Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back in Toronto!!

April 28th

On the way to do the laundry there was a mother/daughter set. I’d actually already joked around with the mom who liked me so it was easy chatting with the daughter. I really worked on the comfort in set. Yesterday during our deep chat, yad told me about this look that girls give him in set. The look that just says “ok, I like yhou” where he just knows to cut the jokes and go into comfort. Well I SAW that look! And I did go for comfort, I was just chatting and bonding nicely. Told one entertaining story but more with enthusiasm than comedy…. It occurs to me that the article I’d written on hook points really is as good as I thought it was…. It’s key. Learned some from that set

Then we’re walking to subway and I open this smoking hottie with 2 dogs. I was playing with them whilst chatting her up. She wasn’t giving me much and I was still making too many jokes. Yad cracked up but after was like “dude, she was so into you, she loved that u got along with her dogs… but it was too forced when u were asking her about what else she does.” … I felt chodey just talking about the same fucking topic so I was trying to get to know her – but it just didn’t work cuz she wasn’t’ giving me anything to go with! This set I really don’t think was my fault… when we got to the subway it had gone cold so I didn’t go for the close. I think it was cuz I cracked a joke and me and yad were laughing but she didn’t hear it so thought we were laughing at her. Poopy. She was really hot. Didn’t care 2 much as we’re leaving …. But I went last second as we were leaving train to her her FB but there wasn’t time. I yelled my website at her but I don’t think she got it. Ah well…..

This is a long day as I get on the plane at 7 am (yep, stayed awake) and then when I got to Canada, the clocks go back 6 hours so I arrive at 1! Fuck! # close the first girl I ran into. Cute philipino girl… chatted with another … was into me but I just told her my website, if she emails she emails. She went for a pen fast when I suggested we exchange info but my stop came up so…. Was cute tho. 20… and the Filipino was 22.

Oh, I opened 2 high school girls too. One at the subway about my green luggage… she had a book in her hand that looked like high school so I asked about it. She turnes it over. Grade 9. she’s 14. ooooohhhhhh not legal, even in Sweden! I run away.

Later, same scenario with another girl who was 16ish. What’s with all the hot fucking high school girls in Toronto god dam it!?

It’s good to be home. Got a flat. Got a big fucking bed. I am gonna do some serious fucking. Muahahah.

Also I am starting a video blog where I will tape me doing shit and talking about game … should be fun…

Ah I called this very hot Indian girl I met last time I was in town. She loved me over the phone. Am taking it slow, will call her in a couple days and get her out. She’s a virgin and a solid 8.5 or so…… I have evil plans. Muahahaha

Should be fun…..

Massive Epiphany how to improve my game (again)

April 27th 8am

Yad’s sleeping.

Yad had a big fucking Epiphany ... - I had possibly the biggest one I will ever have. Again.

My greatest asset in comedy is my Achilles’ heel in game. Although I’ve known it before, I truly understand now what's been costing me girls. Sexy arab told me. Ace told me. But Yad broke it down so CLEARLY after seeing me game. God dam it!

I'm waaaaaaaay too funny in set. I'm not building comfort. That’s the most obvious point. I don’t give the girls a fucking chance to share anything because I’m always joking around. I’m actually scared to let there be silence because – what if they don’t fill it? What if they just stare at me and it will be awkward?? THAT’s why I go into comedyguy mode with the really hot girls. Simple!

Plus they're thinking "why is this guy tryin so hard to get me? Is he this funny all the time? What is he hiding?" ...

Essentially I’m qualifying myself to the girl, talking all the time……. It’s try hard! God it’s so fucking obvious.

It hit me like a brick when yard girls would be thinking “are you always this funny”

BOOM. It hit me. I’ve heard that from SO many girls. They were trying to tell me – they were saying “calm down. I want to get to know the REAL you. Stop being funny” … but they didn’t say all that… just “are you ever yourself?” … and I’d reply “this is myself” or “I can’t help it. I’m hilarious” or whatever. I wasn’t really listening. I was too busy entertaining.

As Yad explained (as I’ve explained to my own students) …. The fact that I’ve opened, and been funny evein for a moment. That’s enough to set me apart from the vast majority of guys. Girls already want to get to know me. Just share some personal stuff, and get them to open up, and that’s IT. NO MORE JOKES!

SO many girls have asked me "are you ever normal?" or "are you always this funny?" or "are you always like this?" ... and all those girls had the same look in their eye, u know? that " i wanna get to know you" look. and i just wouldn't shut the fuck up!

GOD DAMN IT. It took 3 top pua’s to tell me this shit for it to really really sink in. I can see how guys who aren’t surrounded by top pua’s would keep doing the same mistake over and over… it’s hard to change when something is so ingrainged, u know?


My lays are gonna triple when I get this down.

April 27th 5.51 am.

Yad’s mission for me – do some sets where I cant’ crack one joke. I just said to him “dude, that’s like telling mohommad ali to get into a ring – but not punch!” haha

Sunday, 26 April 2009

yad is a cunt

Aptil 26th 11pm

Jesus Christ.

Daygame with yad will make you work for sets - if you're good. you have to be like lightening to even get into a set around him. You can't even wait to get close enough to see if a girl is hot. by the time you decide, Yad's already in comfort. it's ridiculous. he's the only guy who opens like me. Of all the pua's i've met, he's the only one like me. It's kind of annoying actually. haha. now i see why i'm a cunt. the only thing i've got over him is, he will still open uglies. and chubbies. and sometimes chubby uglies. he doesn't give a fuck. he'll bang an 9 one day, then open a pair of girls who look like they were part of some failed genetics expirement. i was taking the piss out of him ... he really does open fucking warpigs. now i know, guys have different tastes and stuff... but i literally can't comprehend some of the girls he goes for. fuck it... more hotties for me! hehe! he don't like my skinny ass girls either..... so we're in the same boat.

Ok, yad was too tired to come to the club. I went alone! I was hyped … I meet these 2 english guys tryin to get in. the line is huge – so I tell ‘em to follow me and we go straight thru. I figure what the fuck be nice. I told em about game – they’d already read the book so they knew what was up. I tried pushing one of them into set… they were a bit reluctant. Ah well. Nice boys anyways, maybe I’ll see them in London. Did a few sets… the best one was this fucking hottie coming off the metro. Damn! She was hot. I actually tried a couple of lines Yad told me does to see how they worked – and they worked great. I came up with this funny thing with this girl at the end of the set. As I’m putting her number in my phone, I say “I need a nickname for you. Turn around. She spins around and I go “damn! … ok, that’s your nickname…. Damn!” .. hehe… soooooo she kisses me on the mouth. I tell her I’m only around 2 days and she’s like “a lot can happen in two days!” … sweet. This girl really was smoking. I remember during this set, what it’s like to truly go direct. REAL direct is truly and honestly expressing your desire for a woman. Telling her she’s hot just as the opener is a bit weak. If you’re gonna tell a woman tell her she’s hot, REALLY tell her she’s hot. I go into how she’s ruin me if I hooked up with here….. how I wouldn’t even want sex again if I’d have her. How I’d loose all productivity in life and would end up sitting around on the computer with my mouth open.

Yad is sitting here next to me and he says, complimenting them on really specifis stuff about how they are hot is money. Like “oh you have moles, I think moles are so sexy….” Etc.

So as I was saying, yea I went overboard on how hot this girl is. But, after that, you just go into comfort and building rapport and don’t mention it anymore. Once is enough – but “once” can be a 2 minute fucking rant on how hot a girl is, but once it’s over, it’s over. Move on to deeper stuff.

Anyways…. Yea back to the club. So whatever, few sets. Nothing worthwhile. I think one girl was DTF but I just wasn’t horny enough to escalate. She was hot, too. But quite drunk. So that was enough for me not to really give a shit. Burlesque girl was texting me and met up with me in the club. She wants to fuck and is soooooo friendly but… I’m just not into her. Face is ok, amazing tits….. but nooo personality :(

She accidentally blew me out of set by saying bye to me as I was talking to this other girl. (or WAS it?) hmmmmmmmm

Anyways here’s the funny part

The next morning I wake up late, yad’s gaming in the park. I sent a couple of emails and he brings this girl he’d just met back to the flat. Then he shows me the a picture of “DAMN” girl I sarged the night before and goes “you know this girl here? Yea – I instant dated her just today.”

I’m like WHAT? What the fuck are you talking about? You set stealing motherfucker. This dude is unbelievable. He’s stealing girls he doesn’t even know I’ve met yet. It’s ridiculous. It’s bad enough a couple of days ago (literally a few hours after I show him this Swedish girl I fucked) he’s like “yea I’m meeting up with this girl tomorrow, she’s on your facebook” … and I’m like “uhh yea I already fucked her” … that was 2 days ago. And now this


Right. Anyways I leave yad to it, and of course he fucks the girl on the couch. He’s like “yea it was lovely, just the right height for me to rest her face on the side bit. It was nice, I was fucking her in the mouth, and whenever she tried to touch my cock I’d say “no hands!” and she was like goblerabwabwabawb”

As he was tryin to escalate she was trying to go, she walked towards the door, he came up behing her and just hugged her for a minute. Then he said “this feels so good” … then he kissed her. Later on, he just started fingering her and that was it really.

From yad “She’s say “I have to go” and go to start putting her dress on, and then I’d stick my finger in her and she’s be “oooh yea” … then a minute later she’s say “ok I have to go… and then I’d stick my finger in her…haha”

Now he’s telling me he loves the popping sound it makes when u quickly pull your cock out of a girls mouth. Heh.

You know, people have slightly different reasons for getting into game. I can safely say for yad, it’s to FUCK. Hheh.

So this girl, HB DAMN! Flaked on us both today. Nice. She said he knew me thru comedy, maybe she felt a bit slutty giving us both her number. Fuck it. Still, yad is ridiculous. Fucking ridiculous. I guess there are only so many really hot girls, and they go out a lot.

But still. What the fuck…. What a cunt!

He's here next to me. He just said "i remember the first time i met you. as you came out of the tube, you said "that girl's hot" and then i opened her. when i came back from the set, you had this look on your face like "what the fuck, this guys' like me!"

some thing's don't change i guess.

what a cunt.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lr - Dorky Yoga Girl

Sat april 25th

Fucking weird

Just got home from last night… spend the night and most of this afternoon with this artsy fartsy yoga instructor hippie girl.

I’m in set with this girl who is O.K .. mainly a warm up I guess. Then I spot this girl with a very hot body go into the bathroom. I high five her for having “crazy hair” and then just grab her while I’m still sitting as she walks by. I just start babbling about how un-Swedish she is. I tell her she looks like that chick from the movie mad science. Christey Brinkley. I’m like “steven segall’s wife! That’s you!” she has no idea what I’m on about but it doesn’t matter… she is leaning down to talk to me. Then she crouches down very comfortably for quite some time…. . I almost ask “are you a yoga chick?” a moment before she reveals, “I teach yoga!” haha..

Well we chat … I’m getting my arm around her, massagin her neck a bit. She says “I have a problem. I need to pee but I don’t want you to leave. Will u wait for me?” … I tell her sure it’s ok. It’s on.

Now, she’s cute in a dorky way…. Very nice body though. She’s geeky and sweet and has a great body but the face,it’s ok with kinda big teeth. Haha. I kinda wanna go game. Eventually I decide I’ll go with her simply because it’s 3am and the only part of the club open is the really loud part… which I’m not a fan of. I think what the hell… she needs a lay, why not?

Ok here’s where it gets weeeeeeeeeird

She warms me that, she’s in a weird headspace cuz she was in an “accident” recently...

Then later she reveals the “Accident” was in fact …. she was raped a year ago. She had been with someone else since then though (phew)

She wouldn’t let me get her panties off at first and I was wondering what was going on.... (even the bra took a while) but anyways … she tells me she was on her period and that she bleeds a lot. I'm like, yea yea, whatever i've heard that all before. We get down to it. I’m fucking her, I take my dick out to switch positions and the condom was COVERED in blood. IT looked like CHUNKS of blood. I was like WHAT THE FUCK!? I geess the condom was scrunched up, so it looked like CHUNKS of blood. I actually had to wipe the blood off with some paper towel before switching positions, otherwise the blood would wipe off on the outside of her pussy apon re-entry and get all over the bed. Amazingly thru all this, I was able to maintain my erection. I guess once I decided I was gonna fuck, Nothing was gonna get in the way! This was the first time a broad hasn’t got seconds though, I’ll tell you that! ;D ... or rather ... >:( -A squeamish person would have passed out, right then seeing all that blood. THAT would have been a better story! "Soo yea, the last thing i remember is pulling my dick out of this chick, and now i'm talking to you, doc!" ha!

She was very flexible, which was cool. She can put her legs behind her head and take a cock at the same time! That's multi tasking! haha.... She did give me a nice handjob where I had to internal orgasms, before the sex. My dick was refusing to function after the handjobs…. she asked me what I wanted. I told her…. I went for a shower and then she sorted me out with some bj action …. Pretty good!

Add to this that I was heavily allergic to her cat, so the entire time I was sneezing like fuck, with a runny nose, constricted throat, the lot! He actually tried to get in on the sex. I had to shoo him away! WTF? I suppose "Threesome with Cat and bendy yoga girl" would have been a better title for this LR! maybe i'll let the pets get involved next time! ;D

U know, I barely enjoy condom sex unless it's someone I really really wanna fuck. I think I’m getting more into just hangin out with cool girls than fucking. Honestly. The fuckin would just happen anyway.

I have been thinking about this for a while: I want to experiment with just making girl “friends” and not really trying to lay them. It would be a huge change in my game… but I think it would actually get me laid more…

I just open hotties, tell them they are cool and we should be friends. I will actually put THEM in the friend zone saying shit like “I only like you as a friend” …. Hahha…. Then just hang and get to know them. I won’t even ask if they have bf’s either. And I’ll just see what happens. This is gonna be a fun experiment. I’ve wanted to do it for a while. NOT hit on girls! hmmm I wonder if I’ll be able to help myself? This is for girls I meet in daygame. Nightgame I will be doing more aggressive shit going for SNL’s….

Should be a fun few weeks…. Home turf!! Canada here I come!

WHy the fuck didn't she say she was on her period!! Cuz she wanted cock! Evil! Ah well... I don't mind - gotta let the ladies win a round, here and there.... :D

Friday, 24 April 2009

Reliving the good old days - Yad comes to STockholm!

Yad is in town to sarge with me this week!
For those of you who don't know - Yad is awesome. He's the guy I got good with. Me and him went out for like hours a day from oct 2007 dill like april 2008 ... it was retarded. we'd literally go out at noon and then somtimes get back around 3 or 4 am, so we'd sarge 16 hours sometimes, We've done many many hundreds of sets together. probably thousands.
I've never hard core gamed like this before or after - and I can tell you I never will hard core game like this again. I heard stories about guys, like jeffy for example that went out every night for years in a row. Well, fuck that. This wasn't that intense. but most days, all day, for 6 months is pretty fucking intense.

11.55am -

Just about to go out

Was sarging with yad in the day

I think it’s his influence, but I was just funny guy. We cracked up. The girls cracked up. But… well I didn’t give a fuck really. Haha.

He shared with me a couple of funny lines he uses to flirt. I’m gonna try his ones and see how they go for me. We going to a party full of 18 year olds. Oh yeah. Creepy?. We’ll see. Finally at long last – I will be the old creepy guy in the room. Hahaha. Fuck it. Then to my favorite club, ever, in the world! If you don’t know, tough shit!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

comedy in Stockholm, ... friendly girls.... met a new pua on the plane

Did a comedy show. Open some hotties at the bar pre show, but they left before I went on as I was headlining. I should have pre framed that shit with “you guys aren’t gonna leave before I’m on, are you?” but I didn’t and they left. Fuck. That really sucks. There was only 2 hotties left at the end, both of whom had boyfriends. Damn. Yad actually talked about sarging on stage and brough up a girl on stage to show how he opens a set. It was funny, hehe. At the show one girl passed her number up to me, and I got # closed by a couple of girls later on in the night. These girls demanded I go with them to this bar… so I got invited to a burlesque show on sat, and this other big club with lots of girls, free drinks for tonight. Will try and go I guess, though I got a sore throat. Yad is here, came to hang with me for a week. Awesome! Also I met this guy on the plane reading a book on internet dating. He’s rescently discovered the community. I set him straight on why internet dating is gay. He came out to hang with us and we taught him some shit. I did his first street direct approach and got the girls number. I took a video of him after, he was pretty psyched. Haha. I love that. It’s like a drug, that first hit is the sweetest, you know? Anways wel all went with these girls to this bar after. 2 of them # closed me but the one I was after wouldn’t’ give me her number. She had a BF and so did this other super hottie. The other super hottie wouldn’t even talk to me, it was amazing. The little super hottie that I did talk to… she was like an attention whore. Like she’d sit by and listen as I talked to this other girl with big boobies… but she was pretending to talk to yad. Then, she said the other girls boobs were probably saggy. Hahaha. She liked me but she wasn’t gonna do shit, I don’t think. Whatever I’ll FB her I suppose.

So it’s gonna be a busy week I think. Burlesque show, clubs, comedy blah blah. And I’m still not horny yet. Sigh….

Ps – hottest girls in stockholm. Did I mention that? I can’t decide between here and st. petersburgh for best girls ever. Damn it. But WOW. That’s all I gotta say.

Here’s a little clip I took of the plane guy after doing his first direct street approach. He’s so hyped. I remember when I was like that a year and some ago when I did my first direct approach. Awww… memories…


Monday, 20 April 2009

Anonymous comments piss me off

Hey! I'm happy to answer any questions people post as that's why I blog. To help you horny cunts get an idea of how to get near a vagina

however when u post anonymously i feel like you're just value taking - if you're too lazy to even sign your name or log in... i'm too lazy to reply to your questions!

I just feel stupid answering questions from completely random fuckers on the internet.

fuck you!!

who are you? what are you trying to hide? who are you trying to remain anonymous from?

anonymous comments are gay. GHAAYYYYY

this was a small rant. good night, i am flying to stockholm in the morning! BOOM!!

fuck you, anonymous.

Update from the dam. good bootcamp....

April 20th

Nothing to report girl wise for myself. I had a bootcamp with 2 students this weekend which went very well. First one in a few weeks as I’d been away in Moscow for pure fun. It was great… I’ve gotten better at teaching. It sounds really gay, but I feel like really know daygame. Like any question about anything I know the answer. And not just “the answer” or “an answer” … I know the correct answer based on my (and yad’s) field experience. I know it’s right because I’ve done it over and over and over and that’s the best way to do it! It’s funny how much shit is just ingrained in me that I don’t have to think about – but when I explain all the nuances of it – there’s a lot of information to teach! The bootcamp was meant to be, 3 hours with each student individually and then 3 hours with all 3 of us together but it was like coming up on 10 hours total… so they really got their money’s worth! I feel really good – lots of sex, great weather, and I did some good work over the weekend! I’m putting these guys a kind of longer program .. I’ll skype with them some and email them some and make sure they do their fucking HOMEWORK! I plan on taking a couple of long term studnents when I get back to London in the summer, so this is kind of a trial run!

Was fun one bit during the bootcamp – I sent one student to talk to this hot blond.. he lasted a couple of minutes but then she goes off. I re-open her … “hey, u wanna know what’s really going on here?” … she wants to know. So I tell her the whole deal. Next thing you know, she’s telling us all sorts of juicy shit. I’m getting her to reveal how guys try pick her up, what she likes, doesn’t like blah blah. She’s fascinated by game and the guys by her honesty in the conversation. She seems them run after girls and stop them and says to me “they’re good!” … I’m thinking “ha, bitch, you should see me!” but I just smile … “yea, they are something alright….”

Hehe … we swap details and I tell her to come out to my show (that’s tonight) … the social pressure excersice I learned from Ace blew them away …. Along with the normal stuff (opening sets they thought were no possible) … The social pressure thing I did it at the end cuz I’d forgotten! - oops…. its’ actually great to do at the start of the bootcamp. Fellow instructors: Blow their reality at the start!

So what else. oh i got a number on the LRT from this model. She was hot but boring. Invited her to gig tonight, don't care if she comes. hmm....Those were my last students, now I’m doing some comedy shows in Stockholm and it’s back to Canada for a bit! If anybody reading this is in T.o, shout out!

The only that shitty that happened was, I bought some “happy pills” in the dam, from a guy who’s good friends with my good friend – and they were blanks!! Waaah. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. The ONE TIME I decide to loosen up – nothing. Fucking fuck. Ah well. Maybe it’s hard to get good shit these days? Or even … any shit.

Oh, thanks for the shout out from California. Listen, fucking sign a name when you comment so I know who it’s from! I.e I may be in Cali this summer, so I might wanna hook up with some peeps from there! So leave yer name, or even log in when you comment so that I can possibly find you if I’m around! :)

Am looking forward to a killer week in Stockholm. I just slept with my dutch fb so I’m really really full on sex but there’s these 2 hotties I’m gonna meet up with…. Sigh…. It’s almost like I’m going it cuz I have to, or cuz I wanted to before. I don’t even want any more sex god damn it!!

Which type of Viagra is the best? I’m gonna start using THAT drug, lol! They wouldn’t be blanks… (insert obvious ejaculation joke here)


Saturday, 18 April 2009

I am a dickwad

Arrived in Zurich today to fuck this girl for 2 days. Did a couple of sets, as you’d expect.

Set 1. “Hey, I was just wondering…”

Girl gives me a disgusted look and walks away quickly

Set 2 “hey, I really love your….”

Girl looks at me like I’m a rapist and runs down the train platform.

Welcome to Switserland.

Where penises come to die. I don’t think you could CREATE more unfriendly girls if you tried. Honestly. You’d have to punch baby girls in the cunt at birth to make them any less friendly than they already are.

I atually knew this before I agreed to go… so why?

We’d messed around before and I wanted to bang her properly. She had a really hot body, and I was able to get a flight that stopped in zurich on the way to Amsterdam. Originally I was gonna use the 4 hour stopover, have her come to the airport and bang her somewhere (maybe a bathroom in the airport) … (classy) … but then I thought “what the hell!” … I’d get a flight 2 days later to the damn, as it wasn’t that expensive. Then I get 2 days of fucking!!

What a terrible plan.

Here’s what I didn’t take into account. I was going there straight after Russian and that I’d bang some hot girls there. That, and the fact that this girl had started drinking heavily and put on weight, and that her hot skinny body was now, a normal body.

That, and that she was just as boring this time as she was last time, except now I’m stuck with her for 2 days instead of 2 hours

That, and she’s a bitch. She couldn’t do anything with me on night one as she had to babysit her sister. Then, we go to a concert and she’s talking to this guy for like 30 mins as I’m bored. I spoke to the band and shit. Sure I coulda pulled her away but her behavior had so put me off so much I didn’t even wanna have anything to do with her.

That, and switserland has the absolute bitchiest, unfriendly women in the world


So, 2 days in a country, for this girl, and I didn’t even sleep with her. By choice, but still. Fuck it.

I can’t believe I went out of my way for this one kinda cute girl! Chooooooode!!!

Lesson: don’t go out of your way or spend money on girls. it’s not worth it. Unless it’s like a serious thing, u know? Fuck that. Never again.


Monday, 13 April 2009

Lr - Another Hot Russian /w pics and vids!!

Just got back from my date with hbwhite.

Here’s a pic before we begin our story:


Holy shit. Yea, 2 day-day 2. not bad eh? That’s gotta be some kind of record. Personal record, at least. So – my predictions were right. Saturday night the plan was meet this girl around 6. hit the party up (a party I knew was to be full of girls) at 9 maybe 10, and then hit the club(s) around 12/1 ish. Pretty sweet, right? I’m bound to get laid if I hit up all that shit!!

Well, it’s almost 8 by the time I meet the girl. We are meeting as Pushkinskaya. I start the fun straight away - as soon as we see each other, I hide behind a post. I play peek a boo with her. After doing that for a bit, I panic and run off. Then when I’m almost out of the square I run back towards her, but instead of running up to her I just run around her in circles like 3 times. Like the 3 stooges, except I wasn’t going “woop woop woop” … she was amused and so were at least 1 or 2 onlookers on a bench.

She looks good. Almost as good as I remember that night. I thought she was stunning when I wrote about her then – now I think she’s just hot. We walk around a bit looking for a coffee shop. It’s cold. I warm her hands up and then keep holding her hands (or hand) the whole time after that. There’s a theatre on our left – we try go in to explore but there’s a show on and they won’t even let us in to check it out. We hand around the outside bit which is heated tho and warm up. We keep looking for coffee shops (the one’s near the metro were outrageously priced and we refused to go in) … I make fun of her for bein super optimistic as every time she says “I’m sure there will be one there” there isn’t one, but she keeps saying “I’m sure there will be one there!” … oh we shot even looks together to the security guards (building our own world)

Eventually there’s a mcdonalds and I say fuck it, we’ll go there. She gets coffee, I get ice cream Sunday with fudge, which I’ve been craving for days. We continue playing the question game which we’d started when I met her. It’s going well… some better seats open up (we were on stools and the mcdonalds was packed) so we get some good seats. She sits next to me and I cuddle her. We keep playing. Earlier on when we were outside I’d asked her “say so when was the last time u had a boyfriend” and she just said “I don’t wanna talk about it” … I thought that she probably had one, and If I forced her to admit it, it would put be off so I dropped it. But here we were getting quite cuddly and I realized she’s actually a really good, kind of shy girl – that she wouldn’t be doing this with me if I she had a BF so I asked her again. This time she told me the story – and it was a funny one. She says they were going out for months. Everything was going pretty well. He used to tell her she was so beautiful, her only one etc. then, she doesn’t hear from him for six months. She tries to call him and reach him but he doesn’t answer. She’s worried he could be dear or something but .. she keeps up hope, thinking he’ll call her one day. 6 months later he calls her, telling her he loves her. Here’s the the call went

“hey baby it’s me. I love you”

“how come you haven’t called me in six months?”

“I had things to do.”

“for 6 months?”

“I wanted to finish doing my stuff and then call you after”

Shit, I thought it was funny.

She takes her jacket off in the Mcdonalds. Omg. She is wearing the same white sweater and her BODY IS AMAZING. Now she’s super hot again. Heh. We make out a little – she can’t kiss. I tell her I’ll have to teach her how to kiss.

Anyways we talk and talk. It’s getting later around 11pm. She’s staying 2 nights in a hotel. I’m thinking 2 things. One: I should get to the party, there will be lots of girls there. I can see hbwhite tomorrow night and try and sleep with her then. Second, I just wanna spend the next 2 days with her, starting right now. It’s a touch call. i say to her “how about you be my 2 days girlfriend, we’ll be together this whole time that youre in Moscow” and she smiles and says “yea, ok!” .. I tell her to call her hotel and see if I can stay there, how much it might cost etc … she does and it’s only 550 roubles which is just over 10 pounds per night. She’s got a room for 2 people anyways (you know with the 2 beds together…. So it should be no problem. I think fuck it, I’m gonno go with this chick.

I was pondering - what if it’s the wrong descision? What if there’s hotters girls at the party? A girl I would like even more? Bla blab la. But then I thought that’s a stupid thing to think. You have a fucking hot girl right here, with a hotel room who wants you to come with her. You’d have to be a retard not to go right now. As I’ve learned before – anything could happen by tomorrow. She could just get second thoughts, and cancel and that’s it. I’ll hate myself forever. So fuck that. I’m going with her right now and that’s it.

Really in that situation probably there isn’t a “wrong” descision. You can go to a hotel room with a hottie and likely lay her (or at least have one hell of a time) or you can go to a party with lods of girls and possibilities and save the other girl for the next night. Both sound good and a good idea – but based on my past experience you should lay a girl as soon as you can. A million things can go wrong – and they often do. So that’s it, off we go

On the subway there she’s like “I’m a bit worried” … I asked why and she said “what if you’re a sex maniac?” … I replied “naah, not really. Just once or twice is enough for me!” … she didn’t say anything. So she’s pretty much accepted we’re going to have sex. Sweet. Even if she objected it wouldn’t mean much – but that fact that she didn’t object said a LOT.

Then she said she was worred what the hotel people would think and I just said “who cares? Maybe we’re friends. Maybe we’re engaged!”

We get to the hotel. Turns out it’s 2 rubles for me to stay there (6 cents) and that the 550 was only if I wanted breakfast. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

I register etc I and we head up. It’s like fort fucking knox. You have to show your slip downstairs and then as you get off the elevator on your floor. No guests, nothing. U can forget about hookers, lol. The soviet union is alive and well.

So as we’re preparing for bed she’s talking about … she’s worried about what she’s going to wear. In the end these little shorts and this tight shirt. Omfg she looks unbelievable. As she goes to the bathroom I almost yelled out “don’t’ be silly whatever you put on you’ll be naked withing 2 minutes!” but this is the case more so if I don’t say it that if I do say it. Why tempt her anti stlut defense? As she was in the bathroom I was thinking “this is a sweet moment in my life right here. I have this superhot girl with a smoking hot body in the bathroom about to get into bed with me. This is what I’ve always wanted. This is what every guy’s always wanted. And here it is. I actually wrote this little note into my phone.

“the hottest women in the world is in the bathroom and she’s about to get in bed with me. This is a moment to remember. Fuck here she comes!”

She gets into bed. She’s topless within a minute. She does in fact have the best body I have ever seen so far. Perfectly flat, toned stomach. C cup boobs which are slightly too big for her small frame… smooth soft skin. Her figure is hotter than anything I’ve seen on tv, magazines, anywhere. This is THE perfect swimsuit body.

Here’s a pic (no, you can’t see her boobies. Fuck you!)


We start hugging and I’m like “ok u want your massage?” … shirt straight off. I do my usual… she loves it, makes some little moans as I get to her ass. She won’t let me get the undies off. I rub her pussy for a while which she loves, but I can’t get the undies off. I rub her some more. Still no. like 15-20 mins later they come off. I’m fingering her but she won’t open her legs probably so it’s hard to ginfer her properly. Like I can slide my middle finger in but only to my knuckle…. I can’t go deeper cuz her legs are barely apart. I ask her and plead and try force them open but I can’t – her legs are stronger than my arms it seems! I try and go down on her but she won’t let me…. I kiss her all the way down her body to her pussy but she just shies away when I get near. After fucking ages of this I lick her a bit but again the legs won’t spread and I just can’t do anything. After I while, I realize I do know what to do in the situation. I remember that I know game -I just haven’t had to do it in such a long time.

“ok then, well I guess we should sleep” I tell her, and I lay on my back and pull the covers on me. She puts her hand on my chest and says “ok … sleep” as her hand moves toward my cock. Nice. She didn’t waste any time. She did this thing where she was ticking my cock up and down. It wasn’t really a hand job but if felt great. I had 2 mini orgasms …. After I try go down on her again but still – same problem. After a while I get fed up and I just say to her

“look, do you want me to give you an orgasm, yes or no? if you say yes, you let me do whatever I want to you and you do what I say. If the answer is no, im going to sleep right now!” … she says “yes, ok, do anything you want to me” and then totally complies after that. I pull her ass to the corner of the bed, I sit down next to the bed and then spreads her legs… I say wider and she does. Then I go down on her proper. She’s shaved but not totally so it’s still a bit hairy but I manage. It’s not as easy to make her come as some other girls and took a bit longer but I got there in the end. She actually pulled me off by my hair when she came, then shot up and held me and she shook from the orgasm. That was a first, usually girls just flop around while still laying down…. It was cool tho. More intimate. After that she just lay on me right where she was… I kinda wanted to move her more onto the bed (I’d moved her ass to the side and was on my knees on the floor so I could get in there properly) but she wouldn’t move, she was totally relxed and happy right on the side, so I just let her lay on me for a bit. Then she moves over. She says to me “I’ve never had one like that before” … I’m still not sure if she meat an orgasm from head, one that strong from head, or one that strong period. I’ll ask her, I’d like to know. I got some head too – she held my cock and just kinda stared at it at first. I asked if she’d done it before and she said no. she’s fucking 23!! Maybe she’s kidding or she said that cuz she isn’t too experienced?? I gave her some lessons and she’s improved (esp by night 2) …

At one point we were laying there, she was looking at me in the eyes and she said “I think you have a secret” .. I’m like “what?” … I say “I dunno, what do u mean?” … she’s like “you look like you have a secret, that’s all!” … I was freaking on the inside but I was just like “oh, when I was little…” and told her some personal shit. That’s actually a great thing to say to get something interesting (or a confession) out of a girl. I’m going to remember that.

The next day we spend together. I actually went to work with her like a chode. Ahha. Well let me explain – she in town for a couple of days working at this convention thingy –she’s the manager so she’s in charge. She was gonna take a long lunch break for us to hang out – but it was 12 by the time we left the hotel. So I figured I’ll mope around a bit and then we can do lunch around 2 and then I’ll split and meet her later. But by the time we finished eating it was 4 and she was only working till 6 so I though fuck it I’ll faff around. I had my music player so I wandered around and joked around with people in the store.

That night she wouldn’t let me go down on her which is strange as I’d make her come doing that the night before. When I commented “you liked it yesterday” she just blushed ans said “don’t talk about that!” …. She really is a shy girl. It’s so sweet. She blew me quite a bit more the second night, I fingered her some and we had sex twice (yaay!) … actually we were so tired we slept from 12-7am so when I say “night” I actually mean “morning” … My performance was fairly shit by my standards. Ah well. She liked my finger and I’d make her cum the night before so she’s at the very least a satisfied customer, although I’m sure not overly so… truth is she was with me cuz she liked being around me. The side was completely a bonus for her

I’d asked her “why do you like me”

Her answer “I feel good around you, you make me laugh. I feel safe”

There you go.

I took lots of photos. Muahaha. Next day I went around with her to do some stuff and we ate and had ice cream and took her to the train station. I almost cried after I walked away from the train. Well, one tear so I guess I cired. I had that broken hearted feeling for around 5, maybe 10 minutes. Half hour later I felt normal and by that night I was already chasing new girls.

Strange. It’s like I had a girlfriend for 2 days. It occurs to me that it actually feels like I have a girlfriend because I am always with a girl. It’s just like having a gf, but her face, body, and mannerisms change dramatically. It’s kinda cool and kinda sad at the same time. When we were on the metro she said “it’s just so good with you…” and trailed off. Awwwww.

This girl by the way was one of the hottest I’ve been with. Face, hot … her body tho was the best I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t think I will see a more perfect body on a woman. And she was lovely too. Such a sweet girl. If I was looking for a wife…. Sigh…

As I was laying in bed with her I just thought “this is what I always wanted. This it what every guy wants, a smoking hot girl with an amazing body in bed with them” … I smiled. But I wasn’t really that happy. It was more like I achieved something, some goal I’ve always had. I dunno. Maybe I’m used to being in bed with pretty girls. Maybe I shouldn’t have ejaculated a few nights ago with hbskinny. This is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen and I wasn’t even that excited. What the fuck?? I think my sex drive is low actually. I gotta eat more fruits and nuts or some shit. Or maybe it’s normal and I’m just fucking too much? Noooooo it’s low. For sure. A pua with a low sex drive? That the fuck is that??

I asked her when was the first moment she thought we were gonna have sex. She says “when we were in mcdonals…no actually, even when we said we’d go to my place I thought maybe we’ll just kiss and stuff… but when we were in the hotel….”

So naïve. Muahaha (evil laugh)

By that evening I was totally normal about the whole thing. Where is my heart? I’m not really sure what’s normal or what I should feel. Maybe I just wanna hold on to her because I know I can’t have her? I actually wanted to run back on the train and tell her that I love her. Maybe I just like drama? We texted as she was on the train and she said she thought she was in love. Wow. Also she called me the next morning and we talked a bit… she didn’t wanna get off the phone but there really wasn’t much to say….

I should be careful, I don’t wanna be one of those heartbreaker guy assholes girls fall in love with. So far I haven’t been. I guess I don’t normally let girls get too close to me….

Here’s the scary part. The guy she was falling for was me, just 100% me. I didn’t use any gamey shit. I only played the question game, shich is essentially – asking questions. It’s me she wants. Damn it. But I can never really be with her like she wants. I know she’s hoping for it, but it’s never gonna happen.

Ah well. It will fade, as it always does. She’ll be alright, and so I will. Still… a girl like that…


Fuck it. Here’s a couple of little vids, just to make you fuckers jealous. Hehe :P



She’s really something, isn’t she?


Saturday, 11 April 2009

big long fucking rant about shit whilst in russia

April 11th 4.45pm (Moscow time)

So yesterday I met up with a couple of girls I’d met online. I didn’t really know what they would like like. First one was ok – I wasn’t attracted to her but he had fun anyways. We found this big thing that’s used to like block roads and we thought we’d put it to good use. We blocked a small road that connects to a main one. We totally fucked up an intersection for a bit. It was funn seein people turn into the road, see the block and then just back up, causing havoc on the main street and then just go another route. Hehehe.

Then we were gonna try a social experiement. We were gonna block a small street just to what people would do when they got to the end. The thing is I felt guilty so we didn’t do it. I’m pretty sure I know what the result would have been.

2nd girl: was a minger! Ughh! I like how both these girls managed to find one picture that made them look attractive. The internet is a big fat liar! Light is a big fat liar!! Well we had a chat anyways and I got out of there. It was painful walking with her from the coffee place, to the metro. I passed about 4 or 5 smoking hot girls and I just couldn’t open in front of her. One girl with a really crazy jacket walked by and I almost shat myself. I said to her “I have to make a phone call, could take a while you go on without me!” … (we were gonna just take the same subway for a couple of stops) but it was just too painful. Of course after I got rid of her, no more hot girls till the subway. FUCK

The bar I went to last night wasn’t that great. I didn’t get a chance to go to all the “pickup bars” that are meant to be good. My friend had me come to this one bar. It was alright… I spoke to every hottie in the place. Had a couple of interesting chats, and one number but that was it. Most of the hotties had boyfriends. This one girl seemed to be into me but when I asked her had a BF. But later she was like “I was looking for you!” and I was like “really? Ok let’s get out of here!” but she didn’t go for it so I lost interest and went off. I couldn’t figure her out – she was hanging around me, then ditched me, then said she was looking for me. By then I didn’t care – but I think she went to just see what else was around and then came back to me? Maybe? She was pretty but chubbier than I like.

There were some really hot girls tho. They were getting hit on a LOT too. Not like in St. Petersburg. Like constantly guys were hitting on these girls, it was amazing. Mainly by the bar, much less on the dancefloor. The girl who’s number I got was retardedly hot. That’s the only way I can put it. Retardedly hot. 21 or 19 or something. She pretended she was French when I opened her in English. Then I started speaking to her in French but she had no idea what I was saying. Then I went into Russian and turns out she’s Russian. I’m like “yea, nice move. Try it on someone who doesn’t speak French and it might work” haha

That’s how much she gets hit on. She’s doing that “I don’t speak your language” play off the bat. God damn. It’s not a bitch shield – it’s a language shield. Anyways I jokes around with her and we’re (in theory) gonna get a coffee tomorrow. One girl was DTF – pretty face but too chubby! Another girl was DTF but proper ugly. She had a great personality and (here it comes) – an amazing body. When I say amazing, I mean holy shit. Just, perfectly proportioned. Tiny waist, perfectly flat stomach.. small but perfect tits. Like WOW. What is god DOING to me?? She just wanted cock so back it was painful. But she was like a 3. Like fucked up teeth, big nose. Just brutal. But she was cool – and she had game! The way she opened me and my friends was smoooooooothe. She kinda just started talking to all three of us – they tuned out, but I kept listening so she just focused on me and hooked me in.

It was so weird. Part of me wanted to fuck her. How can that be?? I don’t get it!! In a way I felt bad for her… she deserves to get laid. It’s not her fault she’s ugly. She’s a cool girl. And that body was smoooooooooking. I couldn’t bring myself to kiss her. I was thinking, shit if I just tell her I can’t kiss girls I don’t really know – just a thing I have I could just get her doggystyle and have a ball! It will be dark! I think one of my kind of mini sexual fantasies is fucking some girl who could never get me – really make her day. You know? Anyone have that? Or is that just weird? It’s like a good deed. “here you go, luv” … haha.

Well my friend’s friend started talking to her and I just let him have her… she number closed him. Ha! I see how it is… then she was after me when I left… tells me she exchange numbers with buddies so we can all keep in touch etc. I gave her a big hug – then she planted one on my mouth! Arrgghh. I tell her she’s naughty, spank her bum and run off.

I just couldn’t do it. But I wanted to. What the hell is going on??

Anyways I’m meeting the hb white from last Friday in st. pete tonight, then there’a a party. I probably won’t make it to the fuckin bars tonight either. God dam it. Maybe I’ll force myself. This chick is smoking hot I’m meeting and she’s staying in a hotel!! This should go down….

Finished the blueprint

Finally finally finally I finished the blueprint. Jesus! I started watching it a year ago! Haha… it was pretty good. Had some good stuff in it. A lot of “self help” stuff and some Eckhart tolle and shit. They’ve taken concept that have been around for a long time and just applied them to pickup. Some of it was tyler’s authentic epiphanies and concepts which tied in with stuff that’s already out there. I’d say it’s worthwhile to go thru the blueprint. I realize I still have work to do loosing my ego….. it got me thinking why I post. Honestly there are a couple of reasons. I like getting my thoughts on paper – I can more clearly process information and it makes myself realize things and vent, etc. partially I like sharing and helping other people. I’ve learned so much and come up with so much good stuff of my own – if it can get other guys laid that’s awesome. But I must confess partially I like the attention, the kudos. The “yea man, you’re awesome!” … but it’s less and less about that. It’s more about just learning and sharing and offering value. It really makes me fell good to help other people. It feels good when that’s appreciated but…. I wouldn’t sit here plowing all of my thoughts into this computer just for some internet nerd so comment on my blog “ya man you rock! I love you!” or whatever. Anyways it’s interesting to think about.

Ps. Please write me your supportive comments. Me ego is growing small and needs to be fed by you internet nerds. Thanks. :P

(needyness – lost it after sleeping with girl, no more!)

Just wanted to write down something that occurred to me the other day. My level of needyness has dropped off completely, or to say the least is at a minimul level. Like before having sex with a girl was just a big deal, I’d wanna like stay around her and got all emotional and shit. Well I can say in this period, where I am entering true sexual abundance (e.g – fucking loads of different girls) those needy feelings are all but gone

I’d say if I was at 90% needyness now I’m at about 10% - 15%

I suppose it differs with each girl. Like I can imagine if I hook up with a smoking hot girl who I like a lot, I’d feel it more. But overall it’s a huge difference. I just know there will be another girl, and another, and another

Another thing I’ve noticed is, I’m started to actually believe, on a deep level, that girls want sex. Like before, I’d feel that I was taking value when trying to sleep with a girl. Like I was after something. But now, I’m (not just conceptually understanding) but really truly feeling, that

a) sex is a normal thing that happens between 2 people


b) sex is an exchange of value.

Girls really really enjoy sex. They just wanna get laid. I can fully grasp this now. It’s hard to see that when you can’t get it and you’re sexually frustrated. But now, it’s so simple.

Again – and it’s a point I keep repeating because I want to hammer it across to anybody out there bored enough to be readying this :P that all these realizations come from experience. You can be told a billion times “girls like sex” or “don’t be needy” but it don’t mean shit till you get the real life experience to understand

It’s funny now when I’m in “sex abundance” I realize there are different levels of abundance

There was a point where I would have liked to have thought I had abundance – but I didn’t really. I had, like, approach abundance. I was talking to lots of girls. Then I had phone number abundance. Then I kinda of had sex abundance - Well, I had 2 or 3 Fb’s in London. But they weren’t really hot and I couldn’t get new girls that easily

Then again, if I look back in 6 months to where I’m at now I’ll think it wasn’t a bid deal. So I guess we’re always progressing. Maybe in a year I’ll have 2 bisexual girlfriends I’m always having 3-somes with and I’ll scoff and how I used to have “normal sex” hehe. Who knows??

Anyways when I actually think where I was when I started posting and got heavily into game (in sept 2007) holy shit it’s a loooooooooong way

I’m actually at an interesting point right now. I believe (I’m gonna count this when the internet comes on) I’ve been with 21 girls since that month. But at age 28 when I started posting I’d had 22. so I’ve doubled my lay count in rougly a year and a half. So age 17-28 (rougly ten years) I’ve had those amount of lays in 1.5 years. That’s an increase of over 6 times the lay rate!! OMFG!! And I can tell you my lay rate now is 3 times what is was a year ago….. anyways I think the next girl I lay will have officially doubled me. But I’ll check this in a moment.

About April 9 (written april 10th)

So yesterday (thur) I ran around during the afternoon and did a few sets. Wasn’t like on purpose, me and the Russian speaking American went out to get food… but these 2 girls in this coffee shop were totally checking me out and giggling so… they were asking for it! We spoke to them for a bit, they were both called “Masha!” .. heh… I make some joke like I only hang around people called Sasha so we’re on the same page. Heh. Got her number. She was kinda cute, with a (can you guess?) hot body. Again probably not hot enough to call, plus lives with parents so logistics bad. We’ll see. On the way back I popped into this other coffee shop. There’s a really hot girl sitting with this not hot girl. I open them asking if they’ve seen a tall, bald American guy. (he’s not bald, but had at this point gone off to meet some girl he’s met before) – they say no. then I tell them they are such a cute couple, etc. they of course object. It’s the non hottie’s birthday! I build tension pretenting I’m gonna sing her happy birthday. Then when they think I’m not gonna do it, I loudly proceed to sing her happy birthday. And the part where I say her name I whisper to the hottie (what’s her name?) and then fill in Katya. The whole place went silent. Nobody joined in. wooo. I love social ackwardness. Haha! Well the birthday girl and her friend clapped and cheered after so it was all good. Normal conversation resumed. Anyways I join them and shoot the shit with them for a while. The birthday girl is married, and the hottie is engaged and has a kid. Shit!! She’s 27. she looks goooooooooood. I joke around with them for a bit. They didn’t like the cheese cake they’d ordered and told me to have it so I ate up most of it. Mmmm free cheesecake! It’s gonne be a good day! Eventually I split.

Walking back the girl I # closed is still there so I go back in and hang with masha and masha. They are both loving me and I tell my target to call me when them two are done to get coffee. She nods her head but I can tell she’s not gonna do it, and she doesn’t. boo.

After that it got late as I was waiting to hear from this dude I was gonna stay with etc … by the time I got to him it was 1am and I was tired so I didn’t end up going out, tho I wanted to. Fuck.

Anyways I’m meeting 2 girls today, one at 3.45 and one after her work (ends at 6) … then clubbing. Wahooooooooo