Friday, 20 February 2009


Oh I’m talking to this hottie on FB chat I met ages ago. We have good chemistry. Anyways we’re talking about pickup and stuff, and I asked her if she ever gives her number out then ignores guys. She said no, she only gives her number out to guys she wants to see again.

Then she tells me that one of her friends (when asked for her number) gives out HER number. So she sometimes gets texts from guys she’s never met saying “hey was lovely to meet you, let’s get together for a drink some time” and she has to call her friend and ask who these guys are.

Waaaaaahahahaha. Now THAT is funny.

I just read "the rules" ...

In the last couple of days I’ve gained access to an array of other books – I’m staying at my mate’s house in Copenhagen. So I’ve started reading “think and grow rich” and “The rules” … (that’s right, the female version of “the game!”

A lot of the stuff they are telling girls to do is virtually the same as we’re taught to do in the community.
Some similiarities:

“Be a creature like no other” – be different, fun, mysterious

“don’t talk too much”

Always end dates/phone conversations first

Don’t open up too fast/early on

The Next! Policy (we’ve got that covered!)

Don’t be needy or pressure the othe person (in their case, for marriage)

Have a life – be busy

Some of the stuff they teach is different or simply not relevant to most male pua’s.
Such as:

“stop dating him if he doesn’t give you a romantic gift for your birthday or valentine’s day”

This makes sense. If I was crazy about a girl, I’d get her something sappy on her birthday, for sure.

“don’t accept a Saturday night date after wed” yep – makes good sense too though not really relevant for pua’s.

On the other hand, some of the stuff is ABSOLUTELY RETARDED.

Take for example rule number two “Don’t talk to a man first”

I’m going to copy into here a quote from this chapter for you guys. Here goes.

P 28, paragraph 3.

“by talking to a man first, we interfere with whatever was supposed to happen or not happen, perhaps causing a conversation or a date to occur that was never meant to be and inevitably getting hurt in the process. Eventually, he’ll talk to the girl he really wants and drop you. Yes, we manage to rationalize that behavior by telling youselves “He’s shy” or “I’m just being friendly.” Are men really shy? We might as well tackle this question right now. Perhaps a therapist would say so, but we believe that most men are not shy, just not really, really interested if they don’t approach you. It’s hard to accept that, we know. It’s also hard waiting for the right one – the one who talks to you first, calls, and basically does most of the work in the beginning of the relationship because he must have you. “


What flawed, negative logic. This paragraph puts women back about 50 years.

I guess these girls have never heard of approach anxiety! Can they really be so na├»ve? I suspect they are not: More likely they are twisting things to their version of reality. I’m sure it makes it a lot easier for “rules” girls to believe that a man that doesn’t approach her doesn’t really want her. But it simply isn’t true!

I’d like to explain to the authors of this book that in fact, just the opposite is true! Often, the girl a guy really wants to talk to are the most difficult to approach! When a man sees a woman that really blows her away, he heart skips a beat – he’s not just intimidated – he’s often terrified to approach her! What is she rejects him? Laughs at him? Tells him to fuck off? Of course most girls are quite polite and these terrible scenario’s rarely occur. But that’s what’s running through our heads when we see a woman that we are really attracted to!

Claudia schiffer is standing on a corner.
A man looks at her, and pauses for a moment.
He shrugs his shoulders and walks off in the other direction.
I guess he just didn’t like her enough, right?


Here’s the sinister part:
They actually encourage you to hide what you’re really like, hide any bad qualities or baggage, keep your mouth shut, and play hard to get and wait till the guy is in love with you before you show him your true self. WHAT?? What kind of a guy is going to fall for you don’t open up and are purposefully boring and aloof?

Simply put, if game is tricking girls into bed, then the “rules” is tricking guys into marriage. Which is, in my opinion, FAR worse. Like, infinitely worse. Even if you sleep with a guy, he turns out to be a dick – you’re not scarred for life. With a bit of luck you had a good night and you’ll move on. Unless you let some guy shag you without a condom, he gives you herpes and then you are scarred for life. Even still, I’d have to say that’s not as bad as waking up next to some woman you don’t really know that manipulated you into marriage.

However, as we know, game isn’t about tricking girls into bed. Not real game. Maybe for some guys out there, but I don’t think for the majority. But in this book, it really, really is about fooling a guy into marrying you. They are totally open about it! They have only one goal! Marriage!!

I find this not just off putting, but actually kind of creepy. Well no, I find it really creepy.

Oh wait – holy shit. I think I just got why girls find guys who just wanna get in their pants creepy. Ooooooooooh wow. Fuck. Yep. That is, actually, pretty creepy too.


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Feb 17th
I’d read half of this book called “influence” by Robert cialdini. it’s great for game and for sales/business. Great stuff. I can see the matrix for everything anyone has ever sold/tried to sell to me, or anyone else. It’s really fascinating the psychology of it. Really it’s a book on psychology. It just goes into great detail on stuff… Like how you get someone to go thru a tiny loop, next thing you know you’ve sold them your most expensive package. I learned that most humans want to be seen as consistent – that is is an appealing quality.

In one example, someone calls people in a neighbourhood asking if they are willing to put this big ugly sign about “road safety” in their lawns. He’d have this picture of the sing showing how ugly it is on someone’s lawn. Like over 90% or something said “no!”

For the second group, someone would, a week before, call around asking people if they support safe driving. Of course everyone says yes – then he’s ask if they would just put a small sticker in their window proclaiming such. Almost everyone was OK with it.

Then, a week later someone would come around the houses of these people and ask about the big ugly sign. 55% of the people said YES!

The reason? They’d already adjusted their views of themselves as someone who supports road safety. Saying no would make them out to be hypocrites, so they agreed!!

Now, of course, saying no doesn’t actually make them hypocrites – you can support road safety and not want an ugly fucking sign on your lawn – but most people didn’t work that out and voila. They got what they wanted.

This is just one example of many, many fascinating ones. And I’ve only read half the damn book! My mate is ordering is online so I’ll finish it soon!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sex with a big titted, horny, 18 year old voluptuous dutch girl

Feb 17th
On Thursday I went to paridiso. It was student night. Holy shit there were a lot of hotites. GOD DAMN! Fucking amazing. I spoke to loooads of girls. first one actually game me ioi and I chatted to her. It was too early as she was with her 2 friends. Later I found the 2 friends who were being chatted up by these 2 guys. I asked the girls where my target was and they said she went to pee. Now I SHOULD have just hung around as this was good logictics – but – I didn’t … then I lost them and didn’t see her again. Moral: Don't do that. It would take too long to go thru all my sets. Got a couple of numbers (gay) but then eventually found this girl near the coat check. She was short, big boogs and pretty – with big eyes. And sexy lips! Dutch …. Spoke to her – her friend went off with some guy so she was alone. After a few mins I bounce her across the street for a bite. She tells me she’s 18, only ever been with 2 guys, never had an orgasm. I told her I’m into tantric and love making girls come. I express how shocked I am she’s never had a good lover. I tell her if I hadn’t given up my Amsterdam flat yesterday (doh!) I’d have seduced her and had her come over. We make out and I arrange to meet her on Sunday I called her on Saturday and chatted a bit. She still wants to meet up. Cool. I arrange for a flat and she comes around on Sunday. Bit of small talk, give her the tour with my bedroom last. I push her on the bed, jump on her, cuddle her and make out… she’s come over for sex and as I thought there were no issues whatsoever – I wanted to make it a bit special so I got her top off and gave her a little massage first (no rush this time, she told her parents she’s stayin over at her best friend’s house!) … she’s a great kisser! She’s a bit shy in bed but that’s ok as I don’t mind taking the lead… she doesn’t wanna go down on me, but after a good sessions of fucking I say to her “if I go take a shower, will you give me a blowjob when I get back?” and she nods her head. Cool. I come back, we make out and she goes to town. Not bad – I tell her how I like head and she does it EXACTLY that way! Fuck! She’s a natural. I mean, really good. Ooooooh… I have like 3 mini orgasms before I throw her on the bed and give her a thorough seeing to. God she has lovely breasts. We fucked a whole shitload of times. Then in the morning again. I managed not to ejaculate on any of my multiple orgasms. I am a good boy!! I didn’t even want to, to be fair. Awesoooome. I’m back on tantric track. (ha!) … (fuck you, I thought it was cute) No game was really used or needed (well hardly) … It was a very David X type of pickup.
I met her, spoke to her, saw she was interested in sex. I told her I wanted sex. She said she wanted sex. I told her I’d give her good sex. She agreed to come over. She came over, we had good sex. That’s it really. We didn't have comfort or anything... we talked maybe 20 mins in total on the night and then 3 mins on the phone.
She’s coming over again tonight. Then I’m off to copehagen on wed…. almost a pity. If she had a personality I might even miss her a bit. Thank fuck for boring girls! I’m actually scared what will happen if I find one I actually like. Bah, better not worry about it for now….I wanna get me a really hot skinny girl in copenhagen. This last one wasn’t skinny like I love. She was just a bit plumper than I normally go for, but very sexy. Hmm maybe my sexual tastes are expanding? I wouldn’t have gone for her 6 months ago I don’t think….

3 girls in 3 weeks. I guess i'm on a roll....

oh - if anyone is wondering, i stopped givin a fuck about my night game challenge. i don't like night game really. tho some nights i'm on pretty good - when i'm in the mood. i don't have time or really the desire to go out a lot at night - why should i? i can meet any girl i want in real life, what's the point of making a special effort to go out to meet women? it's actually pretty stupid.

my life is a challenge. build a successful pua coaching business, fuck the hottest girls, learn lots of stuff about marketing, game, girls, myself, ....

life is one big challenge. i don't need to go out to nightclubs lol

but i may have little mini challenges.

one i though may be interesting is go out, and just try befriend loads of hot girls. run "friend game" for a few weeks. don't try get in their pants - see how many would actually try and fuck ME, you know?

that sounds fun. anyways ... copenhagen tommorow... can't wait! i'll be filming some daygame shit there too for the next couple of weeks so i'll post some links when i get that stuff online...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Feb 11th (no, i'm not dead!) But I AM a year older!


Yes yes, I haven’t posted in a while. Aww - I'm flattered that someone out there is antsy that I haven't posted in a while! How sweet! you DO love me!! lol
Not a lot was happening. Then something happened. Then it was my birthday. So fuck you.

I went to Zurich last week to do a talk with my buddy Ace.

What a hellhole. I mean really, holy shit.

Boring people. Girls weren’t hot, and they had bitch shields like they were 10’s.

Went to this one big club. I never had so many blowouts in one night. And I was in good state running good game. Well I don’t really run “game” as such but… you get the drift

People that weren’t even involved were cockblocking

Like, I re open this one German girl, and some dude at the bar is like “you don’t have a chance with her, buddy” …. I’m like “you don’t even KNOW here, dude!”

Jesus Christ. THAT’S how bad it is there, that guys are so sure of failure they’ll even tell other guys to forget about it. Nice.

One girl told me to fuck off before I opened my mouth

Other girls would literally just pull their friends away as I opened. All I’d say was “hey!” or “what up party people!” with a smile.

Literally, dragged them away.

I’ve never seen more cunty girls in my life, anywhere

If there is a hell for PUA’s it’s Switzerland. This is where Sinning PUA’s go when they die. Or maybe it’s just Zurich. Or maybe it was just that club. I can’t say for certain. I CAN say for certain I will never, ever, under any circumstances, go back to Zurich. Ever. At any point. Honestly. It was brutal.

Everyone I spoke to was boring as fuck. AS FUCK. Like unbelievable mind blowingly boring. Honestly. It was just painful.

AMAZINGLY I still got some. Just barely.

I was stuck in my mate’s flat as I refused to go out (as it was studly expensive even to take the train) … so I just read books. Got thru almost 2 novels.

The art of learning which was good, and some book on eating pussy which I almost finished. *hah* … “she comes first” I think it was called.

Erm – I’d met this girl online and she was up for getting a coffee

We meet up on Monday I think it was. She was cute and looked like she had a nice bod. I told her everything about PUA. My job, all this shit I know about girls, loads of stuff about game and female psychology. Also I told her I do tantric sex, etc. She thought it was really cool. I was the most interesting person she’s met in either years, or ever. I could tell

I didn’t escalate her at all as I was meeting another girl right after her.

At the end, just before she left the bar (I told her to go first so she wouldn’t ruin my chances with the other girl) she says “won’t you give me a kiss?” and I said “what kind of kiss?” just before she moved in. we make out. She says “:wow you’re a good kisser….”

During our date I’d put the seed into her head that maybe we could see each other on wed.

Then, on tues I messaged her asking if she wants to come see me at my friends house (which is a 90 minute train ride from her place)

She wrote:

the thing is... from where i live to you it takes me1.5 hour. and i can only take the train at 7pm. so iwould arrive around 8.40 and would have totake the last train at 11.14. so tell me, what couldmake me think 3hours of train are worth 2 hours offun? ;) give me a good reason and i'll think aboutit!

I wrote back quite a sexually charged message, insinuating she’s going to get fucked and promising her a good massage.

Her reply was “ok, if I’m goin to get a great massage then it’s worth it”


The interesting thing is, I actually explained to her that women need a reason to go to a guy’s house for sex not to feel slutty. I actually said, I’ll say to a girl “hey, come over to watch a movie, or for a massage” … and she was like “that’s totally true, we don’t wanna feel slutty….”

And yet I do the move on her and she’s down. Hahahah. I find this hilarious! As my buddy Ace said “knowing you’re in the matrix doesn’t get you out of the matrix” … or something. Heh.

Anyways I learned another lesson

If you get a girl in your room, and you’re giving her a massage and you’re rock hard – fuck her. Don’t wait too long. I waited till she almost had to go then my dick had decided it had enough … and refused to co-operate! I’m getting old!! arrgghhhhh

She wasn’t very giving in bed and was.. you guessed it – pretty boring.

Still, she had a fucking amazing body. She thought her body was crap, but it was hot, really hot! Women are weird….

Anyways – I go to Amsterdam and some (pua) firneds from London come to party with me. WE take mushrooms. It was a blast. We ended up cuddling and talking shit on the bed for hours. I held Ace’s chin for about 3 mins. It was fascinating.

People kept pickin fights with me cuz of my crazy jacket. I didn’t fight, but was tempted.

Have some leads from this week, maybe one solid. We’ll see where it goes.

Learned SO much hanging out with Ace. He broke down my game. He explained to me that one of the things I do naturally is challenge social pressure. He's right. I do some crazy shit. Mainly cuz it's fun. I just never though about it much before. I won't even go into it - he's going to write a blog entry on here about what we got up to in a few days, as he's much more aware of what I'm doing than I am...

According to him - I have to work on being more genuine, building comfort, and not being too funny all the time

He descriped my hilarity as a nuclear bomb. You can’t keep using your nuclear bomb all the time. Show it at the start, then put it away.

Makes sense.

Oh – and I have to put more comfort in after breaking rapport (i.e, making fun of girls) … usually I say just kidding. But sometimes I don’t and well.. it’s ackward! Hehe… so now I know to give them a cheecky wink, or touch/hug them after. I’ve already starting doing this and the difference is noticeable. Interesting that girls will bring the comfort back themselves by laughing….

Oh, and stop telling girls they are hot, which I’ve already started implementing also.

My game is going thru a radical, radical, radical change. For the best, I think. No, I know it’s for the best.
These are exciting times... I feel if I actually APPLY all this stuff, my game could get to a really sick level....