Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Article on flakey ass Argentinian girls

Had this published here in Buenos Aires.

It's pretty standard stuff, but thought I'd stick 'er up here anyways

Secret: It's not really about the BA girls. It's about all girls. The "Argentine women" angle was bullshit!! hehe.... but shhhhhhhhhh .... they'll never know.


Monday, 28 September 2009

Took my first tango lesson!

Watching tango, i thought "meh. boooooooring"

But, after taking my first tango lesson. it's alright, actually!! When the male instructor spend 2 mins with me explaining what it is to "lead" i had a little Epiphany.

Essentially, you are stepping left to right, to the music, with the girl. But, when you (the man) wants the girl to start walking backwards, you push her backwards with your hands and she follows your lead and goes backwards. it's up to you to make sure she doesn't run into anything.

his words exactly

"You have to lead. Always. not too weak: The intention it always there. Always the man is leading. Always, otherwise the woman doesn't know what to do, she is lost"

The motherfucker should be a PU instructor, no?

Suddenly, the Argentinian male aggression is made clear. It's goes all the way to tango. The man leads, always, without question. That's just the way it is. Man leads, woman follows.

As in the the danceroom, it is in the Bedroom.

Interesting, no?

Zero to Hero - Doesn't work.

I had a powerful realization yesterday.It's pretty simple, yet ... huge.You see, I've got this friend. This is someone I met thru game. Someone I taught daygame to. Not officially but... just as a friend. This guy went from having little success with women to... regular sex. And now, has a very hot girlfriend. And I mean, very hot.Now, if you were to ask me what this guy was like when I met him - I'd have said "super nice guy. one of the nicest guys I know... awesome"i'd have meant it. If you'd ask me today... i'd say "he's kind of a dick"How so? He's got to be the center of attention all the time. he's always out-framing everyone. Hes always interrupting people. If you give him any ounce of power or responsibility (no matter how trivial) he'll abuse it to assert himself over others. He's a dick.He's such a dick, my other friends are coming up to me saying "are you actually friends with that guy?" ... I'm being put in a situation where I have to explain to them "he's actually a nice guy. He's just got some shit he's got to work thru now"The thing is, i snapped on this friend last week and told him all of this. I told him everything. The incident that led to my snapping isn't really relevant: He was just being a complete prick without any provocation whatsoever.Nice.So - I told he was acting like a fucking douchebag... not just then, but all the time. ALL the time. Eventually he apologized, admitted to being a douchbag and said he was having a hard time - he was going thru a lot of shit, etc.And then - he continued being a douchebag. it's come to a point where I don't really want to hand around the guy anymore. It isn't fun.Now - I've thought about this... what's happened? when I met him a year ago, he was a super guy. sweet and nice, almost timid. now, anyone would describe him as an asshole. What happened?Game happened.My realization is this. You can't go from ZERO to HERO in under 60 seconds. It doesn't work.Going from a shy, timid bastard to a guy who can hookup with hot girls is a BIG change. It's massive. it's the biggest change you could have, other than going from an ignoramus to an enlightened man. And that's what he's done, very quickly.And it's fucked him up totally.He thinks because he has a hot girl on his arm, he's better than other people ...or, maybe he's trying to frame control all his friends like he does with womenI can tell much of his behavior stems from a massive lack of self confidence. But, having a hot girl suggests to him that he's somewhere that he's not. He's not actually, truly a winner yet. he's not made it: He's faking it. And he knows he's faking it. He hasn't sorted out his inner game...just his outer game. It's killing him.Best described he would be this way (I just watched star wars episode 3) :PHe's a socially miscalibrated guy with deep seated confidence issues who can get girls. He's actually not very good with people. But, he's learned enough game to get the occasional girl.If I met this guy now - I'd dismiss him in an instant. But, the problem is - I know who he really is. A nice guy.or, is that guy I met... gone forever?As a mutual friend of ours said... he just needs time. Eventually he'll get back to normal. But until that happens... sighonce I've reached out to someone and told them what's going on... well... the rest is up to them. You can only tell someone so many times to stop being an arsehole.The rest is up to them.
Anyways, what I’m saying is: Getting good with girls really fast can fuck you up. I think Zero to Hero should take a little while. You know, gradual changes… maybe over 6 months
Maybe that’s why there’s such a high failure rate at all these bootcamps. You know? Even if someone does breakthrough for a weekend. That dosen’t change WHO YOU ARE. Approaching lots of girls in a nightclub (or in the day) doesn’t change who you are. So… if you’re a weirdo… you just become a weirdo that can approach girls.
That’s even worse, LOL !!
If you’re a cool guy who’s just a bit shit with girls, or a bit shy – then a bootcamp really is for you.
You know what I mean? I know what I mean.
I suppose this means companies should screen everyone who applies for their bootcamps – but… I just can’t see certain companies doing that. I’ve kind of avoided a couple of guys myself who I knew I couldn’t help but…. Yea…
I think there is a future in long term coaching. Baby steps etc…… so far I’ve just been throwing guys in at the deep end. That seems to work too though… MOST of the time. But not always. Sometimes they regress! But over 6 months… if you actually BECAME a cool guy. How can you go back?

Friday, 25 September 2009

Too much abundance can be a bad thing! (Article)

Most guys get into the community to increase their skill set with … the ladies. Now, much as been written about how great game is. And it is – game is great! However, there are some negative aspects to getting into game too hard too fast. Too much game can be, not only bad for your game, but bad for your life. Ostracizing/losing your old friends, loosing respect for women, serious drops in your productivity…. in some cases, too much gaming can simply make you weird! So, in this series of articles, I’m going to be writing about the negative aspects of game and how to avoid them. For my first article, I want to focus on a more specific ailment. It’s for the intermediate/advanced pua and it is this: Too much abundance can be a bad thing!


Put quite simply, the more options you have with women, the less likely you are to put in the amount of energy required to get any one specific girl. And who’s to say THAT girl wouldn’t have been the best one for you? The most amazing? The most fascinating? The best in bed? Or (brace yourselves) THE ONE? Sometimes just knowing you have the ability and skill to go out there and meet loads of attractive women makes it a whole lot less likely that you will put in a significant amount of time and energy required to get one specific girl. This my friends, can be counter productive!

Let me tell you a story….

A few years ago I went to a new year’s party. It was in a pub that was to be sold. We could drink the motherfucking place dry for free. Pretty cool! Even though I’m not a big drinker myself, I figured free alcohol was likely to lead to a good party!

So – there’s this one cute girl standing right by the bar. As far as I was concerned, she was the only one at the party I was interested in. I spoke to her – I think I was a bit direct. I remember it was funny (well, I thought it was) but she certainly did not. She didn’t say anything at all. I was like “ok then…” and just wandered off. Crap!

Later I tried to talk to her again - she blew me off. I talked with some other people at the part, danced a bit. Then again I approached her – but AGAIN she just politely evaded me.

Well nowadays, I’d have quit her ages ago. I’d have thought “Baah! There’s so many girls out there. I’ve got this one, and that one…. and I have soo many phone numbers to call – she’s probably a bitch anyways. Who needs her! ” and that would have been it. These days probably after the 2nd or 3nd attempt I’d have quit. Definitely after the 3rd.

But – this was years ago. I didn’t know about game. I didn’t have (much) game …. I didn’t have all those options with women – in fact, this was the first cute girl I’d met in weeks. So you know what I did?

I kept trying.


At some point later in the night, we all decided to go and check out this old church across the street. I re-opened her again (oh wait, this is pre game. What I meant was - I tried speaking to her again. Somehow I ended up standing in the main bit of the church alone with her… I think we had a bit of a “moment” and then we walked back to the pub with the group. I thought “maybe she does like me.” Then she ran off again with her friends. Sigh.

Late in the night probably around 1am, I just grabbed her and said “right, we’re hanging out RIGHT NOW” and I SAT her on a chair. (Ok, maybe I had some game.) Then I sat down next to her and just started talking to her. It was actually a great conversation. I remember saying “shit, I’m the best at massages. Come over here to the couch” … she gave me this suspicious look and hesitated but she came over. 5 minutes later I was making out with her. God she was a great kisser. I spend the rest of the evening with her.

When we went upstairs to sleep, there were over 20 people all on the floor in this massive room. She had to go for a pee. I was exhausted. I lay down on the floor and started drifting off. Her hand caressing my elbow brought me back from the arms of sleep. I grabbed her and we made out quietly, guiltily as everyone slept.

Then we fell asleep in each other arms. It was an amazing night.

In the morning I get her number and she says to call her and I agree. She texts me like an hour after leaving – ioi! (I mean, she likes me!)

So, a couple days later I ring her and get her voicemail. I leave her a particularly brilliant phone message. I still remember it do this day

“Hey. It’s Sasha. The tall Canadian comedian you made out with at the party. I don’t know how many Canadian comedian’s you made out with, but I was the tall one.”

Cute, right?

Days go by. No reply.

Did I quit? No.

I text her to see if she got the message

She texts back saying that is was a great night, but maybe we should just leave it at that.

WTF?? She LOVED ME! SHE texted ME first!

So now she ignores me phone message - I text her, and now she’s telling me she doesn’t want to meet up??

Did I quit? No.

I think. I text again.

“You can’t break up with me. We haven’t even gone on a date yet!! The rules say, you have to go out with me at least once before you can dump me!!”

Cute right?

She agrees to meet up. “Ok, but just for a hot chocolate. No massages!”

What followed was, well, a drawn out, painful and yet great love affair. She was amazing. She really got me. I was 100% myself with her, and every moment around her was … magnificent. She was very religious and (I suspect) this was what separated us in the end. However, I can safely say this will always be one of my great loves and having gone after her – having her in my life as affected me forever. I smile when I think of her still….

But – I’ll tell you what. I never, ever would hooked up with her if I’d known about game at the time. Would I have spoken to her at that party after her blowing me out 3+ times? Would I have texted her after she ignored my phone message, then RE texted her after she said she didn’t want to meet up?

Even before getting to that – after knowing about game, would I have even gone to a little party in the middle of nowhere for new year’s? Ha! I’d have gone to a club, or somewhere else with my pua buddies – a spot likely to have far more sets (ahem, girls to meet) than a remote party!

How many of you have still kept trying after a girl (post game) after 5-6 blowouts? pff!

I simply just wouldn’t bother these days. There are just so many girls floating around at any point – and just as importantly - I can meet any girl I run into in just about every situation. So… why would I, after being blown out over and over go after a girl? Sure, if she was like absolutely amazing – my dream girl. Maybe. But in most cases (and in this case) I just wouldn’t bother.

So my point:

The knowledge itself that there are millions of women out there that you can approach them can deter you from going after the one set that would prove to be the most fulfilling of all!

Furthermore, you’re far more likely to put in the necessary amount of effort with a girl if you’ve only got one or two on the go.

Yet another (Quick) story:

You meet a girl. She’s awesome. You get her number.

Then you never call her again because you forgot on account of having 60 girls numbers in your phone.

You never see her again.

See? I told you it was a quick story Wink

Having tons of girls on the go also makes it far less likely that I’ll put in the time to follow up properly – and as the advanced guys will tell you – follow up is very, very important! Imagine: You’ve got 12 phone numbers from the weekend. Will you call them all? Are you going to put the time in calling/texting, leaving messages/ keeping track of who didn’t answer, who u left a message for, what you said, etc, as effectively for each of these 12 girls as if you’d just met ONE girl that entire month?? No way hose!

Another point that nobody ever seems to bring up: If you don’t treat a girl like she’s special, and that you really want HER – she’ll notice. If you treat her like she’s just another one of many girls you’ve got on the go – she’ll notice that too. This doesn’t preclude you from hooking up with girls – but it may affect the type of women you’ll be able to get in the long term.

Another symptom of overabundance is that guys at the intermediate level often start using the reasoning “well I have other girls,” or “I’m already getting laid” to not approach. But guess what – these are just excuses! And it’s very easy to go from “bah, I’m getting laid, I don’t have to approach her” to “Uh oh – my girl left me and now I’ve got Approach anxiety again!”

So what can we all do not to fall into this trap?

Always keep approaching – even when you’re getting some, no matter what, always!

Don’t get 12 phone numbers when you go out! Just talk to 2 or 3 girls – get to KNOW them. Would you rather have 2 solid closes? Or 12 girls you barely spoke to that are going to flake?

GO after each girl like you MEAN it. REALLY go after her. This means only approach girls you’re REALLY attracted to!

Go for her like u don't know u can get a million other girls like her – FORGET you know game - go for her like you only ever SEE a girl you meet every few weeks, or months even.

Go after her like you have no game Wink

Hey – you might even make her feel special or something!

Perhaps in a strange way, the key is knowing about game but behaving in a manner which suggests that you don’t. As Bruce Lee said “The art of fighting, without fighting….”

Maybe we should have a new motto in the seduction community. “The art of picking up, without picking up!”

Don’t be retards. Follow up all your leads! If you’re unsure where to start – start right away! I like to send a text that says “miss me yet?” to a girl 3 minutes after I’ve walked away from her.

Cute, right?

In conclusion:

Girls are abundant, but quality girls are rare.

Perhaps rarer now than ever before….


Slighltly better sex with ARgentinian #2

alrighty..... so Last week we filmed a pilot episode here in Buenos Aires that involved me going around and trying to pick girls up. one of the girls i opened was pretty cute with a hottie little bod and i got her number

did i think i've ever see her again? no. not really. well, not at all.

nightgame number close = fucking worthless

but, i had to try anyways

so, i text her and i'm like "listen, i'm leaving town for the weekend. come meet me tonight at 8pm at the starbucks!" (i had a date with this other hottie at 6pm who was meeting her friend at 8pm, so it made sense!"

right - so the first hottie shows up. She's cute but not as hot as she looked at this house party I met her at. However, it was pretty fucking amazing i got her out.

a) she was by a long shot the hottest girl in the party

b) she's an actress/bartender/writer blah blah social butterfly

What did I do at the party? WAs myself, spoke to her a bit. she didn't care too much, left her alone. spoke to her some more... gave her a massage ... played the question game. she couldn't think of a question after 2 fucking questions. then she had to go to the bathroom. i let her go, and then she was talking to other people at the party. on her way out i told her to give me her number and i'd send her some funny texts. she did

bit of text stuff back and forth and she agrees to meet. it helped that i did a comedy show the night before and her friend (who was in the audience) texted her and said i was awesome. anywho:

I didn't really feel any chemistry with her. at all. like i didn't wanna fuck her. i brought that up and she agreed and we talked about how lame dudes try and pick her up. i told her about my "second job" and she thought it was great.

i told her i had a date with another girl after her.. she was a bit jealous. she also texted me after she's left saying "have you got your tongue in her mouth yet? let me know if you need any advice!"

I think I can still sleep with her. i'm not sure. i'm not even sure i want to. but maybe. it doesn't matter i really don't care.

uhhhhh right so she leaves, second girl shows up

now, this girl's quite fun. just one of those fun girls, you know? first thought "your not as hot as you were in the club" ... second thought "i still wanna fuck you"

we talk a bit about BS. lying game: she goes out on the 3rd question.

Qustion game: goes great, we're just talking thilthy fucking sex and she's asking me thilthy sex. it's on. she gives me exactly zero resistance... touching, poking, kissing her neck, kissing... zero

at some point she says "i'm not going to sleep with you" and i'm like "what are you, retarded? let's get the fuck out of here!" and she's like "no i'm not going to sleep with you!"

so... after that.. like 20 mins more of talking and my kissin her neck and she says "actually, there's a bus that goes near my house from your house"

I say "took you long enough. let's go"

She says "ok!" ... followed by "this is crazy!"

yea yea. really crazy. we come in, quick tour of the house (says hi to my mates) straight upstairs and we get down to business

this girl wasn't a fucking prude. nice blowjob.... she's horny... she has good tits and a good ass. pretty good.... i fucked her for about 20 mins, tho i wasn't too into it.


It's actually great having only one condom. I told her on the way, i only have one... like maybe i could buy some. she said "nah i have to get the last bus before 12 (it was almost 10pm) so i don't have much time anyways...one is enough" and i didn't argue

so - if you're not that into it... "having one condom only" will keep you from having to fuck again if you don't really want to. you can always "find" another condom or whatever. just a thought - it's just another false time constraint.

anywho - i almost came 4 times so I guess it was alright. i just wasn't that into her. i fucked her on principle. i hit on her, got her number, and she wanted to fuck. so i did what had to be done

fucking fuck, hot girls are adding me on FB from my comedy show. gotta hit some of that

i think i'm getting a feel for the argy girls. you just have to be super super super pesky. that's it. you have to turn up the aggression post game

POST GAME is everything. numbers don't mean shit unless you have tight text/phone game. that's what you MUST have. My phone / text game is good only when i really try. but after a couple of text if the girl doesn't agree to meet me - i loose interest because i've already met another 5 girls who's # i've gotten.

I've been falling into my own trap. I wrote an article called "too much abundance can be bad" which I have to fucking re-read.

Essentially ... it talks about what i've been doing. HAving too many leads and not investing enough time in any of them

Better to have 3 hot girls you're really TRYING to get than 35 you send like one or two texts too half heartedly

women have to know you're really fucking going after them. especially if they're hot, and especially if they know they're hot. or... more than that. if they are actually fucking high value. they don't want some douchebag just sending them like a couple of texts. u think they're gonna fuck you off that?

nah. you gotta but the fucking work in.

i'm a douche for not following my own god damn theories. ah well.

I haven't put that article on my site, but I'll post it as I publish this for you guys. Alright. Peace out.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

What the fuck am I doing



did my comedy show. one of my bootcamp students brings 2 girls, one is hot with a fucking AMAZING body who is throwing herself at me all night. i didn't wanna grab her details as i figured it's my students target..... later he says "nah fuck her, i can when you leave BA"

anyways her and her friend (and this kiwi guy) were cool and I was going to meet them after this ONE THING i had to do (filming for this show) ... i arrange to meet them somewhere and of course, that bar is closing when i get there and they are gone

all i had to do was have them stick with us and i've have fucked this HORNY HOT AMERICAN

god i suck. WTF was i thinking?? putting my friends TV pilot before vagina. hehe

i could have done both tho, seriously. FUUUUUCKKKKKKKK

another old lesson not followed. if it's a sure thing, DONT LET THEM OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SIGHT

such a douche.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Boundries are very important....

couple of things have happened in the last few days that have made me think about how it's very important to be fucking CLEAR with people - especially with any types of negotiations

you have to say exactly what you will, and will not agree to/tolerate/stand for

It's better to just walk away altogether then confirm in some wishy washy fucking way. Then you're just wondering/worrying about if it's going to work out or if you'll get what you want/need


Nothing is worth sacrificing your self respect, or what you know it right.

Nothing is worth wasting my fucking time on.

I'm never going to do that shit again. If I know what I want, and I think it's reasonable... and you won't meet my terms - you can fuck off. I'd rather not deal with you at all.

that's my new policy. I know, it sounds a bit hitlerish. But it's just another epiphany i've had as clear as day.

When i'm running the show, i'm running the show. IF someone else wants to run it, that's fine.

But if it's my show, it's my fucking show. You can piss off if you don't like it.

End of.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Functional openers are amazing!

Fuck - indirect approaches have been working really well. Esp when you're a tourist. it's amazing. i just do any ol' functional opener and they ALWAYS stop dead, trying to help me. then i just transition and that's it. i get a number like every time.

I think the reason it works so well is that people are socially programmed to help people with certain things, like the time. or if they are lost. And, once you've stopped them and they realize you're not a psycho killer, it's easy enough to carry on the conversation....

I think you can have like a 98% stop rate with functional... while direct is much lower. Maybe like, 50-70% depending on where you are globally. Some girls, will just RUN when you go direct. I wrote a whole article on it already, so I'm not going to go into it. It's on my website if anyone wants to read it.

But seriously, guys - don't be scared to ask 'em where shit is. Who cares what the opener is, as long as it stops the girl??? Yea, if she's absolutely stonking hot i'll feel like a douche asking her where the laundromat is.... because it's not congruent with my core anymore. But.... otherwise, who gives a FUCK? It's just an opener. Do what will get her to fucking STOP!!!

ONe thing i've been teaching on bootcamp which is great (easy to use and fun) is this...

"Excuse me... can you help me? (wait for girl to stop....) .... I'm looking for..... a clown factory. Do you know where I can buy a clown? Yeh... I know slavery is bad, right. But it's a clown, so it doesn't count really....

Now... there is no clown factory. It's goofy. That's why it's good... she realizes it's a joke, but after you've gotten her stopped by using her societal "must help" programming. you see?

Another example

"Hey, uhhh Can you help me? I'm looking for..... the woman of my dreams. ARe you available?" ;)

See what I did? By pretending you need their help you give yourself that moment you need... just long enough to get their attention and show them you're having FUN! (or in this case, going direct after using a functional opener)

Another one that seems popular with the lads "Hey, excuse me... can you help me? I'm looking for..... a woman that's just as hot as you... but RICH!!"

You can actually mix and match the types of openers. It's fun stuff. Like that was functional to funny, and functional to funny/direct (my favorite!)

but you can go from situational/direct or functional/direct, or situational/funny

Sometimes I'll admit to making something up to meet the girl as part of the opener. Like

"Hey, wow, that's a really cool button! it's a kitty! I love kitties!"

girl "oh yeah, thanks!"

"Ok!! I admit it! IT WAS ALL A LIE!! I don't like your button! I just thought you were gorgeous and I wanted to meet you. Don't hate me!"

Can you guess which category that falls into? It's tricky ;) If anyone guesses right, they get a virtual hug from me.

Can you think of any examples? That's your homework. Post 'em up, or you're in big trouble.

Anyways, hope that's useful. i have to get to bed!

Sets, sets, sets

This one hottie I met on the weekend called me today. English teacher. Really hot, 34 .... she kept insisting she was just calling me just to find out where i'd be performing. I tried to arrange a meetup so I could improve my spanish and she said "you don't wanna learn spanish!" ... then i asked if she thought my plan was to seduce her. I had to explain it as she didn't understand me. Eventually she was like "ah, ya... that's not going to happen, just so you know"

In otherwords, that's going to happen. Women are so flippin obvious. They are like politicians. Every time they deny something, it's true. Every time they insist they are doing something for a specific reason, it's always for another reason. It's like fucking clockwork.

"oh, i'm just calling you to find out about your show, that's all"

"Ok, i'm just going over to your house to see that movie, that's all"

"Uh, I'm only cupping your balls to see what size underwear you wear, in case I ever buy you underwear"

Do they even realise this shit coming out of their mouth? IT's amazing. I don't know if i'm really going to try with this one... as amazingly I still respect the boyfriend title.

How does that even make sense? I guess it does. If a woman really truly wants to be with one guy - i'm not going to fuck that up for her. Not on purpose, anyways.

I've been thinking more and more about this though.... I know that if I really get to know a girl, and there is a connection - that girl will want to sleep with me, even if she has a BF.

so, then what? Do I give her the polyandrous speech and hope she goes for it? I guess that's better, because I don't want her leaving him for me. That's no good.

So many girls really do have boyfriends though - is it really better just not to ask?? Maybe it is.... maybe just keeping one's mouth shut it the way forward.... but it doesn't feel right. Maybe i should change my name to "moral_pua"


This one other girl i met on a bus. it wasn't really going that well. she spoke ZERO english. At this point my spanish is juuust enough to get by... and try pick up girls. But... there just wasn't any chemistry. I thought fuck it, who cares? ... I just hit on her. "me gusto much, quantos novios tienes?" .... she says "lingo una!" (not one!) .... I make fun of her and ask her "quanto tiempo no tienes un novio?" ... she's been single 5 months.

Then, I just stare at her. She asks me if I have a number. We exchange numbers.
Tommorow I'm going to text her saying "you're hot. come over and meet me in palermo..." .... nothing to loose. or worse. i don't really care, so wtf. There was a french girl (BF) who may come to the party this weekend. And in the last couple of days a couple of #'s. Bah I can't even be bothered to call them lol. We'll see. I could make a good run of it these next 2 weeks I think....

Fuck - indirect approaches have been working really well. Esp when you're a tourist. it's amazing. i just do any ol' functional opener and they ALWAYS stop dead, trying to help me. then i just transition and that's it. i get a number like every time.

I think the reason it works so well is that people are socially programmed to help people with certain things, like the time. or if they are lost. And, once you've stopped them and they realize you're not a psycho killer, it's easy enough to carry on the conversation....

I think you can have like a 98% stop rate with functional... while direct is much lower. Maybe like, 50-70% depending on where you are globally. Some girls, will just RUN when you go direct. I wrote a whole article on it already, so I'm not going to go into it. It's on my website if anyone wants to read it.

But seriously, guys - don't be scared to ask 'em where shit is. Who cares what the opener is, as long as it stops the girl??? Yea, if she's absolutely stonking hot i'll feel like a douche asking her where the laundromat is.... because it's not congruent with my core anymore. But.... otherwise, who gives a FUCK? It's just an opener. Do what will get her to fucking STOP!!!

ONe thing i've been using whilst on bootcamp which is great (easy to use and fun) is this...

"Excuse me... can you help me? (wait for girl to stop....) .... I'm looking for..... a clown factory. Do you know where I can buy a clown?

Now... there is no clown factory. It's goofy. That's why it's good... she realizes it's a joke, but after you've gotten her stopped by using her societal "must help" programming. you see?

Another example

"Hey, uhhh Can you help me? I'm looking for..... the woman of my dreams. ARe you available?" ;)

See what I did? By pretending you need their help you give yourself that moment you need... just long enough to get their attention and show them you're having FUN! (or in this case, going direct after using a functional opener)

You can actually mix and match the types of openers. It's fun stuff.

Anyways, hope that's useful. i have to get to bed!

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm still IN Buenos Aires! (And I just had my first Argentian girl!)

Sept 14th - late.

That's right. I never got on the plane! It gets better - I spend all last night naked with the 32 year old language gato!! (at last!)

Right. The decision to stay put in BA was agonizing. But, quite easy when I weighed up the options.

End of the day, I just wanted to hang around South America more. I'm here already, right? So why not.

HEre's why travel agents are poop. Specifically, TD travel rewards. I call them. They ASSURE me, they've spoked to American Airlines and... I can't change my ticket date. "no no... you see, you got a month long ticket. you can make it shorter, but not longer. sorry about that"

Really? Yes. Are you sure? Yes.

so, on sept 10th, 5 hours before my flight leaves, I call AA myself.

"No problem sir, as long as we know you're not getting on the flight... we can book you on any other flight to Toronto, as long as you pay the $200 change fee"

Ah. So.... yeah. Td Travel rewards are a bunch of jerk off's. There you have it.

Right. On Sept 13, (last night) I text HbLanguagegato (32 year old) .... watch the times on the texts. It's painful how bad she wants me.



"Guess what. I didn't get on the plane!! Am staying in south america for a couple weeks!! hehe....Do u have a home# will call u

HbGato "470*****"


I can't belived! well good for as jajaja! I send u my number call me!


**** my son is not whith my tonight so if U are not meeting other girls call my

Right. Yes, her typing in english IS shit. ANywho, I call her and she agrees to come meet me at the house. Later she calls and tries to make me walk 7 blocks to meet her where she gets off the bus. Just in case she's attacked. My exact words

"Listen, you're 32. Nobody wants to rape you anymore. If you were 19, I'd be more worried"

She calls me an asshole, and tells me she'll come to my house directly.

She comes over. It's a whole operation timing one guy being out of the house, and then letting her come in before the next guy comes home, etc etc. So, she rings the bell eventually. I hug her and she expresses her excitement i'm still in the country. "Are you in trouble with the law in Canada? What is happening??" ... i tell her i'll explain on the way in. I give her the tour of the house... she tells me she's have a stressful day

obviously the plan is to just lay her right here... and only go out if needed.

I lead her into my mate's bedroom and start massagin her shoulders. "here... sit" I say.... i know if she gets on the bed my odds go up to around 35% for the lay right here. she sits down! alright... keep talking and massaging....

Get her to lie on her belly .... do her back, ass, legs... i go to take her shoes off. I think, If i can get her shoes off...that gets the lay % up to like 65%... the come off! sweet....

Kissiner her back, neck... all good. she's getting horny. go for the bra - rejected!

massage more... try for the trousers - no go!

tried for the kiss! - no go!

holy fuck! we're in there like... an hour and I realize. Nah. It's not happening right now. Fine, let's go for a drink!

WE go outside... walk around a bit. hit one bar... we stare at the menu and she says she doesn't really want anything. i don't really want anything either. i say, let's walk!

we walk... she starts going towards her bus stop. i'm like "what, you're going to go home?" ... i basically and just groping her and chatting and groping and chatting.... i'm tellin her she's crazy. just being honest, i'm saying "wow, do you have any idea how much fun we could be having right now? honestly. what's wrong wth you?" ... but not really forcing it. just making fun of her for being silly.

no anger. no reactiveness. just... playfullness. that's it.

I don't really have a plan as such... i'm just taking it easy and going with the flow. I consider saying "if we don't do something tonight, i'm not going to see you again!" but... that's just out of frustration. i realize i just need to keep my shit together .......

we walk some more. eventually she just says

"do you have condoms?"


"ok, let's go"

.... I say "Just like that?"

she says "yea, come on. let's just have sex and that's it."

she kinda started saying crazy ass shit walking to my house. like "i'm not going to see you again after this!" ... i'm like "what, we fuck and that's it?" and she's like "yea!"

here's some rules she sets down on the night, as we're in the bed, before we get down to it:

She's not going to make out with me. Cuz she only does that with guys she knows well.

She doesn't take her bra off. That stays on. She only feels comfortable with guys she knows well.

I'm not allowed to go down on her.

Oh, and she's not going to give me a blowjob. (she's only ever given one, and it may her have an orgasm)

Basically, she wants me to fuck her like she was a prostitute... as far as I can tell. oh wait, but not fast. That's ok, I like to fuck all slow and shit.

(Another rule she' kept saying was "you can never come over to my house.. it's sacred!" tho earlier on our date she said "ok you can come over, but no sex there!"

Anyways. I didn't try make out with her as I didn't give a fuck. I kissed her all over.... her body is smoking hot. She works out a lot. Actually, this if the first girl to whom I would say "stop working out" ... if she flexes at all it's like a 4 back... the muscles are like trying to get away from her. RIPPPED! but a great little ass and sides and all that ..... fake boobies :( .... but not the good kind. the plastiky kind. ugh. but other than that, amazing!

So.... i'm kissing her everywhere and she's covers up her love pumpkinn as I get down there ... so, I simulate sucking clit on her hands a bit.... then as she moves them i move in and give her head. She loves it. She orgams relatively fast... (over 5 mins but less than 10) ... she says "you make me orgasm!" ... in a kind of surprised "you're an asshole" tone.

she kinda goes for the handjob, with her hand cupping my balls and her middle finger going pretty much right into my bum. now, my legions and legions of blog readers will know i love a bit of bum bum action. But, not straight away! If you're not hot: it's just a finger up your bum. What the fuck! Anyways.... i get the ol' rubber on and we're away.

The combination of the rubber smell, while grabbing her rubber feelin titties was ... noteworthy. I had 2 internal orgams, but managed not to ejaculate. for this, i am proud because a) I hadn't gotten any in a while and b)it's hard to enjoy sex with a condom and ejaculation is the only pleasure involved in condom sex

the sex wasn't great. With the russian/asian girl in malta, it felt great. Not this time. But, she had an ok time i suppose.

She kept saying she wants me to come properly, and i kept saying i want her to blow me, and we don't always get what we want

later on, i started goin down on her again... just as she was getting hot, i put my cock in her face and she shakes her head "no"

i say "ok" and roll over. She calls me an asshole.

We mucked around more, but I couldn't be arsed using what seems to be my last Kama sutra brand extra large condom on this woman. Fuck that!!

I had to fuck her. It was the principle of the thing.

This was, officially, the first girl I tried Johnny Soporno mantra with full frame, on a date. I just knew we were gonna fuck.

When I say full frame, I'd introduced the polyamorous reality as just that - my reality. She dug it.
I knew after our first 7hr date she was going to sleep with me - that's how well it went. I just didn't think it would take 3 weeks! sigh.

IT was interesting - she was able to talk to me about all her shit. her ex, the guy she's fucking...all that stuff... and then still sleep with me. It really does make them feel comfortable, knowing you don't judge them, don't want to be their BF.... it just makes everything O.K.

God this girl was a pain in the ass. I mean - honestly. WTF! Part of me wants to completely ignore her now so she feels like shit - just because she didn't reply to my texts for 2 weeks. But, that would be immature. We can be friends... i'll even invite her to the party this weekend along with all the other girls.

Would I sleep with her again? Fuck no. She wasn't good, and she didn't go out of her way to please me... why the fuck would I sleep with her again? But... I made her come. She'll know what she's missing, that's for sure. It's going to be fun... she's going to hit on me and I'm going to say "Nah, you weren't very good. i don't think so honey... let's just be friends"


Maybe she's right. Maybe I an an asshole.

I love the game ;)


oh shit. forgot to put this in: this is the text game i used to reverse the flake

lesson learned: u never know what's going on in her life, just keep trying once per week till u get a reply!


after the initial date, I send her a quick text, 2 days after the date - no reply. (it just said "hey, do you miss me yet?"

I sent her a fun text a week later. it said "hey, are you still alive? did your ex call you back? You want me to talk to him for you? Let me know how you are doing.....U are my favorite language gato!" (inside joke)

No reply.

A week later, I write a brand spanking new anti flake text. (actually I wrote it a couple days earlier for GAbriel, and it worked a treat!) ... here it is verbatum

"I'm assuming you've been kidnapped by a paramilitary group. Let me know how much $ they asking for. I will pay..but only up to 10 pesos cuz you're mean to me ;) "

She replies "jajaja" (that's instead of hahaha... it's what they do)

me "eheh. So you ARE alive! What have you been up to?? and why have you been maintaining radio silence?!?!??! :o "

anywho.... that's had i got it out of the gutter...

ARghghhgghhh ... Sept 10th - no sex in Buenos Aires!


Last 48 hrs was crazy. Basically, I tried to lay every girl I could before leaving BA. I managed to get the 32 year old hottie from the mall to reply to my texts, finally. Remember the first girl I went out with? Awesome 7 hour date? That one! I sent my new kidnapping anti flake text which worked a treat. So, we meet up and have a catch up. She tells me she's started sleeping with he rpersonal trainer who's married. He's been after her for years, and finally she just said to him "Ok, you can fuck me. But you can't kiss me on the mouth!" and he was like "oh yes, ok, I'll never bother you again, I promise" .... and so they went to a "love hotel" and did the business. She said it wasn't great... but she kept seeing him and that the sex was getting better. I could tell by the way she was talking about him she wasn't really into the guy.

Anyways, she explained to me the reason she never saw me again was that she didn't want to get emotionally attached to someone who was leaving the country. We had a good chat and I was escalating where possible. Really I had nothing to loose, I was fairly shameless. I would have done Yad proud, hehe. We even got yelled at by some security guard outside of a building. Still, I didn't kiss her but was groping her and such. She had a little pimple on her lip (but, i was paranoid it was a "cold sore" (see: herpes) and i wasn't interested in finding out if I was right. –

She said stuff like "if you come back to ARgentina, i'll be your lover" etc etc... and the next day sent a text that said

so my stand up show was coming up which i thought she'd attend... i texted

"listen, I will cook some pasta. why don't you come over and I will feed you. You gotta eat!"

she replies "yes i needed i'm getting too skinny, but my son is staying at home he feel sick"

then 5 mins later she texts "hey if you wanna come home mas tarde (much later) because i'm not going to be able to go tonight (to the show)

now i don't know if she means that afternoon, to come to her house... or after the show? either way i was busy in the day ... i texted asking what she meant but she didn't reply. i think she meant to go to her house (booty call)

I figured i'd see if it was on with the singer and decide... and at least hookup with one of them before i fly out. right on my last night... will make for a funny blog entry i thought. from the vagina, right to the plane! hehe

Anywho: the show was a success, but highly stressfull. Hbsinger turned out to be a real diva and there was a bit of yelling involved. Not sexy. 4am by the time it's over. I'm not getting any. fuck!! a month in BA and no hankey pankey! this is going to look bad! (sigh)

Well fuck this.

Yes yes, I coulda gotten some. Cockblocked by a baby once (nice) ... a bunch of flakes... and I didn't really try with 32year old mama. It felt so solid, I didn't think I had to! And, a couple of other girls I just didn't bother meeting up with! (gay!)

But... well I just wasn't that horny, to be honest. I was getting some sweet luvin in toronto... and I was much more interested in learning spanish and just pissing about than actually fucking girls. How gay is that? gay. but... just the same... yea i didn't really give a 2 poops till this last week.


Back to Canada!