Thursday, 29 January 2009

Revelation. Direct not the way forward??

Thur Jan 29th

Nothing much happened last few days. Had a minor personal crises but that’s been resolved. That girl on Monday DID flake – total flake. Didn’t answer the phone, or reply to my text. Nothing. I guess she knew what would happen if I went over there. Shame – I never even kissed her. Still, the strategy seemed logical at the time.

I’ve been having a revelation these last few days. I still, been having. Usually it just hits you all at once… you just GET it – even tho pieces wre adding up to that over a period of time.. mostly you have a change in your understanding – a paradime shift – all in one moment. This however was a real slow burn. Like, over weeks …

The revelation is this – and it will be quite shocking to those that know me and my style of game.

Indirect approaches may actually get you laid more.


Yea that’s right. I said!

If you don’t know me, or don’t read my blog, I’ve been doin pretty much direct game for the last year straight. That mixed in with some situational stuff. But I’m not talking about my opener – my whole style is just direct. Even if I open a girl with “wow I love your shoes, they’re so cool” I’ll still be super flirty with her – and I’ll always mention how hot she is. Always.

But finally after a stupid amount of sets I’m starting to have some doubts.

It’s just a couple of things I’ve noticed happen, over and over again.

When you give a hot woman the validation she requires, that in many cases will be all that she requires. See what I mean? I’ve read bits and piece about this here and there but suddenly all these things I know are coming at me all at once I’m just seeing a pattern. Let me go deeper into this:

A woman’s frame is “I’m so hot. Everybody wants that”

If you don’t fall into that frame, you’re a challenge. You’re challenging her sense of reality. That’s unacceptable. So they’ll chase you. As soon as you give them what they want (validation) it’s over. Then you’re just another guy that wants to fuck them

That’s what I’ve been this whole time I’ve been gaming

Just another guy that wants to fuck them

Sure – I’m very funny and calibrated. I know when to say the right things, how to flirt, how to pump attraction. Hell, I’d say I can pump attraction as good as anyone. But – so what? They know exactly what I’m after and it’s just not appealing. Even though girls do just wanna “fuck” … they want to believe that you like them for them before the fuck. Of course it’s a self delusion based on spurious evidence. It doesn’t really make sense. I mean, either way they are goin to enjoy sex, right? So what difference does it make if someone really likes them for who they are? Makes more sense for them to go to bed with whoever they are the most attracted to? – but there’s the rub – for women, that IS attraction. It’s not about looks, size etc. It’s about what they feel inside. THAT’s the game. Making them FEEL something for you. However – making girls feel something that’s not REAL for you in order to sleep with them – well I find that morally despicable.

Wouldn’t anyone?

Maybe that’s the reason I never felt comfortable doing the bullshit cold reads and stuff on girls – it’s not really me. It’s not a realy connection. I don’t really know THEM. I actually rely on having chemistry with a girl … if there’s no chemistry I don’t force it. However – I often don’t get the chance to find out if there’s real chemistry because girls won’t meet up with me for a day 2 because they are quite sure I am simply interested in one thing.

Well it’s time for that to end, my friends.

Here are the pieces that lead to this:

Read somewhere about the validation thing (on my lair’s forum I think)

Listened to Sebastian Drake’s stalk month ago in London … he advocates talking to a girl for 20 minutes before decided on whether you want her phone number. This was so counter to … well everything I was doing. It made sense but I just didn’t do anything. It was like having an out of body experience listening to him. Awesome stuff but I ignored most of it.

Just watching the patterns with girls. So many times a girl is into me, and it just shuts off when I show too much interest.

Oh, and I read a bit of neil strauss’s new book with the 30 day stylelife challenge. He wrote in there he believes indirect works best overall and I know he’s got the experience so that had it’s effect on me as well.

God this is going to be hard to do this but I’m going to try…. Fuck.

I guess this is what game is all about – the journey. Trying shit out, seeing what works for you.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Update 22nd jan

Fri 22nd
Went on a date with this hottie I’d met a few weeks ago. Like after an hour into the date, I refer to the club I met her in, and she says “what, I met you In the subway!” … I’m like “what?? I meet sooo many girl!” … “I’m just kidding! Haha”
She was confused but believed I was joking. I totally thought I was going to meet this other girl. They actually looked quite similart – both were hot and blonde. This one was 25 and not as skinny as the other one. Oh the one I thought I was meeting was like 20. this solves a bit mystery, because when I met the girl at the club she didn’t mention having a BF – this girl – when I asked her to meet up a month ago she told me she would feel bad because she had a BF… so I was really wondering – Did she omit to tell me she had one when we met? I’m SURE I asked and she said no because I made fun of her for being single. Or she’s lying about having a BF because she’s not confortable meeting up with me? Got scared or whatever? Well it was neither. Wrong girl. Hahaha
Anyways date went really good. I took her to the casino actually as all the coffee shops we closed. It was alright – free tea!! Wahoo…
Played the question game and got to know each other. Interesting: she’s been dating this new guy for 3 weeks, but they haven’t slept together. She’ very sexually frustrated. Hahah. I asked her “how satisfied on a scale of 1 to 10 are you sexually” and she’s like “it’s terrible!!” hahaha… the guy wants to wait apparently. He’s a bitch
I walked her home and she lives near where I am staying. No, I could have said “let’s go up and get tea” … but we’d already agreed she’s goin to cook me dinner at hers on Monday. Now I know if I go to her place on Monday, I’m going to fuck her. I haven’t really escalated at all (just touching a bit, nothing really sexualy) because in order to get her out I was like “how are we gonna be friends if we never meet up” or whatever… plus early on she told me about her new “BF” … so my strategy is this – don’t escalate till I have her in a seduction location. Finally I’ve stuck to this rule. I always break it and it always fucks me. We’ll see how it turns out. I put it 70% she won’t flake on our dinner on Monday. And then I give myself about 70-80% to sleep with her if I go over there. So around 50-50.
Bottom line: She’s horny, I can see she’s very attracted to me and likes me. And she admitted this guy isn’t really her BF yet … so…. Yea…
She’s a beaty too…mmm….
What else has happened last few days. Called the hot girl I made out with last week - she totally flaked. didn't answer the phone or return my message. have called since (she hung up on "hi") and then i texted too just for good measure. nothing
this is the girl who told me to call her three times.
fuck. i really hate all this bullshit sometimes. i mean i could have fucked her that night, and a week later she can't even return my phone call? or even text me saying "ya look i met some dude sorry" or SOMEthing...
I'd called the other hottie from that night - and thought she was flaking but after running into her the other night she'd put an extra digit in her # by mistake (i'd already spoken to her on facebook and she was expecting my call) ... but she's just a drunken party girl. hard to talk to ... i'm not really going to bother
spoke on the phone to this other girl who randomly added me on FB ... she's DTF pretty much ... she's cute. was gonna meet her yesterday but she took too long and i had to pick between her and the blonde metro girl. will see her before i leave town though...
messaged a couple others, no reply yet ... got night game tonight and tommorow so i should be able to get some before i leave town. balls crossed. hehe. (i don't even know what that means, but it sounded better than fingers crossed)

Monday, 19 January 2009

This last week, in Malta!

Sun 18th jan

Ok, here's all the shit that happened in Malta this past week! Uh - read from the bottom up or it won't really make as much sense. You'll enjoy it more. Honest.

Enjoy!! And ya I though fuck it, am putting pics up as of now - but just one here you can't see the face! heh...

Well the Russian girl just left my house. What a night! Yea, she fucked. :) ….
I learned SO much from the last couple of days

Ok so, the night before I text her around 2am after our date with my standard “do you miss me yet?” .. she sends back

“Just a bit. Finished in casino?”

Now, I take this as maybe she wants to hook up tonight. Otherwise why ask? But I was tired and I liked the idea of having a nice long date with her culimating with sex at the end so I don’t try meet up with her late friday. I did come close to sending a text message that said “meet me at (some bar) for a good night kiss at 3am!”

Anyways … I sent her “yea pretty much. Gonna walk back to pace ville then cab it home. Did you have fun with your friends? Meet me tomorrow, burger king at 4? X x”

She replied “ok, see you!”

Next day I text her at 3.15 “you gona be there at 4pm, or you’re going to make me wait half an hour again?

She replied

“half an hour again ;)”


So we meet just past 4.30. We do a game of bowling around the corner. She SUCKS! Half way thru we switch teams tho so I’m playing as her to beat me. Then whenever she sucks I’m like “awesome!! Now u can beat me for sure!” and if she hit any balls I’d be like “hey! Stop that! What do you wanna loose or some shit??” so it was fun. She really really sucked at bowling though. What a slaughter. Ah well.

Then, we go for cake around the corner. The cheese cake was shit, the other chocolatey one was better, we went halves. I got such a sugar rush. I actually felt sick for a moment. I’m getting old.

We chat about shit, it’s all good.

Then we walk over to my friend’s place. On the way I do an impression of here in a joke where I say (something like) “what! Only has 3 showers a day! I’m not gonna sleep with him!”

And she says “I’m not!”

I say “Good!” (just ignore it basically) …

We get a bit lost and I almost get us killed a couple of times. I make jokes about us playing frogger across the highway (which we did) .. she doesn’t know froger. There is no “frogger” in Russia. Go figure. Try explaining that game to someone who’s never seen it.

There’s a frog. You have to get it across the street without getting squished. Nevermind.”

There’s not much room for people to walk around in malta, everyone drives. Walking thru a tunnel with cars coming at us, whooshing by us … missing us by maybe half a metre – shit it gets the adrenaline going. Almost dying is great for keeping women from their logical mind. Haha! What a state pumper!

Anyways we get to mine. My buddy is still at home.i can’t do shit while he’s there, so I need to stall. Iget my laptop out and go thru my pics. This is SOOOo good for building comfot. She can really get to know you and your life thru the pics. I was just telling her goofy shit off the cuff – but anybody could have a folder of good pics ready – along with jokes to say about the pics so u can really build some stroooong ass confort…

Dave sets up his mac, hooks it up to the big monitor!! Nice! Oh we get up there and he’s put candles on and shit. Haha. This actually triggers LMR from the girl. After dave splits it’s just the 2 of us on the bed cuddling. She says “you know how I said I wasn’t going to sleep with you on the way over? I meant it!”

I’m non reactive

“ok sure. I like hanging out with you, you’re fun. Even tho sex would be great I’m sure, we can just do whatever. Out of curiosity, why are you suddenly thinkg about sex??”

And she said “the candles! And we’re on a bed together!” … fucking candles!!

Anyways we cuddle and kiss … I kiss her belly and stuff and try to get her bra off. She goes cold and doesn’t let me so I just figure we’ll watch the movie again. Not really as a free out, just that wasn’t the right moment. Or she was feeling vulnerable or whatever.

After like ten mins we start making out. I’m kissing her belly, I move it down, no resistance getting the panies off. I get my tongue on her vagina and it’s ALL OVER BABY!!

I know i'm in for a good night. Here's a pic of her showing a little ab...


Couldn’t make her cum with my tongue. Waah. She loved my fingers more… I make her go down on my after I am done pleasuring her. She starts giving me head like a porn star which I fucking HAaaaaate! I tell her slow the fuck down! Kiss it! Just put the tip in your mouth!! She gets a bit better…actually a lot better. Finally used one of those sweedish condoms I got. I Couldn’t get the fucking thing to roll down. Boo! Cock retreated – ah, just like to george in Seinfeld! Aarrgghhh … It’s ok we make out a bit more… Attempt #2 a success! I’m all condommed up! It’s on! All aboard! Still it doesn’t roll down all the way, and it’s actually squeezing my cock. Sweedish guys have small cocks! Haha! The news is out!! We fuck. Feels pretty good tho.I manage to get near orgasm and not come a couple of times. She doesn’t come  … we stop for a bit, hang out. I take the condom on later, but one of my friends x large ones on (tantric braind) (oooh it slides on so easy!) and fuck again. She told me on our date she wasn’t good in bed. She wasn’t too good actually, but she wasn’t too bad either. Meh maybe she was just lowering expectations. Heh….

It gets good to me, I blow a load! Waaaaaaaaaaaah. Just broke one of my goals for my challenge.

I feel fucking drained. Why did I do that? I worry if I’ll wanna fuck her again after this. Wah wah wah. I suck.

She tells me she’s hungry, I got down and cook dinner (that was the plan) and we pig out! Yumm!!

*Note: When I tell her “it’s cool, we don’t have to fuck” and proceed to watch the movie: I know what’s running thru her head… “we could be fucking right now!” … I know she knows that our options for the night are 1)Lay around and watch movies or 2)fuck our brains out.

How long do you think she’ll lay there and watch movies? Come on guys. All you gotta do in this spot is chill out. Watch the movie. Sure, give her a kiss here and there – hold her close. But watch the fucking movie. It will happen!

So, we go upstairs, chat a while and sleep. I wake up naturally at 8.30 – we lounge around for an hour and I go down to make us some tea. She comes down dressed!  … we chat and eat some leftovers. She reveals she didn’t orgasm last night. I tell her that’s unacceptable. I ask if she wants round 2 but she dosen’t concretely answer. I think girls feel slutty just saying “yea I want more sex” even after you’ve fucked them. Well, some girls. Weird eh? Anyways I ask if she wants to finish the movie and she says yes. We go upstairs. I ask her if she has a hard on… followed by “well I do!” and attack her. Hehe. We fuck again.. this was better. I got her legs over my head for some deep thrusting… I can tell she’s gonna come after a few mins so I let myself go crazy and fuck her hard till we both come. YAaaaay!

I mean BOOO I came again. Fuck!

I feel fucking drained. I’m not gonna wanna have sex now for weeks and I got chix lined up in Stockholm. FUCKKK.

Oh – right in the morning she said “I should go home soon” … hmm

Anways when we were in bed last night I asked her more questions about the way girls are and I learned a LOT! For example:

I asked her why did she make a comment about us not having sex on the way to my house, and also later in bed. She firmly said “I meant it, we’re not going to have sex!”

She said she only told me that so that in case the sex would bad she could say “I told you we shouldn’t have had sex!” … I’m not sure I believe her. I think it was just the usual ASF and that’s all it was. Maybe that’s her chick logic. I think we when feels “pressure” to have sex, she wants to know that she has a choice in the matter. That’s why when we’re on the bed, with candles on she got a bit freaked out. Like I was PLANNING it. Women have to CHOOSE to sleep with you. Or at least it has to happen “in the moment” or some shit. Even tho obviously when she’s coming over to my house she knows what she’s going there for.

You know what I’m saying? So yea – candles are NOT your friend on a day 3 lol… that’s more for your lover/girlfriend etc

Also, (dunno if I blogged this but it’s worh repeating) she told me she came to our day 2 late on purpose to see my reaction. She explained that a lot of guys get all pissy and shit. She said she was really surprised that I was happy to see her and didn’t give a fuck that she was late. I asked her you came 30 mins late on purpose? What were u doing? And she said “well I checked my emails, had a smoke. Half I was lazy, half I did it in purpose” .. in other words, it was on purpose.

Note: A guy that is reactive, and not in control of his emotions is gonna get pissy with a girl when she’s late. Or – a guy who doesn’t have any other options with girls. He’s been looking forward all weeeeek to see this girl. How can she do this to him, blah blah.

Weak sauce. A guy with lots of options with girls (see player) doesn’t give a fuck if a girl is late. He’ll just go out that night and meet some other girls – or he’ll just call a girl from his phone…. Whatever.

Interesting, huh? I asked “what about the second time you were late 30 mins!!” she said “then I was just late, hehe”

I learned more shit that’s not coming to me now, will add it in later.

Suffice it to say, chatting to girls before, during, after fucking can teach you a lot :)

Am very happy with myself to have laid this girl as she really is fucking hot. 22, hot body, beautiful face. She was pretty fun, too. Well, at least she laughed a lot while around me. It’s fun enough – for now.

It has to be said that I had to apply a LOT of game to make this go down. Like unbelievable amounts. There’s no way I would have been able to pull this off pre game. Or a year ago. Or six months ago. Or even three months ago!

1) Right when I started talking to her and I mentioned I was in town for a week, she said “I don’t want a one week boyfriend” … at one point I’d have just taken that as she wasn’t interested. What a bitch!! (I was) … Actually, pre game I wouldn’t have even spoken to a girl that hot in a night club.

2) when I was dancing with her and I went to put my coat away and she went back to her friends, I’d have thought “I guess she doesn’t like me” and maybe quit right there

3) When her friend massively cock blocked with “oh we’re lesbians, this is my giflriend” I woulndn’t have known how to react. I’d have probably said “oh really, oh ok” and just slinked away like a little bitch. Not only did a crush her friend, I used this as an opportunity to show off my social skills, dominance, commitment etc….

4) Though I didn’t hear her at the time, I’m pretty sure when I was getting her number she was saying “No, you give me YOUR number” … after learning about her strategies, I’m sure this is what she was saying. Maybe I heard it and was just ingoring it – haha – no I really could not hear what she was saying. Ironically, pretending there’s loud music, and that you can’t hear the shit test and just doing whatever your doing is an excellent way of going about things. After repeating herself 3 times I remember – she just sigh’d and put her number in my phone. Sweet. I asked her after what she was yelling and she said she didn’t remember. I believe her. This is how automated girl’s shit tests are. They don’t even recall them.

5) First time we were gonna meet – she flaked. As it happens I slept thru the whole thing and would have flaked on her anyways – but in the past I’ve just quit when girls have flaked

6) Tried to meet up with her again and she wouldn’t do it (when she was going to her friend’s party) … plus she wasn’t offering another time to meet up in the texts, so they were pretty cold. In fact, my only ioi was that she was still answering my texts. It’s all I had to go on.

7) Walking to my house she made a joke about not sleeping with me. Before I would take it react badly, and ask “why not? What’s wrong? Why are you saying that?” but I knew to just agree with it “god I hope not! That would be terrible!” or “we’d have retarded babies anyways” or whatever the fuck I said. It didn’t phase me

8) When we’re in bed and she says “I meant what I said, I’m not goin to sleep with you” that would hve DESTORYED me before. Same as above I’d get all weak and needy and shit and it was fuck up my game. I said “fine, we can hang, I like hanging with you. Sex is just sex” or whatever and just didn’t let it phase me

So there you go kids. That’s a LOT of fucking shit tests, isn’t it?? I Mean, FUCK!!
Any one of these could have just messed up my game – hell – at this point my responces to these are almost automatic. I don’t even have to really think. Still when she said “really I’m not gonna sleep with you the second time” I was a bit worried actually but… it worked out. I just stuck to the plan and it was all good. I stuck to the plan and I have FAITH. That’s a big part of it. If your game was good so far, the the girl is over at your house, there’s no reason you’re not goin to fuck unless you FAIL a shit test or give her some weak ass bitch behavior. Just KEEP YOUR HEAD. Stay cool – you have all night. The sex will happen. Just let it happen “in the moment” and don’t force it!

Interestingly, as I mentioned before, the only ioi’s I had were the fact that she was replying to my texts. It’s not a lot to go on, but think about it – if some girl you have NO interest is messaging you – what would you do? You’d either not reply, or just make some excuse “I’m super busy this week, maybe another time?” .. sound familiar?

But she didn’t, she always replied. Why would she reply? She knows I’m in town for a few days more only, I told her. So what – she wants to be buddies? Facebook pals? No my friends. She wanted to go to bed with me. All I had to do was pass the shit tests, show her a good time, and not fuck things up. That’s it.

It really comes down to ignoring what comes out of their mouth and going by what they are DOING. David X said it best “don’t listen to what they say. Listen to what they do”


Shit, That’s my first lay in my 30 day challenge and as I write this I’m on day 15. Crap! I have to sleep with 3 girls in the next 2 weeks. Fortunately I’ll be in Stockholm for a week. Muahahah…. Gotta push myself…. I’ll either do it, or get fucked trying :)

Oh wait. If anyone’s wondering why she looks Chinese, she comes from a part of Russian near Mongolia. Hence me making jokes about her always going around on a horse wearing a silly hat. Heheh

The other biggest laugh was, when I said to her in Russian “I hope you like hearing out of your left ear, I’m going to fill your right ear with come and you will be partially deaf” or something. Maybe you had to be there.

Good times. Oh I'm EXTRA happy as i've NEVER EVER EVER Been with a Russian girl. I'm genetically 100% Russian. And I speak it fluently. And russian girls are the hottest girls in the WORLD. And this is my fiiiiirst one!!! (Certainly my first Mongolian blooded Russian girl! heh)

Why is it girls HATE having their pictures taken?? When they look so CUTE after cumming??

Ah well ... I guess the important thing is, she loved me. See?


Awwwwwwwww :D :D :D

I love a happy ending....

Got a text from the Russian to meet up at 3pm. I made it for 7pm. She’s very late, calls at 7.25 saying she’s on the way. I’m unfazed. We meet around 7.40. take her to this rock bar. I’m right away dominant, grabbing her, throwing her around etc havint lots of fun. Play the question game. She’s pretty open, answers everything. We’re cuddling fast – kissed her on the mouth on our “second” date and then made out on the third or fourth. She pretty much agreed to make sweet love tomorrow – some of her friends were leaving the island the next day and she was meeting them. When I texted her at 2am asking if she missed me she sais “a little, u done at the casino?” … maybe was asking me to hook up tonight – but I actually wanna do the whole thing tomorrow. Meet up, do something fun, cook her dinner, etc…

Learned some valuable stuff talking to her.

I asked her why she left her friend take her away while insisting they they are lesbians lovers. She explained that she asked her friend to “save her” … I asked her what was going on there as she was quite happy talking to her once I dealt with her friend. I said “was is a test or something? Or you wanted to ged rid of me for real? Or what? She explained to me

“It was half I wanted to get rid of you, half a test. I get my friend to “save me” from every guy. Most guys just go away, and then maybe try and wave me over to come talk to them. But they’re too scared to come talk to me again. I wanted to see how you’d deal with it”


There it is right there. Straight from the enemy’s mouth!! She’s so used to having to do this, it’s automatic. It’s just standard fare – whether she likes me or not is a moot point – she just gives the shit test to EVERY guy. If you get thru it – then MAYBE you get to the next shit text etc .. and if you pass that one and she likes you- you may get the number.

I asked her when she decided she likes me. At different times she gave me different answers! Lol … at first she said “when I heard you talk” (I thought referring to when I shot down her cockblock friend – but I’d been talking to her before this so I’m not sure…) … then later in the date she said she first liked me when I called. I dunno. Anyways the phone call was short – 90 seconds. But still it was good – she picked up, I got a laugh and she seemed positive to meeting up another time.

We talked about her natural shit test for giving out her number.
she always says "give me YOUR number" - and if a guy is stupid enough to say "ok sure" then he doesn't deserve her number. And she never calls guys. But if a guy is like "look i know you're not gonna call - give me your fucking number" and she likes the guy, she will give it up. Simple.

I think this is actually pretty stupid cuz she’s going to miss out on a lot of cool guys that just don’t have enough game to say “give me your number, or I’m going to put you in a headlock” …. Life’s just not fair is it?? Everyone should know about game…

15th went to a rock bar with my buddy and his girl. Nothing going on. Oh we goot a shared cab back – went direct on this Korean girl. Cute. Her and her friend were drunk. Could have gotten them up but didn’t think I could get her alone from her friend. But there was no reason not to get them both up. Foolish me. She was pretty drunk though so I wasn’t really that into the holw thing. Made out with her a bit in the back… would have been very much “fool’s mate” if there is such a thing. meh

Stayed in

Stayed in
Got text from Russian, meet up tomorrow instead I said cool.

Jan 12th
Went to some bars in malta
First set:
Sasha “Hey, you’re gorgeous”
Girl “Thanks”
Sasha “Come home with me”
Girl “What??”
Sasha “You should come home with me!”
Girl (pause) “no thanks!”
Sasha “are you sure? I’m good at back rubs and everything!”
Girl “yeah”

Set 2:
Then did my usually flirty banter for a minute and wandered off.

That wasn’t so bad.

Next set, tall skinny (dutch) girl .. looks a bit bored. Open with one of my funny lines. She laughs. I say “it’s too loud to talk come outside!” she agrees

Chat a bit outside. She was really boring, he friend comes over. I give them shit for talking dutch – they go to English but keep switching back to dutch. I eject and go back into the club

Set 3: Some girl with a bitchy face. I call her on it, she agrees that she’s a bitch. I talk to her for a minute or two to confirm this. It is confirmed.

Set 4:there was this short malteese girl that was really into my buddy dave. He was nice to her but wasn’t really interested. She seemed into my too, but later in the night was just asking me questions about him. I am pretty sure she just wanted to get laid – mainly by him but I think she liked me too. I feel weird being second fiddle so I don’t really escalate tho I did a little bit and she didn’t respond too well – I left it as I didn’t care that much. She tried to email close me and I swapped numbers with her instead.

Set 5: smoking hot Russian girl

Now THIS was a hot girl. Short, great body, very very hot. Looks Chinese but is from st. Petersburg. She’s next to some guy who’s interested in her but is getting exactly nowhere. Mainly he’s just hanging around. I open her – opens well. Determine she’s Russian and we chat in Russian. I’m doint a lot of cocky stuff with her but also – because she’s very hot I’m doin serious push pull (verbal but mosty physical!) – I guess it’s more a takeaway. Like at first I’d say something good (add value) then just wanter off and dance. Then I’d come back, chat a bit more – I asked how old she was. She’s like 22 and then I say “ha, ti staruha!” which means “which is Russian slang for “old lady” .. she cracks up and I walk off again. This is REALLY building her attraction. The 3rd time I come back to talk to her I pick her up and carry her to the dance floor. She starts to have fun – I wirl her a round a bit and we dance. It’s getting hot, I say “hang on” and throw my jacket on a chair, but she runs off back to her friends. Aww

I leave it for a while – I know she’s into me. (as with the article I’ve just recently written, girls walking, or running away from you doesn’t mean they don’t like you – it’s often the opposite) …

I re open after a few minutes. One of her fiends goes SUPER cock block mode on me. I amog the shit out of her (well not, I diffuse her by gaming her in front of my target, who LOVES it!)

She’s like “she’s my girlfriend! We’re lesbians!”

I’m like “really? That’s my future wife you’re talking about”

Bockblock “no she’s MINE! – what’s with your jacket” (grabs at my jacket)

Me “Hey! Hands off! Oh my god, you are SO horny! Sorry I like your friend ok, I’m a one woman kind of guy!”

Cockblock “what?”

Me (to Hbrussian) “we REALLy need to get her a boyfriend!”

Cockblock “I HAVE a boyfriend!”

Me “so why are you grabbing at me then?? He’s not satysfiying you?”

At this point she’s defeated and just stops cockblocking. This ENTIRE time, hbrussian is just laughing out LOUD as a slaughter her friend

It occurs to me that women want to see how you deal with their cockblockin friends. It’s a test. She COULD have made life easy for me. She could have told her friend “no it’s ok, I like this guy!” but she DIDN’T! Why? Because if the cockblock friend has more game than me, I’m not man enough for her. Makes sense.

Maybe that’s partly why cock blocks exist? It’s not just to save thief friends from the creepy guy’s their not interested in. it’s also to shit test guys they ARE interested in to see if they’re REAL MEN with BALLS who can deal with WHINY ANNOYING COCK BLOCKING BITCHES.

Here’s a fun thing I could have said had she not given me the opening by touching my jacket

“HEY HEY WHOA – you need to CALM DOWN ok? I’m NOT going to get your friend pregnant. I USE CONDOMS. RELAX. NOBODY IS HAVING A BABY JUST RELAX


Oh when I said I was around for a week she said “I don’t want a boyfriend for a week” and I said “you can have a lot of fun in a week” … better answer would be “whoa! Boyfriend?? You’re moving too fast!!”

Anyways I got her number and said we should meet up some time

As I write this I spoke to her on the phone about 45 mins ago, said I’d drop her a line later on tonight. I’m not free till late though, so it will mean getting her away from her friends in the club environment. Could be shit actually, we’ll see…

Ah, there were a bunch of strippers in another bar. Fuck strippers really are dumb, fake ass chicks aren’t they? These ones were – they were just empty. That’s the word for it. Empty. Got a smile out of one with one of my lines and that was it. They are just attention seeking whores for the most part. Sure sure, some are hard working students who need the money blah blah. But the proper, career strippers and just empty, sad, whores. I actually feel bad for them. One was like getting her tits out dancing with her little friends. Eveyrone’s just standing around watching including me and my friend. I was like “dude, this is gay. This is soooooooo chodey” … we stood around for another 5 minutes after that and split. They weren’t even HOT strippers. Like 6.5’s at best. Sad sad sad

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Jan 9th - off to stockholm!

Got to stockholm. Picked up a girl on the train to the airport. It was an interesting set because it was a really low energy set for me. Partly because I was tired and party because It was on the quiet section of the train so I wasn't being too loud out of consideration. I was funny and crazy but probably about 50 of 60% less than normal... it was good. I just asked her a bit about herself, what she looks for in a guy (qualified her a bit) and then she was asking me the same questions. Then I simply suggested we should meet up for a coffee when I get back into town and she agreed. It was all very smooth and shit, without me outputting so much energy. I really want to replicate this in field... everyone keeps telling me to but I never REALLY commit to it. After this set I really really wanna go out and be "mr laid back guy" ... it so goes against my natural style but i will give it a shot perhaps as my next mission...

Oh ... My friends tell me that the me I am when I'm around them is way cooler than the me going out sarging me. Like I am funny when I really feel the inspiration but I joke around less and just talk about stuff more. just interesting talk... i guess that's what i should be aiming for in field...

Went to a party in stockholm. Had an ok time I guess, really weren't any girls I was attracted to. Interesting though, I really picked up on when a couple of girls hit on me. It was reaaaaly obvious but I just didn't fancy them. i would't have even realized it a few months ago... i am getting better at reading ioi's ... such a basic thing but i never really worked on it or paid much attention to is as i would just open any girl that i fancied ... hah... but more and more in the day too and all sorts of situations i have been notice them.....

would be interesting to have a challenge where you only open girls that give you ioi's + you HAVE to open EACH one... hmmm

((Utrecht didn't call in the day but did text saying she was busy and asking when I'll be back in town)

This very hot girl I met on the streets wanted me to come to her house over facebook. We’d been chatting for a while, interesting stuff. I knew she had a BF but I thought it was on anyways. Then turns out her BF was going to be there for dinner! I slept thru it anyways but it would have been a bit weird. I’d have felt weird being there knowing I wanna sleep with this girl and well… you get the idea. Maybe she really just wants to be friends? Or maybe she wants to see what’s out there. She’s been investing a lot of time into facebook… maybe she wants to just make her BF jealous? I told her in FB the next day that he may have been a bit jealous as I have quite a magnietic personality. Her reply “wouldn't have been weird with my boyfriend there btw, dont worry! he's kinda like his hair: not quite normal. brad pitt could be licking my hand with his hand on my ass, he wouldn't mind.. i dont get it. it's like a superhuman type of confidence or whatever. a little frustrating sometimes. i guess you would like him, you're a little over-energetic and out there as well right?”

I think she’s just checking out the market. Women are evil.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

amazing night in stockholm!!

Jan 11th 5.30am

Got back from last night. Wowsers. Un fucking believable
Stockholm is unfucking believable. I haven’ seen so many hot girls under one roof in YEARS. It was even better than I expected!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT
I was like in super state. I opened pretty much every hottie that I saw. I actually went out with the model I slept with a few weeks ago in Stockholm. We’d agreed to help each other hook up with people … first set I’m in she’s like “wel l this is boring, I am going upstairs!” … I knew this girl was boring before but it was painfully obvious tonight. That and she got hammered and lost all her shit.
Anyways, we get there early by Stockholm standards, 11.30 .. it was pretty empty. Did a warm up set … it starts to fill up. I just start talking to everyone. This one very cute petite thing I talk to is with a 5 or 6 set. They keep moving back and forth hesitantly so I’m like “I’m getting an indiscisive vibe from you guys…” … opens well and after moment or two I start talking to her. They knew what was going on … half the friends went into the other room … when the second half tried to take her I just grabbed her arm and said “I need a minute!” and they left her with me. She didn’t really seem in a rush to go with them. I got to know her a bit, she’s going to zurich in a couple days, I’ll be there end of the month so we can hook up there! Yay!

(later on in the night I ran into her friends that told me she hooked up with some French guy. She was like “you should have stuck in there…. Call her though!”

Another set was this fucking hot ass girl with her friend. Open them BOTH direct. Like “god damn, I love sweeden. What’s up!” … this was working well all night, me just ranting and raving about how hot the girls are. They fucking love it. How basic is that? I was in superstae though – this is a lame opener but just goes to show it doesn’t matter what you say. More on that in a moment

So this girl is LOVING me but I know they are having a girl talk. I implement a thing my mate dave told me and I read about that I never do. I just walked off on a high. A BIG high. Like she cracks up and I’m like “I can’t talk to you” and ran off. 5 mins later I come back to # close her. Good timing, her friend is alone and said my target went to the bar to get drinks! PERFECT!! I re open and we chat some more at the bar as we waits to get served. She is really COOL!! I get her number and move on. I feel this is solid. She’s very hog.

Go back upstairs, I get the digits from a SHB model. Absolutely retardedly hot. I know she was a model not because she told me, but because when I added her on FB right now she’s friends with a model agent I added last week. Heh. Did my normal shit, just being funny. He friend tried to give me her number to contact them which I took. Then I got the target’s facebook, and then I just made one other joke and asked for her number. I know she doesn’t usually give it up… I gave her this look that kinda said “I know that you know that I know you know I’m one of the guys that get to have your number” .. does that make sense? When I joked about her being a player she was like “I am 100% single!” … IOI ? … Anyways I didn’t have to say it, she knew. Later I bumbed into her and she was like “call me, you got my number!” …

Will do.

Tried opening this one girl once, twice but she was too busy either dancing or getting hit by a door. Later I ran into her while she was sitting and just did a quick 3 min sarge. She was giggling a lot and said she was single so I get her facebook and promise to invite her to a show. She said “yeah msg me I wanna come”

One other girl I FB closed. Hot face, good body. Her friends were loving me but she seemed .. dunno… bit boring or flaked or both. Meh will invite her out we’ll see

So, then I see the hottie from the 2 set surrounded by 2 guys and one other girl. I poke her, she turns around and JUMPS on me! Like “ I MISSED YOU!!! SAVE ME FROM THIS GUY!!” … cool! Within 2 mins she asked me to do something and I was like “I can do that, but the price is… one kiss!” and we make out. Serious makeout!! Then we were just making out and I was grabbin her everywhere and shit. Then I get her to the dancefloor and we’re dirty dancing. She is (except for one) the hottest girl on the dancefloor! YES!!

Her friend comes back and some dude is pulling her upstairs. I spoke to mine about going off to mcdonlands and she was open to is but she says she should look after her friend and to call her when I get back. I said awesome, pull up her shirt and tongue/bite her belly and tell her (if I die tomorrow I will die happy) … (I’d told her before I had a tummy fetish and I was thinking about biting her there) …

The logistics were she was staying at her moms and her friend was staying with her … for that reason I didn’t pursue. After I left the club I though “hang on, loads of guys were after her friend, what if her friend hooks up?? Then I could have had her tonight! Furthermore if her friend DOES hook up there may be social pressure for her to hook up with one of that dude’s friends so she can stay with her friend! DOH!!””

As usual I don’t go all the way. How dumb is that??? What was I thinking? But to be honest at the moment I was very happy with the set and life in general and just though “why not end on a high? She’s into me, she wants to see me, just leave it” and that’s what I did.

Anyways, I came up with this really cheesy opener I used a few times. Fucking cracks me up. I walk up to a group of girls and I say

“You know what the good news is?”

And they ask “what?”

“I can’t get killed tonight. Cuz I already DIED and went to HEAVEN!! What’s UP SWEEDISH LADIES!!” as I put my arms around them

Once a girl was like “that is soo cheesy!” and I’m like “I know! I just came up with it now! What’s up!!”

Another girl also was like “that is sooo cheesy!” as her friend says “hang on, you’re a comedian!! I’ve seen you before!!”

Haha!! There IS no better social proof. I turn to my target who then says “oh ok. I see how it’s funny now”

I’m like “hey, I’d have recovered anyways, don’t worry…” she bored me a bit so I moved on

Oh the girl I was with was the sweedish girl that gave me a urinary tract infection which I am not treating (my std tests results come in on Monday) … she hooked up with this guy and lots her bag with all her shit in it. She’s like “well I have to go with him, I have no money!!” she was so drunk she was still happy after loosing all her shit! As they walk back into the club I run up to the guy, hand him a condom and say “you’ll need this. Don’t be getting my friend’s pregnant!!”

I liked him because he told me my jacket was awesome 9 times. Lol. Hopefully he will use that fucking condom!

Side note: whatever they say – PEACOCKING WORKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER!!

I actually quit it a few months ago and bought this jacket because I like it. But man, holy fuck, I don’t have to do SHIT. Chicks are just grabbing me and shit

Oh fuck almost forgot – this one south American girl opened me about my jacket … I am not even trying and she’s getting more and more into me – but this guy next to her was clearly in set tryin to get her and I felt back for the guy so I excused myself with “hey you kids get to know each other, I’ll cath you later!”

Well later she opens me again. I ask her what’s up and she’s like “oh that my boyfriend” and points to him 2 feet away at the bar. She says “you are soo beautiful!” and I say “you too!” and then she turns me around so the BF can’t see and GRABS MY COCK and she goes “nice!”

Wtf !!

I’m like “you’re bad” and I run away

Just talked to one PUA on msn who was like “bathroom lay, buddy!”

Was it?? Her BF was right there… FUCK

Was that a bathroom lay? I still wanna do one of those!! Fuck!!

Ah well. Will try next time.

Fun fun fun night. It’s official. I am moving to Stockholm!!

Is anyone out there a superamazing web designer


Is anyone out there a super amazing web designer? That's willing to do a swap for daygame training?

My website suuuuuucksssssss ...

Check it out on

once you are done laughing, drop me an email if you have some serious skills and want to do an exchange - maybe we can work something out??

If you are willing to put some time in to make me a sick looking site, I am willing to take you in field and coach you over skype to get you some sick daygame skills.


My super amazing all powerful anti flake text

Oh – to the people who are asking me for the anti flake text

Screw you hippies! If you don’t have the courtesey to at least create an account so I know who’s talking to me, I’m not going to tell you my anti flake text!! Value takers!! :P

Hhehe oh ok.

This was the text

“Hey! Things are moving too fast. I’ve known you for 5 weeks and we’ve already exchange 3 text messages. Weed to slow down!!”

Just sub in how long you’ve known the girl, and how many times/types of contact you’ve had … e.g

“hey I’ve known you for 2 months and already we’ve spoken on the phone once. We have to slow down!! Things are getting out of control!” etc

Another version which I think I did on this girl was accusing her of stalking me when she’s actually just flaking..

“listen, the late night calls and constant texts have GOT to stop. This is not how you get a man!!” … it’s just standard flipping things around and teasing the girl, but phrased correctly and used at the right time it ALWAYS gets a reaction. If it doesn’t, the girl is fucking DEAD… I’ll drop girls totally if they don’t reply to this!

CHa ching!! $$$$$ ;) ;)

Last 3 days update...

Hey everyone. Not that much has happened last few days really, so I wasn’t that eager to write but finally I’ve sat down and gotten it together. Here’s what’s been going on.
Also a couple of nights ago I had a really interesting conversation with this girl I recently slept with. It was very interesting. I can’t overstate the value of keeping in touch with girls .. that is really befriending them. Ironically that is what we spend a portion of the time talking about. Ok here’s what we spoke about:

I told her that I teach guys daytime pickup. She laghed like “isn’t it a bit pathetic?” … she was under the impression she would do a better job at that then me. Then she proceeded to .. well we had an interesting chat anyways. Essentially she was asking me how to hold on to guys. I told her “better head!” lol … also she asked me what to do when some guy is just answering her texts but not asking questions. Shit, I hate it when girls do that too, lol!

I wasn’t actually sure what the answer was – keep offering value? I said maybe ask why they are not asking questions …. She said also guys will text her but then won’t ask her out and the conversation dies out, lol. I told her those guys need game, lol

I was going to post the whole chat in here but I’m having trouble getting word to autoreplace her name with another name – I am incompetent!! Or my computer hates me! But if I figure it out I’ll post it, it’s interesting…

Oh also, she has the same phisophy about sex ad Johnny soporno. I told her about him and sent her the link to his site. She’s goin to check it out! It occurs to me this would be an easy way to train girls up for this type of lifestyle

“listen honey, my friend can explain it better than me!” .. and just send them to his site! Hahaha I think I am actually going to do that, lol!!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Jan 8th fun with dutch pua's!

08 Jan
Didn't leave the house till 10.45pm when i rushed out, hit the gym and then met up with some Dutch pua's.
They are good!! They got us into Jimmy Woo which is this fancy club its tricky to get into. Nothing special inside but alright. Not that many really hot girls but a couple. I think I opened virtually every hot girl in the club. One blonde was delish and had a boyfriend but I got her details for Social circle as well as some others. I was really building a lot of social proof which I never do ... was in a great state and not feeling uncomfortable in the nightclub enviornment at all. At one point I opened a row of girls on the couch just going up saying "hey i am going around making sure everyone is having fun! are you having fun! smile more!" and then putting my finger at the end of their lips and pushing their mouths into smiles. then i'd say "also my job is to make sure all the cute girls are tensing their stomach muscles all the time" and i'd starting poking them.. most girls just giggled and were like "nooo stoppp hehe" ... this is great cuz i felt up every girl... most were a bit chubby as well as not that cute so i left them alone...

Did a bit of dancefloor game downstairs later on ... used a couple of my dancefloor openers and what not. not much happened. didn't really use a lot of dominance, etc. tricky as most girls were in 2 sets. what do you do if you're wing is busy and it's a 2 set on the dance floor?? anybody know??

we hit up some bars. did super fast verbale and physical escalation on one girl. made out in 3 mins but after that her friend was cock blocking and talking to her in dutch. tried to # close her but she wasn't interested. she said " maybe i don't want to just get laid"hmm I can think of some great answers for this now, at the time I just said “we could be buddies too!” or something. Bah. I gotta be more pushy. Or horny. Or something

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Jan 7th

07 jan
stayed in. tall blonde called me at 1.20am asking if I was in Utrecht. I tell her I’m in Amsterdam and will be the next day. She replies “oh I’ll be in Amsterdam tomorrow too” … I tell her to give me a call in the day so we can meet up. I said to her “you know, girls that call me after midnight are usually after a booty call. She replied “yea, guys also” … I asked why she’s calling me and she said she just wanted to talk. Suuure.

Hahaha Just loaded all this info into my master “sarging lo” I keep on my computer. I got this error message “there were too many spelling errors in “sarging log” to keep displaying them.” Hahaha. Eek. My English teacher would not be pleased

random thought

I just thought about the expression

"I had sex with his face"

and laughed out loud.

There is no reason for this. It's just funny... let's try

"I had sex with her face"

nope, not as funny.

it's noon and I haven't slept yet - if that explains this post

good night.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jan 6th (fun new routine for in field, lame night)

Just got back from “gaming” in Utrecht. Place we went to was deadMy goal today was to be super kino escalation guy. Just touch touch touch. There really weren’t many hot sets but I tried it on a few. One girl I’m grabbing, touching etc and her friend runs over drunk and she’s hiccupping a lot. So this girls solution is to hold her friends ears and kind of pull them upward and the drunk girl drinks a glass of water. Weird. Anyways, as she’s doing that I’m like “awesome your hands are full, I can do whatever I want!” and then I grab her tits. She doesn’t seem phase so I’m like “awesome!” and then I put my face between her boobs and just go “blaublahbalbhalb” … she’s like “hey!!” … and eventually they run away

Did it on a couple more sets and girls just moved off dancing … hmm maybe I should talk to them a bit and then go super kino?? I literally was opening with it and talking and molesting them. Met some other pua’s here in Holland who were pretty cool. The girls I met tonight were not particularly hot, or even interesting. Ah well…

Oh, one girl I think sutbly told me off. She was like "dutch girls are pretty laid back, you should just like talk to them more" ... or something. This one I wasn't actually doing the kino stuff on... hmmm

Oh I did this one thing that’s pretty cool – one of the pua’s I met told me about this game…. It’s called “tell them” … basically the rule is nything you say about someone you have to go tell them to their face. aSo if I say to my buddy “that girl as a great ass!” he says “tell her” and I have to walk over there and say to the girl “Hey, we have this game called tell her – the rules is anything you say about someone you have to go tell them to their face – so I had to tell you that I think you’ve got a great ass!”
It’s money! A great game to play for newbies but really fun for anyone really … it’s great practice for honest game which I advocate wholeheartedly. If anyone goes about this please post in here and let me know how it went ;)

What I learned tonight: Try chatting for a bit, then doing super kino guy and see what happens... most girls won't freak out though even if you do it, they'll just continue on doing their thing...
Right. Lame night… Till next time….

Monday, 5 January 2009

Jan 5th 11.30 pm (STD CLINIC MAKEOUT!! LOL!!)

Even thought the plan was to stay in Utrech tonight, the dutch hottie wanted me to come over last night. She called me 3 times in the day while I was sleeping!! I think fuck it and I make my way over there. We watch some of the x men movie on tv and chat a bit. I’m cuddling her a lot. She tells me she’s on her period. Am actually ok with this as my penis still feels strange (more on that later) … I start teaching her this card game but we never get around to playing it – watched a bit of resident evil. She has to go to bed around 12.30 .. I come with her and give her a massage and play with her boobs a bit, though she’s like trying to preotect them… wearing 2 shirts to stay warm at night! Nice boobies though. Yum! I don’t really try much and sneak out to watch tv as it was way before my bedtime … in the morning she gets up before I get a chance to sneak back in the bed with her. I go to hug and kiss her and she pushed me away! “someone’s not a morning person!” I think. I freeze her out figuring she’ll come hug me put she doesn’t. I can feel how the energy has changed totally. It’s ackward… I realize I don’t actually know her and am not really that into her. Even the night before there wasn’t that much to talk about …

I think actually I was just bein too huggy and lovey. The night before she’d said “are you always this cuddly with girls?” and I say “just with the ones I really like” … also she asked me how many girls I’d slept with – I didn’t like … she started guessing at 50, then down to 40, then 30 and I said “around that, yeah” … (I’m on 35 or 36 now) … dunno if that was part of it – maybe I never will….

Just the same the lesson is, don’t be so huggey and needey. Yad told me this a while ago but I didn’t really take it to heart. More alpha. Keep you hands in your pockets he’d told me …

And – if you’re going to pump the shit out of her Buying Temperature, you have to seal the deal!! I realize a lot of the “mutual” attraction was just me being super fun, so she’s attracted to me – but simply because she’s laughing so much and having fun I think she’s really into me. And she is – but you can’t keep that up all the time. There’s a certain different energy on the first date. You feel like there’s really this “click” but it’s just “game” … not really game but I just know what buttons to press to really get her having fun. She actually told me on our first date “you seem to know what to do to get a reactions out of me” or something along those lines. I said “we just have chemistry, I’m just being myself” – which is true, but I’m being myself to the max, really turning it on, you know?

Anyways – that first night I could have just said “this is amazing – let’s go to your house, we don’t have to do anything I just want to be with you tonight” and she’s have said yes for sure … after that her doubts and bullshit would have not been there… she’s worried about sleeping with me – once I get that out of the way everything would have been ok I think….

Now I can’t call her again… even if she call me again I’m probably going to ignore her – at least till I get back from my upcoming travels.

My friend T summed it up - I feel like I’m cheating or some shit because I know all this game stuff. But from now on I will frame it like Johnny s – “I make friends first and I sleep with all my female friends. I care about them all” … I actually told her about this way of thinking and she thought it made sense but I didn’t say I was doing it, just that I’d seen videos about it and that I was thinking about it.

Also i need to accept that girls wanna fuck and enjoy it as much as we do (which I know) ... i feel like i'm taking a "gift" from girls which is fucking stupid. David X talks about this as well.

Yea man I am tired of this shit, I am really going to start fucking on day 2’s… I think it’s usually possible. This girl was cold at first but after 3 hours with me she was ready and talking about fucking!!

Fuck it. Girls everywhere

Oh back to my funky penis: Had a burning eurethra and wet feeling in same area after last girl I slept with (eek) … internet said it was funghal infection probably. Used some liuid anti bacterial shit and it seemed to go away. Also symptoms were next day – std’s take 5 days to kick in …. So this whole time I hadn’t got checked out … Finally went to the STD clinic to get checked out today. After speaking to the doctor guy there (and this pua here, who I just met tonight) – (he had the same symptoms) and he said he had an urinary tract infection and they gave me antibiotics. So maybe I need those! … I don’t have a family doctor out here so not sure how to proceed … will look into it. Hopefully it will die off on it’s own but I don’t think it will at this point… but nothing major. It doesn’t even count as an STD

I did three sets in the clinic!! Hehe … the chix there were HOT!! I mean it makes sense, right? Hot girls have a lot of guys after them, they are bound to be doing some fucking right? Hehe

Set 1: young Indian looking hottie, tight body. My opener “Omg! You are WAAY too cute to have aids!” and then “somebody’s been naughty!!!”

Was really funny. She was digging me but was more concerned about getting her test results. What a bitch :P

Second set sitting down. Very cute girl – I asked her what she was in for and she said she was getting medical treatment for a long term condition. Eek. She said not too serious. Eek. She was very cute and giving me massive oio’s. she had some really weird shit going on with her lower lip thought so I left it. When she came out of the room she actually poked me and gave me a big smile and wave goodbye. Man it was crazy. Fought the urge to chase after her… maybe I should have just fucked the herpes ridden bitch in the toilet…. That’s what condoms are for, right?

Shit is running behind schedule so I figure I’ll learn Spanish (I’m learning Spanish – planning a trip to south America!)

i keep getting distracted of thoughts about having AIDs and shit so it doesn’t last long. (but not I know have to say “I have aids” in Spanish – lol)

Third set – this VERY cute tall girl with TIGHT body sits 1 seat over from me. Really flat stomach and great tits… solid … chat her, she’ giving me ioi’s. I’m pretty blatent about the fact I’m picking her up and am actually making jokes like “so, you come to pickup hot guys in std clinic’s ofter or what?” …. “you’re ridiculous” to her and shit hehe …. She agrees to wait for me as I I get my tests so we can go for tea! STD CLINIC INSTANT DATE!! LOL … who would have thought??

Oh – when I was in the bathroom I didn’t stop peeing on time and got it over my hand. Then I fucking put the pee on the side to wipe, sent for toilet paper and knocked the pee bottle into the urinal where it was floating with other dude’s piss. I stared at it and though “ there’s no way I can fucking go out there and tell them that I dropped my container into the urinal” so I just picked It up, and washed it. Then I couldn’t pee cuz I’d used my pee up. There’s added pressure cuz this girl is waiting for me. AARRGHH. Finally I muster some up, wipe the container down again and I’m out the door

Date went quite well… small make out. I said to her “look if we’re both clean in a week, we should fuck our brains out! We know we’re clean, let’s do this!! … she gives me shit about knowing someone and I’m like. Yea me too, we can get to know each other before then, heh”

Made out with her a bit before I had to split to meet my friend (gave her my number and said I’d see her soon!)

Think she’ll call. Couldn’t be arsed to really get # and have to follow up…. Kind of mentioned and she was like “I don’t know if I will text you, cuz then you’d have my number and I don’t give out my number often” … what a square!

Whatever it was fun anyways….

Clubbing in Utrecht tomorrow! Yay!

May 1, 2009

Yesterday I went to the dentist. The woman who cleaned my teeth was 33 and getting married. She was moderately obese and brutally ugly. Like baaaaaaaaad. And some dude is marrying her!! What the FUCK! I wanted to give her a business card and be like “yo, if you love him, you won’t let him marry you.”

God DAMN! I am happy today because I am not that guy. Do I need to say more than that? No I’ll leave it there

Also, I went to a karaoke bar with MC. There was only one cute girl that wasn’t with someone… I opened her very honestly saying I’d like to chat with her, she was very polite but said she was hanging with her friends .. I wrote her an awesome love letter which I delivered on my way out.

Also, I saw my buddies sister whom I haven’t seen in years. Back in high school she was super hot. Super bitchy too, but super hot. Now she’s totally lost it. I wouldn’t touch her with …. Anything. I guess I won that round, huh? Muahaha

I guess a piece of me was hoping she’d still be hot. Then I could fuck her and get my revenge. Just a small piece. Ah well

Today I lamed out and didn’t bother going out. Sigh. I really didn't feel like it. I seem to be under the impression that i don't have to go clubbing to meet girls. i know i'm right. but i also know i could have met some hotties tonight. ah well, whatever. sometimes u gotta just do what u feel like. still tho. lame.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Jan 4th 6.21am (make out, fizzle out) hot babe though!

Jan 4th 6.21am
Ok we’re back from last night. First bar was absolutely terrible. I opened a couple of sets which I thought may have had a hot girl, but they didn’t. we promptly left and got to the second bar.

Second bar had one group of girls that looked cute, … it was a 3 set. I moved in and Gabrielle and alex came to wing me. The girl I thought was cute wasn’t so I talk to this other one. I’d noticed the other one (skinny blond) gave me ioi’s before. I chat to her a bit and I do physically escalate, touching her hands, putting my hand around her. She tried to give me the brush off, so I back turn to her. Try re open, she doesn’t seem interested so I move on to look for other girls. Even before I open the next set she’s in front of me … she re opens me with something. I tell her I thought she didn’t like me and she says “I was playing hard to get” … ok … well I find out she’s been single for 2 years! I ask why and she says because she’s a bitch. At this point I believe her. I try and escalate her more but she runs off

I open another girl who’s cute but maybe a bit older (well, older than what I usually go for but still younger than me, lol) … it’s amazing that I can look at a woman who’s maybe 26 and is aging badly – think she looks around 33 and call her “a bit older” when in fact she’s a few years younger than me! …. Anyways it goes well. I tell her I’m going to share a secret with her. I hug her and say “I’m a premature ejaculator sweetheart – I’m done with you already!” she laughs and I move off. Keep ‘em wanting more. Hehe.

My friends want to leave. I figure I’ll go back to the blond bitch and ask if she wants to come home with me. Why not? As I go over there though I figure to say bye to her other friends. So I bye to the least attaractive one, and then to the other one who actually up close was quite cute. I start talking to her and she’s actually really sweet. It feels wrong escalating her right in front of her friend I tried it on with… I say to her

“You know, I liked your friend but she was mean to me so I don’t like her anymore:

She says “you should give her a second chance” …. I say

“I gave her a second chance and she was mean to me again!” and she says “oh ok”

So I think I’ve made it clear I’m not into the other girl. After another minute of chat the blonde leans in and says something in dutch. I ask what is was and she says “she’s jealous you’re talking to me!” … hehe

Anyways I just felt dirty about trying shit so I just told her the name of the bar we’re going to figuring if she really likes me she’ll go there.

On the way out I re-open the older girl by the bar… one of her friends encourages me to go up to her just before I do so… after a min though she says “be right back” and starts talking to this girl and this other guy so I tell her It was nice to meet her and we split.

Do a few sets on the way, finally get to this bar that’s good. Full of girls, several hot ones

Right away near coat check I open this one short cute girl and her friend who’s also very cute but blonder and drunker rolls up. I joke with them and they are into me … first one says “what are you doing” … I say “what do u mean?” and she says “right now!” and I say “just got here, hangin with you guys!” and she says cool and they pull me onto the dance floor… at this point I am looking for my buddies, as I need a wing! I actually don’t really know what to do, but girls seem friendly and both are very cute! I feel if I escalate one the other will hate me. Fuck!! Finally I see my friends and point to the girls. Gabrielle tried to chat with one but she didn’t wanna talk to him. I dance around with them like a chode and I feel it slipping away because I haven’t really picked a target. Eventually the blonde says she might puke again and I think to switch to the other girl (who wants to make out with a girl with puke breath!) but I’d already kinda picked the blone and it was all fucked up (mainly in my head) … eventually they say they are going that way and I let them go….

I spot this hottie who I’m about to open who recongnizes me. She says from where but I can’t hear over the music. She says she now lives in Utrecht. I say we should meet up and ask for her number, she says I already have it! I have no fucking clue so tell her to put it in… her names comes up when I press save! Julie! Cooooool … she’ hot but not as skinny as I like but I may give her a shout. She’s on her way out….

Fuck maybe I should have just said “you’re both so cute, let’s go back to my house!” … I don’t know. Usually I don’t like more than one girl in a 2 set, I don’t remember this happening before… fuck it

Open loads of girls, many have boyfriends… a couple were very friendly though even though they said they had bf’s … they were with their friends also. Can I isolate these girls?? I didn’t try, I generally just moved on to look for better sets…

This one girl I spoke to was ridiculously hot. Just broke up with her bf of 9 months the day before!! Had a nice chat but I didn’t really escalate though I did try a bit, had my hand on her lovehandle and she subtly elbowed is off, lol. So I did make the effort… I tell her we should hang out and she’s like “yea maybe” and I say “take my number!” … she let me handle her phone and I put mine in but didn’t do the missed call. I think I was trying to follow my “no makeout, no number” rule… later I bumbed into her and tried to # close her and she was like “I got your number” and I was like “call me!” … ahha I’m such a chode

Gab talked to this one girl who’s friend dragged her off. The friend pointed me out to the tall blone (we’ll call her blondie) and I speak to her. She asks about my friend. I think maybe she’s into him so I find him and tell her she’s there but he doesn’t do anything about it. Hey, I tried. I go and re open her and she’s definitely into me. I just escalate and she goes along with it. Yay! Just as we start to make up her friend does everything to cock block, punching me, yelling everything. What a cunt some guy was hitting on her which distracted her long enough for me to make out with the blondie. She was one of the hotter girls in the club so I decided this was the set for the night. Her friend who was hammered proceeded to then make out with at least 3 guys, who themselves were hammered and just tongin other girls. (well, one of them was) … I got to heavily make out with blondie and was grabbin her ass, biting her neck etc. towards the end of the night I thought “ok, I got to get her really horny, I’m going to make out hard and try to finger her a bit” but I never got the chance. Night was over. I found out she lives alone etc and told her she should take me with her… she didn’t say no so I just assumed it was on and kept making out more and more etc. at the end she’s waiting for me to get my coat and I wrap her scarf around us both. Get my coat. This guy who kept trying to talk to her before re opens her, and after this other guy who is her friend. She tells me she’ll see me outside. So I figure either she’s dropping me or doesn’t want her friends to see her leave with me? She gets outside she’s pretty much forgotten about me and is looking for her bike. She’s like “oh hi” … I say “what now” and she says “I’m going home!” … I say “am I coming with you?” and she says “no” … I ask why not.. she says because I have to sleep. I tell her I’d let her sleep eventually…

Anyways ya… she woudn’t even make out with me outside!! Fuuuck. She tried to facebook close me. I make fun of her and swap numbers. She says we should meet up. I tell her I’ll call her tomorrow and ask if she’s going to pick up or be weird if I call her. She’s like “no!” …


Fuck it. I tried, I really did.

Did I really push myself? Not as hard as I could have but shit I opened more night game sets than I have since probably my last challenge at koko’s. I mean it was a lot of fucking girls man…

Tommorow, I want to be more direct and stick to the opening “you’re hot, are you here with someone?” … I literally just want to do that and escalate on 20 girls to see the result. I’m too comfortable opening in my style – just coming up with fun/funny shit and being myself. I guess this is great but I suspect the most direct shit will get me laid more. Hang on, maybe I can still open my usual way, then ask who they are there with and then escalate?

I guess the question “do you have a boyfriend” is retarded as they have to say yes to just rid themselves of that slutty guilt .. that’s why “are you here with someone” is so much better. They can just say “just friends” and you have your green light.

Also I’d like to experiment with opening with “you’re hot!” and just going into logicstics… “do you live far? Do you live alone?” and then maybe sexually qualify “are you good in bed” etc

Oh just realized I did sexually qualify this girl I was making out with… was telling her all sorts of things I was going to do with her also, being quite sexual. I don’t’ usually do that either so… overall I did push my boundries some …

I feel pretty good but plan on pushing myself harder…

Tomorrow I will call Julie, blonde I made out with and a couple other flaking girls… plus my awesome date from yesterday might come to Utrecht to hang out (we spoke on the phone today) … she was felling poo…

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Jan 3rd 11.14pm about to head out in Utrecht!

Jan 3rd
11.14pm Ok I am in Utrecht and we’re about to go out.
Day one of my challenge. The goal today is to be absolutely super direct.
I wanna just grab girls and try to kiss them. I will look for ioi’s but I suspect … not suspect, I am AIMING to get blow out LOTS.
Time to kill my escalation anxiety
I wanna do lots of makeouts and then bring some hottie to my friends house.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Great date - Learned a lot and am starting to apply Johnny Soporno principles

FINALLY met up with this hottie I met in a bar like AGGGESSS ago. She was going to come see me do a show but flaked. But she texted saying she wasn’t going to make it so I took that as an IOI. She’s messaged me if I was back yet from Stockholm when I was there, and then facebooked me when I ignored it (IOI)

I let her know when I got back… few fun texts back and forth and she says she wants to meet up.

I used Johnny soporno’s multiple date thread and it worked fucking great. I did it correctly this time.. heheh….

Also saying in a text message “hey just so you know I don’t kiss on first dates” is SO money. Suddenly they are chasing you – and they’re not sure if you are serious and it kinda of calms them down. She told me she was relieved when she got that! Hehe….

This girl was like super cool. Just as hot as I remember. Turns out she IS a good girl as she claimed on text. Only been with a handful of guys – pretty much all just relationships.

We both agreed that we hate condoms and that we should get checked out and fuck like rabbits

I introduced Johnny soporno’s theories and she thought they were interesting. I think I can get her to go along with this. Would like to get this girl as my main fb – that would be sweet

I know I could have fucked her tonight but I am still paranoid because I slep with the last girl without a condom so … I tell her we should wait because I really like her. Lol. Funny but I actually meant it – I really like this girl!!

Had nowhere to take her too, didn’t wanna try get to hers. She was tired plus her room mate knows she went on a first date so.. she’s just not the type. At first she was even like “ I didn’t think we were going to kiss today!!”

Interesting: I asked her why she flaked on coming to the comedy show – she said she was scared of getting hurt etc

Then I asked if she intended on ever seeing me again once she flaked on coming to the comedy show and she said no …

The reason she saw me in the end? My anti flake text!! The best one EVER!! Hehe

She said she loved it and though “that’s it I HAVE to meet this guy!”

Text game woooorks

Shit, game works.

This girl though man – she’s really sweet. She’s been hurt before … kept saying “we should slow down” when the kissing got good. Actually first time I kissed her was early in the date at the place where I was staying. Right after the makeout she was like “I should go” and I was like “don’t worry, we’re not going to fuck, we can get out of here together” and she was like “ok” … .later on when she said we have to kiss less I said “ok no more kissing tonight, that’s it” … and every time we had a “moment” I’d say “ok, that’s one time I didn’t kiss you where I really wanted to…” and I just kept doing that. I said “at ten I should get a prize! Aren’t I doing well???” then we made out again and even heavier than before

It’s just 2 steps forward 1 step back… I was never really doing this properly but I was doing it tonight and it works a fucking treat

What a great day 2! She wants to see me tomorrow. Aiiiiiiii

Gonna have to sell her on the friends with benefits package, no way around it….

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New year's Booze fest

Met up with Gabriel and Alex (new to game but is a natural) … went to this party that was laaaame. Free booze though. I decided to get hammered as it’s new year and all that. What the fuck right? Was doing tequila shots. Jesus when I typed that word I could smell it in my nose. Fuck. I got way too drunk but will get to that in a sec. So, the host of the party telle me to calm down. All I did was say to this guy (with high energy) “come on man, let’s do a shot! Come ooon!! Come do a shot or I’ll cut you!” while holding a knife. Apparently he told a couple other people to calm down also. This guy was like super chodey AFC guy. He told me he didn’t like me. He was like “man everyone here knows you’re just some guy off the street” .. and I’m “dude everyone here loves me. Why do you think people keep coming up to me and talking to me all the time?” … anyways I was trying make friends with him – almost as an exercise… maybe I could sell him some 1:1 training lol…. He was a dick anyways. He walked away mid sentence. Then later he comes up to me and goes “you’re growing on me!” …

I told this other guy what I did and he was like “yea I saw this girl on the bus once and I was thinking about if there was a way to meet her, but I didn’t do anything” … I told him a couple of my openers and he was like “what, you just would say that?? Really?” … hahah I forget sometimes how even the most basic shit seems crazy to people outside of game. It really is another world, isn’t it?

I met this one guy who told me he met some girl online once who said she wanted to come live in Amsterdam. After 2 weeks of chatting with her online he said to her “why don’t you come” and she did and they were together for years. Then he did it again to a woman after talking to her for 30 mins. What the fuck!!

Right after the stroke of new year I put my face into a woman’s boobs and felt them up. Her boyfriend was around too, that could have gotten messy. Heh.

We walk over to this club. It’s sold out. I try talking to the bouncer but he’s having none of it. Then Gabrielle comes up to me with 2 tickets in his hand. Score. Turns out the asshole party house gave them to him! Ha!! We go in. I feel sick so I head to the toilets. There a spend the remaining 2 hours puking till the club closes. I got 2 texts during that time inuquiring about my location. I replied “puking in the toilet. Ouu there in a min (out there is what I meant” … then they convinced me to walk to leidseplein to look for girls. It was dead though and I eventually get a cab.

Hang on, why did I even write this? Nothing happened. What a pointless report. Sorry for wasting your time. I just got really wasted. I am going back to my strict non drinking regimen. Oh yeah. Puking is so not sexy.