Friday, 29 May 2009

A revelation! the essence of effective game - and the mystery method de-mystefied!

I've been doing lots of thinking recently. A recent chat with ace brought to forefront of my mind some things that I've been piecing together about “getting a girl”

I'm sure i'm mentioned some if not all of these things in previous posts - but as i've come to realize - often epiphanies come to you over time - not always in a sudden moment of clarity.

Basically pure direct game rarely works. As soon as a girl gets a wiff that you want to fuck her, it’s game over. We’re talking about most “real life” situations (aka daygame) – obviously nightclubs are an exception to this

(hot) girls are sick and tired of men always being after one thing. even if you have a lot to offer, they won't see it - they won't stick around long enough to see it if you let them know you're interested in them right away. It can work: but, you've got so much going against you by revealing you want sex from the girl too early on. IT's really not really effective mathematically speaking, over a large period of sets.

I’ve actually had a friendship with this girl for a few weeks now and my interaction with her perfectly describes how one should go about getting a girl.

I’d met this girl as she was working in a shop. As soon as I entered the shop I was just having a laugh. I made an entrance, said something inappropriate and then said “ok I’ll come in again” … after a couple of minutes of joking around I just brought up some interesting conversational topics. I had a book on re-incarnation so we talked about that – her travels … how thaiwan was awesome and under rated. I actually hung out with her a while, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. I said stuff to her like “wow you are really interesting. I would love to carry on this conversation. We have to hang out!!” and she was like “yea totally!”

I didn’t hit on her – some light flirting but – not properly. I didn’t mention her looks. The reason for this was – I wasn’t attracted to her! I was genuinely interested in her because she was cool, fun, and interesting! I wanted to hang out with her again for those reasons!

Since that day we’ve hung out a few times and it’s been a blast. Tho I flirt with her relentlessly we are still just friends. She’s super into me. Here’s one text she send me the other day. (it’s pretty gay)

What a bright, beautiful & shiny day! Though not as bright, beautiful & shiny as u! J xoxox

And she often sends stuff like “hey hope you are having a great day. You rock! Xoxo”

I know that if I made a move, I could sleep with her.

Now – the reason she really likes me two fold.

1) we have good chemistry

2) I never weirded her out or made her think I wanted anything other than to be her friend

Now that she’s gotten to know me, she’s after me. I didn’t have to do anything – in fact all I did that was different from my other interactions with women is this: I didn’t hit on her and took a genuine interest in her long enough for her to get to know me.

The reason for this is, I’m just not that attracted to her.

Here’s something I’ve never admitted before. I find it difficult taking a genuine interest in girls who I think are super hot – even if they are interesting girls! I can’t focus on the conversation, Especially if it’s going well. Why? Because In the back of my mind I’m screaming “OH MY GOD! THIS IS GOING WELL! SHE LIKES ME! I THINK I COULD SLEEP WITH THIS GIRL!”

Deep down, I’m still in awe of her good looks. Deep down, I’m still treatint the woman as the prize.

So, inevitably they pick up on this… or I convey too much interest and I blow myself out. I’ll often get their number – but – when the girls think back to the interaction they’ll puzzle it together and realize I was just after one thing. And then … it’s game over.

That’s it! It explains why all those girls didn’t answer when I’d called: ignored my message, or texts. Girls that gave me ioi’s – laughed at my jokes. Girls that LIKED ME. But none of that really makes a difference, if they figure out what you’re “after.”

The solution: well, you can either act like you want to get to know them… or do what (to me) seems even more obvious

Get to a point where you take a genuine interest in people!

This is actually what I’ve sub consciously been doing over the last few weeks. Just being friendly and really talking to people. Seeing what makes them tick. And I’ve made a whole bunch of cool new friends!

The wacky tv software guy

The chef

The bouncer

Brazlian girl

The geeky girl

Maybe the portugeese girl

Maybe the dorkygeekyfunny girl (if she ever calls me back, lol)

They are all awesome people!

I find it absolutely ridiculous that after being fairly anti mystery method … that the underlying principles are, in fact – correct.

It IS better to show value, have the girl give you IOI’s before you give her IOI’s back because then she’s chasing you. It makes YOU the prize, not her. It HAS to be the way, or it doesn’t work anywhere near as often! As swinggcat would say “women are not attracted to men who are not the prize!”

I think the reason I was against MM was that I knew it made guys weird and that It was against the idea of using other people’s material. I was against “routines”

However – it made guys weird because they would use these “lines” and “routines” without understand the underlying foundations of why they worked. Suddenly, they’re having success with women. But – sleeping with women in itself is not true success. These guys would just have one night stands (or maybe a couple of dates) with these girls … but they saw these girls as the prize and this came thru in their words and actions. The girls would see this outer cocky/alpha shell was surrounding a flawed, insecure man and would leave them. This is why inner game is so important

Outer game without inner game cannot bring you true and viable success with women. It’s like having having the body of a sports car without an engine. Sure, it will get you the girl. But where are you doing to take her? What are you going to show her? As soon as she realizes it’s just an empty shell – she’s out of there!

Its better to have a solid engine on a buick than have a Ferrari exterior and no engine. It will take a little longer for her to be into you, sure. But once she sees that solid engine – the substance – she won’t care the exterior isn’t all shiny. She’ll be into you.

I find it highly ironic that’s it’s taken me … years to figure this out – especially as I was good friends with the creator of mystery at the time of it’s birth. But once again, this only goes to show that reading only gets to so far. Experience is the only true great educator…. In game anyways

It is a further irony that you are all, reading this right now. Hehe

What does this all mean? Well, for me – in addition to being less funny, it means I have to get PAST a girls looks. How do I do that? Maybe I should hire a group of super hot girls to just hang around me all the time? Then I’d grow immune to it?

Or wait – I could use this very revelation to make friends with a bunch of hot girls … but guess what! If I got to know them properly – they’d inevitably want to sleep with me as well – which would render the entire experiment useless! Ha!

Either way, it’s a win/win situation

My new goal: just make make friends with super hot girls. take an interest in them. Truly befriend them. Find their inner beauty. How ironic as well that to GET girls, we have to become like them and appreciate people’s inner beauty

(I’ve got a joke (and I’ve blogged about this before) where a girl says to me “you have to meet my friend, she’s BEAUTIFUL!!” … then u meet her and she’s like an overweight, ugly ass nice girl. i believe in that post I’d said “that’s the problem with girls – they just see people’s inner beauty!”

Well, that’s not their problem. That is their gift.

That is the way to truly achieve success with women

All the people in this world are filled with inner beauty. As a PUA – as a man - I choose to spend my time getting to know the inner beauty in girls that are externally beautiful. That is my preference. Just like, some guys like fat girls. Some guys like Chinese girls. I like hot girls. But, even this is becoming less important….I don’t think I’m quite enlightened enough to start dating really sweet, fascinating ugly girls ;) …. Not yet anyways

After writing this post, it is also becoming apparent to me the relevance, and power of social circle game. Hmm…

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

may 27th - death in the family

My grandma died today. She was the only woman or, family member that I ever truly loved. She was very old, and pretty much comatose. IT was only a matter of time. I’m glad I was in Toronto to see her a couple of times before the end. I know that she knew I was there. My newfound spiritual beliefs make it easier as I know she’s back in the real world… I will see her again, once day. I can only hope one day I will love a women as much as I loved her. She was awesome. Very smart, knew tons of history. She exercised vigorously until at least the age of 75. I’m come over and she’d be doing jumping jacks!! She was full of live, and passion. She loved swimming, learning. She was awesome. She was the coolest girl I ever knew. I will miss her very much.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More flakeage + how not to open 2 sets

Cutefunnygeeky girl flaked on me today. Sigh. I should have guessed. She wasn’t really answering when I’d call, but would always reply when I text (this is a BAD BAD SIGN)

But, I spoke to her again and she was happy to hear from me. She said “I’m happy you called” and was eager to make plans to hang out on the weekend. But when the time came – she didn’t even text. Nothing. Yuk. We had very good chemistry too… I’m guessing she’s got a BF or is seeing someone or some shit. Pity. Why make plans with me only to flake? I guess I already know the anwer to that question. She wanted to see me, when she made the plans, but then decided she better not. I guess I should have spend more time talking to her on the phone instead of just trying to meet up with her. That would have been better. Now it’s pretty much dead…. Once they flake that really is it, 90% of the time. They’ve made their choice. Weird, I know the official way to do phone game but I pretty much ignore it… I’ll try implement some of the stuff more I guess. I just hate doing things “by the book” … (I was suppose to chat with her a few times and get to know her, and THEN make plans to meet up) … sigh….

Did a bunch of daygame today. Still hard to find hotties, but there were a few.

Got a few closes, may actually see 1 or 2 of these girls again. Maybe. Had one set go to shit after I opened these 2 girls quite well waiting for the bus… when I gawked at another girl. They thought I was a dick. But, it was a SUPER hot asian girl. I really honestly couldn’t help myself. FAk. FOCUS! FOCUS!! lol

Learned one lesson today – never go direct on a female 2 set. It just doesn’t work. I knew that, but I did it anyways. Both girls were really hot. I was like “damn, you’re BOTH hot!”

They just crossed the street.

Now, once they do that, it’s very, very hard to recover. Because = you’ve already let them know what you’re after, see? It’s obvious. You can’t then go “oh, uh, do you know a good place to…”

It’s over. Unless they are really into it (which sometimes they are) in can work

But it’s around 50/50 … it CAN work – but it’s just that if they don’t immediately reply to it, you’re done.

However, coming in with any old shit .. “hey u guys, is anything fun going on tonight? I’m really bored… you guys look like you know where the party’s at! Omg, I LOVE your shirt….”

Has about a 90% chance of success. There is a time to be a man and go direct. 2 hot girls isn’t that time.

Funny – going direct on 5+ girls is charming

On 1 girl it’s romantic

On 2 girls, it’s creepy. (half the time) … Funny that.

Oh and one of them recognized me from yoga. So I can ever go back THERE again :P

I did get a number from a very cute Korean girl, Canadian girl, and facebook for a really cute Japanese girl. (very yummy) … she’s already added me, so hopefully I’ll be able to get her out.

Oh – I almost forgot. I did meet up with a Japanese girl I’d met a few weeks ago but it went Nowhere. She was totally physically closed off. Couldn’t really hug her or anything. And she wasn’t fun. She had an amazing body and was pretty cute but that’s pretty much all she had going for her. I will not be contacting her again… I’m sure it’s POSSIBLE to get in there but I wouldn’t dream of putting in the effort. Ugh

I’m really on a bad run here. Is it me? Is it Toronto? Is it the fact that I HATE Toronto that’s affecting me somehow??

Shit I’m starting not to care. I’ll just give up on game and live as a hermit. Hehe. How do you go from just new girls all over the place to… no sex for 3 weeks? How long is this streak going to go?? Should I be worried? Nah – I don’t care that much. I’m actually much more interested in other things at the moment. Fuck it. who needs sex anyways? :P

may 23 almost got into a fight

Bah. I made out with a lesbian. Hahahaha. Well, she was straight. But her friends were lesbians. And she was confused. She wanted to go to her place, but didn’t wanna look like a ho in front of her friends. She was cute but I wanted to keep going also – I didn’t push it. I’ll never see her again. But I coulda. She was very drunk – I’m never into the drunk stuff so… whatever. I tried to find the south American party those people invited me to from last night but it was past 3 by the time we got near and we just thought fuck this and left. On the bus I was talking to a couple of girls about whether I should go to the party and this guys just starts going “this guy’s a liar. Don’t listen to him, he’s a piece of shit” … I ignore him but he really wants to fight me, apparently. I take my jacket off and tell him to go ahead. He’s like “you make a move” … I’m like “you got the beef, you make a move” … I said “let’s get off the bus….” He’s like “you get off the bus first…” I’m like “you get off the bus first” … eventually he got off the bus. I told the busdriver to drive off and he did. Then he flipped me off as the bus drover away. I flipped him off.


Now, for a moment I was gonna mui thai elbow him in the face. But I’m glad I didn’t. what’s the point? To prove what? In front of an old black granpa and some crazy lady on the bus? I was much bigger than him, and he was very drunk. It would have been the furthest thing from a fair fight. Unless he had a gun, or a knife. I figure one good hit from me would have been the end but you never know I suppose. Still it’s weird – for someone to pick a fight just based on – my looks I guess? Or the fact I was chatting up these two girls? I guess that was enough for him to dislike me. Ah well, his loss. Guess who’s not invited to my comedy show. That’s right. Little mister Mexican drunk fight picker. So ha. Joke’s on him.

May 23rd (early morning)

Went out with my buddy ben who’s kinda into game. We just walked along queen street, got some food and I spoke to some girls around. There were a few cuties about – one 2 set. On Italian looking broad who seemed into me and her friend. Who, actually was growin on me as she was the feisty one. Heh. The Italian one panicked a bit when she couldn’t find her phone to take my number so that was a good sign – I called her and it rang in her back pocket. Sigh.

Flake. she was drunk. 100% flake.

I'm gonna start a game, seeing how many flakes i can call in advane. ooh that sounds fun!!

May 22nd

I was just seeing which pua websites get the most traffic as research where to post my latest round of articles. I punched my website it. After the result, it said

The prediction may be wrong because the site is not very popular.”

I’ve just been dissed my an automated internet search function.


May 21st - 2 girls. 2 guys. 1/5th of a movie.

May 21st

Go the geek and her friend came over yesterday. We watched movies and joked around. My roommate was happy as, well, he there were 2 girls in the house. Her friend was cute, with a descent body. I flirted with them both outrageously but didn’t really do any real move. As I’m friends with the geek, I figure what’s the point? I can get her friends number later if I want. Well, turns out the friend is dating 4 guys too, lol. I’m like “bitch, you told me she was single!” … she’s like “but she IS single!!” hahaha… so BOTH these girls are players. They are total female pua’s. And they get all these guys to buy them shit. So I’m not sure if I should respect them? Or hate their guts? Fucking amazing. It’s weird. You’d think that I’d be happy to hear that the cute friend is sexually open. But in fact I was a bit disappointed.

I really haven’t taken Johnny soporno’s video’s to heart. I need to watch them again! Can I be fucked to get her number and call her? I’ll think I’ll just use them as social proof as I invite other girls out to stuff. It’s good. I’m actually building a network of girl friends… yay! It will even be more fun when I start sleeping with some of them. Hahahaha. Yes, yes, I will go out this weekend. Damn you. I will. Honest.

They brough us flowers. How fruity is that. Mikey didn't even know what to do with them. Why wouuld he?

We watched 1/5 of back to the future and then they left. Good times.


May 18th

Went to the park today with the South American girl. It was ok. It’s really obvious she likes me. She keeps saying “we’re friends!” whenever I escalate. Also, she tried to introduce me to the one hot girl at the barbque. Who had her baby with her. She’s like “oh ya, it’s her baby. But she’s single”

To the untrained, you’d think these were bad signs. But no. She wants it. The problem is, she’s just too nice. By nice, I mean catholic. But also nice. Do I think I could sleep with her. Sure… would it take a lot of effort? Possibly. Either that, or doing “the move”

If you don’t know about “the move” it’s basically putting your hand on a girls’ vagina. Or your mouth. More ok for Clubs, but I’d feel a bit dirty doing that to a catholic girl I’ve gotten over to my house under the guise of movie watching. I’m just saying. Probly I’ll let it go…

Tommorow I’m meant to be hanging out with the geekygirl (aka the geekyplayer) and her allegedly cute friend that wants to meet me. Now, the question is, should I go over to her geek’s house (where a 3some is possible…) or get them back to mine for a movie and get Mikey in on some girlie action. Hmmm.

On that note: I think it’s time I wrote about project Mikey

Now, there honestly isn’t enough room in this blog to explain why my roommate Mikey hasn’t had sex in 11 years. No, there’s nothing physically wrong with him. Psychologically, is another matter. HE had a bad experience with a girl in the late 90’s. Really bad.

HE hasn’t had sex since. Not only has he not had sex – he hasn’t even tried to have sex. He hasn’t even considered trying to have sex. In fact, a couple of years ago I presented sex to him, on a platter. He turned it down. (no, it wasn’t from me. Yes, I realize how that sounded) :P

Mikey has been one of my closets friends for years. Years and years. But now, only now have I softened him up to the idea. My goal:


Now, you might think “meh sure, big deal”


IT’s a long time. And he has, pretty much zero game. I don’t know why, but I don’t think I could actually teach him game. He has literally no interest. But he does want sex. HE’s just afraid of something bad happening as a result of it (don’t ask)

So, my bold plan:

I’m gonna use the internet to get Mikey laid.

I know!! What the fuck right? But I think it’s really the easiest way. I’ve already put ad an up.

Me and my new friend think, once he gets a taste of sex, it will come back. The PUSSY may be just what he needs to get him out in the real world, once again. To best honest, even if he pays for it, that would be OK. I just need to get him fucking. Something. Anything. I should be able to manage it.

Then again, I’ve been here 3 weeks and I haven’t gotten laid yet. So who knows. Heh. I think this coming weekend I will actually go out. You know. To like, a club. And stuff. Probably.

Project Mikey has begun! I won’t rest until he humps something.


It doesn’t have to be human

Or alive.

As long as it was alive at some point, that’s good enough. OH YEA!!

May 17th. Movie day!!

I taught my computer the word “sarge” today. That is a bit worrying, lol.

One 19 year old asian girl on the subway said to me “you’re good at this” haha.

So, not THAT much as been happening. The Columbian girl refused to come to the movies cuz her friend didn’t make it, but the Portugeeze girl came. Oh, the geeky girl who’s my friend had to work, and the dorkyfunnypretty girl (or whatever I’d called her) just today said she can’t make Monday when we were supposed to hang out. On a positive, I’m suppose to meet the Columbian girl tomorrow to go to a bar b que with some of her friends.

Star trek was good. X-men was a piece of shit. If I’d paid to see it, I’d have asked for my money back. Haha. As the credits rolled I got up, and my friend was like “wait, I heard there’s a bit after the credits, maybe it’s good”

I relied “Yea I’m sure the creators of this movie thought “hey, let’s make a really terrible movie – and then put all the best stuff in that last 2 minute, after the credits have run. Then we’ll teach the fuckers that left early a lesson”

Silly cunt. IT’S SHIT.

I got one girls number as I walked out of the theatre. I was like “WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T WATCH X MEN” to them as they were going in to see it. I was like “it’s fucking terrible. I didn’t pay and I’m angry cuz I will never get those 2 hours of my life back!”

One of the girls was like “how do we know you’re telling the truth?”

“ok sweetie. You got me. You see, I work for this new cartoon that’s coming out called y-men. We’re trying to discredit x-men and we thought the best way to do that, was to talk to people, outside the movie, after people have already bought their tickets.”

She had a great body, kinda cute too.

Ooh, I’m sick as shit, did I mention that? I’ve been refusing to leave the house (save for the movies) but I’m feeling a bit better now. I’m really focusing on getting a proper website up and setting myself up to teach game in Toronto. Having your own business is a motherfucker. There is so much shit you have to do it’s retarded. Sigh.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Awesome idea to meet girls - sex surveys!

Had this awesome idea today. Actually I have done this before, but I’d forgotten about it.

Right: This is the sickest way to go out there and meet girls – and to get to know what you want to about them, quickly and easily.


You make a sex survey with all the relevant questions and you print it up

You go in field and approach the hottest women. You say that you are doing research. You can imply that it’s for a magazine, or an article. Then you ask tem everything and anything you’d like to know about the opposite sex.

What kinds of guys do you like?

What kinds of things do you not like about guys?

How many guys try and pick you up in the day? What do you they?

How many pick you up at night, what do they say?

How many guys have you dated at once as a maximum?

What’s the most amount of men you’ve been sleeping with at the same time?

How many guys are you dating now?

Blah blah blah

ANYTHING … and if you say at the start “it’s an extreme sex survey. We’re trying to find out all the stuff they never talk about. You have to be very open sexually…. If she agrees, well then you’ve got her! Any objections can be countered with “I thought you said you were open/adventurous etc”

What’s great about this is not only can you find out about her lovelife – it’s absolutely wonderful for getting into fascinating conversations with girls! some of the best chats I’ve had have been exactly these topics. After that, it should be easy enough to go into more personal comfort, find out what’s awesome about them and find a reason to meet up!

Piece of piss! Of course, most people are lazy and won’t actually go out and do this. But if you do, please let me know how it went. I’ll hopefully try this some point soon (maybe on the weekend!)

p.s I’d done this before with my buddy emcee in London. We were hooking sets but didn’t know where to take the interactions (it was a long time ago) … one super hot girl looked at my piece of paper and said “you’re not even writing this down! This is bollocks!” and ran off. Haha. Man I still remember, she was really yummy!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Swimmin, yoga, girlies....

May 13th

Well, let's see. The girl from the bus did add me as a friend. I messaged her and she messaged back.... if she does i'll get her out on the weekend. she's cute... but a scientologist! YES I KNOW. But i wanna see what she says, and then i wanna see if i can talk her out of it. hehe.

The south American girl called me today!! yes, then one that was coming over and i'd left the phone off the hook like a retard. Based on this 5 min call, she'd DTF. she was nervous asking me if i was gonna call her tommorow. she really wants it. great. now, should i still invite her to the movie with other girls and my friends? or just fuck her? i'm not actually sure. whatever, the more the merrier i suppose... plus the more girls there are the more they all will want me so i think i wil invite her anyways. fuck it.

did i mention one of the super hotties added me from the weekend? she did - but didn't reply to my message. i kinda hate FB - cuz what do you do if they just ignore you? it's weak to try and message them more. with the phone i feel like i have more power. if they don't pick up they don't pikc up. but if they do i can really get some vibe energy shit going, you know? i mean a girl can really feel your energy over the phone. You can really continue what was happening in person. WTF can you do over facebook? Sure you can be interesting and build comfort blah blah. But it’s just not the same, u know? FB really is for inviting people to events and stuff. I’m really gonna put the time into sets to build the comfort so I can get girls number always. I think sometimes I just get lazy and think “yea gimmie your FB” …. But that’s a bit gay. Then again, yad swears by it. then (again) sometimes girls will give you the FB and not the number so it’s better than jack shit. We’ll see if I can lay any of the girl’s I’ve got going online and then I’ll decide I suppose….

Swimming baby, oh yea!!

I don’t think I really mentioned this before, directly. But, my ass is getting into shape. THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES! I’ve been swimming 3 or 4 times per week since I got back to T.O, along with 3 bikhram yoga classes (which are one fuck of a workout) … I can already feel extra lung capacity. Like the last time I swam 3 days ago, I could feel I could just inhale more. And tonight, after swimming continuously for around 20 mins, I was like ok, I’m really gonna push it. and I did 10 lengths across the pool, front crawl, and I was ok! I mean my heart was beating like a MOFO and my arms were tired, but I could have kept going! We split cuz the pool was closing… but shit 2 weeks ago, front crawl I’d be dying after 3 or 4 lengths. Mevermind 10 after swimming for 20 minutes… I’d have died!! It’s amazing how fast my heart is getting into shape. It’s happening FAST! But, I’m still a tubby fucker. Haha. Well not really…but the baby fat is there. I wanna get rid of that belly!!

I’ve started eating human sized portions. Like other people eat. You should have seen the portions before. WOW. They were nuts. I started the diet (and workout) the day I landed in Toronto. Now, for the first 2 days I was hungry ALL The time. Like STARVING. Then it got easier. Now it’s ok…

When I was pushing myself in the pool I was just thinking “ yea bitch, push, go more, keep going” … once you get in that zone you WANT to just push yourself. Same thing with yoga… I was like really pushing thru the pain, you know? I think in everything there is that “comfort threshold” that you just have to get thru

Same for sarging, swimming, learning kung fu, anything….. you just have to descide you are gonna get thru that shit. I think it’s partially a matter of discipline. You just have to descide that you have it. that you are one stubborn son of a bitch, and when you decide on some shit, nothing is gonna stop you. At all. Ever.

Also, I’m realizing that, most people live their lives truly based on fear. FEAR!!

Fear of the girl, fear of loosing your job, or a friend, fear of death. FEAR!

I’ve been living this way too – this is why I’ve sabotaged myself a few times in live…. I’ve been scared to succeed. Everything is linked. The way you live your life pours itself into every aspect of everything you do

If you live in fear, the girls will feel it and they will stay away

you won’t push yourself in the pool, the gym, at work … fear will always be there to stop you. There’s always SOMEthing to be afraid of

imagine if you got rid of fear? If you just conquered it? imagine how you’d live your life. You wouldn’t even be the same person. I really got to thinking about this because of a vid ace sent me. Here is the link, check it out, it’s pretty awesome.

Also, has anyone read that book he’s talking about, conversations with god? Ace said it basically explains that there is no death… I truly believe that now too. Can’t wait to rea it - I’m gonna order it right after I post this so soon I’ll read it…

I finally realized the reason, I’ve never been able to do a proper front crawl (when u get your head under the water) in my whole life. I was afraid. Afraid the water would go up my nose. And afraid (Even when I was doing it) that my head would hit the end of the pool (Because you have to keep your eyes closed, especially with long hair)

FEAR! I just couldn’t LET GO. And I was doing it today… not 100%, but I was doing the motherfucking front crawl, under the water, for the first time ever. All the way across the pool.

I’m gonna start mui thai training next week to add to the yoda and swimming. Haha. Yea I’m SERIOUS!!

Fuck yeah!!

Ohhhhh I had a catch up with my mate Keychain yesterday via skype. For those that don’t know, he was one of my students in Project Rockstar where they took a bunch of noobs and put them into intense pua training. He’s a musician and is doing great, doing shows all over! I love skype. It’s so cool how u can chat with your friends anywhere in the world for free!! Keychain is very good. Once we did an awesome set with these 2 smooooking hot girls. we swapped details with one girl each… then a few days later I add mine on myspace and saw she was 15 !!! When I met him later that day I was like panicking and shit “dude. I gotta tell you something. What happened with that girl you met in our set!?” … he’s like “nothing…” I was yelling and shit “you fucked her didn’t you! You fucker!! THEY ARE 15 bro!! we’re going to jail! Aaah!” … but he didn’t fuck her. But my panicking was kinda funny at the time. Hehe. He’s really good at rapid escalation stuff… he’s written an article about it on his blog. Check it out here if you’re interested:

I’m gonna try some of that stuff in da club this weekend… If I can find some tasty ladies…. it’s gonna be a fun few weeks….

ohhhhhhhhh - i only realized that i can reply to people's little comments there in the box on my blog. before this i was sometimes answering them in my blog. i am a fucktard. so from now on, if you ask me any shit i will answer it, in the comments section. unless you post anonymously. then i might not. but i might. depends on the quesition, really. and if i think you're a tosswipe.


date with hbgeeky - just friends. mutually!!

May 12th

I met up with hbgeeky. She’s a player!! He’s got 3 guys on the go! Fucking hell! Hahahhaha… she was awesome though we had a really fun time. We’re just going to be friends tho… I’d decided that already as… well I’m just not that attracted to her…. She likes to pretend she wasn’t going to sleep with me. She may be telling the truth…. I told her all about game and stuff, she loves it! We had some great chats though. Just about everything, including all her men and stuff. One of her guys (one that is pursuing her) spend 300 bucks on her on one night and she’s like “but I decided not to sleep with him!” .. I’m like “What’s that?? You motherfucker!!” in a way a hate girls like her. Haha. But she brings value as she’s fun to be around…. So I guess the guy gets the pleasure of her wonderfulness. I myself got muscled into spending $8 for fruits for our delicious fruit shakes. But, I had not choice as she bought me a beverage for 2.50 before that. She’s a pro!! She joked around about turning me into one of her sugar daddies! LOL!!

She took me to some swings, and we swung! It was fun… also we ran into this Italian like “gino” guy (U.k people won’t know this term – look it up!) and this smoking hot girl. Now, she was wearing a lot of make up. But she looked goooooooood. We had a chat with them for a bit. He was spiritual too, and a nice guy. A bit lacking in personality though. After just being my fun self, and dropping one dhv (comedian) the girl was veeeeery interested. When I asked how to get in touch with them to invite them out for a show she very quickly provided one of her cards. Now, yes, I know there’s a very good chance I could get her. But he was a nice fellah, so I’m not gonna try. I will invite them out to my show, however. Who knows – can’t hurt to have another hottie friend around….

Also, the geek was telling me how one of her friends really wants to meet me. I’m like “how’s that??” … she explained “Well I told her you were hilarious… and she always likes the guys I like. And she’s younger, 25… and she’s hot!”

Hmm… we’ll just have to see about that, now won’t we? I’m gonna invite a few girls out for movies on the weeend so we’ll see …we’ll see… muahahahhaahahah

I’m really looking forward to putting the social circle shit into play ....

I wasn’t really feeling so good yesterday. Emcee was like “come out, I’m at kareoky, come out” .. but I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I called the girl from the other night. I’ll call her weirdysexyfunny girl. Or WSF girl. She is weird. And sexy. And funny. We musta spoke on the fun for like, 40 minutes or so…. And it was all nonsense. Like, just fucking nonsense. I was laughing a LOT – which is rare for me. I actually like this girl. The problem is, she’s 18. Now I know what you’re thinking. “That ain’t no problem!” … well… I’m fucking 30 now. 18. 30. I dunno. She’s hot though. And fun. And has a good body from what I could tell….

And – she has NO IDEA how old I am. She hasn’t even asked! I think she thinks I’m like 22 or some shit. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. The other day I gamed a 17 year old (I ejected without doing shit don’t worry) but she guessed I was 21. I look young enough still where really young girls put me in my early twenties. So I could lie thru my teeth or tell her the truth. For those who follow my adventures, ya’ll know I’m pretty honest. That, and now finding the light of Buddha, I’m not sure I wanna lie to anybody. Urghhhh ….

But, teasing and avoiding the question… that’s another matter altogether! Hehe – I did it with the geek and it drove her NUTZ! Only when she stopped asking did I tell her.

Some lines to avoid it “I’m old enough to know not to answer that question” – Which I was told by Mr M

“why are you asking? You’re not thinking about hooking up with me or something, are you?” (just thought that up)

“I’m not gonna tell you, I like watching you beg! Haha” (did that to the geek yesterday)

It doesn’t really matter – just avoid it and let them know u like driving them crazy. Hehe … I guess I’ll stick to that strategy and see where it goes…

Also I’m going to create sexual tension from it like “oh I’m not gonna say. But I’m DEFINITELY Too old for you.”

And then later “yea, you’re so awesome… if you were just a bit older I was SOOO be after you” (I picked up some good stuff from swinggcat’s stuff on this and I’m looking forward to really implementing it in some sets)

I guess I’ll just use it to my advantage. With the geeky girl and it worked great….

Can’t wait to meet up with WSF girl… mmm yum….