Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Almost first every daygame bathroom lay. SO CLOSE!!

Met Gabriel for some game. We filmed some vids I had to do for the Copenhagen Project. Got one Chinese/dutch girls number at the train station. She was pretty cute, nice body Seemed very eager. She right away was like “here’s my card, come get a haircut!” like really early in the interaction. So I was ripping into her “oh I see. Most girls are like “but me dinner, then maaaybe I’ll put out. Oops! Not horny! Haha” but not you. You’re straight out with the hustle “get a haircut, bitch. Mama has to get paid. Then we’ll see about the hot chocolate!” … well after rippin her a new ass she was quite receptive. She texted me after getting on her train “www.(her business) maybe u want to hustle urself 4 a haircut ;) c u! celia ill think bout the hot choc.”
So I think that means she wants me to try to get/trade her for a haircute. Niiiice!
I texted back saying if she’s smart she’ll try and trade me one of my awesome home cooked dinners or better yet a massage for a haircut…
I’ll call her tomorrow and see what up….

Ok so… then we do this 2 set. I see this girl go into albert hein. Nice body. Get In there and start talking. 2 girls, cute from finland. I’m talking to them both as Gabriel comes in. he is closer to the hot one which was my target. I wanted to switch but didn’t bother to let him know who my target was because she seemed a bit more cold so I thought I would see what would happen with the less cute one. Anyways Gabriel says to them “let’s get a coffee!” so we take them somewhere. I just kept escalating on mine while building comfort. Played lying game, question game etc. she was shy to answer sexual questions so I would just say ok I will get back to that, and would ask some other shit … kissed her first time (she gave me the check tho I was going for the check)… then the other check. Oh lots of kino, talking about her hands are strong, how she’s goin to die early based on her short life line (no I didn’t palm read, just this one joke) … kissing er her hands. Massaging her hands… then the check kisses. Then I said to her i can tell she wants to kiss me. I kiss her on the mouth but just a peck. Few minutes later we make out. Then I wanna get her really horny as for once I wanna push the set and try fuck her in the bathroom.

I tell her let’s go outside for some fresh air. Out there we make out har core and I’m feeling her ass, tits, tonguing her. She made some joke about how I would react if she undid my fly right there. I said she wouldn’t or dared her but she didn’t do it…. I said “let’s go to your hotel…we’ll tell them we going for a walk!” but she says no tho she thought about it and she says she wants to fuck (pretty much) … I say let’s go fuck in the bathroom. We go back In and talk about it and she kinds of agrees to it. I said ok I will go into the men’s come in 2 minutes. When I was in there though after a min some guy came in, I realized I need a signal for her to come in. I ha forgotten that I had her number – I should have just called her when the coast was clear!! So I went back and she says “that wasn’t 2 minutes!” … I tell her let’s do it and she really wants to but keeps hesitating…

After we were outside I should have just grabbed her hand and gone in there and that’s it. That would have been it, I’d have fucked her in the bathroom for sure..

I’d have tried harder if I had stuck with my target who was cuter, and had a way better body. Damn. I told Gabrielle to kino his one, once he started his set started to open up but they were kind of leaving… they said they had no plans. I didn’t push going out with them because I knew they were sharing gone hotel room, and I had nowhere to take them either so logistics fucked it.

Outside I did a 4 way hug and made some orgy jokes and felt up both girls and they didn’t really object at all. We got their numbers – hopefully we can bang them tommoow or the next day before they split back to finland. Has to be tomorrow I am seeing a really hot girl on jan 1 and have other leads so.. that’s that.

Anyways that was the most I’ve escalated on a day game set, EVER

After listenin to david X tapes and Johnny soporno it’s really sinking in now. It’s not that hard, just tell women what you feel and what you want to do to them (david x) … and if they feel slutty about it, explain to them that’s just societal bullshit that’s keeping them down (Johnny Soporno) … it’s not hard. It’s the way forward. Most game is bullshit. I think I am startin to realize this. Bull. Crap. Overcomplicated bullcrap, as well…

Oh – on the way biking home I saw this cutie and was actually lost, so I spoke to her. She was very friendly and very hot. Like a 9. perfect body and face and just super cool. Sexy laugh. I was in love. Totally didn’t hit on her for 5 mins then asked if she was single. She just moved in with a guy. I tell her life is unfair but we should be friends. Cool people are rare I tell her and she agrees. “so you have to stay in touch when you meet cool people” and the agrees and give me her number. I say cool we’ll hang out. Threw in some Johnny S on her about people being meant to fuck around and she agrees

See what I’m doing there?

Actually I can feel my game growing. The better I get the less gamey I get. It’s all about indirectly putting across nuances and leading. You make her think what you want her to think but you don’t actually come out and say anything. Well you, shit like “you look really hot in that or “I really wanna kiss you” .. that’s fine. But for other things as above… you can be subtle and find out what you need and lead things to happen… it’s all kind of clicking. Not in a big overnight epiphany like I’ve had… just.. every set… I’m learning more. Getting smoother. Pushing more when I should be, and pushing LESS when I should be doing that. It’s all about feeling out the situation and pushing just the right amount. That’s what it comes down to. CA LI BRATION. That’s the most important thing in game. Well, maybe 2nd most important after leaving the house, and talking to girls. So it’s the 3rd most important. Still, pretty high up there, wouldn’t you say?

I am going to be fuckin so many girls it’s not even funny. This is just the tip of the iceburg… I can feel it…. And I’m excited about it. Hehehehe I’m goin to be such a slag…. And you know what? That’s ok…. For anybody…

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas roast for 3 - Combined FR by Virgo, Gameboy Huckleberry and Sasha!

Okay so we decide to walk to Red Light district. I thought it would be funny to go and game hookers and see how far we could get. Johnny Soporno managed to bang the shit out of one for free so surely the three of us combined…. What with our vitality and good looks (plus virgo)

So, Gameboy Huckleberry comes to stay for xmas and Sasha is staying over too… We have a few days of fun and on xmas day we sleep late and decide to do magic mushrooms..
Sasha bikes into the Red light district, while Gameboy Huck and I cook and Sasha comes back empty handed – everything was closed! After a bit of an argument because I didn’t agree to buy them a few days early, we resign to staying in and watching videos. After a few hours we get restless and decide to walk to Red Light to try to game the few working hookers on xmas day!
It is so cold that we only get as far as the local shop and we go in to buy chocolate…
As we go in there are two chicks in there buying beer to take back to their party!
The drunker one of the two loves Sasha straight away and he vibes with them and makes out with his one in the shop!
[color=red]I loved the way he did this. Sasha said he didn’t do anything and that she made out with him, but he went on straight away and opened the moment he saw them. He was also being cheeky and giving the horny one his sexy Canadian Laser eyes.[/color]
She is inviting us to the party telling us that the party and the people there are boring etc..
The other one is reluctant as she is sober and it’s her boyfriend’s house, so I wing in on her and we chat, I take the role of the “normal guy” and I make this girl feel at ease while Sasha and Gameboy are having crazy fun with the crazy chick…
Sasha gets Crazy chick’s number (She number closes him!) Crazy chick leads the boys to the flat and the other chick and I follow, she is reassured by now that it will be cool and she starts to relax and we vibe in a more fun way.
We swap contact details on the way to the flat, as she is a good contact here and I keep my eye on all kinds of craziness ahead with Sasha, Huck and the crazy chick..
[color=red]This chick was sooooo thirsty for action. On the way there when Sasha and I were trying to find out logistics and what the party would be like, she said “If they don’t let you guys in, I’m going with you!” IOI?
I give Sasha a look. We both agree that even though the chick is not that hot it would be hilarious if the three of us gang-banged her and really fun if we at least try.[/color]
[color=green] Virgo’s comfort game is sick. This girl was all worried about us coming over – but I knew a couple minutes chatting with virgo and those fears would be laid to rest. And I do mean Laid. Mauahah! Ooooooooh haahahahah. [/color]
We get to this lame ass party and most folks are asleep and its only 11pm!! There is one couple awake and a little Indian guy… No wonder this chick was bored!
We check out the place and chill and chat, Crazy chick has already made out with Sasha again, grinded Gameboy Huckleberry after he spun her [color=red](I bit her neck too as I pulled her into me) [/color]and sucked my finger after I fed her cake!!!
We all look at each other a bit and Sasha and Gameboy are muttering about Spitroasts, xmas roasts, DTSR etc…
I catch all this in my ear and out the corner of my eye, as I am trying to be “Mr Normal” with this other chick but I am giggling inside…
We are kicked out of the party by the friend (and Sasha makes out with crazy Chick again) and she says she wants to come to see us after the party there – Sasha explains to her that we are just three guys in a flat but she still wants to come… She is hammered but its obvious what’s going down..
We head back to my flat and discuss some loose strategy, she likes Sasha and as he is the carrot here; we agree to let him lead and we will vibe and see what goes down,
I must point out here that the pear cake thing she fed us was absolutely amazing. It was worth all of this just to have 3 piece of that! YUMMY!!
[color=red]We also get rid of all the chairs so that there is nowhere to sit except the couch, and like back in Callywood, we all take our shoes off and put them by the door so that we can insist she takes her shoes off when she arrives. (Getting the shoes off is always a good move).
so we sit and watch Family Guy and sit with me at one end, Virgo at the other, and Sasha next to me so that she has nowhere to sit except between Sasha and Virgo.when Sasha gets a call from our drunk crazy friend…[/color]so we sit and watch Family Guy when Sasha gets a call from our drunk crazy friend…
She is outside, Sasha goes outside and kisses her and lets her in, she sits on the couch in between us all and we chat..
[color=red]When she gets in she asks what we have to drink. We had only a drop of whisky left as I’d been downing it all during the afternoon to take the edge off having to breathe in Virgos rancid farts all day ;-)
She necks what is left of the whisky. I think that had one of us gone out to buy booze she would’ve had an excuse for anything to go down. She was pretty steamed already, but the booze is always another reason for it not to ‘count’ if she does anything.
(If we had gotten her more drunk we could’ve probably fucked her, but I don’t want to be the kind of person who has to get girls drunk in order to fuck them, and besides doing it without that is far cooler.)
Instead I carpe my diem and tell her”I’ll go to the shop and get some booze if you give me a massage”. I then sat on the couch in front of her while she did it and complemented her on how nice it felt. Sasha started doing her. It’s funny cos the whole massage thing was an idea I got off Sasha anyway from the way he is always offering backrubs in exchange for sexual favours…
Within minutes Sasha instigates a back rub chain… She does Gameboy Huckleberry, Sasha does her, and as I had got up to get drinks, I am stuck doing Sasha!!! Doh!
Huck takes off his top and gets her to do the same and Sasha follows suit
[color=red]All the while she is doing my back, I’m breathing heavily and saying how good it feels – I’m rewarding her for all of her effort and baiting her to put more in. I’m rubbing my hands up and down the insides of her thighs while I’m doing this.[/color]
[color=green] we swapped and at one point gid was massaging me. He has strong hands. I think I enjoyed this most that having my face in this girls boots. Yum. [/color]
when we all turn the other way…
I am impressed by Gameboy Huckleberry at this point as he is really honest and sexual, his actions and words are really full on and I am dead impressed in the way he moves and stuff – the chick responds and it is here where Gameboy starts to escalate by pushing his body against hers and she is moaning a bit…
She even says at this point – this pleasure is too intense for me and goes outside for a cigarette and Gameboy Huckleberry joins her..
[color=red]I go outside with her and we talk about all kinds of stuff. I used the fag break as a means of scanning her emotional horizon for anything that might work against us banging her.
She’s telling me about how her friends are less daring than her and how they’re boring. I praise her for having more guts than them, setting the frame that all the things we’re doing and about to do are all signs of personal strength and liberation. I truly believe most of it. I’m kinoing her the whole time.
We both rave about how great it is to just go with the moment and do what you feel. I tell her how when we met them in the shop, both her and her friend were attractive looking ladies, but I could see in her eyes that she was the naughty one, the one who wasn’t afraid to do wild and crazy things….
I find out the age difference when she asks how old I am. I’m almost 23. She’s 35 and has a 5 year old son.
Another thing we talked about was how when we were in the shop, she had decided she wanted to hang with us because she could se we were fun. She was newly single and had been invited to loads of parties for Xmas and they were all couples ones and full of boring people like the ones we met. She was looking for excitement. (It’s quaint how it’s always the guys who think they’re gaming the women.)
The main obstacle that comes up is her having just broken up from her boyfriend (who was about 25 or so) and her being in a bit of a wreck about it. I try and draw all attention away from the boyfriend topic and onto the positive aspects of freedom.
She starts telling me how beautiful I am and I reciprocate. I give her sexy eyes and we make out pretty hard and bite each other’s necks.[/color]
Sasha and I debrief a bit and I think Huck bites her neck outside..
They come back in and Sasha takes her to the bedroom…
We thought it made sense that as she liked Sasha best he could escalate and then encourage her to do stuff with us…
We leave him for a while, while we sort out music and snacks and discuss what we should do..
He is doing well, but after 10mins Gameboy says he hears too much talking and engaging a chicks logical mind in this situation (or ever) Gameboy thinks is bad, so he goes in and takes the chick outside for another fag…
[color=green] We were talking because I was counselling her about how she broke up with this guy after 3 years, and she’s in love with him. Blah blah blah. If I had any morals I’d put an end to any shenanagens right then. But pua has darkened my soul considerably in the last year. Also her boobies were nice so …
Yea When Gamey burst in, I was convinced at the time that a few more minutes and I would have gotten somewhere. I was about to re start the massage and was going to do my escalation where I rub the inside of her legs etc and her pussy. As it turns out it made no freaking difference.
[color=red]Weirdly enough, when we go out this time we are talking about all kinds of things and she starts to cry about her boyfriend and how she lost her ‘prince’ I tell her how it’s all meant to be and in a week, a month, maybe even a year she’ll meet someone who is REALLY the one she wants and she’ll be glad this recent relationship is over.
It’s really hard to steer conversation away from the boyfriend thing and I realise that she is emotionally defensive and won’t allow herself to be dominated in any way.[/color]
Me and Sasha talk again, reckons he needed a few more minutes and we burst in too soon, he is also getting bored as he doesn’t really fancy the girl that much..
When she comes back in she sits on the sofa with Sasha and remarks how I am the only one with a T-shirt on (everyone else is topless – she has a bra on)
I sit next to her and tell her I am shy and we joke for a bit and I get her to encourage me to take off my top.. When I do I get IOIs from her and she is touching my chest and I hug and kiss her a bit..
Oh yea! Gameboy had a great idea and they had a bet – she tries to get his jeans off with her feet and he tries to get her bra off with his! Ha ha - it was money as he just took her bra off with his hands as her back was turned, she was really impressed though as she thought he had succeeded with his feet and we were impressed with her big tits!
[color=red]I had also sliced an apple, and was using individual pieces to press into her body and then suck on where the apple had been. It was using this technique that I got to feast on a delicious slice of granny smith from between her pendulous funbags. Good times.[/color]
Then she is having fun with Sasha next to me and I keep up sexual kino, while they play…
At this stage everytime this chick has engaged me I have eye lazered her..
Then Sasha takes her to the bedroom again, this time I think she does some stupid drunk chick shit like spilling hot tea on Sasha and throwing a teabag around, so Sasha freezes her out… and comes out to sit in the lounge and go on the laptop… Gameboy goes in and escalates and I join him… We do a good team spinning her around with different threads of exciting stuff when she puts up LMR and Huck gets her tits out and is dry humping her etc..
After this crap I froze her out… really I was (at this point) more interested in the internet – at least there I can look at properly hot girls that will never sleep with me. Oh yeah… the internet….
She mentions a lot that she will not let herself feel sexual etc. In fact she says a lot of crap that we kind of ignore, she keeps saying
“ I am safe because you are all gay”
“This will not turn into anything sexual”
“I am not a sexual person etc.. “
..We are just like, fine whatever and going with what her body is doing, like stroking Huck’s chest or licking Sasha’s nipples.. yea right girl!
Even though I have taken the “nice guy” role in this attempted gang bang, whatever I say to her I lazer eye and kino her – this is my style anyway but my tenderness in words and touch start to get through and we do this dancing thing..
Me and her dance for a bit: sensual sexy dancing and its really weird but good, I strike an emotional connection and encourage her to let herself go, she really does and I keep up leading and dominating as a male and breathing through her and using my eyes and body as per my Tantra stuff…
The lads said it was crazy to watch and at the end of it she makes out with me and I am touching her boobs and pussy while talking to her…
[color=red]This was amazing to watch. They were really in sync and it was like Virgo had sucked her into their own little world. They were dancing and I don’t even know if there was any music but it was erotic.[/color]
[color=green] yea once again virgo the super comfort ninja master takes over. I was a great to watch. Good dancing! Also virgo has a nice body and it was great watching him move with his shirt off.
Gameboy Huckleberry makes the tea and because he is being so sexual gets away with making cock tea – he asks her if he puts his cock in her tea would she drink it? She is like I would LOVE to drink it and so he does and she drinks it! Sasha and I are pissing ourselves!!!
She stops it getting sexual and I think her mind is winning and she cant let go, she needs the control and this is apparent by her biting Huck’s face really hard when he was on top of her..
[color=red]It fucking hurt. I lost my hard-on.[/color]
I start to react to her signals, she says she is not comfortable being naked, so I say I am and take my Calvins off..
I sit down naked and hold her hand and do all this really calmly and confidently and something changes with her, she gets a bit more submissive now..
Huck senses this and gets her top off
While this is going on I am happily on the computer. I am hoping the boyz make it happen. It’s a very well matched battle between one fucked up chicks emotional scars, and 2 very skillpul pua’s. I though fuck it, I’ve had a go. If they can get her fucking I’ll come in there and slap her around a bit. Let these suckers do the work. I’ve had enough. Really I just can’t wait to go In there and see virgo and gameboy’s willies! Oooh I am secretly excited. I try not to look when I see virgo has his trousers off but it’s getting harder and harder every minute….
My slow burn method seems to get through but not enough is going down.. Gameboy Huckleberry and I have already signalled to each other with a shaken head that this will not happen as have Sasha and I when I went in the front room to get waters, he is cutting his day game videos and stuff and is resigned to the fact its not going down, but we joke about how much fun it was…
I go back in the bedroom and to save us from talking I stoke her hair hold her and ask her if she could cook us some food with the ingredients we have in the fridge (she is a cook) as she is cooking I finger her while she cooks and she makes remarks like, thanks for trying to touch me but she cant etc…
Then she admits that the reason she can’t be sexual (in a weird ranting way) is because her boyfriend dumped her before xmas and maybe gave her some STD!!!
I repair the damage of her nearly bursting into tears by spinning her and changing the thread and quickly washing my hands with hot water and washing up liquid, then begin to do the washing up to hide my tracks..
I wasn’t paying that much attention at this point but when I looked over I saw virgo frantically washing his hand with a determined look in his eye. Hang on, that was the kitchen sink you fucker!! Aarrgghhh we were eating out of there!”
As I wash up she hugs me from behind and I put her hand on my cock and she slides it into my tracksuit bottoms and strokes it slowly a bit.
This and getting her tits out and the omelette she cooked is the most action we got – but we have a good story to tell for xmas day!
As this fizzles out I start to hint for her to go, this eventually happens after we eat her delicious omelette!
What I learned:
. Don’t listen to what a chick is saying just in her words, her body and words should be congruent for the real message, if the words are saying one thing and the body another, go with the strongest signal as the desired message.
. As much as I am learning and incorporating into my game regarding intent and honesty and core sexuality from my new idols (David X, Johnny Soporno, Roger Alan Currie) my old strengths of observing and rapport are really fucking important. In this situation I was able to observe and micro calibrate when to escalate and had enough in the rapport bank account to take the chick from her world into my world by pacing and leading more subtly than the others to get quicker responses from the chick.
. Compliment a chick in general
. Don’t limit yourself to what you think is acceptable
. Relax and enjoy the ride, new experiences are funny
[color=red]What Gameboy Learned that Virgo hasn’t mentioned:
When a chick is horny, it is YOUR job to make it happen, but she will usually give you hints, some subtle, some blatant about how to do so.
You can get away with ANYTHING as long as you are comfortable doing it.
Cock tea, anyone?
What I learned:
It’s more difficult to get erections for 35 year old moms than 21 year old models
Gameboy huckleberry and virgo look a lot better with their shirt off than on
Gameboy huckleberry and virgo are good at giving massages
Virgo is a super comfort ninja master
Gameboy huckleberry is David X re-incarnated. He wants to do dirty things to women. He tells women about these dirty things. He does these dirty things to women.
If I had virgo’s comfort and Gameboy’s escalation I would be the better than Mystery :)
Oh and Gameboy looks really good with his shirt off. Hang on, did I say that one already?

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

lesbians ahoy!

Went out. Fuck it was dead!!

Hung out with Gabrielle and his friend (I'll call him MysteryClone) lol

Well, he was good. But he was MM all the way. And he was a tall motherfucker too. I winged him very well on a couple of sets though the club we went to was pretty dead. Home is was called. I spoke to pretty much every hot girl in there - they were really really boring. Like REAAAAllllllyyy boring.

Walking down the street this one hot girl passed and MysteryCLone (I'll call him MS) got opened by her and boom, he's in set. I was JUST about to open her. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I hate that!! He ended up making out with her on the street as me and virgo winged her lesbian friends. Ah well. Her lesbian friends LOVEDDD Me! I was hitting on her just for the fun of it. I was like "come on, i'm a lesbian trapped in a woman's body!"

eventually she was saying to her friend "yea it's cool if he just uses waist up!"


"you're making me think i'm bisexual" and shit like that.

she wasn't really cute but i was just having fun. good practise tho for when i meet a hot lesbian

oh so... we go to this lesbian bar... (kinda cuz MS wants to try fuck his girl and we know they went in there) ... but i just wanted to see if there were any hot girs or lesbians or bisexual chicks or whatever.

well, there were a couple. man the rest of those chicks look really dikey though, holy FUCK!! there's a reason they are lesbians. they couldn't fuck them any men! heh

easy to open the host ones. i just grabbed them and was like "holy shit. you're hot. there's no way YOU're a lesbian!"

i think one of them may have taken offense. hehe... but there were some cuties!

ah well. whatever. was a fun night anyways.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

more sarging

left message for 2 girls from yesterday, no reply! aah.. 1 number was fucked .. i actually saw the drunk girl make a boo boo but i just didn't care enough to make her get her phone out lol

went out, did a few sets nothing special. pretty dead still. was good hanging out with virgo and gameboy huckleberry who is in town to spend christmas with us!

tommorow we are going to go to paradiso this big ass club full of students. gonna work on my dancefloor and non verbal game. throat fucking hurts anyways so i don't wanna talk

we went to red light today to try get a bike off a homeless guy for 10 euros but there was none to be had. i know, it's slightly wrong but he's a jew. when i told him u could get bikes off homeless guys for 10 euros that ended the possibility of him a)renting a bike for 14 euros a day and b) buying a legit bike for upwards of 60 euros.

fuckin jew bastard :) ... he's almost as bad as me. not quite, but almost...

ooh i totally didn't bother going to std clinic... my penis hardly burns at all. hahah. i will go in the next couple of days. i swear.

use condoms.

Monday, 22 December 2008

back from stockholme and copenhagen

Well I just got back to Amsterdam from Copenhagen.

Yea there were hot girls, not as good as Stockholm though. We never made it into a proper club tho except for Thursday to k-3 which wasn’t that good

Anyways I hung out last night with the sexy Arab. That’s my nickname for one of neil’s coaches that works with him. I tell you what, this guy is sick. The 2 girls he brought around in the last couple of days were fucking hot. And he actually slept with both of them, along with loads of others just that week. I saw a video of him doing daygame and I wasn’t actually impressed… it was so low energy. It seemed kinda stupid, lol. But once he took me thru what he was actually doing in person. Holy fuck. Fuck fuck fuck

I finally met someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. He taught me how to use indirect qualification. Wow. So powerful. So simple, but so powerful. Am not sure if it has been written about anywhere, he came up with it.. maybe it’s out there and maybe it’s not but I actually GET it. I really was not qualifying girls in set and certainly they were not chasing me, I was chasin them. Too needy. Not proper flirting. Also he uses a lot of pattern interrupts. As an opener sometimes, but mainly in set. He will be saying some shit the girl like loves, and just as they are going into a trance he changes the topic. He uses the topic change very effectively also, always keeping them on their toes and wanting more.
Some of the stuff he told me I already knew I had to do – like stop being mr funny all the time. But it has more of an impact when someone with serious game tells you.

Hung out with another dude with some good skills we’ll call T. T said (well actually, I said it and he agreed) that I am doing the pull, but not the push. I have to push the chicks away, I can’t be all hugging them and shit and getting in their face. Too needy. Yad came to this conclusion a while ago also, u gotta be alpha. Keep your hands in your pockets and shit.

Anyways I went out today with This guy Gabriel and virgo. Fun times. Was dead. And we couldn’t get in anywhere. The bouncer for no reason didn’t let virgo in, and me as soon as I spoke English. This next pub the get in, I give the bouncer a thumb’s up. He says some shit. I said I am from Canada, he says “it’s a members club”… I just said “ok let me get my friends” and he says ok and I just went in and didn’t come back out. Small lesson there, don’t argue, just agree and then do what you want anyways. Remind you of anyone? Hah

I was in good form, opening pretty much the whole trip. Tried it on with this girl on the plane. Actually I was disappointed as there were no cuties on the plane. I was about to take my seat and then I see this one girl. Young, hot body, well dressed. She sits in the window seat but her isle is empty. Bingo. I sit on the isle seat so there is one between us. Talk talk talk, she just not very fun. She pulled back when I went to feel the muscle in her arm. Can’t even remember that ever happening before. She asked me if that was my seat I was sitting in. I just looked around in a panic. No laugh. Ok then… I still cracked her a couple of times but just hard work. I leave it, but still harassed her at coat check. Talking about her in the third person with her in front of me to my mate’s on the phone. Funny shit, she just smiles but does not co operate. Ah well. Oh I flirted with the flight attendants. I wrote a cute note to one and came up to her and was like “what’s your name, I wrote you a love letter!” … hehe … it was my usual goofy shit. I think I threatened to drown a goldfish if she didn’t agree to meet up with me. Hehe.

Talking to Gabriel later he told me he does a lot of airport game. He said what he does is this … he makes friends with one of the other stewardesses and then gets her to find out if his target is single etc. he goes thru her. At first a though this is grade school shit. Then I realised it’s just social circle game on a plane. Haha. Or both. Anyways he says it works really well as if you are in with one of the flight attendants…. You get the idea. Also he says it’s easy because they fly with different people all the time … so there is no social pressure, they don’t’ give a fuck and can do what they want. And I guess they are usually single, hard to maintain a relationship with that job. I am going to try more with stewardesses for sure. He says if u don’t do it in a cheesy way it’s cool, that most guys are just lame and treat them like meat. I fly a lot so … yea will try it out. Maybe I will tell Adam to add it to his…hehe…maybe not. Still it’s interesting…

Meet virgo, we pass a hottie with her friend. I open, 3 mins, get her number. Dentist, very hot actually. Was joking around with me, seemed fun will call her tomorrow for sure.

We go out at night. Mainly dead…

Was fucking packed in this venue. They had these ridiculous stadium strength lights. I was actually afraid to face their direction because it blinded you so bad. It actually hurt, like pain. What the fuck are they thinking? You could barely move in the venue. Literally. I opened some. Some sets went nowhere but some success. One hottie I joked with and she said to follow her to the bar. Chatted a bit, some laughs. Her friend gives me the “she is my girlfriend, we are lesbians” and I’m like “cool I love lesbians” … funny the friend was fat and ugly so she fit the profile. My target was super hot. Anyways I get her number and wander off. Open this other drunk cutie. Tried to make out but she was hesitant but open to grabbin and proddin. Got her number. It’s a flake, lol.

This other Russian girl gave me her card after 30 second chat based on the fact we are both Russian speaking. Bit older but cute.

Good times. Gameboy is coming tomorrow to spend X mas with me and Virgo!! Yahoo!!

it's good to be back in Amsterdam...

Saturday, 20 December 2008


Ok i spoke to these 2 pua's that will remain nameless. this is a true story

so this one guy fucks this girl. she wakes up in the morning and him and his buddy and her are hanging out. suddenly she turns to him and says "hey, can i have 10 crowns for a child ticket to get home?" ...

she was 15

he told her he didn't have any money

after i spoke to him and asked what he was thinking banging a 15 year old.

he claimed he was drunk.

i asked him "what she like a really cheap whore or what?" .. or she just though sex with her was worth 10 crowns.

i think it's pretty reasonable....

copenhagen ahoy! and the 16 year old set stealer

Blog 19th dec

So as i was in Sweeden Neil Natura convinced me to come check out copenhagen. I was like, fuck it. I arrived on Thursday. We didn’t arrange where to meet and I forgot he had sent me his number… I was so tired when I arrived I just wanted to sleep. I still did a few sets with my big ass bag. Got some food, and hit the library to check my emails. Got this one girls number in the library. I was pushing for an instant date but she wouldn’t do it. Then I spoke to this kinda cute girl who looked like 35 at least but she was ony 27! Damn, she had aged baaad. She was way too old looking for me and I was 2 years older than her!! That is fuked up!! Anyways I took a cab to this hostel, got a room and passed out. Woke up at like 10pm, got on the phone and got my ass to neil’s house. Fucked around on the street a bit but nothing much it was pretty dead. Met this kid who is 16 and has banged like 12 girls. What the fuck!! Unreal…

Friday Went out (last night) with the sexy arab and this guy i will call t. t is cool but was with this broad most of the night. Had an ok time, I only really liked this one girl. I had her in isolation like 15 minutes… it was going really well… then neil’s 16 year old brother literally grabs her and says “I need to borrow you” and grabs her. I get up and I grab him and say “that’s my future wife man, what are you doing?” and he just says “stop it” and takes her off. My targets friend was there and I say to her “wow, he is stealing my girl. Can u believe this?” and she says “you better go after her” … so I come up to them and say to her, “I am gonna get a drink at the bar…” and she says “it was nice talking to you” … set over


I re opened her later but it wasn’t the same. I think once a girl makes that choice to talk to some other guy that snatches her from you, its pretty much over….

I don’t think I have every so blatently had a set stolen from me before. Shit I would never do that to antoher guy.. .even someone I didn’t know, I would never do it. But to someone that I was becoming friends with, someone who knew people I knew… fuck it’s amazing. Being 16 is not a defense. I told my friend dave in malta about that and he was like “people get their throats cut here for that shit” … yep… I believe it.

Then today, I attempted to do some laundry as the machine stopped working on my arrival. That is creepy as it was working earlier in the day. Wow! The universe is conspiring against me. It was a long walk to a Laundromat and I just ended up in front of a computer. I am wearing the same shirt over and over like a dirty bastard. I will wash something by hand in a moment for tomorrow. God damn it I am a lazy fuck sometimes lol. Neil is a super crazy motivated motherfucker. I came up with a funny quote for him. He has delusions of grandeur and plans for domination … but quite possibly has the capability to pull it off!! Hehe … more like the drive. We went to the gym today with him and the sexy arab. We did 5 laps around which was pretty good. Oh and yesterday I did their crazy workout which was good. A lot of fucking crazy ass pushups. Ones that work like everything. Now I am writing my blog and I am going to meet one of the sweedish girl I brought to project entourage in London a few months ago… if u read my blog I did a 3 way kiss with her and her friend in koko like ages ago… during my 30 day challenge…. I gonna do another one of those soon…

Monday, 15 December 2008

Gay club yesterday

Well today I didn't do shit. WAs at the casino, I get out of there JUST in time get the last train. Just as this very hot girl sits next to me and says "hi" my LAST train pulls up. i look at the train. i look at the girl. I think "ah it's just another set. get the train" and i go for the train.

i though this was the sensible thing to do. the timing was terrible. like right when she sat down, my train pulled up. it was fucked up. like a test. FUCK!!

i should have said "you're hot, but that's my train. have you got a boyfriend?" and then just stayed if she said "no"

i guess i panicked. crap! she was super hot and she actually opened ME. that's fucking rare.

ah well

ok so, yesterday i went to this gay club on a boat. i wasn't gonna go, but one person told me about it and i ignored it. but then i run into this guy who is on this way there and he's like "dude there are chicks. seriously come with" ... he tells me he's going with this tranny and this other girl who's cute. i think fuck it, right? adventure.

we get there it's like 9pm. it's empty as fuck. we talk a bit and there's nobody to open. i almost left many times but stuck it out. eventually there are some people. i dance to this one cool song but slow down when it gets boring. this one girl is all over buddy, let's call him "bisexual guy" ... she's dancing with him and with me sexy also. i fell her up a bit and she's got a hot body but she's older, maybe early 30's. cute i guess but too old for me i think. also, she picked him it seems and he's dancing with her quite a bit .. i decide to wait for something better... later i talk to her a bit and when she realized i'm straight she is put off! i'm like "why did you think i was touching you up?" and she's like "gay guys always do that"

i say to her "you and my buddy was all over each other!" and she's like "i thought he was gay too!"

and i was like "no i was hard half that time. you have a hot body!" and she's like "eek!" and runs away.

so wait, a gay guy she wants his hands on her. straight guy, no good?? I've heard of this before but not been in the situation, or really given it much thought. it doesn't really make sense. so she was a fag had?? hmmmmm

i guess i should have kept my mouth shut

this "bisexual guy" was being really nice to me. and he called me today to see if i wanted to come out

he told me he's straight, but why is he being so nice?? i could have sworn on the subway he said he was gay, then bi, and then at the club straight. and he kept telling me about his ex girlfriends and shit. i think he's bi. he's alright. maybe just a friendly guy?

hmmm that's 2 guys that have # closed me in 48 hours. should i be worried?

Oh - and I think I may have caught something from the sweedish girl. yea - I didn't mention it before but I fucked her without a condom (eek!) ... i didn't wanna be a bad role model (lol) but now that i think i may have gotten something i have to blog about what i am going thru

i am kinda freaking out!! maybe it's in my head. but there's a very slight pain right at the tip and kind of a permanent wetness. not pain peeing. i'm going to get it checked out tommorow

god i hope i don't have anything, or anything serious.

she raped me. i swear. i just should have stopped her. argh. what a stupid thing to do. just when i'm getting good ... to put it all at risk for WHAT?? fuuuuuuuuuuck. i didn't even fuck her good. shit shit shit

i'm an idiot.


and I got a student tommorow too. nothing like sarging when you think you have an STD! bah. probably it's nothing. i'll be ok.


oh the other day a couple girls contacted me, the black girl from the club (we've been texting) and the girl from H and M. did i mention that? she actually called me. is that shocking? usually i am first to contact them... they are more eager here i think in sweeden. awesome.

might meet a couple of these girls before i go to copenhagen on thur. if not, not. i don't care that much as i am kinda freaking out.

stay tooned.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Almost fucked a hot mama. Oh jesus

Yes you read that right. What a night! I don't know where to begin. Honest. I just don't know

Well ok. I stayed in during the day and reset my hard drive to factory condition. That
s right, my shit was fucked up! Then I had a comedy show. I got there early and let them know I was there, and then hit this bar/club across the street. I made friends with the door girl who loved me. I proceed to open 3 girls and get each girl's number - no wait, facebook for one of them. First girl was cute and actually fun to talk to so I facebook close her. Then I go to the upstairs bar and there is this really fuckin hot girl with red hair. Mid to late 20's. Good body. I'm like "Whoa! What is going on here! hot girl all alone? should't you have a wall of dorky guys all offering to buy you drinks and shit surrounding you?" ... she laughs and we start talking. she really likes her music. she's pretty normal other than that. i have been watchin blueprint. watched eipsodes 10 to 14 recently and it got really good. tyler durden talks about just staying present and not worrying about trying to fill the silence by talking all the time. i do that too much, talk talk talk, entertain. so i maintained heavy eye contact and stayed in the moment and really just relaxed a bit more. it seemed to work. She is going to see this band and says i should come after my gig. i say maybe followed by "either way we should be friends, give me your facebook and number" so she jots it down on a little tinfoil from her cigarette pack. i asked if she wanted to come to the show but she is meeting her friend. she's mentioned a boyfriend or a guy she's dating so i wasn't really thinkg snl but... whatever. She goes in and like a moment later there's a smoking hot blone, who's about to buy cigarettes from the machine. i roll up "are you crazy?? What about lung cancer, stinky breath, stinky clothers. ERECTILE DYSFUCTION! wo wait..." she laughs and we're away. nobody steal that, it's from one of my comedy routines hehe. we talk for a while. she is into me. again i'm doint the same thing just being present and not worrying about what to say and enjoying moments if there is a silence. it's interesting and very different from what i normally do. (well, it's the opposite in fact!) she is into fashion and gives me this business card for me to check out her website, which has her number. she wants to come see me but her friends are on the way. i say she can see me another time. she tells me to come back after. i tell her ok and that she can call me if her friends wanna come with her to see the show so i call her number so she's got mine. this chick is like super hot, 19 with 3 jobs but has braces. i'll gall her hbbracel. She was wearing this crazy ass fake fur coat. I tell her we'd have gorilla babies (used this the other day and got a great responce, hehe) ... so i split to do the show. i'm early and the other acts are in sweedish so i read my book. i borrowed neil strauss's the style diaries. i had just read the bit about him fuckiing this old woman. little did I know what was going to happen later in the night....

Anyways I did the show which went well. I farted around the bar after the show as obviously I've got mad social proof but mostly the girls just fucked off. ah well.

As i get outside hbbraces is right there with her friends. they weren't hot. they are leaving to some other club but she wants to go home. she says she's hungry and i say i will come with her for some food. only a mcdonalds is around. fuck. i plan on getting fries but go for the mcchiken meal. it's sickening and i am ashamed of myself. this girl eats there all the time and is like super skinny. i tell her it will catch up to her. eheh. anyways she is going to meet her BF who's a dj who is going to lift her home. not much i can do here... she tells me to email her to come see one of my shows. man she is hot

i head back to the club. even tho there is a line i breeze straight in because on the way out i got the door girl to tell the bouncers i was cool/a comedian etc so i went straight in. sweet! then she even told someone to watch the door and took me around to the club part where you have to pay and had the guy give me a stanp so i got in there for free! i kiss her on the cheeck and tell her she's on the guestlist to my next comedy show. i'm gonna hook her up for sure. right, so i go down and there is this big coat check area. i open one or two girls and this one really cute girl hooks. i talk to her for maybe 5 or 6 mins. she is loosing her voice. she's really skinny and hot, maybe 19 i would guess. she wants to go dance and tells me to come dance with her and her friends but i keep talkin to her as i want to makeout with her right here where it's queit. i go for it and she says "no yet it's too soon!" ... we go to the club part but she can't find her friends and is walking all over looking for them. after 2 mins i feel chodey just following her around and there are other sets so i just say " i will be over here come find me later!" ... seemed like a good idea at the time but i should have gotten her number ...... i didn't see her again and she was into me. fuck!

well i opened another girl who had a bf, this other one was giving me major ioi's .. spoke to her, she was way too drunk so i move on. i go to the bar area where a couple of comic are and talk to them a bit - then open this really hot blonde who's walking by. she's chatting but then says she is meeting a guy and has to run so she splits. open another 2 set, one girl cute but not skinny who is cool. her friend is gorgeous but just keeps making this bitchy face. once the cool one realises i am a comedian she tries to get her friend to be nice but i don't like her anymore. i move on. back to the dancefloor...

it's closed but i follow the music and there is this huge ass club part !! fuck!! people dancin all over the fuckin place! open a couple girls at coat check, one hooks big time (black girl) ... she is cute and has a hot body. she loves me as does her friend. she won't make out but kisses me on the mouth. drunk breath! gives me her number and tells me "you gotta work for it!" after i say to her "let's make sex!" haha... i was in state so i guess i could have gotten away with anything

oh one girl i was chatting to at coatcheck this guy came into the set - i thought he was trying to pick her up ... spoke to him also and she ran off. he said to me he wanted to talk to me even as she walked off, i had a bad feeling so kept walking. he re opened me and said he liked my look and wants to hang out. he said "i'm not gay but i like you're style" .. i was like "sorry buddy i swap numbers only with girls i wanna fuck!" and he says "nah man, really i am not gay! you seem familiar with your ...the way you are. are you a PU?" and i am like "you know about game" and he says "yea i don't read the books and shit but i know about it. i am good at night game" ... anyways he wants to go sarging so i guess it's ok and give him my number. still i had a weird vibe. turns out the girl was his friend and he knew i was gaming her and that's why he was hanging around... i say let's go sarge right now. he says he's good at dancefloor game. he tells me he high fives girls then just spins them around. i see him do it once. then i open this girl at the bar and start talkin to her. he proceeds to literally grab her, pull her onto the dance floor and start dancing with her.


it occurs to me that there is no defense to that move. none.

if you're talking to a girl and some guy grabs her arm, pulls her to the dance floor and starts spinning her around, you must friend, just got fucked

i accept that this guy is a dick and move on.

he catches up to me. i tell him he's an asshole for stealing my set. he says "no man, i didn't care about her i just wanted to show you how i do it" ... i said "i know how you do it, dumbass, but you just fucked up my set!!"

anyways he splits. what a dink. bad vibe. not going to hang out with him

one girl i run into looks like the one from coatcheck i liked. i say "hey are you emilia, i was lookin for this girl i liked" .. she smiles and we chat a bit. she likes me. i ask her what's her name and she says "emilia!" ... i'm like "no it's not! i get closer and see she's not as cute as i thought so i move on...

i get recognised by like 3 people, 1 sound guy, 1 lighting guy, and 1 punter from the shows from tonight and last night. cool!!

open this one red head girl, who is pretty hot. her friend is also cute and encourages me telling her friend is looking for a man. she was a tough cookie, wouldnt let me man handle her. wait, manhandle? surely it should be womanhandle? i'm confused. nevermind. so uh... yea i get her number but she is pretty cold. not sure about that set but i will call her just for practise

then i dance around some more, not much happens. oh wait, i open this 2 set, blone and brunette. both were hot actually, for shizzle ... kissed blond on the lips no tongue at the end. she
was seeing someone but the other one claimed she was single but wasn't giving me any. i was just sayin they were both hot tyring for a 3 some but no luck. i got the blonde's number and they make me promise to invite them to a comedy show. the blonde was into me - if i had a wing maybe something would have been possible. maybe. as they walk off i see this girl sitting alone on this stone. i walk over. she is pretty hot, i put her mid to late 20's .... chat to her. she gives me this whole sob story, she's married to an alchoholic, the sex sucks and she is in love with his friend who doesn't wanna bang her. she' s never cheated. she is really drunk and on coke. after 15 mins i make out with her and she agrees to come home with me. i'm not sure i wanna do it. she's married but also really drunk. ok body, great face.... i call her sexy mama and shit. hehe. in the end i desided to let this one go. combination of moral factors and logistics. we can't go to hers (husband) and i'd have to bang her on a couch, quietly if i go to my friends. hotel? nah feels to dirty. i am not paying for a hotel to fuck a married chick with a kid. fuck that!

i'll tell you what though, my morals and slowly deteriorating the longer i am in pua. i'm really starting to not give a fuck

with the braces girl - we just talked, right - but i have this feeling if i could have just attracted her more maybe i could have done something. now i naturally attract with my humour but... u know... the lines - "we'd never get along" all that shit. maybe i should try using some of those? i mean i don't use any of them and thats good as i am pretty much doing my own natural cocky funny style but... maybe i would be getting laid more if i used some of them?? i guess i dislike canned shit out of principle but if it will get me laid, what the fuck right?

So anyways I had fun....got a shitload of numbers. I am gonna call every fucking one tommorow and see If I can lay one of these girls before I go to copenhagen on thur. big up!

I certainly am making the acquaintence of a lot of hot girls.
If I could just have sex with 10% of them I would be a real pimp. hehe. Gotta work on that. Man I need to get my own place in stockholm! Am gonna come live here for a couple of months... that would be siiick!!

so what did i learn

bad logistics fucks up everying

and don't leave a girl if you like her and she likes you - GET THEIR NUMBER right away in case u loose them.

don't you just love learning the same lesson over and over? sigh...

man she really was a cutie

anyways it's just funny that i read that story by neil and then it kinda happens to me. except this girl was 31 not 60. still kinda gross though :P

i wonder if she'd have a stretchy vagina?? i didn't even have to do anything to almost fuck her. just be there... that would have been dark. i would have done it though if i had my own place and i know it.

i am a bad man.

i am going to become worse before all of this is over. of that i am certain.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Fucked a Sweedish model!

Yea that's right, you read it right!! Here's the story: I'd picked up this girl on the tube in London a few months back. Like 6 months ago maybe. Well, I say picked up, chatted to her and got her number. She was cute and told me she was a model. She was very tall and skinny. Yum yum. She was in town for a bit on a job. I invited her to a house party for my flat in old st ... we actually had a good chat on the phone the day before and I was sure she would come. I said "yea yea, you're gonna come" but she never came. This is the famed party where I had 3 girls in bed and slept with one... Anyways we didn't talk hardly at all on msn for months. When I realized I was coming to Stockholm she told mer to give her a call when I came into town and we chateed on msn some more. I knew she wanted to see me: In Stockholm, I told her I'd text her when I got my sweedish number but hadn't gotten around to it yet. 2 days after she msg'd me "how's it going with that number" ... then on her birthday party I was supposed to go to, she kept calling and texting asking where I was. (I had a gig and made it out around 1am) Anyways I figured I would use her and her model friends as pivots and meet the other girls at this bar we were at. She was like "sit next to me" and i said "hang on" and ran off to meet this other hot girl. she wasn't hot up close but by the time I got back to her this Canadian (also from Toronto) was all over her. She says to him "this is SAsha" and he's really loud "hey buddy nice to meet you" and he does the classic AMOG move on me. Slaps me on the back really hard like 4 times. So I start slapping him on the back harder as I say "THIS (SLAP) IS NOT (SLAP) THE WAY (SLAP) TO MAKE (FRIENDS) SLAP and get got the idea pretty quick that I was not some bitch. Now, so far, I'd done well. I countered his amogging and put him in his place. Immediately he saw me in a new light. He started saying "oh uh, are you like some kind of performer or something?" (dunno how he figured that out) and I said "yeah" and he asked "what do you do" and I said I was a comedian. He was like "oh ok." Are you well known? and I said something like "you know I've done a few shows" and he says "I think you are being modest right now".... then he asked me if i looked down about the normal people and made fun of them. I said maybe I look down on some people, I definitely make fun of everyone. After this he started being really nice to me, trying to win me over. I started getting to know him too .. but not out of any genuine good will. Like "keep your enemies closer" kinda thing lol. This is where I went wrong. He tried to kiss the birthday girl but she wasn't having any of it. As soon as he did the slapping move I should have just blown him out with "ok, you're a dick. you can go now buddy" ... and apon any resistance "uh, these are my friends, see you later" ... it would have been easy, he has just met the models and I had met one of them once before. I know I don't know them any better than him, but he doesnt know that. Anyways, we went to another venue, he comes along and just sticks to her like glue. Tries and tries and she keeps blowing him out. she was outside smoking and i was bored most of the time. there were like NO girls in there to talk to. it was shit. only one of her model friends came and she was talking to this other guy ... then there was some other dude. just nobody to talk to. on this one girl i opened was pretty hot. i went to kiss her cheeck and she gave me her mouth. i pecked her but should have made made out. she said she had a boyfriend but not convincingly. i asked where she lived and she said out of town 2 hours. now, she was giving me sexy eyes she lives out of town she turned and gave me her lips when i went for a cheeck kiss helooooooo all i had to do was makeout, and said "let's go back to mine" ... or "let's go fuck somewhere" and get a hotel. no big (hotel better as i am sleeping on a little ikea fold out single bed in a pua's living room)

But what did I do? I was like "Ok, see you" and she slowly slinked away. WTF. she was really, really hot. Yen would have just fucked her. He's have taken her to the nearest quiet spot and just fucked her. Was thinking after this that I just don't have a closing mentality. I'm an opener. I open everyone but I only close the girls that give me huge IOI's that they wanna fuck. It's weird ... It's like, I don't need IOI's to open. I put the leg work in to get attraction, get their number, and sometimes I get them out. But, I don't really push it to get the lay. What the fuck is that? I guess I don't feel that comfortable being aggressive sexually, but what I am realizing is this: Men have to be aggressive. That's they way it is, and has always been. How often does the women chase the man? ONce case in 10? one case in 100? Shit Most people reading this blog right now would not be in existence if men were not the sexual aggressor. That's a fact. So I just need to push more. Anyways enough of that on with the story

I get fuckin bored and I tell her I'm leaving. She says "if you're leaving I'm leaving" which is another IOI. Essentially she's saying "let's get out of here" ... but I don't take the hint. she goes out for a cigarette and then next time I look around the club she's gone. I get a cab home. My friend A_Dato texts and says it's safe to come back ... he's just fucked his girl! yay!

Anyways I am worried she fucked that fucking asshole AMOG guy and I blame myself for not blowing him out of set. I hate to admit it, but I'm better at Amogging that probably anyone I've seen in field. I only do it when Someone moves on my set or pisses me off so it's actually very rare. But I can amog like a motherfucker.

It's amazing how quickly his behavior changed as soon as I slapped him back ... that's all it takes. equal or greater forces without hesitation. thinking back i should and could have just knocked him the fuck out. He was about my size, but drunk. The truth is I didn't do it because I didn't particularly feel threatened by this game. He game was to just be needy and and hope the girl changes her mind... I guess it can work but I just din't see him pulling it off. It's weird, she wasn't really my target though it was a possibility sort of, you know? Really logically it's better to Social circle game is Adam Lyons style cuz she has other model friends but whatever. that's another excuse that I use "oh i won't fuck her, better to stay friends with her and fuck her friend" ... thats so gay. if you opened her and you're attracted, then you should try fuck her. stick to your targt. after you fuck her, then you can try for her friends lol (no, i haven't ever done that ... yet) ...

By the way, The gig I did went great. 2 girls (1 night game, 1 day game) showed up each with a friend. Also another pua I met at brad p's thing showed up with another guy that I'd met there also. 1 really hot girl that was meant to come flaked ... I will call her later and bust her on it. she seemed pretty keen on the phone and was by far the hottest girl. the day pickup was b0ring, and the night one wasn't as cute as i remember and also kinda boring so i dont think i will contact them again, though they both texted after the show. (had a date with one of the girls i made out with last fri also and she was boring (18 though so...)

anyways, I went home a little angry at myself and went to sleep.

Next day we spoke on the phone a bit. She made a joke about me coming over to take care of her after her huge hangover and I said "what are you going to do for me?" ... we talked a bit more and i just said "see you when i see you" ... i think i was waitin for her to try make plans to see me

later on i took the initiative and texted her a goofy text about how it was getting dark too early and i was scared. "hold me!" was the last bit of it, hehe.

few hours later she texts me back (she was asleep) ... i am doing mall game with my flatmate and I ask her what she's doing later. she says "nothing productive" and I say we should hang out. she tells me to come over. I buy some condoms as I am down to 2, one of them kind of slightly openeing) ... and get myself over there.

She gave me some rules coming over. a - she's not going to clean up and b - i'm not allowed to try and have sex with her. i text her back i was going to tell her the same thing about trying to have sex with me. she's like "year right" and i'm like "i've seen the way you look at me!"

Get over there and i am massaging her throughtout the first movie, kung fu panda. Sowly on the back, then the side bits and get my hands on her stomach but she moves them off... kissing her neck, stomach, boobs halfway thru the movie. she actually adjusts her top so her boobs come out more :)

She got close to kiss after a ciggy though and i wouldn't do it. At one point she says "i am going to tease u now" and climbs on me and kiss me and licks me etc but just for 2 mins.

we watch a 2nd movie that was absolutely the worst thing i'd ever seen ... ben stiller was in it. shock horror. he marries this chick after 6 weeks and hates her guts then falls in love with this other chick. i actually found it on imdb to warn you people about it. the heartbreak kid. i'd sooner be anally raped to death than watch this movie again. honest.

Anyways we play the question game after for like 2 hours we covered EVERYTHING. this chick is pretty wild, group sex, girl sex, you name it she'd done it. aaaak. eventually she takes off her bra and says "are you gonna sleep in your clothes or what" ... hmm

i get into my undies and cuddle her. i start kissing her all over right away and biting her etc. she puts up some resistance and tells me she can't get to sleep if i keep doing that. she never really resisted enough for me to do a freeze out, so i just kept going. it didn't seem necessary. So i just kept molesting her and enjoying myself. i was grabbing her perfect ass, tits, stomach, kissin her all over. mmm. then i was nearing her special place... u know that bit on the inside of the leg?? i'm pulling on it so i know it's affecting her and i can hear her breathing quicken. even earlier when i was just massagin her and getting close to her i could feel her breathing faster so i knew she was getting turned out. (it's a huge ioi but nobody mentions that one too much)

so anyways i am rubbing her clit thru her undies and she is really into it. she kind of pushes my hand away but then pushes is harder into herself. like, NO, YES, NO, YES! hheh... once i get her moaning though i know it's all fucking over. I think it's around this time we started kissing. it was really hot though, she's super horny and moaning and we kiss a bit, but not fully... it goes on like this for a bit, the tease kissing and then we are fully passionately kissing. i kiss her belly and ass, move her panties aside and lick her clit. she really moans. i'm actually worried about LMR if i take the panties right off so I I just eat her out for about 5 mins and wait till she's super into it and then i take her panties off. I proceed to give her a big fuck off orgasm. proper one, she's flappin around all over the place like a dying halibut. nice with the fish reference, right? hehe. After she cums I just lay next to her. She's like "i wanna fuck!" and I tell her i am gonna keep my promise and that i am not going to fuck her tonight. she tells me she has to get fucked now that i got her really horny. i saw "well i am just not that horny. maybe if i had a really big hard on...."

she gets the hint, jumps on me, kisses me and goes down on me. ack! too fast, i get her to slow down and it's all good. she hops on me and starts fucking me. i gotta slow things down so as not to blow... she keeps trying to be on top but i force her on the bottom and hold her down and fuck her some. she just wants me to fuck her hard and come but i wanna do my tantric shit and prolong it. she forces herself on top of me and starts riding me again. i almost blow and it takes all my strength to push her all the way so my cock is in her and she can't move anymore. i hold it another orgams. woo! i throw her down and take a couple of breaths. she's like " i want you to fuck me hard! just come so i can sleep" blah blah

i relent and just pump her and blow my load. this was stupid

a) now i don't wanna fuck anymore and have release some of my life force

b) I've let a measly woman triumph over me and dictate what i will do with my own fucking cemen

I gave in to her frame!! ARRGHH! hehe. I guess it's one frame was that's not so bad to loose

still though i plan on going out this weekend, and at my old age of 29 I know I won't be as horny ... I didn't even ENJOY the ogram. it was an anti climax!! waaaaaah

I'd have banged her in the morning too if I hadn't messed up at night.

ah well. I'm still horny. But why know about this tantric shit If i'm not gonna use it? I think she's used to getting her way in bed all the time. I should have challenged her more.

Anyways I guess it all worked out i the end. And she was sober, just the way I like them!

So what gamey bits did I use to fuck this part time model?

Suggested we hang out

Ignored shit tests via text and verbal ones at her house

was persistent and led

believed 100% that if you are in bed with a girl she wants to FUCK

escalated slowly but consistently

That's it. no magic.

Oh, just before I really started escalatin in bed I said to her "I'm really glad you invited me over. this was fun" ...

not it seems like not much of a statement but i am saying a lot right there. this is before i kissed her touched her special rice craker...

what i am saying is "i really enjoyed our time together" before we have had sex. so i am saying i like spending time with HER, not her vagine!" ... also i am suggesting that the night is mainly over, like i am going to sleep. so i let her wonder if i really am going to escalate or maybe i am just going to sleep.. after i said that i just held her and did nothing for a bit like i was trying to go to sleep or something. then i just started escalating a bit.

when i said it she said "awww"

i might have said "i'm glad you invited me over. you are a really fun girl" ... but something like that anyways

in the morning she made me risgrynsgröt ... it's like this rice based oatmeal with a layer of cinamon. nice. we get the train and head back into town. she says to me "come and visit me again, and bring booze"

alchohol ? what does she think I am? some kind of boozy santa klaus?

gotta bang one more hottie this weekend. 6 more days in sweeden!! wahoo!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bootcamp complete in Stockholm!!

Holy fuuuuuuuck!

So thur we were in this club. Talked to this one hot asian girl. WAs going well. I tell her "I never buy girls drinks but let's hit the bar and i'll hook us up something" .... then i said ok let's grab a seat there and she's like "wait i gota find my friends!" then she comes back and is like "i gotta call my boyfriend. it's an emergency!" ... i'm like now? what? why? and she runs off. did i get scammed? what heppened... maybe she frieaked cuz i wanted to sit with her?? weird. never happened before. talked to a few girls but nothing much happened

then on friday is day one of the bootcamp with leveluplife. BAsically they tell the guys to just go have fun and just open. we pushed the guys to open a lot of sets and it was madness. hehe. i got a couple of numbers but really was focused on just getting the guys into set. was fun. so many fucking hot girls it's crazy. fucking crazy!!! they are all 18!! they are all 18 and they think i'm 21 or 22!! i'm like "23 actually" hehehe oh MAN!!

saturday i did my chat on daygame. 2.5 hours. it was good, really good. the guys liked it and good a lot out of it. got it on film too which is what i wanted. did day game with the guys ... their reality exploded was was expected. they were all getting numbers etc doing well. the guys had leanred some theory for night game so had more of an idea what was going on so i was able to game a bit myself. made out with an 18 year old hottie who was like "are u gonna call me? u better call!? .... (she lived just outside of town and had to split) and then with a 20 year old really really hot girl. spoke to her today on the phone we should meet tommorow if it all goes to plan

sunday did a bit more theory and some more daygame with the guys. they seem more comfortale opening. we went into this mall and this one shop in particular that had all these knic knacs. it was really fun and there were really taking to heart my situational stuff and using their newfound knowledge and surroundings to chat with girls. between yesterday and today i have 9 or 10 numbers of hotties to call. the night time ones will mainly flake but have 2 or 3 solid ones from day game i think

will call them all tommorow and we'll see where it's at. this pad i'm staying at is cool (made friends with one of the guys's from the bootcamp and he's taken me in) so i should be able to drag some girls back here. though my bed is this little fold out ikea single bed i could fuck on the couch or whatever so it's all good.

i got on stage at this little gig also tonight and that went really well. a friend of a pua was a comic so i forwarded him my audio of this gig and he got me on. they figured i would be good and had me headline. i did like 30 mins... it was fucking awesome! first gig in sweeden. am being hooked up for some other shows so that's awesome.

man doing 3 gays of game in a row with teaching and questions and everything is exhausting. fuuuck. great tho. now i can just chill and chase girls!! wahooooo

let me emphasize the girls really are fucking hot. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy

easy enough to approach also. i think better than amsterdam maybe but i need to see how it goes this week and then i can post.

so many fucking chics its retarded. the solid leads

hot 20 year old from club i spoke to on phone i made out with
18 year old i made out with

19 year old from daygame who is from a town up north. shy but cute and open
girl from tube pretty gothy very open also

man o man i think i may shit myself holy fuck ...... FUCK!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Nov 30th - My first dutch lay!

Just got back from last night’s date. I met up with supermarket girl and she took me to this steak place. It was fucking pricey! 1 drink and steak which came with a potato and some salad was like 34 euros! Motherfucker! Was fucking delicious though. South American. They shipped meat from south America! I’m contributing to global warming! Aarrgh. So we went to the restaurant and she chatted with the owner for like 5 mins (he’s a friend of hers) so I was getting a bit bored and pissy. I remembered reading somewhere that you should take her to your environment, somewhere where you know people, have social proof, etc. I can now clearly see why. Cuz if you’re in HER environment she’ll feel more at ease and in control which does Not bode well!! Confidence is everything. How can you feel like the man if people are running up to her every 5 minutes hi fiving her and shit? That wasn’t that case but I’m just saying I can see how that could be a disaster psychologically. Anyways he was a nice chap and there was an interesting back story so it was all good. So we ate and talked. We get along alright but nothing magical. I know going in she’s not as skinny as I like them but – she really is beautiful. It’s not even that she’s a chubber – I just like really skinny girls. She says to me at one point during dinner “I have a feeling you and me, we can communicate without words” … and I was thinking “Wow! Great line! Are you gaming me? I am totally stealing that!” haha… I asked her how many guys she’s said that to and she answered “two including you” …. After dinner she’s like “so where shall we go?” and I’m like “hmmm” and she says “let’s go to my place!” and I’m like “hmmm!” … at this point I’m thinking “we haven’t even kissed! What if she’s terrible or has stanky ass breath?” so I make out a bit. She has really sexy lips and is a good kisser so all is ok. We pick up some booze on the way but the bag breaks and the 15 euro kalua smashes on the ground. Fortunately the corner shop people know her well (she’s an alkie) and so they give her a bottle for free. Hooraaah! Oh we also rented this terrible vampire movie with lucy lieu. She’s fucking hot but man what a terrible movie. We knew it would be terrible but I like vampires (she said she did too) so what the hey. We’re cuddling and shit and watching the movie. Out attention is waning – I’m committed to seeing it thru and she says she can also even though I can see her eyes closing. After the terrible, terrible movie, she’s giving me a bit of a massage. I say let’s go to the bed where it’s more comfy and she says “the bed is for sleeping!” hmm … ok so we keep at it. I make some jokes about my cock and she’s like “you talk about your cock a lot!” … I admit to loving my cock. I tell her maybe she’s love it too. She rubbed it a little – it got bigger and I said “see?” …… anyways we were messing about but not doing much and I wanted to really get down to it. She was pretty open and I’d been meaning to try mystery’s technique – so I just said “you wanna watch me jerk off? I’m so horny right now….” As I undid my belt… she was like “Oh yea? Yea ok sure…” … so I get it out and she loves it. I can see she’s really horny. She gets her hand on it and I’m like “hey! get away I’m trying to masturbate over here!” hahhaha… then a min later she’s like “can I touch it?” and I’m like “ok you can play with my balls as I jerk off” and she does. That’s nice. I tell her it would feel so good if she kissed and she shakes her head no. I’m like wtf?? Eventually she’s jerking me and laying so our legs are criss crossed and her pussy is like right next to my cock. I start rubbing her thru her clothes. And she’s moaning. Oh she’s already taken off her pants. (just after she’s done that she went to take her top off, then stopped half way and said “what am I doing?”) haha… anyways I moved her panties to the side and start fingering her… first with my thumb on her clit and then putting my thumb inside her. it’s actually a good shape to hit the g spot up top, never done it like that. Eventually I get my middle finger in and after a while I figure I wanna go down on her. She tells me she hasn’t showered and asks if I like natural woman smell. I say as long as it doesn’t smell funky we’ll be fine. She says “like fish?” and I’m like “yea no fish smell!” … I smell my finger and it’s fine. Just before I go down on her I say “come on let’s go to your room” and she’s like “ok” ….

Oh almost forgot at some point before this she said “show me how you’d eat me on my lips” … so I did and that REALLY drove her crazy. Never done that before either. Also at some point I’d make a joke about fucking her later and she said “next time” and I was like “uh huh…”

Ok so we’re in the bedroom and I go down on her and she loves it. She’s like “put your finger in me too!” and I’m like “yea I know that move.” … I stop before she comes as I figure best to keep her hungry. Hehe. She’s made some comment about she only has safe sex after mentioning u can still catch stuff from oral sex. I explained her that it’s very unlikely and that I’d just been checked for everything before I left Canada. Anyways after I went down on her she just gobbled up my cock. She fucking LOVED it! Had to keep telling her to slow down even tho I dropped hints earlier in the night. Actually when we were on the couch I’d said “I like my massage hard and my blowjobs slow” haha… have to remember that. Anyways I got some nice head and went back down on her. she yelled “I want your cock inside me!” and I said “Next time!” haha … teaser her a bit more then got out a condom. Fucker for a little while, almost came 3 times… last one was intense and I almost blew but not quite. Still went a little soft so I told her I want a little break. We chat a bit and then in like 2 mins she says “you need another blowjob!” takes the condom off as blows me GOOD! Fuck!! It was great. I get another condom and fuck her hard. I only lasted like 2 mins but she really enjoyed it. Ah well. I hate condoms. it’s amazing I lasted as long as I had overall. Fucking evil U.S gov’t creating aids. Shame on them! Anyways eventually we get to sleep. In the morning she tells me to stay in bed as she runs to the shop for ingredients. Then she makes the most awesome breakfast. You put these thing beef slices on the pan, then throw the eggs on, then cheese. It makes this delicious blob. Then u put that on toast! Sooooooo good! Just when I thought it couldn’t get ANY better …

She gave me a facial. That’s right!! She put this moisturizy white cream on me first. Then this rough stuff that was a bit like sandpaper. Then she put clay on my face! I took some pics which I may put up if she emails me them. Hah! I gave her a facial, and then she gave me a facial!! hehe (i'm kidding. I didn't blow a load on her face. I just HAD to say that line!)

That’s right. Sex. Booze. Food. And a facial! Anyone else ever get a facial?? I feel so pampered! Maybe this is what it's like to have a sugar mommy. hehe.

Heh – first time for everything! She showed me some pics she had done a few years ago when she was skinny. Holy fuck!! So hot…. Is it wrong to fantasize about fucking the younger, thinner version of the girl you just fucked? What if I think about the old her while I'm fucker her? Surely that's ok.... I can't believe it took THIS long to fuck a girl here. Wow!! It's gonna be a shit storm this month I think as i'm hitting up some countries with seeeexy ass womens! Going to Stockholm on the 4th to teach game daygame there, then maybe prauge to play the satellite for EPT Prauge on the 8th ... then I'm goin to go chill with Neil Natura in Copenhagen!! Oh yeaaaaaa!! It's gonna be a crazy month!!

Man I shouldn’t have ejaculated. I’m seeing the really hot Turkish girl tomorrow! I’ll double my zinc dose for tonight…. ;)

Ps - if you thought that was a joke about the AIDS virus being created by the U.S gov't please read the following article:

nov 29th

This pretty hot English girl had stopped me on the street to ask where the sugar factory club was. I told her and then ran into them at a bar a few mins later. She was from Birmingham and not really a classy lady. Fucking great body though. She had been training to be a firefighter!! Whoa! I told her if she wasn’t with her friend I’d drag her to the corner of the club and molest her and she said “I wouldn’t mind!” …. But her friend was saying “no we’re here for dutch boys!” … I was like “who wants dutch when you can have Canadian? Are you crazy?” … anyways she tells me to come to that club later and I ended up going but it sucked. I ran into them outside. Went to get food with them but I wasn’t feeling it at all so I just abandonded them. Ah well.i had a good time anyways. Oh yea in the club (wasn’t actually a bad club, but it was brazillian night and I just wasn’t into the music) … anyways this girl opened me about my jacket (as everyone does) and I was talking to her a few minutes. I thought it was on so I went for the kiss and she waved her finger no so I just wandered off. Maybe I should have tried a bit more but I wasn’t that bothered. She was pretty cute tho.

Nov 28th

Had a fun night and talked to a LOT of girls. Just loads. Got a number from one short interaction I probably won’t follow up. Nah I’ll send her a funny text. One girl was moanin about how guys just wanna fuck her and she’s tired of one night stands etc. I try and reason with her, she’s pretty drunk. She was the hot one in her 3 set but I make friendly with the other 2 first as guys were always talking to her that they were with. Eventually I got her on my own. In one bar there were these 3 young hot girls. One I was talking to in Russian but they were still a bit cold. I think I should have used a bit of MM on them – that would have been the time for that shit but I just never bother. At the end I wanted to leave so convinced my roommate to leave with me. then he wanted to leave but things were actually starting to cook – it seemed like hot girls were coming out! There were hotties everywhere! Spoke to one hot blondie who admitted to having 2 boyfriends. Heh. As I’m walkin to my bike I ran into the moany girl. She says “come have a drink with me. uh, with my friends … I might sleep with you, haha”

Now, I know that’s an IOI. But she was pretty drunk and yelling at her friend and well – I just didn’t care at that point. Maybe that was a mistake. Ah well.

Also arranged to meet the hot Turkish girl from jazz bar on tues in maatricht. I’ll be near there anyways so we’ll see. God she’s hot.

nov 27th

Nov 27th
Played a tourney – badly. Ugh. Went out on like hand 9 or some shit. Waaaah.
Arranged to meet supermarket girl at her house on Sunday. Seems like I will be getting some. The street pickup vid girl (who’s 19 by the way) oh yeah! … replied to my text, is going out of town. Hopefully meet up with her when she gets back.

nov 26th

Performed today. The girl from the street sarge vid I haven’t put up showed up along with 3 friends. Another one of them was pretty hot too. Show went pretty well. The girl I picked up in the supermarket showed up too with a male co-worker. She’s flirty! With what she’s wearing I can tell her body’s not as hot as I’d hoped but she’s still pretty cute. Can deffo close that deal. The hottie and her friends went off to a student party … they didn’t invite me and I didn’t want to invite myself so I bid them farewell. Will text My target from the cutie group tomorrow…

Nov 25th

Nov 25th

Alrighty the girl I grabbed the other night texted me yesterday. I’d just sent her a basic text asking if she wanted to meet up for a drink. Her reply “hey comic man! Sorry for my late reply. I’m sick..so im gonna stay in all wknd, maybe another time?”

Then I waited a day (till today) and invited her out to my show for wed. we’ll see where it goes. Also just got a reply now from the Turkish girl “hey comedian! My battery had finished, charging machine was at hom. I saw ur message but I couldn’t reply it, sorry..I would be great drink. See you…(name)

So I asked her if she was around tomorrow

A little more on my basic text message. Now, I realize that there are some great strategies for text message. I’ve come up with quite of few myself. But recently I dunno… I don’t feel like plowing or getting complicated with shit. Not just for text message etc but even in set. I don’t think I should have to “plough” at all

Let me explain. I kinda worked it out in my head walking to my bike yesterday. Here’s what’s been happening. I’ll talk to a girl for a bit – and if I don’t feel like she likes me, or there’s a connection, or something within a few minutes I just excuse myself. Maybe it’s that I’m not attracted to girls who don’t show an interest in my fairly quickly. Maybe I’m lazy and I don’t wanna plow cuz I know I can meet any girl that I want. Maybe it’s a combo. In game terms, maybe I don’t wanna be around anyone who isn’t socially calibrated enough to quickly realize my high value. Yea that’s right.

I was talking to this one girl yesterday at the bar. She was cute. Maybe a 6.5 or a 7. some guy was standing there looking at her for a couple of minutes but he wasn’t approaching. I turn to him “hey buddy, do you want to meet her? I’ll introduce you” and I do. They talk for a while and seem to be hitting it off! I’m like “ah fuck. What have I done? Lol” and one of her friends is like “you better get in there!” but I had faith and I was like “nah it’s cool. She’s a big girl, she can make her own decisions” … well eventually he wandered off with no result and I chatted to her some more. She wasn’t too interesting but I was just looking to get laid so whatever. At one point she leaves and I actually bond with her friends. They really like me. they ask me what my intentions are. I say “I’m going to seduce your friend and take her back to my place and show her a really good time!” and they’re like “cool!” … then I’m like “nah probably I’ll just get her number and meet up with her another time!” and they’re like “cool!” (I was playing it safe I guess but I don’t think it mattered what I said really”)

After a while she comes back and I went a bit more direct with her. she told me guys always start ignoring her after she dates them for a bit and she doesn’t know why. I failed to tell her I suspect because she’s a bit bored. I hit on her and she tells me she doesn’t want a relationship.i tell her I don’t want one either. She says she doesn’t just want sex. I said why not? She said “I can get that from a lot of people” and my answer was “yeh well, I’m good. Plus I’m funny so I’ll keep you entertained the entire time” .. anyways she was like “no!!” and he kept moving her arm when I did the jokey sexy touch. But she let me put my arms around her earlier. …. I said to her friends it was nice to meet them and told her “we could have had some good times” as I walked away. Both her friends were like yelling at her to get my number. like PEADING with her. it was in dutch but I heard blah blah blah “telephone” …

Here’s my point: If you either a) don’t see that I’m awesome or b) see I’m awesome but for some reason don’t wanna hookup/get to know me even knowing I’m awesome

Why the fuck would I want to have anything to do with you? What am I retarded? Desperate? FUCK YOU!

Further – I mean RIGHT AWAY. Yeah – I could stand around 45 minutes talking shit to you and win you over. Probably. But again – if you don’t KNOW value when you see it – tough shit for you. I got better places to be, better people to talk to. Period. Her friends knew within 2 minutes I was awesome. She went to pee and by the time she got back they were telling she was single and I should hook up with her. 2 minutes. That’s normal. That SHOULD be normal for a guy like me.

She wasn’t even that hot! She was boring! SHE should be chasing ME!

I understand if a girl is super hot and also has an amazing personality and has tons of options with men. Maybe I’ll spend a bit more time then. But I woman like that who’s had billion of interactions with guys should be in an even BETTER position to recognize value when she sees it. Next time I’m talking to a girl who’s giving me nothing I think I’m going to say “hey, I like you. You are hot – but I’m trying to get to know you and see if there’s a real connection. I can’t tell if you like me at all and I don’t want to waste your time or mine. So if you’d like to find out – I’ll be over there!” and just walk off

Maybe it would work? I just can’t be bothered to be the one dancing around being funny. Fuck it. I’m like a little dancing monkey. It’s like a stopped for a while and now I’m back to doing it again. Arrrgh!!

My buddy filmed a set of me. It’s funny but… well fuck it here’s a link. I open it up to you – my loyal blogger audience ;)

Jesus youtube stinks it doesn’t have a progress bar been trying to get this vid on there for days!! I’ve got in on google uploaded but it doesn’t just tell u the link! I don’t know what it is!! Aarrggghhh

Another thing I already know but I’m re-emphazisin to myself is you HAVE to open random hotties you see EVEN If you are BUSY or THINKING/FOCUSING on other things. I saw 3 on my way into town. Yea it’s fucking cold and I’m on a bike – but later on in the bars I didn’t see any girls anywhere NEAR as hot as I’d seen on the way into town. These girl were fucking unreal hot. And u know what? I’ll never see those girls again. Lots of hotties simply do not go to bars/clubs.

I think knowing I can approach anyone actually stops me from approaching lol! What the fuck is that! Because I KNOW I can just open the next hot girl I see… fucking stupid. I’m goin back to super sarge mode that I was in back last winter. I was a beast. I want that Sasha back again!!

Watched some more blueprint and then a bit of jeffy from transformations. He said a couple of things I thought were great so I thought I’d put them on here:

Don't accept the guilt of those that choose to be mediocre – that’s what haters are -Mediocre people


Don't worry about your reputation, that's just what people think about you. worry about your character - that's who you really are

Deep! Second one applies to me a lot. Show business is a bitchy place. I often found myself worrying about what people thought of me. What if this person said that to someone else? Or spread untruths about me? But you know what? Fuck ‘em. People that know me know what I’m about. You know? If you want to judge me and you’ve not even had a conversation with me – you can go fuck yourself. Reading gunwitch he also talks about not worrying about what people think of you as most people are far more worried about what you think of them. Goes hand in hand I suppose – just live your life with your own code of honour and don’t worry about the haters…