Friday, 29 August 2008

aug 29th fucking makes me lazy


Looks like this really super hot girl is flaking. Ah well. I’m going to call her and ask her why, I’m really curious about these flakes that I get along great with

Hbsexy back comes round. We met up with some guys, virgo and Canadian J. I brought dunners along too. It was funny cuz Canadian j was talking about lmr how he was trying to bang this chick and he stops half way and goes “I dunno how rude I can be in front of her” and I was like “it’s cool buddy” so he let loose. She was lovin it anyways.

Everyone splits we go to mine and fuck for a good 45 mins. I had a few internals, but then blew my load in the end. Crapola. WAAH. Anyways a fucked the shit out of her last night. Blew my load after an hour which I shouldn’t have done.

The 17 year old is texting trying to get me to swing by her usual join. I think she wants to fuck. Was going to go to essex with the rockstars but I thought I could lay the 17 year old (tis wrong, but legal in the U.K so you can all piss off!) err then I was just chilling with dunners and I got lazy and I stayed in. ah well.

aug 27th - the perfect woman? pua and poker!

Met up with hb from the bridge pickup. We’re going to this music festival this weekend and camping there. Should be awesome. We ate at one of my fave places then got ice cream. Then – get this – we went to the casino!! She’s a blackjack card counter and does quite well. Haha. Awesome. She wants to learn poker and I’m going to teach her, see? Can’t be bothered to learn basic strategy for blackjack tho I already understand card counting. There was not space for poker tho she wanted me to play – she broke even on a bit of blackjack. She had to get to hers that night so no action for me.

Met up with yad and we went to do street game outside of cheapskates but there was a bunch of dudes in the line. Ughh.. then we went to roxy and viro and yentz (his main wing) came out. They said it wasn’t that great so we went to this other club on the corner. What’s it called? Anyways it was good. Came to a realization about state – you can’t “game” a girl who’s in super state. You have to be in super state and then you can just make out. These two drunk girls were having a great time. I just grabbed one and started throwing her about having fun. after 2 mins of this I just grabbed her head and planted one on her lips. You know those jokes kisses, like you’d do to another man? No tongue, right? they’re funny! So if you’re in state, and a girl is in state, just grab her head and plant one on her. but then, if she doesn’t pull away from the jokey kiss just add some tongue in, see? Easy peasy

Chatted to most of the hot girls in there. Nobody too interesting. One girl was the closest thing I’ve seen to a 10 in a long time. 21, perfect body- absolutely stunning. English girl. Chatted to her a bit- she’s engaged!! I’m actually not surprised. Any guy dating her would want to marry her. she’s the hottest girl around. WoW!! Maybe I should have been more persistent and tried to get her into my social circle but – I’m still not thinking that way. If they’re taken I just leave it. Limiting belief? Or I’m just a gentlemen?? Heh… ah well. Everyone was there, all the boyz pretty much so it was awesome. Yad, ziggy, mowgli, big t, virgo and this crazy german guy. I think he’s virgo’s main wing. So virgo and the german are trying to de virginize these two Italian 18year old girls – they leaving town tomorrow! I split to the casino and the lads come with as the club’s closed! Later on virgo joins us. He says “smell my finger” and then crams his fingers into my mouth. I never smelt them. Then5 mins later he does the same joke and the fingers land below my nose. They reek of pussy juice. Nice. This means I’ve had 18 year old virgin pusssy juice in my mouth - from a girl I don’t even know…. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. Was up 30 quid at the end of it all, but I got lucky… folded the best hand in an un raised flop. Top pair (9’s) with a queen kicker but it was bet, and the guy to my left went for chips straight away so I threw it away… sigh… first guy had middle pair (5’s) and the 2nd guy was holding 97 !! bollocks!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

aug 26th easy insta pickup

I saw a clint eastwood movie with my homie

We’re crossin waterloo bridge and this cute petite girl walks be. She was really cute! I say “fuck it I’m opening!” and I approach. Pretty straightforward “hey you’re really cute, I just wanted to come say hi!” and she just opened up! She said that she was bored to death and just abandoned her friends. I’m like “really? You must have some boring ass friends!” … she explains that her male friend convinced her to come along on his date. He’s dating some 18 year old… he’s 28. Gid says “come hang out with us!” and I agree. “you’ll have a great time! We’re craaaaaaazy!!!” we vibe for maybe 2 minutes and tell her to come back to mine. She explains she’s house sitting in surrey and that I should come along. I agree. I give gid a look and he says “Well I have to be going anyways” … we go to waterloo and she says the next train is in 30 minutes. We get a coffee. There’s a crazy yelling guy who claims to be the manager in the nero. I really hope that’s not the case but I wasn’t sure. We talk. We have a lot of stuff in common!! Not just that she’s wearing the same bloody shoes as I do – a whole of stuff!! I know I’ve got to make out with her before I get on the train just to make sure that it’s on. I do – no problem there. It’s funny – her friend and his 18 year old girl end up right behing us as we get off the train in surrey (he’s house sitting with her) … after they retire I see There’s an axe in the house. When she comes back down I tell her “close your eyes” … she gives me a look. “come on, close your eyes!” she closes them and then opens them a moment with me holding the axe. She squeals. Hehe. We make out on the couch. I kiss her stomach and surroundin areas. God she’s skinny!! She’s getting horny. We make our way upstairs to her room. She goes to the loo – I hide to the side of the bed, along with my shoes so she’d think I snuck off. It confuses her for a moment (she looked in the closet first) but then she found me. Ah well. Hide and seek is fun, hehe!! So we talk lots and make out lots. We talk frankly about whether she would have sex. She seems very open to it, but when I give her my awesome massage and say “have u ever had your butt massaged? Take over your trousers!” she’s hesitant. She says “ooh better not!” and I said “what hairy vagina!?” and she said “worse!” … I was going to say “period?” but thought better of it. It was very minute LMR – but I’d had fucking earlier in the week and had ejaculated very recently so I didn’t really want it that bad. I HAVE TO STOP DOING THAT!! Lol

Anyways we slept for 4 hours and I got up early and went to meet my friend who I had to meet very early. I made it just in time! (Really I should have made her come to mine – but going off to some exciting house in surrey… well it just kinda seemed fun!!)

It seems a pattern - I’ll pull some girl, not bang her, then have to see her again to bang her. haha. In this case I actually like this girl, however – so I really do want to see her again. But I’ve gotten into longer things with girls that I didn’t really like just to get some. THAt is unacceptable!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hoxton on sat 24th

Met up with a friend who i've kept meaning to hang out with. He works for a major pua company and is a really solid guy. we had a great talk! he's young and really has his shit together - a real inspiration. he told me to go and read some women's books to really get into the heads of the enemy. i mean, the competition. i mean, uh, women. the ones he was reading were "secrets every woman should know" and "don't be that girl"

will i ever be able to bring myself to read such books? i dunno.

Went to balham to pick up something - jesus that's out of the way. then we hit up our usual spots in hoxton at night. I told one of my bouncer friend's about the "game" ... it was quite funny. he was like

"yeah i notice all your friends. they never drink. and what's with all the hats?"

Well now he knows. I told him i'd get him my copy of the game, but i'll probably just buy him one. mine's signed by the author. Never lend a book signed by the author -you'll regret it!

Hoxton bar music hall was loaded full of hotties. Spoke to a couple -this one with a hot bod was sooo boring i couldn't take it and had to excuse myself. this other one has a bf :( ... ah well

then the kitchen was windin down but i isolated one girl - well not really, i opened her on the couch and her friends left her along after a while - hehe. she was single and we had a great chat - but she wouldn't gimmie her number. waah. i got her facebook. ah well.

that's shocking. a night out and i just got a facebook??? sigh... it's a good thing i like dancing...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

thur 22nd punk +winding up paladin

Went to the gym after a week of not going. Went to a super posh location that you’re meant to pay extra for but I shot the shit with the staff and they let me in. yay!! This one has a pool. Nice. This girl calls me I’d met ages ago. I can tell she’s nutty but she had great boobs. I agree to meet up. I tell her to meet me at the bar I’m meeting Tai, who’s moving to U.S.A. he’s a great guy and one of my first students so I gotsta send him off. That fucker went for every hot chick in the joint!! It was unreal!! He’s open one girl I liked, then I was talking to this short one for a bit and later on I find him chatting to her. I taught him too well, lol. Eek. Maybe I’ll just teach at 80% of my ability, lol. Great to see him – I may swing by where he’s at in the U.S and paaaaty!!!! The girl was boooring and not hot. She’d gained weight. I told her I was tired and left on the last tube. I showed her a good time out of guilt.

I went to meet paladin and ziggy. Paladin has a couch surfer at his. I pretty cute French girl. I can see he’s not going to get anywhere so I start “gaming” her. well not really, just being my hilarious self. He wasn’t happy about it. I love winding him up. I owe him plenty of wind ups. Heh. I grab ziggy to mine and we’re here not as I write this. Oh we ran from a homeless guy on the walk over. He was after 65p. we’re like “no” … and he’s like “I’ll follow you” … so I’m like “run ziggy, run!!” and we bolt it. The guy chases us! He catches up and I’m like “come on you fuck, run!!” so we bolt and he catches up again. I’d have made it but ziggy is an out of shape fat bastard so we were fucked. (I only wrote that to wind him up as he’s watching me write this now) but I think I’ll leave it in. haha. The third time I made him bolt he was dying, but It was near the building. It was just after the guy had taken interest in a couple getting into a cab so I thought we were safe. No. after they told him to piss off he starts coming after us again!! I heard him say “we might have to get violent!” .. I did actually consider just knocking him out, and the thought that changed my mind – he was all dirty and grubby. I wouldn’t want my nice clean elbow connecting with his scabby face.

Oh yeah. I’m hard I am.

So on the 3rd bolt we get to my building and get in. he runs up and hits the glass. Awww poor guy. I was going to come back and taunt him a little but I though that would just be immature. *ahem*

So. And the internet’s down. I write this in word and will have to post. What movie shall we watch? I think we’re going to shoot for eraserhead. Earl grey recommended it so it must be shit.

Thur 21st – punk

Had a date with a very hot English girl who sounds posh. I made fun of her a lot. Date went well. I thought it was hilarious when she mentioned “game theory” and I was like “you’ve read sklansky??” and she’s like “nono, how to pick up girls!” and I was like “oh yeah, tell me more” and she explained mystery method game to me verbatim. Part of me wanted to say “yea, the fucker who came up with “negs” owes me money from the year 2000” but I kept shtum. I find this amuses me more in most cases. Hehe. She was great. We made out a little. We had great chemistry – I timed bridged to Monday so we’ll see what happens…

We hit up punk…

Opened most of the hotties. Once superhb was unfriendlyon the dance floor, I was being fun and she wasn’t having it. Her friends were cute too. I caught them sittin in the back bit later and I opened with “aha!! I found you!! You didn’t think you could get away from me, did you??” I and spoke to her about what was up. She told me she didn’t like the crowd and everyone was uptight and shit. I told her mimicking their behavior wasn’t the way forward. I told her I’d make her smile and at the end she told me she was happy that I did. She wasn’t having any of it though. Ah well….

There one was girl who was 17 but had the body of a 14 year old, it was disturbing. I kept staring at her trying to figure out if I was attracted to her or not. I really couldn’t figure it out. Her and her cute friend were on the couches at one point and refused to come dance. I was pulling on their arms and they remained seated even though their chairs were moving around. I grabbed the little one and carried her to the dance floor, then sent my mate to grab the other one. It was amusing.

Earl grey did this thing where he’s my “hands” as I open a girl. It’s great cuz he can molest them and I can say “what it’s not me!!”

It was fun hanging with the boys and virgo (first time me and V actually went out together, lol) but just wasn’t that good there.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

oh boy oh boy oh boy

Well, there's a shit load of e books and stuff i've got and have been meaning to read. Too many in fact. Now I've decided to read and start implementing these new tactics in my game. Not just to improve my game, to see what works and what's BULLSHIT! So over the next few months i'll be bloggin about the new methods i'm trying and how they are working for me...

I figure, let's start with something that's been around for a long time. One of the founding fathers of seduction: That's right.

Ross Jeffries: Aka speed seduction

Now I know, I know what you're thinking. "what are you, crazy?"

Yes, it seems a bit evil. It is, essentially, hypnosis. I know that. But, well - what if it works? I'd like to know. I've just read everything up to chapter six (well more accurately, i'd read the first 4 before and stopped. that was a couple of months ago. Now i've read 4 and 5. I can see how it works. I feel a bit dirty already.

Should be an interesting few weeks/months....

Sunday, 17 August 2008

My students Arrested druing a bootcamp!!

Had a bigger bootcamp yesterday, 4 students with me and Dr. Yen as a guest instructor. You won’t fucking BELIEVE what happened – Dr. Yen and two of the students were arrested. For opening sets!!!

We split into 2 groups, I’ve got 2 guys with me in Topshop doing store sets and I get a text on my phone from one of my students

“lol, I got arrested. I want a discount!”

I think “haha … it’s a wind up… probably he just got yelled at by a security guard or whatever…”

We meet up with them and I get the whole story. I wasn’t there, but turns out ANOTHER PUA (not in our group) saw the whole thing. He posted it on our lair, …. I’ll let the following posts speak!


Thats right....
I was just on my way to my spot where I like to do some game when I spot 3 dudes with the PUA uniform. I spotted them and went to lean against a wall to see them in action from a distance while I was making sure that they were in fact PUAs.

I see one of them do a 3 set aproach and eject in 3 seconds, so I had some doubts.
Then, another one of them crosses the street to speak to this blonde lone wolf and after him goes a cop.

In matter of seconds, the cop arrests the guy that now just looks completely shock and disbelief and I think that he actually handcufs the guy. A second PUA crosses the street to see whats going on and gets arrested as well... So the third PUA just goes in and the party begins:

3 random dudes are arrested and searched in a corner of Oxford St. by one uniformed cop and 2 other civilian-dressed. I wanted to help, but I was risking exactly the same as the other 2 dudes and besides, I dont even know them, so I better mind my own business.

So I move on to my spot, open a lone wolf.... takes me 30 minutes to get her number and I walk back Oxf. St. again... AND THEY'RE STILL THERE!!!

Seriously... if you're reading this and you're the dudes, please just tell us what the hell just happened... Is it because you were opening too many sets on cctv?


Dr. Yen

The first and third ones were students, the second one was me.

Fucking arseholes.

I don't lose my temper easily. But that cunt really flipped a switch.

I saw one cop handling my guy really roughly for no reason, so I jumped in and got involved. Then another plain clothed came out of nowhere and got me while I was trying to write down his shoulder numbers. Then another student came in to see what the fuck was going on. Yeah, you guessed it. He gets nicked too.

They just go on about "dipping" and codes, like we were meant to understand them, and offered no alternative explanation in English.

They thought we were a gang of Romanian "dippers", although they refused to explain what "dipping" actually means. They got really abusive and physical, left one of my boys in cuffs for ages even after they realised they'd just made twats of themselves.

I'm still in utter disbelief at how inept, abusive and overly zealous they were.

No explanation. Hardly identification. Fucking unbelievable.

Then turns out "dippers" are people who nick shit off people's bags.


More later, I'm off to get some sleep. Everyone's fine and we had a fantastic night after.




haha yeah was yen, me and 1 more.. cant believe another PUA saw this... I was quite freaked out by it, but Yen pushed me back into sets again shortly after... was an awesome day and night... cheers Yen and to sleep now zzzzzzzzzzzz


Yeah we knew the Yen/Sasha bootcamp was going to be explosive but we didn't expect hand cuffs to be used (in the day) lol

i'm with my 2 guys in topshop and i get a text from one of the other students

"Lol just got arrested i want a discount!"



a discount!?!? cheecky bugger!! Grin Grin

I honestly would be on a plane to Canada right now if they'd tried to arrest me for not reason. honestly i'd have lost it and fought the police. no joke. nobody would ever, ever see me again.

I hate pigs


ahahahahaaaa fame!

that was the most random thing ever, got blown out like 10 plus times then one of the very few sets that opens and hooks nicely; BANG im in handcuffs. Shit.

Almost gives me a very negative image of this whole pick up thing. . . almost

P.S - I ended up doing an all nighter in london as i missed my train, had an AMAZING 5+ hour conversation with a finnish girl who was also doing an all nighter after going to V festival. Had a little kiss before she caught her train in the morning, shame logistics didnt really allow for more. pretty girl too Grin

And i still want that discount sasha! paypal me baby!


Yep. There it is. What more can I say? Un FUCKINg believable!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Hot poker playing girls, and cockblocked by a gay!!!!

Did a 1:1 with a guy today. Good looking fellah. Didn’t have a problem opening (he claimed) but just with what to say at the start of the interaction. Mmm hmm. Then it turns out he Did have a problem opening. What a liar!! He was at it by the end up didn’t really start till 2.5 hours in. then again, we couldn’t find any girls where we were (Sloane square) .. we tried hyde park but that wasn’t good either. Eventually we had to resort for covent garden. Even then it wasn’t that target rich but there was enough. I got a shed load of numbers it’s retarded. One cute 19 year old who’d just gone into a shop who lives in kent L

A lot of it was just breaking this guys’ beliefs about picking up girls … like it’s a taboo. After seeing me approach approach approach he finally went for it but it took a few demo sets. I said to him “you realize you’re paying me for me to pick up girls” and he’s like “yep, it’s cool” lol. What a great job! Who would have thought? I’m starting to see though how guys get paid as “life coaches” and shit. They just have to know how to motivate people. That’s pretty much all I’m doing, and explaining the ridiculousness of approach anxiety. I just had to show and explain to him that women love to be approached. Once girls were having this great reactions it just started to dawn on him. “you made their day!” he exclaimed… “it always does” I said… that was the turning point. We're in covent garden and i run into yen and a couple of the rockstars. yen scared me by sneaking up behing me and yelling "that's my girlfriend!" hehe. so right when we meet the rest of the guys and say hi, he immediately starts coaching my student and getting him to open. he opens one girl on the phone (starlight sent him in) and he was harshly blown out. that's why i say not to bother with girls on the phone unless you're really committed. yen starts explaining to him "see you gone blown out and you're ok!" ... unreal. yen just has to take over every situation he's in and prove his alphaness ALL the time. i keep telling him to stop but he literally won't listen to me. he did it over pizza the other day after the MM bootcamp. we order this dish to share, he eats a bit more than half, then when i realize that was the dish we were meant to be sharing and start to eat he just increases he pace of eating to eat the rest before i can. i'm like "don't be an asshole you've had your half!" and he stops for a second, then says "fuck you" and continues eating. then, after he can't finish his food eh asks for a slice of my pizza. i say no. then a few minutes later starlight asks for some, so i give him a piece. as soon as i do, yen says to him "hey can i have some of that?" gets some, eats it and gives me the finger. yen wins again. it's like this all the time. always always always. at this point i've come to accept that he's really not going to change for me, or for anyone and that's fine. what can i do? i love the guy, he's helped me my game, done a lot for the community ... and we always have a great time. He has great game and he fucks more than anyone I know (save for Yad) But he just has to out alpha everyone, all the time. You know how the little guys are always the ones who wanna fight because they have to prove themselves? he's like that, but on viagra and speed x 100, with an erection. I guess nobody's perfect - i'm certainly not. I supposed sometimes you just have to accept people the way they are and this is one of those cases. i realize though that it gets on my nerves and i wouldn't be able to spend any significant amount of time with Knucklehead without going insane. i was considering going around the US with him teaching game but after that meal it became obvious to me that it just wasn't realistic. maybe a bootcamp or two, we'll see.

At the end of the bootcamp we were in Leicester square and they had this free poker thing on. Lots of cute girls pushing products. I chatted up a couple. As we were walking into that area my student says “ever talk to a girl you’ve already spoken to?” and I say “sometimes” … the first girl I speak to it like “hey I’ve met you before around UCL” .. she was really cute – I got the sarge on video actually. She’d had a boyfriend and said she’s add me on FB but never did. I gave her a bollocking for it. She said if I took a flyer she’d add me. she’s a dirty stinky liar but I let her win that frame war anyway, lol. There were some really hot chix showing off their sexy bodies. I mean, really nice. I got 2 numbers but one turned out to be a fake!!! L L L god I NEVER get fake #’s. flakes yes, fakes no. the first girl (real number) we just chatted and I was duly impressed that she enjoyed playing poker. I told her I’d invite her to play a “real” tourney next time I go down (she plays gay free ones) …

Then I chatted to another one for a bit but didn’t go for it at she wasn’t THAT hot (had a common vibe a bit) but a great bod.

The second one was HOT (part time model) and was loving me but was just trying to get my number. I did all my stuff and she gave me one, but when I called it was some dude. WOW!! Unreal

I’m going to go and give her shit tomorrow and get the real one, lol

Oh, anyways then I had to meet this Taiwanese girl I’d met ages ago who was on my facebook. I asked her out and she said yes, no BS. Wow! Meet her at 6, we get some food and then she buys us some drinks that tasted like crap. Ugh. Then we hit up the park, getting a bit physical. Made out –she’s not goin to sleep with me tonight. I tell her I have to go play some poker. I can see she still wants to hang out. I tell her she’s cooking me dinner and she says cool.

So I go back to the poker thing. I find that hot body girl I wasn’t sure about – as I start she says she has to pee bad and runs off. Later I find her again but she just won’t give up the number. damn it. I could have got it earlier in the day. She’s hott after all, I decide. Oh I re opened the girl I # closed and the gay guy who’s like her team leader or whatever tried to shuffle her away. He tells me to shoo off … he’s like “see you later” and does a back turn. I’m thinking “hey I know that move…. I’m like “does that ever work? I think you need a hug” .. the he drags away the girl I was talking to. I just open the next girl and she’s into my right away. Then he says “you better leave” … I said I don’t think so, he can leave if he wants. He said he’ll call security. I said cool, keep talking to girl lol. He goes off. Some fat guy in a yellow security shirt says “I’m going to have to ask you to leave” … I say “really? From a public place? I don’t think so….. he says “can I talk to you for a minute? I say “no, I’m quite busy. I’m texting my friend and chatting to people. I don’t think that’s illegal. You’re welcome to call the police if you’d like to double check” and he scamers off. The gay had shepperded the girls to safety. I should have asked “why are you cock blocking? You don’t even like vagina” …oooh that would have been hilarious. Ah well. What a cunt! I’m going to post on my pair for everyone PUA to descend on that place and game everyone one of those girls in his group. Hahahaha. No really, I’m going to do it as soon as I post this.

Couple of other numbers, can’t even remember. The hottest girl was the first one I saw after meetin my student. She opened to well but had a man.

The I went to play some poker and lost!! WHAT! I know, shocking. Fishy table as well. They kept busting out. I had KK once and the flop comes with 2 queens. FAK! Stuck my last bit of money in on a low board holding K9 with just a gutshot. Someone had flopped the nut straight. Oopsie.

Oh I got 2 potential booty call text’s yesterday

The first, French girl 9 (the girl I # closed on a bus ages ago who came to my party?) I’d given up on her but she texts saying she’s going back to france on tues, do I wanna meet up for a drink. Now I’ve met up with her once after my party and she wouldn’t let me escalate (and said in texts “I don’t want to fuck”) so … I almost texted her back “are you read to fuck yet?) heh … I’ll see her on Sunday and just do escalation like a motherfucker, if I fail I fail. I reckon it’s a booty call. Has to be, right? (eek)

Then, from chinese girl (my old friend I got naked and didn’t close) … I don’t think I fancy her anymore but I feel like I should fuck her out of principle. I mean, I had her as a friend for 4 fuckiin years as an AFC just hoping I could maybe bang her one day, and now I can. I think I should. It’s kind of like rape, forcing myself to sleep with someone. Haha. Reverse rape?? No wait, that would be forcing someone to sleep with me, surely. Haha. I’m so going back to that thing tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

aug 14

finished bootcamp with 2 guys from last week. one could open on the street but not on the tube and the other could on the tube but had this massive stigma about opening moving sets although he’d done it the week before. WTF! Anyways I did actually manage to get both of them to open a couple sets on the tube which they were nervous about. One of the sets hooked great! The a cute blond’s number during one of the many “demo sets” … then just after they left me I # closed this cute 18 year old on the tube. She guessed I was 23. haha. As usual they always guess their age +5 for older guys. Fantastic.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

mm bootcamp, 18 year old makeout

Aug 10th

Was a guest speaker at the Mystery Method bootcamp in London headed by sheriff. Also I sat in on the fri and was an approach coach with their students at onanon. Fri was alright – I was happy to push the guys into sets and do demo’s but there really weren’t many got girls around. Just hen nights with older girls. One chick was like 45… I almost said to her “what happened to your first marriage? Better luck this time!” … she was brutal who could marry her I have no idea. Brutal. Anyways as I got in there I wanted to break into that group and demonstrate how to win over the whole group so I went in and asked who was getting married. When I got my answer I said “I’m going to give her a wedding present!” and then I started singing “happy marriage” or “I’m your private dancer” and started stripping. I got my shirt off and was grinding her and they all went berserk. Then I went back to the students and said “now they love me, I can go for whoever I want in the set” .. there was one cute girl in it, but later she was gone (should have gone for her right away)

Anyways yea I worked with 2 of the guys and they did pretty good. My chat today went down well, covered some general day game principles and a few openers for situations and shit. They were just full of questions. Sheriff asked me to do 30 on fri, then cut me to 20, then tried to get me off at 15. He cut yenna off early too. He’s a power hungry whore!! He couldn’t let us steal his thunder!! I compared him to Hitler during my chat (in a funny way) but he got me back with an amog towards the end so it’s even. He’s alright though – good teacher and knows his stuff.

I had my own students on Saturday also, two brothers. One more natural than the other, but with more AA. I’ll finish them off later in the week. Hope they are doing their homework. I’ll break them. Hehe. Oh, got another 3 student from the MM bootcamp, and some guy found me off the internet, and another guy off LSS I’m doing this week, so it’s a fucking busy busy week!!! arghhhhhh. I’m literally teaching game every day except for wed. WTF?? This is retarded. What else has happened…

That’s it. Had a couple of girls flake recently (need to work on comfort)

I got a couple of comfort bits from the bootcamp, may try those. Need to start qualifying more also….we’ll see what the does…

Friday, 8 August 2008

Punk last night

So I spot this hot young girl in purple. I open her but she keeps walking with her friends around this contruction thingie - i got around and cut her off before she goes into the club. i run my standard stuff, tell her she's hot and find out she don't have a bf. i tell her i'm going to be her new boyfriend. i can see she likes me, her friend do too (i'm yelling "WING!!") as i'm trying to hold all their attention while seducing my target. Mystel runs over and keeps the others busy for a bit while i work it. eventually i let them go into the club, however, she comes out later and sits on the curb with her and her friends. I come up behing and, put my hands on her shoulers and say "i knew you'd come back for me, baby" and i just start giving her a massage. right away she's leaning on me and shit. within 2 mins we're making out. she kissed me, in fact, as i was gettin physical and leading up to me. got some nice pice, once where i'm actually enveloping her head haha. I had told her i wanted to get her naked and massage her all over her body. she liked the thought of it and asked where i lived.... make out with her in the club more too... then she had to go back to her buddies. i saw her leaving later on when i was outside again just as i was about to run after a hot blonde. she was with 3 other girls. i said "what! you're leaving without sayin goodbye!!" and gave her a hug and said i'd call her. i could see her friend didn't wanna leave her with me. anyways i'm gay, i should have made out and said "you're coming with me" but i was more concerned about chasing the hot blonde lol! oooooops

ah well it was fun. prop won't see her again but i'll call her later and have a crack at it anyways

the blonde i went for - well that didn't go ANYWHERE. chatted up another really hot 19 year old who I # closed. was hard to do anything, she was quite drunk and the leader of her little group. that group was FULL of hotties though - WOW!!

good times. at least i was really sexual with purple girl - i give it a 50% chance of ectraction had I tried for it. ah well.