Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I'm going to be speaking at Real man!

Hey fuckers! (And non fuckers!) What's up!

Guess what! I'm a late minute addition to speak at the real man conference! OH YEAH!!

If anyone out there is reading this and wants to come, I can get you into the conference for really cheap!! EMAIL ME ASAP if you'd like to go! I can get you a super amazing price but only till this SAT the 14th of sept. Then it goes up.

Hope to see some of you guys out there!!

You can check out the lineup on http://www.realmanconference.com/?speakers,4&ref=9b19a95d

Saturday, 6 September 2008

"The house"

Went to “the house” in the middle of fucking nowhere. A friend of a friend took us there. He’s like “there’s so many chicks they turn them away” … right away I’m suspicious…
It was alright, just that. My friend just recently broke up with his girl so I was there for his first official approach of singledom! We both approached this l.a style like blond with tits on display. She wasn’t bitchy at all. I asked her if she’d fantasized about being shared by 2 hot guys and she said yes… we kind double gamed her for a bit, then she went to speak to her friend. All these guys later were trying with her – one of the reasons I didn’t really wanna open her. I really don’t like that type – but I wanted us to game her just for the practise

Anyways there was one really hot waitress that worked there. The one thing about this club is the waitresses are cute and they wear these skimpy little bikini’s. some of them looked good – my target was THE hottest one in the place

I grabbed her as she walked by
“hey! what’s with all the hot girls in bikini’s! What the HELL is going on!!”

HB “Oh we work here”

“Man I gotta get me a job here! God DAMN! How does ANYthing around here get DONE??”

then just into my normal direct shock/awe stuff. She was digging it. I could tell she was trying to interrupt me because she had to go but I just kept GOING. I knew if I stop the set is over. On think I remember I said was “you’re so hot I don’t even care about the sex. I just want to make babies with you – they’d be so hot, we’d make millions off the modeling contracts!!” …. Then I grabbed her and dragged her to my mate … “How cute would our babies be?” and he agreed … he said “just the fact that they’d be HIS kids were guarantee them modeling contracts… but with YOU in the picture….” Heh nice one…

I kept going for around 3 mins and she said she had to go check up on her table. I saw her again and again re opened with some shit. I told her I knew she gets hit on a lot but that I was awesome and she should drop me a line. I gave her my card and did my joke about my business card.

She said “thanks for the card” which means “you’ll never see me again”

But whatever. It was a good set and she liked me. She told me somewhere in there that that I was different from the shmucks that always talk to her.

Shit I don’t have a pic! I gotta start carrying around my camera (the one on my k-800 stopped working, and my new thin ericsson doesn’t have a flash as it’s a walkman phone. Don’t get those, they stink. Can’t remember the model number, but the new thin ones are bad news!!

Anyways this girl has reminded me why I’m in game. To fuck SUPER hot girls. I’m not going to stop till I’m fucking girls that that consistently. I’ve been thinking recently – “why am I still in this? I’m already fucking plenty. I’m never really horny. I have abundance” …. Well THAT is why. She was smoooooking. I actually had my hands all over her perfect body. Her skin was like silk. Perfect body, just enough muscle …. Amazing face. I’ve only been with a hand full of girls this hot. I know I can get to the point of having one each weekend. I just know it! To think about all the sex I’ve had (increased my #’s by 50% in one year!) is pretty amazing. The fact that I can pick up the phone and get sex anytime is even more amazing. I’m always seeing a couple of girls, and always getting dates with new ones …. And they are cute girls, but I’m not actually fucking the 9’s and 10’s. But it’s just my first year of really going hard core. Well, maybe my second depending on what you count. I wonder where I’ll be in another year??

Thursday, 4 September 2008

a la punk with Dr. Yen. And my new 2x2 dancefloor move

Had some Chinese food and bubble tea with keychain. He’s great. We chat about mainly non games stuff. I fucking love bubble tea. Just discovered it 2 weeks ago. IT’S LIKE CRACK! Apparently back in Canada there’s like dozens of fucking flavors. I’m going to end up a fat bastard when I go back

Oh for everyone out there – I’m still in London! Haha!! I didn’t get my shit done so I’m sticking around a bit longer! Woo!!

I don’t really feel like sarging but Yen bugged me the day before to go out today and I’m already in west end so I drop him a line. He’s just had a day 2 and didn’t get laid. (WHAT!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!) … Yea, I didn’t think he did day 2’s either! He wants to fuck ANYTHING. He’s dying. He is getting on the bus so I go and meet him.

Yen comes into town, we do some street but no noteworthy sets. Our usual shit, grabbin chicks and carrying them off and the like. Hehe. I love how they scream when you drag them off. It’s not a genuine fear, or fear at all. It’s more like a thrill. A happy thrill. Laced with the slight possibility that their lives are in danger. A happy yet dangerous thrill. Something like that, anyways.

Hey this could be like a new "Best friends test"

Sasha "hey, are you guys best friends? Let's find out!" and then you pick up one girl and run off with her. If her friend follows, they're best friends and you get credit for calling it. If not, you steal the girl and get laid! Now that's what I call a WIN/WIN situation! HAHAHA

It also amuses me how their friends rarely show any real concern when their mates are literally hoisted off the ground and carried off by complete strangers. Those are some crappy friends, lol!!

I convince him to go into punk. We do a couple of sets, and then I see this cute 2 set by the loo. I said “ok dancey floor game time!” – I use my standard move on the shorter one (hot booody and fantastic tits!) she opens. I introduce myself to both. Then I grab yen “This is my friend Yen!” … he says hi.

(To Yen Loudly) “Which one do you want? I like this one. You take that one”
Then I SHOVE them against each other and away. Ha. isolation!! LOL…it was fucking sweet. That’s my move for 2x2 sets from now on!! What else happened – I was just about to start making out with this one girl and her gay friend cock blocked. I’m going direct on her and she’s loving it. I say “do you trust me?” and she says yes. So I say “close your eyes!” and then I peck her on the lips. We’re literally about to start smooching and her gay friend is yelling “shame on you! You slag!” … then once he stops she says “but me a drink?” and I’m like “oh you’re one of THOSE girls….” She says “I’m not!” and I say “I don’t wanna be your friend anymore” and I turn away. Was going to turn back but to be honest that always kills my attraction, lol. I figured I might re open her but I didn’t bother.

Did a bunch of sets, most went nooooooooowhere

At the end we’re on the couch. I spot this blond and point her out. She’s hot. I turn to yen with a questioning look. He says “I’m lazy” … I try push him but he doesn’t move. He needs more motivation – I grab him by the ear and throw him off the couch towards the girl. Heh. He lost her though and came back. This one hot drunk one was pissed just running around doing silly shit. I open her but she’s not making sense. I try ask her if that’s her boyfriend (she’s with one girl and 2 guys) but I don’t know what she’s saying. I type “do you have a boyfriend” into my phone and show her. she motions for me to hand her the phone. I do. She carefully types in +puptwjs. I give up. This lay would be in dangerous territory anyways. (sigh)

(and yes, I saved this message so that’s EXACTLY what she said. I’m a purist!)

Yen went home alone.

I fear for his cats.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Street makeout with 18year old hottie

Did a bet of street game with yen and gameboy and earl
Only approached a couple sets – made out with one hottie. Was super direct, touching her. told her if I didn’t kiss her I’d stay up all nite wondering what it would be like to make out. She said “ok I’ll kiss you, but no phone numbers!” I was like “ok!” so we made out. Sloppy but whatever. Nice body! 18 years old. Well she said she was. Eek!! I could have tried for the extraction but well I was just fuckin about – only came into Leicester square to say hi to yen
Oh – on the way there after seeing this movie I opened a girl who was trying to top buy a 4 quid one way ticket. I said “it’s a scam – get an oyster card!” and she tells me to fuck off. It got a bit ugly with her telling me she’s going to punch me in the face. I dissed her some more and she said “bring it if you’re going to bring it!” I cut her up some more. Her retord “I had all my stuff stolen”
Hmm they say that a lot. I said some pretty funny shit to insult her but it escapes me. I’d have fucked her.

Monday, 1 September 2008

goodbye UK

Loads of PUA's descended on SOHO to bid me farewell - though i'm putting off leaving for another week, heh.

I gave Gamebody my pink feather boa – he’s wearing it and stops as we’re crossing the street cus there’s a car of rude boys sitting there in their car. He says “are you guys driving or sitting here or what?” and the rude boy says “are you gay, blud?” and gid immediately replies “yes I love you, I want to fuck you” as they drove off. Classic.

Had a revelation in the cab ride back. Once again PSY was talking about how some guy who’d been in the game just 6 months was saying how much it’s changed – you know to overall self improvement and away from routines. Dunners told us a line he used and I said to him “hey that’s one of my lines!” and he said “yea but I believe it now!” and so I released that having cocky funny “lines” eventually become part of you, when you actually believe that you’re the shit. Just like if you force yourself to have better body language, you will eventually become more confident from that. It works both ways, see? So lines and routines have their place – generally when you’re starting out. But they are defiantly a good thing when you’re starting out. Even when you’re not the right line in the right place can work wonders. It’s really about just developing your own “natural” game – where “natural” is just a combination of lines that work for you that are congruent with you. Whether you came up with them yourself or took them from somewhere else – whatever.

I love these guys. i'm going to miss them.