Saturday, 31 May 2008

Took one for the team - BJ for my homeboy

took one for the team

had a date with a korean hb but nothing!! wasn't direct in the sarge - couldn't do anything! when i asked her what she did the night before she said she was with a friend. i asked what they did and she said "uhhh talked" and i KNEW she'd been fucking. hahaha. knew it. or close to it... so that went noooowhere. i had her back at mine but she just wasn't having it. ah well....

went to one party with bugsy (arrived late) and went early and crashed two others

2 targets I liked were with bf’s

one girl gave me ioi’s, danced talked with her a bit. She was drunk and running around all over, tough to pin her down. She was dancing with some guy for a while and I was bored, as I left she offered me her #

bugsy made out with 4 chix at that party and blew it with one as she saw him make out with some others

we hit the street around our flat at like 2.30am. he sees a set as we’re about to get off the bus

we open them, hook it and bring the girls back. One hot blond and her friend who was ok maybe 6.7 ops. He saw them first and I owed him one from the night before so I wing the shit out of the mate. She’s yelling “is ten minutes up!?” when I try ANYthing (even smelling her hair) … Bugsy was making out with his one on the couch. I just went into comfort zone and eventually we started having fun hanging out. Massagin each other etc. I know he wants to bang his … I ask mine if she’s seen “bigger and blacker” by chris rock. She hasn’t. I hype it and she’s excited about seeing it. I go into the room (with a bit of warning) and I’m like “I gotta play her chris rock! We’ll just be a 5 minutes!” and even the obstacle was like “yea we’ll just be ten minutes!” …

bugsy is happy, hehe

he got his knob polished! Eventually mine has to go and yells at them she’s leaving. I say “don’t worry I’ll walk her to the bus stop!”

I was goin to wait till bus came, but she insisted it was ok. I leave her

Fucking sneaky bitch called her flatmate and got her to come out straight away

I KNEW I should have waited for the FUCKING bus to come

Still I did an exemplary job....

10 mins more than and it woulda been a lay for my homie!!

Sneaky bitch…..

Friday, 30 May 2008

18 year olds are tasty

May 30

I just ate an 18 year old’s poussy. I finally understand why they have all those “teen fuck” magazines. You know “just 18” and all that

Because it’s fucking hot. Perfect abs, perfect boobs, perfect ass. Uh. Wow. Didn’t fuck her. Could have, should have. Friend was winging her friends (1 ug, 1 cute one) in our living room. They were watching napoleon dynamite. She kept saying “but I don’t know you” and I kept saying “that’s not sexy” … I just kept joking around about it. She wanted to get to know me while semi naked in bed. So we build somecomfort and I told her a bit about my family etc. she did really like me, but the whole thing was out of her comfort zone. God her stomach was amazing. It’s going in my top 5 stomach list for sure.

She gave me huge ioi’s thru the night. Let me write a slightly more detailed report

This is the girl I did the street makeout last weekend.

She added ME on facebook as I couldn’t find her (IOI!)

I sent her message, she wrote me a Long one back! (IOI!)

My internet is fucked so I couldn’t reply

So tonight, she poked ME in the club – chatted a bit

I wasn’t going to try escalate, she’s with 2 friends. Generally it won’t work unless your wings can get to them. Well, one was cute, the other was an UG! So there’s just no way… (limiting belief!!)

I know what I have to do so I give it a shot, kind of half heartedly. I re open, dancing and joking with her and her friends. Ah they love me. Initially the ug tries to cock block but I’m nice to her anyways….

I say “hey let’s get a drink you and me!” and we go to the quiet bar. She tries to order but the waitress didn’t have ice so she runs off. I take a bottle of booze and run off with her, she’s laughing and is kind of disappointed when I put it back… heh

My luck. I was going to actually buy her a drink (IOI) but I guess I’m off the hook! I’m a happy jew!!

We sit and chat, I kiss her neck. She doesn’t wanna make out and she’s got on heavy lipstick but still I get some pecks. She runs off back to her friends…. I opened a a couple other sets but nothing much around…. Dance with them some more. Joe was making out with some girl…

At the end joe brings up “afterparty at ours!” and I make jokes like “did u sharpen the knives earlier” … “shall we chop them up in the elevator?”

As we’re in front of the building I grab her, go in the building, throw her in the elevator and we go out. I let her go and she comes in. as she walks into my room I shove her onto the bed. She calls me an asshole. From there it was a slow escalation with shit test and worries and all sorts, but I could always tell she wanted it – but was just uncomfortable. I really wasn’t at all desperate to get laid so I actually took it easy. I think she could tell I wasn’t too bothered…. Hopefully see her in a few days… unless she flakes. I’ve had my tonger in her pussy – dunno if the will reduce or increase it… hehe…

Saturday, 24 May 2008

30 Day challenge T - 1 (Friday 23rd may)

Wuh! What a day.

Met Yen at like 5pm for some Angel sarging. No hotties around. When he shows up I’m in set with a cute English girl. She’s a bit socially ackward. I get her number. “give me your number in case you don’t make it down!” She says she’ll be at the cureheads gig later. I’m going because my friend (well, girl I sarged 2 years ago, lol) band is playing and finally I’m going to see her.

Ok, so more street game. Nothing much going on. Yen keeps yelling at me for opening mingers. I’m wearing old contacts lenses, and the prescription is probably too weak. I can’t see shit, lol. It’s open, eject, open, eject. He send me into a phone booth after some hottie. She wasn’t a hottie either but was maybe do able and with a nice body. She’s panicking cuz she’s lost her phone and is trying to arrange shit. I cheer her up a bit but she’s in a bit of a mood. I can tell she’s a cool girl though. I say

“come here babe, give me a hug” and I give her a good one with my lips pressed up against her neck. That was exactly what she needed. “hey I can tell you’re a cool guy. Give me your number I may be out later!” … I take her email (gay) tho she has just lost her phone… I think I’d do her. (she didn’t call) L

We go our separate ways at 7 with plans to meet up in hoxton later. I meet another pua and go to see that gig. It’s brutal, nobody is there but my “friends” band is actually quite good. The cure cover band sounded just like the cure. Nice work! Oh the girl from earlier was there but was absolutely twatted. I think she’s put me off her, maybe she’s worthy of a text but that’s about it. A “come meet me near my house for a drink” text. Or even “come over!” and that’s that. Who cares. Will do it just for fun. wait, I’ll send her a “come over and fuck my brains out” text hahah should be funny

So we hit hoxton around 1am. We cruise into hoxton bar and kitchen and it’s got some hot hot hotties!! I start dancing with this one cute girl right away. She’s greek. She can’t understand me too well. English/volume thing. (t’was loud!) So I just dance with her, get close and make out a bit (more like a semi makeout!) she’s around till Monday only and is with a couple of friends. She won’t do a full makeout and I wanna see if there’s hotter girls so I tell her I’ll see her later

Chat with yen. I point to the stage “the hotties are up there!!” and I leap onstage. I dance with these two party girls. One was cute with descent body, like hb 6.9? the other had a nice little body and was blond (for yen) and was alright, not a minger but not a cute either. I dance with them, get their names, grind with them a bit. There’s one hot turbo girl in a red dress. Surrounded by guys. She’s the one I really want. I neg her. She can’t hear me so I punch it into my phone “you’re such an attention seeker!!”

She hits me. IOI !! couple more messages, another well placed neg and she’s loving me. Awesome. I guys says I can maybe fuck her but now’s not the time. I get her to kiss me on the mouth and keep dancing.

I look down off stage and I see who – the hottie I # closed in the day around the corner from my flat (forgot about her actually while writing this report, haha) but I # closed her just as I was going to meet yen around 5pm. She’s with her flatmate who’s also hot. I jump down and grab them both and she’s happy to see me. Yen whispers in my ear “the one in the green is my target” but they are both kind of wearing what could be construed as green. I think “uh oh, we’re going to have a problem if it’s the one I # closed earlier in the day” but he wanted the other one. Cool, that’s our set. Unfortunately it went nowhere. There was one black guy tring to talk to them. They kept dancing facing the stage so their backs were turned to us (IOI) … just kidding, it’s not. They were really into their dancing and I though now just isn’t the time. I go back up on stage. Dance with the two set there and chat with the red dress girl. Later on our “set” goes off to smoke with the black guys and soon after that they closed the bar and they were gone. Didn’t even say goodbye! How rude!! So, I make out with the 2 set from the stage girl (1st group of crazy dancing girls) and we try for the extraction. Yen actually kidnapped the other one so they couldn’t get away. I found him and her (I was with my one) – actually got this text from him as me and my one were looking for her friend

“dude lockdown, I’m with her friend”


we tried to drag them back but they weren’t having it either :(

I noted the location of the red dress girl and we went that way and found her. She’s with a mixed group. Yen chats to the group as I move in. I tell her she should come over and watch a movie at my house. I tell her I’ll rub her feet. She’s lost her phones and accuses me of stealing it. I tell her I sold it for a tenner. After a bit of chat I tell her I’m stealing her. I grab her, and carry her off behind the bus stop. We make out. She’s a good kisser. Her gay friends were like “she’s cute, make out!!”

I didn’t push hard enough – we were on my BLOCK for fucks’ sake. I let her go (I’d already had her facebook) … yen was like “you should have dragged her to your house, dummy!!”

Next time I will. Hehehe. rapegame, here I come!! Lol (joke)

After that I # closed this very hot blond who was with her friend. Again next to her house. I tried half heartedly to get them to come with not much.

I’m still not pushing hard enough but let’s see what we can do about that

Uh so total 3 makeouts, and like… 4 or 5 numbers??

Shit I have to stop taking numbers I can’t be fucked. Ok for the next few days – SNL game. Will still go for some day 2’s but I… I really don’t care, lol.

Sasha’s second 30 day challenge

Ok human being PUA’s for the world.

It’s time for my 2nd challenge. The first one brough sex, intrigue, broken hypmens and the like. Let’s see how far we can push things this time around.

I’m going to do a challenge with several mini goals and challenges, but the main one will be very, very simple. I’m going to try and sleep with as many girls as humanly possible in the next 30 days. Why? Because I’m not converting #’s and makeouts to lays. I just want to get this shit down 100%. Getting laid here and there – well I just don’t feel I’m living up to my potential and I want to see how far I can take it. Also I want hotter girls.

I’ve kind of mastered the street pickup. It’s great, I love it. I love being able to get number of hot chicks while they are just going about their day.

But what’s the point If I’m not actually sleeping with most of them?? Helooooo What am I trying to make friends here? I’m not calling them all, trying to fuck them all. That’s where the challenge comes in….

Number’s don’t mean shit if you don’t push them all the way. Problem is, I get too many then forget about them, loose them etc. So I’m going to limit myself to ONE number per day, for the whole month. If I get a girl’s number, that’s it. That’s my day. I can still go for SNL or even Same DAY lays, or I can GIVE my number. But I only TAKE one number per day. Then it will be easy to see, how many of the 30 girls I called would I have actually laid at the end of the challenge did I lay? Interesting right?

Also, I want to work on SNL’s and my day 2 lays. I’m going to be merciless. I’m either going to fuck girls on the night, or should I get a # get girls to meet me near my house, find a reason to go back to mine, get them into my room and escalate like fuck.

I’m also doing more Davix x stuff – telling girls my rules (aka 3 strikes you’re out) – telling them directly I want to fuck them. Not taking ANY shit.

If a girl flakes, she might get 1 text in a week, after that nothing, ever. Partially I’d rather not even text them once after they’ve flaked but… maybe one ….

One of the elements I’ll be following will be trying to game at a lower energy level.

Every night before I go out I’ll decide what specific thing I’m working on will be. Will do blocks of a few days for one thing, etc etc.

Would like to try the apocalypse opener for a couple of nights out as well, that is one of my sub goals.

I’d like to also work on some basics on a few nights … Lazer eyes, heavy (sexual) kino … and verbal sexual escalation. Whew!!

Let’s do this!!!!

30 Day challenge T - 2 (Saturday 23rd may)

Went to punk. There were hot girls. Spoke to one hot 18 year old german. Uber hot. She guessed I was 23. I’m going to just start agreeing with that – but they always guess their age plus 5 when they know you’re older. Anyways, she’s dancing with her friends and amazingly wasn’t approached by many guys, if any. I negged her a bit about her job. Maybe a bit too much… she told me to fuck off (jokingly I think) and I left her alone for a bit then re-opened. Didn’t really have comfort, just banter. Gave her my card. Opened loads… Chat with a cute Japanese girl, went ok. Social proofed this other crazy dancing cute but chubby Japanese girl who was with a few friends. A hot 3 set, many 2 sets. Didn’t get anywhere with anyone. Had some good reactions from my new text message opener

I’ll just come up to a girl and show her the message

“Let’s cut the shit. You, me, a house, 2.4 children and a puppy. You pick the location. What do you say?”

But hard to properly hook after that. Music was extremely loud. At the end of the night outside I got this one hotties facebook (had a BF but was into me) but hardly worth mentioning.

Then me and Yen and Tai hit the streets. It’s pretty dead but Yen out frame’s me to come into Lester square. It’s really dead. We’re in front of metra and he starts ploughing towards picadilly circus. I say “noooo way guys. My ankle hurts, I’m loosing my voice. I’m not going any further from my bus stop. I’m staying put!”

Yen wanders off briefly but I hold my ground. There’s a 5 set I open that hooks great. I call yen and have the girls yell “we’re 5 sexy bitches, sasha needs a wingman!” though really only 2 were cute. Yen comes back and then he and Tai wing me a bit. I steal my target (steal = pickup and carry away) a few metres away and make out with her. I try convince her to come home with me but she’s not having it. She says I have to come out with her to some club in Camden. As I write this the morning on the 24th I don’t remember her name and probably won’t find her number in my phone.

Note to self: Carry a notepad and have girls write their names on their along with “something original” to remember them by. When asked say “yea I meet a lot of girls, you’re going to have to do something to stick out!!” gotta start doing this!!!

Oh there was an ok looking girl from Holland on the street – again I tried to drag her back – it was close. I didn’t push too hard as she was THAT hot but do-able. She actually said she would come if all of us were going and said to yen and Tai “I’ve hardly spoken to you guys, we could hang out so I could get to know you better!”

Uhh was that a DTF ORGY SOI ???????? weird. Anyways I texted her and she texted back straight away. Could do it just for the exp. She wasn’t too bad…

Got some other numbers, it’s all hazy. I have to write my reports every night

Sunday, 18 May 2008

May 17th First black lr

Lr fri may 16th

Ok so last week, I go direct on these 2 hot black girls in Leicester square. They’re hot. I used one of my standards direct openers... We chat only for a couple of minutes and I’m getting IOI’s from both. Once is like a 9 face with Massive boobs but slightly bigger than I’d normally go for. The other is cute and skinnier (more my type) but I’d say an 8. They’re quite enthusiastic about giving me their facebooks. I chat a bit more and I say “fuck facebook, give me your number” to the hotter one… no probs there.

Couple of days go by and I don’t act because I kinda of wanted to see what would happen (would the message me, etc … I think I actually liked the other one more and I wanted to see if one of them would make a move. I added them both on facebook but the skinnier one didn’t add me as fast and the Hot one didn’t message me so I kinda forgot about them and was focusing on other chicks

Anywho the first one, we’ll call her Hb9BlackTits. Chat me up on facebook. She asks “do you fancy me?” I say yes and I tell her I appreciate that she’s so direct. She is getting sexual on facebook and quite dirty. She tells me to call her but I ignore it (I was making a sandwich, hehe)

The she says it again

Call me

I say I’ll call her in a moment…. I wait a couple of minutes then I call her

She’s horny as – she tell me she’s fucked dudes in elevators, parks, cars, everywhere. I’m like “wow she’s a bit loose/crazy” …. She tells me she likes her asshole being licked! Wow!! All this within the first few minutes of conversation!!

Then she tells me she wants to fuck and she wants me to come over. I say “it’s 2am. Where do you live??”

“Clapham Junction”

I’m like “Fuck that! I want you, but I don’t want you THAT bad!” (ya it’s hard not to just go but come on… that would be soooooo weak…. And I’m lazy…heh…

After the conversation she texts me

Come over tomorrow morning, I live at (address) you up for it?

I say I’m up for it.

She says

So wet thinking about it. It would be great if you could be here by 10.

I tell her I’m never up that early… but maybe in the afternoon

Around 11 I text saying I could come round at like 1pm, no reply

In my head I’m like “Aaaaaaaah that was my shot!! I fucked up! Why didn’t I go over there, aaah!” but I hold my frame and leave it …. I know she wants it….

Next day I call her around 5pm.

Now weeks ago, I might have never called her because I texted her last and she hadn’t replied so I’d do the freeze out not wanting to be needy….

After listening to davix x – I generally will call women whenever the fuck I feel like. I wanted to call her (cuz I wanted to fuck her) so I did.

She tells me she was in Dublin for the day (see, sometimes u dunno why they don’t reply) he’s like “come over right now!!”

I tell her I have to do some stuff first but I make my way over there after. I tell her it’s awful far…

She says “you’re not going to try and sleep with me, are you?

(Yeaaaaaa that will be shit test #1)

I say “I dunno, not sure if I like you yet”

She says “cuz it would be weird if I had to reject you!”

I play along “yeaah… aaackward!!!”

She says ok come over!!

I say “ok I’ll come over. But only if you cook me dinner!”

She agrees.

She’s so demanding! It’s hard holding my frame with a hottie like her that I know wants to fuck, but I do my best. I refuse to cave to all her demands (even tho I DID go to hers, lol)

So I get there. She’s as hot (hotter) than I remember. Wooo!! I wanna jump her right there but I’m fucking starving. I ask her where my food is but she said she made some pizza for us but threw it out. I demand food. She says she’ll take me to this restaurant. I say sure…

It’s a bit of a trek. I decide I better make sure it’s on, so I go caveman on her, push her again the side of a bridge and make out. Ohh such juicy lips! Good kisser too. Cool, keep walking.

We walk and joke to this restaurant and she buys me food.. Yum. She runs into a guy who’s clearly after her – he says something about her not calling him?? Ackward… I stand there and act non plussed as they chat briefly and then she just comes back and we keep going. Clearly it was a guy that was after her…

When we get back from the restaurant she doesn’t waste any time. I say I want to give her a massage. She’s like “take of your trousers. I wanna see your legs!”

Well I know where this is going… I guess this is the one time it’s ok to fall into the girl’s frame, lol!! ;)

She’s like “you got nice legs”

Take off your shirt! … I comply….

She gets up and takes her trousers and top off. She starts playing with her boobs. Holy shit they are genuinely massive. Later I asked her the size and she said FF. WOWSERS!!

She asks if I want to play with them.

“well… If you want me to ….”

She tells me to fuck her. I say “what, no foreplay??”

Then for about 10 mins I try to get her hot – kissing, biting etc. She was into it but really just wanted to get fucked

It was complete role reversal… the man going “come on let’s slow down” and the woman going “ I WANNA FUCK COME ON!!!!”


Haven’t been with a woman like that in a while!!

So eventually I give in. I put on a featherlight condom and we do missionary. I try get her into another position after a while but she’s like “no, I like the other way. I was going to cum. What I didn’t tell her was that the problem was, I was going to come. Which I did, quite a bit sooner than I’d planned. L ooopsie !!

Ha. that will learn her!!

Fuck – tantric sex goes out the window with condoms. i suuuuck!! (I’d been mainly sleeping with my main fb and am quite used to real vagina feel™)

My backup was the fact that I’m good with my hands. And my mouth… oh yeah

She doesn’t like my finers in her


Well… she wouldn’t give me a bj so I wasn’t goin to go down on her either!! (actually there was a slight fish smell….) … I tried to bring It up casually

“hey someone smells… I *sniff sniff* my armit and say “no, not me….”

She denies smelling. Okay then.

I give her one of my amazing massages. She likes. Massages her boobs with oil was fun. If there was a global flood … she would survive.

We watched some shit show on her laptop. At 11.30 I’m goin to split cuz I’m meeting other people… she somehow gives me this sexy look and I can’t leave. I agree to stay though there really is no connection between us. Why why why!! She just has this look in here eye. You can see in this picture. Could you refuse that woman?? I can see why she’s used to getting what she wants.

I slept badly. She hogged the fuckin blanket and the the mattress was shitty

Why the fuck did I stay?? The sex wasn’t good, she didn’t even give me a blowjob!! When I asked her for one she said “I’m selective!” hhahah good line! (that’s game, folks. Hehe)

WTF!! I should have just left when she didn’t give me head. She’d have pulled me back and blown me SO fast….

I can safely say she didn’t satisfy me and I didn’t satisfy her. Ah well.

I left in the morning

Sooo… that was my black lay! I actually should have laid a different hot black girl a few days before but that’s for another FR

Soooo what does this go to show? What did I learn?

Not a lot. She liked me and was just DTF. Sometimes a chick just wants to fuck. You open her direct, she think you’re cute, you get laid.

All I did was hold my frame (usually) and not bow down to her demands (well, not too quickly)

She came over last night with a couple of mates and Yen had a crack at her friend, hehe. He wants to roast her but I dunno… maybe…. My penis gets shy in group situations!! No wait – it gets shy around men. Maybe if I could just get two girls… muahahah!! Hey, now there’s an idea….

Sunday, 11 May 2008

new park routines, massages, #'s on bootcamp

May 11

I was teaching bootcamp, and was in state. We do some stuff in covent garden then head over to this park. I Ran over and lay face down next to this group of girls… one was on top of another one giving a massage, I was like “share the love!” and they don’t. I’m like “come on, what do I have to do to get a massage around here?? I’ll give u a massage first! Work with me!” … they didn’t do shit (they were Spanish dunno if they even knew what I was on about)

So I got up and started walking back towards the students… then I see a really hot girl (maybe 8.5) in a little ass bikini (hoot body!) face down, all by herself. I’m in state and the students are laughing at my gimmick with the massage (more importantly I thought it was funny) so I just leaned right down and opened her (I think I said “hey, cute girl in a sexy bikini, all alone in the park, reading a book….. What’s going on here!! If you’re BF saw you strutting your stuff in a park like this, he’d flip out!”

“I don’t have a bf!”

BOoM! I take the piss out of her for not having one, find out she’s an au pair, blah blah, she should come out to one of my gigs, she says cool. “better yet” I tell her “how about you and me just get some ice cream in the week?” (yad’s favorite day2)

Yea that would be cool! Get her to dial me and that’s a wrap. Normally with a hottie like her I’d stay in set a bit more but I’m taching bootcamp so I tell her I gotta get back to my friends

Ah – forgot to say somewhere mid set her friend comes back. I ask her if she’s an au pair and she says yes. I tell her she looks like she’d make a good one. “I can tell which people beat up on kids, and you’re not one of those…” she likes me… cool, no cock blocking from her – sorted! … then I ask her “she says she don’t have a BF? What’s up with that – is that true?” … the friend confirms it. I look at the hb “Bah! You paid her to say that right? sure sure…. What EVER!!!....”

It was a great set!

One nice opener I came up with was this

"Hey - Can I join you guys in your sun worship? I find I get better tanning results when I sunbathe with others. Weird huh?" then just lay down next to the girls

One student not only did that but actually lay down as he was delivering the opener, and then said "hey, pass the suntan lotion" and they did!! HAHAHAH it was fucking hilarous! he had a great set as well

Same guy wussed out on openening this hot red headed girl. he comes back like "i couldn't do it" i'm like "bitch, turn around right now!!" and he went and was in there for like 15 minutes, # closed her and he's got a date with her

she was soooo hot i wish i'd have just gone after her myself after he wussed the first time hehe Cheesy

The other one number from me was in this one other set .... these 3 italian girls also in the park. Now I’ll be honest, none of them were hot. My target did however and a 9 body. Like, amazing big boobs and a fantastic fucking stomach. Like OH MY GODDDDDD

I wasn’t sure if she was boring or not into me, but the set only went well when I asked her if she had a bf and she said no…. then I escalated and it went great. I asker her when was the last time she (humping motion) and she was like “2 weeks ago…” I asked if she was drunk and she said yes. I told her sober sex was better and she agreed…

Oh I bet her a massage I was older than her and she agreed – so she gives me my massage. I told her she sucks and I show her how it’s done – I get my hands on her. Wowsers!! From there I verbally and physically escalate and by the end I’m tickling her and kissing her neck etc

i had 2 mini packets of condoms (to give to my students, haha) which fell out of my trousers at the end of the set. she's like "what's that!" so thinking fast i was like "i just got tested, innit. they give u free condoms!" and she said "why were u tested?" and i said "you've never been tested!?!" and she said "no, never, i always used condoms!"

i was like "What!! what about with your boyfriend!" and she said "always!" and i was like "ok i'm not going call you!" ... (told her i was kidding!) but whoa.

condoms falling out of your pocket at the end of set it uhhh... a bit ackward. heheh

She says to text her in the week as it costs her $$ if I call her on her Italian phone. I say ok, I’ll give u a text

Her face was like a 6 or 6.5 but did I mention the body? Jesus I should have took some pictures it was mind blowin (fuck, next time, next time!) wooooooooooowwwww

I got some other facebooks and stuff, nothing really worth mentioning

Oh wait – one cute 3 set later in the day (was with gameboy and earl grey) I was like

“hey are you guys under age! You guys are cute, but I’ve been to jail and I’m not going back!!” and they were like 19/20 so I flirted with them. They were shocked but liking it… some were very shy but I got a couple of their facebooks as I really could not read whether they were interested (though they stayed in conversation for around 7 mins)

I’ll add them and see if I can get them out. 2 of them were really cute (it was a group of like 8 in the end)

fuck what a nice day it was. i hope it stays like this! BOO YA !!!

Was anybody out there sarging?? Wasn't it glorious?!?!

I'd say it was around 50% chance of hotties in covent garden. (or some UG cover with a good chance of hotties) but not all hotties. hehe.

Haven't been posting!!

Ok I still dunno if anyone reads this, lol but if anyone does... sorry about not posting!

I've been out there just you know - living. Sometimes you wanna get in front of the computer and type and some times you don't. LAtely, I haven't...

I have however starting teachin daygame bootcamps. Just little ones - but so far everyone has been happy.... What else has happened? Yea I banged a new chick (in my andrew dice clay voice) lol ... started listening to david x's stuff (very good, have a listen - hilarous AND improves your game) ... i'm going to start applying some of his stuff more

I've been lazy to be honest. I have a couple of fb's and well I just haven't been pushing things

Well it's time to get things a rolling

Onwards and upwards!

i've met some real hotties recently but i cant be bothered going into detail until i get the lay. then i'll write up the whole thing, hehe. but from here on in i'll try and blog more regularly. i do enjoy it. it's just a habit thing, you're either in the habit of doing it or you're not.

i'll post my field report i just wrote after this note. here it comes!