AFTER HER!!! the sets not over till she COMPLETELY dismisses you
i.e “Fuck off”
or “no really, I have a boyfriend. I’m not inetersted”
if she just says “thanks” and keeps walking, go after her. if she does anything other than make it VERY clear she’s not interested, GO GO GO!!!

oh i just got this email from this guy who loves my blog. here it is.
" Stumbled across your blog a while back. Hands down the best PUA blog I've seen. Best combination of methods, underlying psych & relevant stories I've found. To me, it seems like your blog is an afterthought, a sideshow to the main event. Nice work. "
awwwwwww. isn't that sweet? I knew he was buttering me up ad he send me another message right after asking if I wanted to meet up for some "three way fun" ... and that I had to bring the girl. Typical value taker!!
I'm kidding. There was no such second email. Anyways, thanks buddy. Good to know someone is reading this shit!! :) and NO, i'm NOT goint to SLEEP with you!!

Hanging with Johnny was cool. He’s ALWAYS teaching this stuff. He really loves it! I feel privileged to be exposed to him and his ways. I understand what he’s saying – I just need to put it into actual. I lack the self control….
I gotta watch his damn video’s on his site!

Oh I spoke to my buddy dave on msn. I asked him about escalation as I got an email about it from a guy and was talking to him about it. Here’s his reply...

touch the hand, back off.. kiss on the cheek, slow.. back off.. kiss, just a fleeting brush on the lips, back off.. deep kissing, back off maybe still holding hands.. hands on nipples while kissing, back off... hand on vagina, back off.. sooner or later you have her so hot she attacks you …
women are cats
chase and they run
sit still and they hop on your lap
make sure that every impression you give them is a positive one to their instincts
but then walk away
The tao of steve.. i still have to see it
be desireless, be excellent, walk away
whether it's a girlfriend, a chick I just met, or one who for the last 12 hours has been chasing me and sticking her tongue down her throat... The minute I start persuing in that certain way, they run. Either out of fear, or not finding it attractive, or just finding it fun to be chased and playing hard to get (the last one is ok sometimes, like tag. You're it.. then she's it.. you play back and
forth.. that's great actually, gets em really hot)

Dave’s my natural friend. He’s 40 and is always fucking several girls ranging from 18-29
Can you see why? Heh….I’ll have to interview him at some point!! Hehe