Sunday, 30 August 2009

Uruguay Bootcamp complete

Just finished a bootcamp in.... Uruguway, if you can believe that.

I still can´t get over it. I mean, just listen to the sound of it. Uruguway. it´s silly. It doesn´t even SOUND like a real country. URUGUWAY.

It went good. Yesterday was great weather and there were enough girls about. Today, sunday... there were hardly any girls around So I did more theory that sets.... fortunately we´d done enough sets yesterday and the students weren´t having any trouble approaching so it was ok.

I had some ice cream with them to celebrate the end of the bootcamp. I was told the ice cream would be amazing. It was ok, but nothing special. i´ve had ice cream in Rome, so ... nothing will top that. Ever.

Tommorow I am off back to BA. It´s cheaper there and there are way more cute girls so... I kind of miss BA. However, Montevideo just looks nicer. And the people are friendlier. And the weather was amazing (tho i´m told i just got really lucky)

Very few hotties tho, to be honest. I think I saw 5 girls I was interested in over 4 days, which isn´t a lot.

I am happy tho... I taught the bootcamp in a way i´d never done it before. It was by far the most effective I´ve used

After that me and sexy (crazy) tony hit the town!

We just went out and saw Johnny Depp´s latest movie Desparato. I give it a 6 at best. Not even good acting from Johnny. If you compare it to say... Donnie Brasco... it was a joke. What a shame.

After we went into town and swung by some strip joints. Last night here... I figure what the hell... lets try some stripper gamE! I was smart enough to request checking out the joint before we agreed to pay 200 pesos (ten bucks) to enter.


I wouldn't touch any of these girls if you paid me. PAID ME!!! BRUUUUUUUTAAAAAL

Even the stripper´s in Montevideo SUCK. Some of them looked like they were homeless, AND on crack. Not just homeless. Not just on crack. Homeless, AND on crack. That´s actually pretty tuoch to do. Not as tough as getting someone to pay you for a lapdance when you look homeless and on crack. But tough.

Well... nothing to do now but to update my blog and make plans for my return to BA ... and toronto in 10 days... and then.. Back to London!!

Boom shakalaka!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

South America Update

What´s up bitches!!

Ok, there hasn´t been THAT much to write, really.

A few nights ago I hung out with HBsinger. She´s a bit older (mid to late 30´s) but looks good still... even tho she had a baby recently!! That´s right. This gets a bit wrong.... buckle up

Right... now... I wasn´t TRYING to like... sleep with this girl or anything. Honest. But... well... it seems like it´s going to go down. I went round to her place as we had plans to eat. I made us some food and we talked shit, etc. It was all very slow motion.... just talking, playing with the baby. I made a funny video of me making fun of the baby. "Who´s the fattest baby!! you´re a big fat baby, aren´t you! you´re like a little sumo wrestler... " ... it was fun

Anyways, we end up on the bed chatting... eventually one thing leads to the next, we are cuddling and it kind of kicks off. I end up going down on her, and she has a screaming orgasm in under 5 minutes. Now, the baby is... this entiretime... inthe crip RIGHT next to the bed. So she was covering her mouth with with a pillow. She was loud too... really loud. I´m surprised the baby slept thru it! She told me "I like that you told me you don´t want a relationship... that´s why you are here... I don´t want anything right now"

I think that´s a slight eggsaderation. I was there cuz she wanted me there... but i´m sure the JS stuff helped. I only told her about it in around maybe 7 or 8 minutes. hardy at all. The entire time with her I was completely and utterly just myself. I can´t describe it it any better than that. I was myself, but again I incorparated the acceptance philosofy Johnny taught me. I was just, listening and accepting. I didn´t get sexual with her at all .... we just hung out... Even when I was at her house we just chilled. Then when we were on the bed we got it on. We both knew it was on .. it wasn´t necessary to escalate in any way.

Anywho.... just when we were getting round to it.. the baby started a fussing and... we never got round to it. we were exhaused as it was like 5am.

I got cocked blocked by a BABY!! Top that, you bitches!! A BABY in DIAPERS!! This motherfucker can´t even crawl yet and he´s cock blocking.


Uhhhh so.... Then I went to Uruguay on thursday early morning. I was planning on going over with Ginger on friday, but he calls me at like 5pm on thursday saying "there is a last minute deal, lets go right now to buy tickets!!" so i grab a taxi and we make it 5 mins after the office closed. but they sold us the tickets. later it turns out they printer entirely the wrong date on the ticket and ginger didn't notice... so me and tony had to go and change it for Ginger in a last minute panic.

Last night I went into town with the ging... he met up with a girl and was like "just give me ten mins to makeout then i will come sarge with you!" ... ya right. 45 mins later he text me"her friend came into the set, can u come and wing?" ... but i was already on a bus going back to meet sexy tony

i asked him later if the "friend" was cute. he says "no, not at all"

what a douche!!

We did a little demo bootcamp ... but he spoke to the dudes in spanish so i just kind of nodded my head. at some points i got my 2c in... and got the guys into set but mainly they were too shy to open. Even after watching us do it... and being offered the chance to come into a warm set we were already in ... they wouldn´t do it. I´d say that was a new level of shy. I opened a couple of big sets and just told Ginger to send them in to try and wing me... the ones that came in crashed and burned almost immediately... but most never came in.

i find nightgame approaches for newbies are harder than daygame. or maybe just in this case... or maybe i just think that. i dunno.

I did some daygame on friday in the day. Sexy tony will now be re named "crazy tony" .... He has actually out done the teacher. It´s never happened before. Tony too my bootcamp in Buenos Airies on the 15th of Aug. On that bootcamp, he approached a couple of boy-girl sets effectively. This is as tricky as it gets, but he pulled it off

But, yesterday was really amazing. Tony, Ginger and myself are doing a few sets by the beach in Montevideo. There is what seens to be (70% chance) a couple. I know they have been watching us do sets, as we have done a few right in front of them. Even knowing that to be the case, tony strolled up to the guy and ran the opener "hey, your girlriend is so beautiful.... congradulations. Can you tell me your secret?" ... and apparently the guy got angry and was yelling at him"what are you looking at... what the fuck are you lookint at"

Jeez. That´s balls. Nice work tony. I think tony is going to be my official lead trainer for uruguway. haha..... good stuff. So far, the only guy other than myself that would go and do that kind of crazy shit is yad.

Speaking of yad, he recently captured on film him getting a kiss close in the day. Nice work buddy! Here´s the video if anyone wants to see it. ah shit. it´s been removed. I´ll put the link up if he puts in on again. anyways he talked forever and ever with this girl ... then said "wouldn´t it be crazy if we kissed?" and then they kissed. Ugh. It´s kinda gross actually. I mean I know yad goes around banging chicks... but I don´t wanna see him tongin´on video!!

I got one or two numbers but nothing solid enough to write about. ONe girl was very sexy and seemed pretty chill...... so we´ll see.

Right. There is lots I am forgetting but that is the gist of it. I miss my (ex) in Toronto... and i´m not that horny so... I don´t really give a fuck right now. I´m actually more interested in learning spanish and just hanging out than trying to lay girls.


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I'm bad a mime, apparently

I like it here. people are more friendly than in europe I think... i like the kissing on the cheeck! (except when the guy grabs my ass!! what the hell is that?) (ha)
i am learning spanish fast! the other day i said to the bus driver "puede decy, quando es ola varia..." and he said "si" and then told me where to get off. i felt like such a big boy!! oh yea!! yesterday i tried to buy eggs but i didn't know the word in spanish. I tried explaining it but nobody in the store spoke a word of english. I tried english, french, russian, and my idea of what "eggs" would be in spanish. "oueves?" .... i looked everwhere in the store and didn't see them. Then finally i decided to just use my mime skills. so i made an impression of a chicken. I put me hands into my armits and i started going "puck, puck, PUCKAAA" and moving my neck in and out of my body. then, i made a face like something was coming out of my ass. then i bend over, picked it up and ate it. obviously, i was a chicken, right? so then, one of my audience members says "aaaah!" ... and then points to toilet paper. TOILET PAPER

what the fuck?? what kind of chicken wipes it's ass after making an egg?? .... or, what kind of a weirdo does a chicken impression before taking a shit? WTF?? either i'm bad at mime or this guy was a retard.

yes, or both.

fuck you.

I'm supposed to meet hbsinger tonight at hers. i'm actually gonna try avoiding any shit going down. i don't know if i'll succeed. but i'll try. kind of. i'm meeting the girl of the subway in the day also.... in theory.

oh i heard back from the columbian girl. she just texted saying she was super busy with school but didn't try and arrange anything. dunno if i will answer... probably i will tell her she is rude and demand she buy me dinner to apologize...

I am gonna go visit my student from the Buenos Aires bootcamp this weekend in Urugway. I'll do a free talk, and there is some interest in maybe doing a bootcamp out there. Should be fun!!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Johnny Soporno's European Invasion!!

That's right. Johnny Soporno is in Europe.. and he's coming to London!!

I don't have to tell you, my legions and legions of blog readers how wicked he is. He'll be in London at the end of this month!! He's doing a seminar at 6pm on the 27th of august... and then a workshop on the 28-30th.

Johnny made me an affiliate, so I can whore myself and big $$ getting people to attend his workshops.

For this round, however.. I'm offering that money to you, my legions and legions of fans. That's right. I don't get a cent. THAT's how much I think everyone should see this man speak!

If you wanna go see him and save a bundle of money click here:

It thought it would be 20 percent from the GBH 150 price (which one be 120, for you doorknobs) but it's selling them for 69!! I don't know if johnny sux at math or he's being nice to all the vip's in the pua world (that's right. If you read my blog, you're a vip!) but either way. it's cheap. go to the fucking seminar if you're in London. GO!!!

Ps - if you go, watch the free vids on first, otherwise you might get a nosebleed at the seminar.

Fack!! Me missing this is gay. Ah well... I will catch this seminar eventually.

Buenos Aires daygame, here I come!!

Clubs suck, arnie falls in loooove

Aug 22

Yesterday We hit up the fashion week again. I had stuff to do so I didn't get there till like 9pm. I had some ok sets but nothing remarkable. Got a couple of numbers, but not that solid. One of them was a model... nice face but a bit chubby. Yes, i don't get it either. AFter watching one of the shows, the girls were disgustingly thin. I'm talking, like, it was gross. Honestly. one had these really long, dangly, skinny arms. they hardly moved. it was like ET with titties. They all had the same boring hairstyle, shitty makeup... and they weren't even all the good looking. i was describe their look at "Zombies" ... i thought they were likely to jump out at us yelling "BLOOD!!" at any moment. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. THAT would have made for a REALLY cool blong entry. The hottest girl I opened was 16. 16. she looked 19. She was amazing. She loved it too... but i had to let it go. Because she was 16. ARRGHHHHH (technically legal here. Someone told me the legal

After that we ate, went to fusion which sucked... Then we got in a cab to this "Party" (i assumed was a house party) but was just playing weird music and had (from the outside) no cute girls. and it was 20 pesos to get in. so the guys were like "FUCK THIS!" ... and we split to sugar. that was ok, but didn't really have many girls either ...

I'm starting to notice a patter. not very many hot girls in the clubs. Maybe i haven't been to the right clubs but... so far i'd say daygame is muuuuuuch better here

That's good, because after yesterday i'd decided that i hate clubs, and i don't wanna bother with them any more. i'm sitting her and i stink of smoke... it's disgusting. the girls are harder to talk to.... its' loud. Clubs SUCK! i only really wanna go if there will be music that i will like, or ,a stupid stupid amount of hot girls. that's it. other than that i'm not interested in them anymore.

that's it. i'm done. i hate it.

Did a few street sets... one went well ,right at the end of the night. she didn't speak much english but we chatted. she wasn't too fun... hot though and 20. pretty sure that will flake too but i will call her later on today and see about meeting up

seems i will never meet this girl, (i'll call her black girl) as I have been trying for 2 days but it never seems to work out. ) .. maybe i will try get her out today

Oh, On new friend of mine here (let's call him Arnie) was obsessing over this one girl that flaked on him. he liked her a bit too much and he had to tell her this. but, she was working the door at this one club so he couldn't get her alone. he just wanted to get it off his chest. i said "don't ask, grab her ,tell her you need to chat with her 2 minutes and pick her up and carry her outside!" ... which he eventually did (Without the carrying) .. an alternate strategy would have been to explain the situation to the manager... who (presuming he was a descent human being) would have said "take her, i will cover the door!"

problem was, she was likely sleeping with him, so that wasn't a good plan. hehehe

anyways... making fun of him for being in luuurrrve was the best part of the night. made the whole thing worthwhile.

Gay Singing Explosive Cocaine ridden Diahrea

Aug 20th

I had the craaaayziest fucking night. I go to meet Gabe .... we swing by his friend's house (I'll call her HbSinger) ... grab her and go the the BA Fashion week. We do some sets as HbSinger is entertained. Things are pretty much winding up, and gabe has to run off to meet a friend. I am supposed to meet up with this one girl, and hbSinger is on her way to say her to her friend who is a chef at a restaurant. I text my potential date to come along and go with hbsinger to her friend's restaurant. For the next few hours I was stuffed with pizza. STUFFED!! I got to know Hbsinger really well. She is going thru some major shit right now. I really listened to her... I appreciated her strenghts and balked at her apalling luck with men. Holy shit. What a story!! We bonded over our broken holmes ... a couple of times she said "I don't tell this to ANYBODY but... i feel I can tell you because.... you had a tough upbringing too....)

I had eaten too much pizza... then, the gay restaurant owner is like "Anybody want coke?" ... At first I said "no!" ... then I thought "hang on a minute, i'm on vacation! plus, what if the shit here is good?"

Well, I did a line and then my stomach hurt and i just kept shitting myself for the next 2 hours. I would empty the contents of my stomach out... .... then run back and empty my stomach again. After the second time, I was absolutly 100% certain that I had absolutely no food left in my stomach. But Guess what!! That's right. More explosive diahrrea. Nice. Very nice. How could I even get that amount of shit into myself? How is that possible? It's like UNLIMITED SHIT! If I could find a way to sell it... profit off it somehow. I would be RICH!

There was a british guy present during the evening that did a line too. Niether of us got high, so I can only conclude that Argentinian coke is shit.

ANyways... later in the night Hbsinger is hitting on me saying all sorts of shit.... she's lovely too. Bit older (mid to late thirties) and looks good. She's gabe's friend ... for various reasons it's better nothing happen between us. But... she once again loved "The philosofy" ... at one point i told her "I'm not so good at long term relationships" and she's like "yea, i got that" ....

She had the same complaints about men. She haaates Argentinians guys. Plus she's really shy... so she can never meet the guys she likes...

Anywho - she splits - and the Hotel owner, chef, and english guy hit club 69. we get there at like 5.15 am and it's going pretty strong. I had 3 girls hit on me. One short chubby australian, who at one point yelled at me and the Brit saying "the non super hot girls have something to offer too" or some shit. hahaah

A slighlty cracked out crackhead girl (that wasn't good) .. and this one girl who was giving me super obvious proximity. Standing RIGHT in front of me and the brit, but not looking at us, even when we looked at her. i wasnt sure which one of us she was after but she made it clear later as she got her hands on me as she "tried to get by" and then gave me the staredown. THE STAREDOWN!!

I opened one or two girls, but nothing came of it. One started at me and just shook her head "no" ... hehe

I shared some tips with the brit (let's call him "Will") ... Will was telling me he sucks with girls. I shared with him briefly some tips to keep in mind... shit about not being needy, shit tests and the like. HE stuck to me like glue and kept trying to buy me orange juice though i was insistant i wasn't thirsty. IT was a bit weird - he gave me two good bye kisses when I left. ONe is normal, but not one then another. And he kept staring at me. I really wasn't sure if he loved me because he thought i could get him laid, or because he was bi, and he really loved me. ah well...

I left my fluffy new sweater upstairs for a few minutes unattended. It got stolen. Shit. that's 150 pesos down the drain (only 40 dollars...but it was a nice sweater and now i am gonna be cold on the way home. boo!!)

Oh I called Hbsinger to make sure she got home ok and she was very happy to hear from me. I kept it short and said "see you soon!"

All in all a crazzzzyyyyeeeee night. My ass may never recover.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Trying Johhny Soporno Philosophy. Attempt #1

Note.... when I format something in word, then paste into here it puts it as one big fucking entry. i don't have the time or patience to re format it properly. If anyone knows how to get around this, let me know. Soon I will move this blog somewhere where I am able to have better control.

So, I met this girl, I believe, on friday (might have been sat.) I texted her on sunday, direct. just saying its me, would she like to meet up. she says, yes, i am not so good in texting in english, call me. so, the next day i call her and she seems keen. we agree to meet up at 10pm a starbucks in one of the big malls. I am with Gabe and another guy. She comes in looking gooooood !!! Right away she says "listen, i have to tell you. if you are planning on having me as your sugar mama, you can forget it!!" ... I laugh, and then i tell her "well if you are hoping to have me as your sugar daddy, you can forget that too!!" (she dresses nice, and has a son, so i had joked around about her being MY sugar mommy. heh.) .... We go to buy a coffee. I do my routine to split the cost, she loves it. it sets the frame to split the cost of everything for our date. We talk a good 90 mins to 2 hours. WE cover a wiiiiiiiiide variety of subjects She reveals some interesting stuff about herself. She said she only spoke to me because I was an english speaker. she said she would have never stopped if I was from South America. She'd lived for years in the states and does not like the guys here She reveals that she is bithchy to guys on purpose. she tells me she likes to see peoples reaction to it. She told me that girls treat her bad because of the way she looks, they assume she’s a gato. we talked about how she looks like a "gato" ... this is the word for like, gold digger. Well, she does look like one. She is fucking hot and dressed well, But her natural facial expressions is “don’t even talk try and talk to me” …. To be honest i may not have opened her if i had seen the look on her face. I saw her body and just ran after her.

Now, this was my first real date since my "Johnny time" ... I’d pretty much been spending all my time with HBKarate while home in Toronto and was dying to try this stuff out. I finally had a chance to put into play lot of the concepts that I’d learned from Johnny in the last few weeks. I won’t go thru it in detail but will explain overall what I was doing…. I'd already decided that my game plan was to get to know her, build comfort as much as possible while putting across some themes that are central to my open-polygamous belief system. I wanted her to really feel that i accepted her for what she was. Totally, and without judgment. Whenever she said to me (passionately) "You know, i date guys and then expect to kiss me and stuff just because we have dinner. That really pisses me off. I do what i want, when I want!" i would completely empathize with her. "Absolutely. u should only ever do what makes you happy!" ... this came up many times and I’d always have the same type of reaction. Secondly, I took a real interest in her. I really really got to know her, her values, what made her tick etc. I was fascinated by her strength and ability to deal with the shit that life has thrown at her. It wasn't hard because she was an interesting girl and we were having a great conversation. She’s kind of hard on the outside, soft on the inside. I knew the standard pua definition of "escalation" would be my enemy as her worst complaint about other men was that they'd always try it on with her if they went with her. This would have been a mistake. So, i really just bonded with her as much as possible. IT felt like what I Was doing was emotional escalation. Personal escalation. It felt far deeper and more significant. I was actually appreciating her for who she was, and vica versa. While at starbucks we talked about spirituality, re-incarnation - all about my adventures. Eventually she says "I'm hungry, let's go to dinner!" ... we get a cab to belgrano and go into this fancy restaurant (it's actually the area I was in the night before. I’m a bit confused so I’m not sure... but it was) ...... the food was awesome and cheap too! A couple of things she said early on in dinner that are noteworthy: I don't remember exactly what, but she'd referred to something about us not having sex. also, when I explained the rules of the questions game with her, she seemed keen, but said "ok, but no questions about sex!" After eating, we start walking and eventually starts saying (again) "so... what do you want from me, i don’t understand. You are just here one month..." She's brought it up before but i just avoided it. Finally I thought, this was the time explain my new philosophy.

This was the first time i'd actually put it across fully while on a date. I’d brought it up before in conversation, but this is the first time that I have fully accepted that THIS IS MY FRAME and my REALITY. And I did it with confidence. I wasn't speaking in theory. I explained it like it was my reality in total. I have many girlfriends, they all understand they that i see other women… I treasure them all, and there for them all, and I am happy for them to date other men, etc. I won’t be anybodys boyfriend. I explained the uselessness of jealously and how adding “contracts” to relationships are detrimental to the relationships themselves. I tried to fully explain why i have this lifestyle and the benefits of it. Now, there was a little voice in my head going “you’re full of shit” as this reality I was projecting was, at this point … only a partial truth. Yes, I have several girlfriends. Some of them know I see other women, and some don’t. However … just like when I was starting out in game…. “fake it till you make it” is once again my thoughts on the issue. This isn’t a frame you can half implement. Either you are openly polyandrous or you aren’t. As of now, I am. After leaving the restaurant and walking a bit she says "i know a place, u want to go?" ... i say sure and we're off. I assumed we were going to a quiet spot… I was wrong! She takes me to this bar where you have to knock on the door and speak to the bouncer a bit, then you get let in. I don't think i'd have gotten in if i'd been alone! So, we get a drink and talk some more and get back into the question game. Suddenly, her questions start getting more and more sexual. i wasn't even leading her ... she started it! so i found out how many guys she's been with: 15. It got super super sexual. Fucking ridiculous. she actually asked me "have you an things made an introduction to your ass" ... hahah…. i fucking pissed myself. She's had sex in loads of crazy places. She'd has sex with 3 different guys in one week (revenge against her boyfriend.) She hadn't had an orgasm with a man in 2 years. 2 years!!! jesus!! then she revealed that she had sex with her ex just a few days ago (first time in 2 years) but he came right away and she was disappointed. she'd texted him and not heard back. wow! she looked a bit guilty telling me this but saw i was totally unfazed by it. at the end she said "this game will go on forever. You’ll never not answer a question. and i won't either, because you're leaving in a month and i'll never see you again, so it doesn't matter!" I suspect with this comment she was rationalizing why she was telling me all the crazy shit. it's not because i'm leaving in a month. it was because i was actually being disarming. I was really interested in her and enjoying her company without any sexual pressure - she really felt comfortable with me and that's why all this shit was coming out. This was comfort … real comfort! Now, I wouldn't say i did an amazing job putting all this stuff across. It was really my first time trying to implement a whole load of stuff. It’s not just a different type of game, it's a new belief system. But, at the same time it was still very much doing my own form of game. it's hard to explain. it was like a hybrid of my usual cocky/crazy/funny game with Johnny soprano disarming comfort/philosophy. I was teasing a lot and making fun of her, which she LOVED. i mean, my attraction was thru the roof. But.. my comfort was really strong for once. I mean ... it had to have been.she spend 7 hours with me on our first date!! I met her around 10:15 and she got into the cab at 5.23am. We really had a good time! I was cuddling her in the question game and rubbing her shoulders a bit, but nothing really sexual. i kind of pinged a couple of times to escalated to a kiss but did not get the go ahead. like i grabbed her and planted one on her lips (but it was a comedy kiss).... then i grabbed her and pulled her close and looked at her - she said "dont'!" so i just pushed her away. I think i played it quite well. i made my intent clear, but i just wasn't pushy at all. i guess that's really what calibration it about. knowing exactly how to go about it in order to get to sex safely and without being blown out. Someone once told me that on the highest level the player never gets blown out. I kind of see what he meant no. It’s a type of micro calibration. Or like, micro escalation calibration. You know what I mean? You just know when you can push, and when you shouldn’t. Also, there are ways to push that are right in some spots and wrong in other spots. I think for my first shot at this I did well. I really took to heart what Johnny said to me once, which was "You let her know you are there for her, for sex, and as a friend, with no pressure and no strings..... eventually she will take you up on it!" I treated tonight as an experiment. it will be ongoing with her (and other girls.) I’m never really going to push aggressively for anything to happen. I’m going to hang out and see what happens. I know I’m the funnest-most interesting guy she's been out on a date with in months. That was abundantly clear. I know she knows i expect nothing from her except a good time. I know she knows i can give her a good time. (I did share with her some of my successes in bed, some things girls have said, etc) …. Probably I will just meet her near my house (well, where I am staying) or offer to make her a fancy dinner at hers and then…. Just see what happens. I have to tell you guys, it felt really, really fucking good just being honest with this girl and telling her i like girls and have lots of girls from my life etc. it felt GREAT! Just telling her up front the deal.... TBH I don't think i was honest enough in letting her know that i want to fuck her. but, i think that was implied. Johnny (as well as David X) would have told her how sexy his load would have looked on her face, hehe... something to work on for next time. Or maybe not? I’ll have many more dates in the coming weeks so....i suppose I’ll adjust this new game as things develop. oh: even before we got deep into the question game at the bar: she'd said "you know, i really like this non jealously thing with you" ... i could tell she was coming around at this point. it became clear during out chats that she really was frustrated with the whole dating situation. she told me all these guys that she dates (but doesn't put out with) get jealous if they see her with other guys, etc. it's fucking stupid. like every guy that takes her out owns her. By being up front with her and offering her a no strings attached, honest good time - I’m setting myself apart from everyone out there. Every guy she’s ever met has done this “interview” for her. Trying to impress her, show her this and that and how great she is. And, she’s ended up disappointed almost every time. Shit, if the only result of this belief system is me feeling better about myself … if I get laid exactly as much as before … it would have still been worth it because I FEEL BETTER About myself not lying or hiding anything. I feel fucking amazing about myself!!I could see in her reactions to what I was telling her that she really loved this shit. it was like, revolutionary. I think the guys in south America are particularly jealous etc … so this may be even more effective here than back home. It's fucking cool seeing all this stuff I've learned actually coming into play. I can say right now, even at this early juncture, before getting laid using it that I KNOW it works. This woman's eye's just fucking lit up when I told her this stuff. Once she knew my "deal" she felt totally comfortable sharing everything with me. I was not longer a "threat" or a "predator" ..... This is going to get me so much sex it's un fucking believable. I am 100% certain of it.More importantly (well, just as importantly) I feel liberated. I feel free. I feel good. Some magical shit is happening to me, that’s for sure. My Journey to becoming a worth playboy has begun….

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Gaming in Spanish! es nessesario para mi, hoi!

Warning: I will not be held responsible for any punctuation errors. These keyboard are.. different.

Had my first date with a Hot 32 year old single mama yesterday.

holy shit, let me just say the women here take CARe of themselves. i Mean, DAMN. I’ve never seen so many sexy cougars. In every other country in the world, when I approach a mother-daughter set ... I KNOW it`s a mother-daughter set when I go in. Here, you have no idea. I think they are sisters or friends till I get closer or actually meet them. its ridiculous. The girls are friendly, mainly. More so than Toronto, that’s for sure.

Bootcamp went well. A couple of the students seemed like naturals. I was thinking 'wtf are you doing here? The success ratio for stopping sets is actually quite high. Easier than Toronto and Amsterdam, probably the same as Stockholm.

I haven’t seen like a huge amount of hotties... same as anywhere else. It seems so far if you open when its darker out on the street, u are a bit more likely to get a bad reaction. i have had 'fear' a couple of times. One girl actually held her purse to her chest, answered 'si' and then significantly increased her pace. On the whole.... friendly girls!

Game seems to works fucking great here. I don’t speak much Spanish... and at this point my whole vocabulary is pickup. I speak a bit of spanish, but the only stuff I’m really working on is the pickup lines. How ridiculous is that? That I’m in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language…. And the only thing I’m working on is how to get into bed with their women.

It's Absurd.

So my current formula is "perdon.... me gusta mucho. quando novios tienes?" ... of course my legions and legions of loyal blog readers know exactly what that means.

alright... for u lazy fucks... its "excuse me, i like you very much. how many boyfriends do you have?" ..... and amazingly, the vast majority of girls say "nada!' or "i don’t have!'

Sometimes they say “si” i have one (una novio)

and a few have said "mucho" !! hehe .... but FAR more say "i dont have one" than anywhere else i have gamed in the world ... (so far)

If they have one, I say "tengo un cortizon partido!"

also i know "quantos anyos tiennes" ... and no matter what they say, my reply "vieho" (old!)

I have a few other lines too... but this seems to be enough. Then either we speak broken english, or i move on. my spanish isn't good enough to carry a conversation. im debating whether to text this one girl whos number i got that didnt speak a word of english. would be a good challenge i guess. hehe. i think i heard a story about some guy... an american soldier who met his wife while on duty in some far away land. she didnt speak a word of english, and he didnt spea (korean i think it was) ... but he learned it and they got married etc. so.... if he can hookup with no korean, i can hook up with a bit a spanish. i think.

i have only done maybe 20 sets, hardly enough to really know WTF is going on. But so far it seems promising here

now i dont know if they say "nada" because they play around a lot and dont do boyfriends, or if they are flirting or what. But i have gotten the phone number of pretty much most girls that said that. pretty much. i have contaced two, and both replied immediately confirming they want to meet up. My gut tells me there will be far less flaking in this city.

oh, one girl, when asked why she was single, said "boyfriends are a pain in the ass"

also, this girl i was with yesterday explained the men here are... fucking idiots. she doesnt even like south american guys.

ANywyas. So far, so good. Sasha esta mui excitado. Maybe by the end of the trip I’ll attempt to write a blog entry in Spanish? That would be amusing. Todo el monde habla espagnol, si? So it shouldn’t be a problem….

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'm In Argentina!

Listen: I just wanted to let you know that I made here fair and square. Even better than that. Being a cheecky git, I sat in business class. Nobody questioned it so I rode to ARgentina in Luxury! haha. I've done it before. You just get on the plane last... then sit in the first luxury seat you find. Nobody checks who's sat in what seat. once i was halfway thru a meal in first class and they were "Excuse me sir, can we see your ticket?" ... so i showed it and they were like "uhh you're back there" and i said "oh i got on last and that was the only seat avail so i thought it was mine!" heheh. one time, some angry semi gay steward was trying to suggest i should be billed for it but obviously, they couldn't do shit and let me go.

Anyways: It's a good trick. Just get on last and sit your ass in first class. That's it. It's just socially ackward if you get caught. So what? it's social pressure. it's a great experience if you get caught. It's good for you. If a bunch of pua's all start doing this, they'd have to change the policy. hehe.

so, i had awesome food, great service... and was able to stretch out in these luxury beds. oh yeah. i hadn't slept much on the plane so i just had a massive nap from 2 to 7. oh yeah. i slept in the bed with my buddy with his ass facing me. many jokes were exchanged. (he's sending me mixed signals etc) lol.

Apparently the biggest problem here in Buenos Aires is the lack of small change. it costs 1.10 to get on the bus. but there's no 1 peso and 10 cent coins around. it's pretty gay. whenever i need stuff, i'll have to buy 1 thing to get the change, then go in again to buy the next thing etc. otherwise u can't take the bus :( .... people are like selling 8 peso's (in coins) for 10 peso's on the street. they are actually selling coins. WTF!!


food is cheap tho. less than 50% of what it costs in toronto. and the subway ride is around 33 cents lol. CHEAP!

Alright we gotta go. we're hitting some clubs later. It might even be fun.



Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ah shit

Broke up with HbKarate today

Well I didn't exactly break up, I told her I wasn't willing to have a monogamous relationship. The clues were there. I wasn't a complete arsehole. She knew I was only around for the summer. I'd tried introducing some concepts to her earlier but she just wasn't buying it. Eventually I knew it would come to this, but I just avoided it. What was the point? I figured enjoy what time we had together and that's that.

First night she really freaked out. NExt day she was a bit more calm. We had a big hug and cry together. I guess I really like her. But what can I do? I couldn't go to Argentina without making it clear I wasn't going to stay monagamous. that would be shitty.

For a second she actually said "maybe i'm not open minded enough, i don't know" ... or something like that. for a moment she said something that suggested maybe we could still have something. tho initially she was like "i'm not the girl for you. i can'd do that" ... "Sex is sacred to me" and all that. Whenever I used a good argument she said "is that one of johnny's?" .... that's the risk of telling a girl about Johnny Soporno's stuff. haha.

So, I don't know what will happen. She called me on the way to the airport to let me know, essentially, that she wasn't shunning me. that she'd be there for me. that was good. that was the main point of what i was trying to put across for her - that i'd be there for her no matter what, and that my feelings for her hadn't changed. they haven't. she's great. i just can't make any commitments. that's all.

I hope to see her when I get back to tell her about all my upcoming crazy adventures.

Well... maybe lot about all of them. :P

I'm never going to let a girl think i'd be exclusive with her in any way ever again . i'm always going to set the frame early on that i'm polyamorous and that i don't want to be their boyfriend, ever.

I don't want to break anther heart ever again. Including my own.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Sasha speaking at the RMC (Realman Conference) Amsterdam!!

That's right. Last year I was fortunate enough to speak at this event alongside some amaaaaaaaaaaaazing dudes. Johnny Soporno (that's where I met him), Zan, Sebastian Drake and Adam Lyons were all there. It was a great event! Not just because it has some great speakers.... also because, ZE GERMANS were there.

That's right.


Anyways, here's the clip. It has some of my original openers in it, and a bit of my overall philosofy. I look pretty hot in that clip, if I do say so myself ;) .... maybe I should start showing it to the ladies. hmmmmm

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sasha's going to South America!

That's right. I now like referring to myself in the third person!

Funny Story:

It turns out this one cat, named Ginger is a fan of my blog. (Yes, this means I'm up to 3 readers!! YESS!!)

Anywho, he's part of this pu company in Argentina and he wanted me to come down there and do a bootcamp. We'd arrange it weeks ago but I didn't wanna post it till I was going for sure. Well, the plane ticket is for next week so... I'm fucking going!

I was planning on going anyways, as one of my good friends gabe is living down there at the moment. Just to partyyyyy. Every type I talk to him it's "bro, the bitches are so hot here, you're going to DIE!!!" ..... So now, I get to partyyy and teach some game. SWEET!!

Apparenlty, last I heard there's 1 spot left on the bootcamp. So, if anyone wants to fly to Buenes Aires for a bootcamp with me and Ginger on Aug 15th .... better get them plane tickets now!! The bootcamp is cheap as everything costs less down there. Only $200 US!! You know you want to ;) ... and the south american girls are hotttt!!! (Well, from the pics and vids I've seen!)

Here's the link to ginger's blog: ... you can get all the info there. Or drop me a line!

See you all in Buenos Aires :P

Aug 5th - ketchup!

Aug 05th

What’s up bitches!!

Wow. I can’t believe some of you actually get antsy when I don’t post. What the fuck is that? One guy was giving me shit for having some of the posts all fucked up. Relax buddy!! Sometimes I write ‘em on my laptop, but don’t post them. Then I try and fake the “post date” so the shit is in order so ya’ll don’t get confused. A thousand apologies if this was…. Confusing to you, my legions and legions of loyal fans. please note: I've just posted a whole fuck load of posts, some of which are good. Esp the one on flakes. So do go and read those. I put 'em there for a reason.

Now, though life continues, I haven’t realy been sarging much. I mean, I don’t really ever “Sarge” anymore. I just kind of live. Sometimes I’m trying to fuck girls, and sometimes I’m not. These last few months, I haven’t. I’ve been having fucking absolutely amazing sex with HB Karate who is, pretty much my GF at this point. I sleep at her place most of the time, or she sleeps at mine. We even went on a fucking trip to a cottage for a few nights. IT was amazing. Kayaking, paddle boating, a hike, it was fucking looooooovely. Ohh you could actually see all the starts at night. And I got fucking eaten alive by mosquitos. ARRRGHH. The bites are huge. What the fuck? In the 80’s they were little ass bites. THE MOSQUITOS ARE ADAPTING!! AAAAH RUN AWAY!!

The problem is this girl really likes me, and I don’t live in this fucking city! Also, I don’t think she’s up for an open relationship no matter how much I try and convince her. Either I’m not quite good enough at explaining it – or she’s not one of the types of people who would go for it. Or both. Either way … it’s going to get messy! I like her too. A lot. We have a strong connection and get along great but…. What can I do? I can’t change my nature. I don’t want to hurt her tho, either. She thinks there’s some kind of chance for us to stay together. It’s possible, but not in the way she thinks. Not exclusively. It’s just not going to happen. I guess I just have to give it to her straight. (I've been mainly straight anyways - she knows I don't live in Toronto.... doesn't that say what needs to be said?) The final confrontation/negotiation is coming. As Johnny says, I’m going to have to give her the choice. A part of a winner is better than no part. Or wait, was it “A part of a winner is better than all of a looser?” … yea, I think that was it. Heh.

Of course, I could just pretend that I’m not seeing other girls. But – I can’t be fucked to lie. It’s not me. It’s not who I am. I’d feel like shit. Blah!

So, I’m gaming – but just for social networking and packing people into my comedy shows. The last one was completely full. Like, we kept bringing chairs into the room until there was no more space. Still a few people had to stand at the back. This was without any ads, flyers, or any shit. Just me being social and telling everyone they should come to the show. I didn’t even make flyers, Just facebook and some emails.

Game has so many purposes other than “Getting laid.” …. I hardly even think about getting laid anymore. Sex is just inevitability. That’s kind of cool actually.

The diet is going well. Lots of salads, fruits, veg. Best salad recipe. Are you ready? Arugala, half a pepper, some carrots chopped up, sprouts. Bit of salt and ground black pepper. Pour on some olive oil, mix. Then some vinegar, mix. Then throw on top some apple slices and some feta cheese. It’s AMAZING!! I’ve had meat a couple of times, to experiment. I’m still not craving it. Sometimes I’ll have ice cream (only cuz she has it, sigh) or cheese…. But no milk. Or pizza, tho I suspect that would be fine too.

I am, in fact, lactose intolerant. My shit’s are like tanks now! It used to be diahrea all the time. Now my poop’s regularly break down toilets.

a) my toilet at home, almost every time I go
b) my primary’s toilet
c) the cottage toilet
d) god knows what other toilets

all massacred!

I’ve gone jogging a couple of times, done weights a few times. Still swimming, yoga a few times. Some cycling. Basically a bit of everything. I’m still loosing weight!

I feel good! wahooo!!

Blap blap!!

Low energy vs High Energy

July 16th
Did a great low energy set on the bus. Very short, but powerful
At once point, she wasn’t talking after I did the vacuum. So I said “now it’s your turn to talk” and she immediately said “so, what do you do?”

Spoke to ace also who told me about seb’s post about not coming in high energy – cuz then you are qualifying yourself. This makes sense. I actually spoke to seb about this a year ago. Low energy is powerful as fuck. I think it’s for the more advances player tho – high energy is a great way to hook sets when you're starting out. And high enery is contagious. Well, more specifically, enthusiasm is contagious. When you’re starting out, I’d say that’s the way to go.

Interesting note: You can be lower energy, and still enthusiastic. Lots of people think these two are mutually exclusive, but they're not!

But, if you get used to coming in high energy you get addicted to it (and ther reactions you get) so it becomes harder to switch to lower energy game later. So really i'd say, try and be lower energy but enthusiastic. experiment. i was super super too high energy for years. only now i'm calming the fuck down. it helps. far few girls are running away ;)

Impatience is bad. Catchup with Cajun!

July 13th

learned a valueble lesson today. i'm on my bike and i hit up chinatown to get some cheap vegetables before heading to my girls' house. i got the veg, i unlock my bike and i think "wait, i should get a second bad and double bag. what if it tears??" but i don't wanna have to lock up my bike again. i think "it will be fine for a moment, i'll just run in and get a bag" .... i start walking in, but think "what if i get my bike stolen? the bags will probably be fine!"

this will be henceforth known as mistake number one

then, i cycle over. just as i'm almost to her house (like 4 blocks) something flies out of my bag. it was the kiwi's which were quite small. i notice a big hole in the bag. the cabbage is got around 40% of it's head sticking out. i consider that i can lock my bike up, go into a little store across the street and just ask for a plastic bag. but i think "bah, i can make it!"

so, i cycle down. a block and a half later, sure enough the cabbage flies out of the bag, i hit my brake and almost fly off my bike. another cyclist pulled over and handed me the cabbage. i said to him "fucking chinatown cheap plastic bags!" and he laughed.

i manage to make it the remaining way back.

now i already made two mistakes there. why?

impatience. i was too impatient to re lock my bike and go into the shop in chinatown and get a second plastic bag. it would have taken, maybe 2 minutes at the most. but i was soooo eager to get back and see my girl, i decided against it.

then, i could have gone into the shop AFTER THE BAG ALREADY BROKE! but once again... impatience on the day.

i was too busy living for the future. "i'm not happy now, i need to get to my girls house, then i will be happy"

if i was living in the NOW... just enjoying being alive... i'd have happily locked up my bike, went into that shop and gotten that plastic bag.

the opportunity to make a third mistake presented istself. to be angry and bitchy and blame the world. or the shitty plastic bags

inead, i decided to take the lesson that has presented itself

"Take every opportunity to practice being patient"

when my girl got in, i said to her "hey babe! i learned a lesson today!" ... then i recounted the days events. (comedically of course) but without any anger

oh - i met up with cajun today and we had chicken. i felt nausous eating the chicken. i hadn't had meat in 10 days. maybe i just wasn't hungry. but, i ate up all the fries so... i think maybe i just don't like meat. my body is telling me "no, dont' have this"

the talk i had with cajun was insaaaannnneeee. All about… spiritual awakening while taking certain mild altering drugs. What is “reality” really? Strange shit always happens to this guy. Really strange shit. I mean unbelievably strange shit. He seems very calm for someone who's always on the brink of death. How does he do that?? Oh, he is also aware that, there is no death. That probably helps. But stil....

Anyways we caught up some… but not enough. We hadn’t hung out properly in years! Hopefully We’ll have a proper makeout in sept ;)

sexy times!!

p.s Cajun is a hairy bastard. We looked almost identical!

AND we both like girls.


Flakes: From a girls perspective. And more wisdom from Johnny Soporno!

July 10th

If you're going to read any one of my recent posts, it should be this one.

I learned some serious shit last night. I mean, god DAMN.

What a day!!

First, I went and hung out with yoga girl. This is the awesome girl I’ve become thru facebook because I decided to “game” her in order to sleep with her. Now I can sleep with her at any point – but it’s not what I want. I love talking to her and getting in her head. She’s wise – she KNOWS. Much more than me when it comes to the spiritual stuff. DAMN!

Mainly yesterday we spoke about women. How women thing. How they work. I’m going to tell you about our conversation. So, she went out to karoeky with me, hbkarate, and a couple of other friends last week. Now, they both know about each other. Hbkarate doesn’t realize that there’s anything going on with hbyoga, but hbyoga knows I’m seeing hbkarate. At once point I was sitting there, one arm around each girl thinking “haaaa… if only hbkarate was bisexual!” … hehe. Anyways, while we were at kareokey, yogagirl had run over and started chatting with this guy. Her face was lit up and animated. At first, I felt a twinge of jealously. “shit!!” my mind screamed. “what If she fucks that guy! Will she want to sleep with me still?” and then I stopped and corrected my thinking. “she should fuck him. She should fuck whoever she wants. I want her to have good cock. What I have with her is deeper than that, and her fucking whoever else will never get between me and her”

Correct thinking. Onwards.

So I ask her if she hooked up with that guy or what. She says “nah, he called me, but I don’t want to see him”

I asked “but, why not? You liked him. I could tell. You GAVE him your PHONE number!”

Her reply
“Yea but, I don’t know him”

I said “yea but, you liked him, right? You knew him well enough to give him your CELL PHONE number. So….what’s the deal?”

She said

“Yea he seemed nice… and he was funny! But I don’t know him. I have like tons of guys I could fuck that are after me. Why should I go and see him??”

Ok. Not that shocking, right? I continued my investigation…

Apparently his line was “is it weird that u came over to me and I’m asking for your number?”

Cute. She continues “Sometimes you give your number out because you’re put into an awkward situation”

“Mainly I got the number for my friend, because she liked him”

“girls don’t shrug you off because they’re put into an ackward situations”

I asked “how long do u have to talk to a guy before you’re comfortable enough to pick up the phone?”

She says “A long time. A few hours of hanging out” … “I don’t talk to guys for 5 minutes and then wanna hang out. I know tons of guys that want me, I don’t need any more!”

I ask “you’ve never had it when you talk to a guy for 10 or 20 minutes and you think u really wanna see a guy again?”

“mmm not really. Unless a girlfriend likes them or something… the guys I’m attracted to I never end up talking to cuz they either have boyfriends or…. I dunno”

I ask: “You’ve never been approached by a guy, spoke to him for a little while, been attracted to him, given out your number and then met up with him after? It only happens if you hang out with a guy for hours?? … but when would that ever happen?”

“well if you’re shopping or something and the guy works somewhere and you see him a few times, that helps a lot. Cuz you actually know the person. … that’s why work relationships happen a lot. Cuz even if you don’t talk you’re around the person so much you get to feel comfortable around them. I’m saying, even if you just go visit a girl at work a bit, she’ll know you’re just there to talk to her. But if you try and be around a bit… say you know she goes to a certain place on the weekend or something … try and make yourself seen…. Then you’ve got a shot.”

I ponder aloud “Hmmm. I guess that’s what makes cold approach so hard, they don’t really know you”

“Yeah, if you walk out of yoga and I see you… and then the next day I see you again.. I’d feel so much more comfortable talking to you. Then say I see you the next week, totally I’d feel comfortable saying hello.”

She continued “A good idea is for guys to try and meet a girl when she’s with her friends .. she’ll be 75% more comfortable cuz her girls are there. Like when I approached that guy for my friend, it was ok for her to maybe to go and chat with him then cuz I was there. If you’re with your friends, it feels ok.”

I say “Ok, so a good strategy may be to try and meet up with a girl while she’s out and about with her friends, right?

“yea totally. Also if you can meet her and make an impression on her friends that makes a big difference. Then you’re in. Instead of “Wwhat? You’re going to meet some guy alone that you only met for 5 minutes?? Are you CRAZY??” which is exactly what her friends would say if they’ve never met him.


“YEA! That’s what I’d say if one of my friends was meeting some random guy. I’d be like “No don’t meet him. You don’t know this guy at all! He could be a freak!” … girlfriends opinions matter a LOT!”

I said “Funny cuz guys aren’t like that at all. We’d be like “yea! Go for it buddy! Have fun! But I guess we’re not in a vulnerable situation we do it (unless it’s a really buff chick, lol)

Girls are like “don’t sleep with him”

Haha yea guys are like “try and fuck her in the ass! Woo! Get her drunk! Condoms are for fags!!” lol

Yoga girl: “Heheh yea. It’s totally different. If you can like just connect with her friends a bit it goes a long way. but if you’re creepy and you walk away, forget it. they’ll tell you never to meet up with you.”

She also said

“also, if you see two girls and you like one of them, don’t just ignore one girl….”

Then we talked strategies ….. I said to her maybe the best strategy is to give your number to a girl and say “hey listen, take my number, and next time you and your friends go and do something fun you should invite me along!”

She said “That’s a million, million times better!”

I ask “But would you actually text that guy to get him to come out?? Cuz I’ve been in that position before… some girls won’t make the first move, even if they like you…u know?

Yoga girl: “Yea it would be hard for me to text a guy first…then again, you left the ball in her court.”

I say “Yea, one thing we know is never leave the ball in their court. Haha. It’s just not a good idea. If you have all these guys after you .. why go out of your way? Maybe the best idea is to call the girl, see if she’s up to anything fun with her friends, and then try and get out with them?

Yoga girl “Yeh that would probably work.”

“Ok… so that’s the best way to get thru this barrier. Call the girl… and maybe even try and arrange a group activity where u can bring your friends, and she can bring her friends and it’s awesome!! Sweet!!”

End recording.

So, after talking to this girl about flakes for 30 mins, I really got it. Awesome!!! Straight from the horses mouth!! Hahaha

So, this goes to show just how important comfort is if you want to actually SEE a girl again. You don’t need to be working on attraction. Maybe one little thing for that is enough. You need comfort to SEE the girl again. Then you can get her attracted to you.

So, you’d think that would be a pretty good day, right? Well… that’s just the start. Then, I ALMOST get on the subway and go home. But, I remember, I’m supposed to give Johnny a ring. I ring him up and he says “come and meet me!”

I get my arse over and we spend a whole night yapping away. I learned amazing things. Truly amazing.

holy shit. i learned even more today than the last time we hung out. jesus!!Ok, so.... The biggest epiphany i had today was this: (if you're reading this on your palm pilot while walking down the street, SIT the fuck down)Ok. So, everyone gets flakes, right? Right. I can't even begin to guess how many absolutely gorgeous girls have flaked on me.Even further, I can't begin to describe the insane amount of interest many of those girls showed. You don't have to be a highly advanced PUA to know when a girl wants to sleep with you. I get these signs a LOT! I’ve had so many girls give me these signs…. I mean, they were really, really into me! Massive ioi's … Then, I’d get their number or make plans and never ever see them again.I just couldn't get it. Even with all the stuff i understood about game and what women are like, would only cover SOME of the reasons a girl might flake. She's busy, isn't in the same state as when you met her, not enough comfort, blah blah blah. But there's one BIG reason I hadn't really considered.

Are you ready for it? huh? Are ya?

You beter sit down for this.
Ok here it is:If you're talking to a girl that's already physiologically, consciously, or even sub consciously (or a combination of the three) has decided she wants to sleep with you, and you walk away from her .... You’ve already rejected her.What?That's right.

You've already turned her down.

Hey body hormones and synapses are firing. She is ready to PROCREATE baby - you had your chance, and you fucked it.When you're flirting with a sexy lady, and it's ON, right. I mean, it's REALLY ON.... and you don't leave with her - you fucked up.Going for a number when a girl wants SEX is a massive mistake. It's a mistake I’ve been doing consistently. Over and over and over again. It's pretty shocking, actually. I mean, sometimes I’ll go and sleep with the girl – but mostly I don’t. I’ve just realized that sometimes the girl will loose interest in the set when she realizes you’re not man enough to actually fuck her right then when you met her.
Holy shit.

I’ve had that. Massive interest… then when I like try and “ask them out” or time bridge or whatever – Sometimes the moment I go for the number they loose interest. It’s because they were thinking “I hope he tries to fuck me right now” – or at least sub consciously that’ what they were craving. So by not doing that, it turns them off. They may not even realize why.
In a club, I’d say this lesson is 90% directly applicable.

In daygame, it’s certainly less so – but still relevant.... I've done it a few times but – but not nearly as much as I now know is possible. At this point, i rarely need sex RIGHT THEN. I have girls around most cities, so.... I just don't need to do this. But, as a skillset, it's an amazing thing to have. I'm really going to try and push sex more and more. So… to re-interate: If her juices are all flowing and her vagina is READY for your cock and you don't move on it – you’ve fucked it. Even if consciously she's thinking "no way i'm going to sleep with him tonight" ... if her juices are flowing or she's menstruating ... u can do it. Part of her is fighting for YOU. That part of her is always on YOUR side... her hormonos WANT her to get laid. The NEED it. They’re programmed to need it.
Johnny also shared with me his method to get girls back to his place from clubs, or dates.

First of all, Johnny doesn’t take numbers from girls.

He’ll put it like this to them

If you give me your number i'm commiting to calling you. if i don't call you, you're going to get upset. If I wait 3 days to call you, then I’m playing games. And women are much better at playing games. I know myself, I’m very busy and I’ll forget to call and … even worse … your going to decide that i just didn't care.

So, you take me number and if you give me a call, we’ll get together.He’ll also throw in "i don't take numbers unless its to schedule a playdate" (that means sex date)

Generally, he’ll talk to a girl in a club for 5 minutes and then offer to get the hell out of there. He’ll say something like “Hey, what are two classy people like us doing in THIS place? Come on, let's get out of here!"

If she says "where are we going" you say "somewhere fun"and if she says "where are you taking me" (implies she's ok with being led) so u can say something even more direct ... like “My place!” if they don't want to come - you leave anyways. One you make the offer for them to come with you, it’s imperative that you still leave. You’re LEAVING – it’s just up to them if they want to join you. If they offer their number, you don't take it. But, you have to make sure they understand - that it's not because you're a pussy that you're not asking for their number. ... it's because you're uber busy, and you don't want to imply that you're going to cal them when there is a good chance that you won't.

You can say “Listen, if we run into each other again, maybe something will happen then. Obviously, it’s not going to happen tonight. But I really enjoyed our conversation….” And then you go off….

The key is:

You maintain a super strong frame of total non needyness
You never ever take their number. Ever.
Once you make the offer for them to join you, you go. It’s up to them if they want to join, but you go.
You can give them your number – but you make it clear you’re not taking theirs because you’re just too busy and you don’t want to disappoint them by not calling.

This is, of course, counter intuitive. All pua’s are trying to get numbers and shit. But, they’re chasing so of course it’s a loose/loose situation. This is well and truly getting the woman to chase you. BOOM!

See, I went thru a phase last year where I was giving my number and not taking. A few of the girls called, but most didn’t. But, I wasn’t framing it properly. I just was giving my number out. I can see the success rate doing it this way would be much better.

This calls for more experimentation ;)

Anywho – I learned a wack load more. I’m so behind on my shit (I’m not gaming you, my legions and legions of fans… I really am busy) :P …… but hopefully when I have more time I’ll post up some more cool ass shit my Mr. Soporno!

Meanwhile, if you wanna check out his vids (and I strongly recommend everyone do just that) they are at
I watched them ages ago: It’s truly fucking amazing stuff! I’m gonna go thru them again….

I honestly felt Like I was on drugs after chilling with him. I'd said to him "Dude... I feel high. Colours are brighter. I feel lighter" ... he was like "Yea.... I get that ;)"


July 9th: Value = Enlightenment. I get it!

July 09th

I got into the elevator today with a big ass carrot hanging out of my mouth. Initially I was going down, but I’d forgotten something… so I got on at the 10th floor heading up…. And the floor I was getting off at was before the floor these 2 guys were getting off at. I could feel a slight something in the air… like, something was there something to be said. So I just let loose and said “extra stop. Sorry fellas!”

One of the guys says “It’s ok. You get respect of the carrot”

I said “Yeh you know, I’m trying to eat healthier. 90% of what people eat is shit, you know.”

They agree and we all had a moment of oneness. We agreed on this point. They wished me well and I was on my way.

Pretty simple little exchange, right? I thought about it… and even tho it was just an exchange of pleasantries It went to illustrate a simple point.

The line between having an interaction, and not having one is such a small one. All I had to do was not make the little comment about the floors. He wouldn’t have taken the first step to say “eating carrots eh?” and nothing would have been said. In this case, probably won’t be much difference to my life, directly. However – it’s this habit I’ve got of just talking to everyone and being friendly that over the long wrong, will make all the difference.

Every person you meet is a potential friend, ally, lover, soulmate etc. you never know who’s who. I’m not saying you should talk to everyone because you can get value out of them. Just the opposite… because you should give value, even if it’s as insignificant as a joke, quick chat… whatever. By having positive interactions you’re actually making people feel better about themselves, changing the course of their day ever so slightly… and therefore making the world a better place. They’ll pass that along – if not to you, then somebody else. It doesn’t matter because… we’re all really one anyways.

I’ve always felt this. Trite example: say I was in London, and I bought an underground travel pass for 6 pounds for the day… but by 6pm I was done with all my stuff. I’d always try and find someone to give it to. I’d walk up to someone who was about to buy a ticket and say “here, take this – I’m done with it!”

Now, some people would take it ready, thank me and be on my way. some would offer me money. Some would refuse, thinking it was some kind of trick and go ahead and but their ticket. That’s not the point – the point is, I felt like it was a waste to just throw the ticket out. If I didn’t need it anymore, it made sense someone else use it… plus, it’s happened to me a few times someone would just give me THEIR pass when I was about to spend 6 pounds to buy one. You can imagine I felt absolutely wonderful. Back in the day when I was broke, saving 6 pounds was a shit load! I’d be happy all day cuz I’d saved that money. So naturally, I felt great, and just passing that along to others given the chance.

In the community the term “Value” is thrown around a lot. Give girls value. Value exchange. “leave them better than you found them.”

I’m starting to really understand this concept now. Again it’s one of those things that is just coming to me, seeping in slowly thru thought and experience.

Value is, making people feel fucking good about themselves, even if just for a moment.

Value is, seeing the value in people – even if they are on the lowest rung of the social ladder

Value is seeing everyone the same, because we are all the same. This goes right in with the spiritual stuff I’ve gotten into. I know that we, all of us – are eternal. There is no such thing as death, and we’re all exactly the same – souls, here on earth to gain enlightenment. The only difference between us is the various degrees we’re all developed. In the real world (i.e the “afterlife”) and in this life, that we’re living now. Most people reading this right now are not awakened and will easily dismiss this truth as they are simply not ready to hear it. some people will never be ready. However, this truth goes hand in hand with why I’m starting to talk to everyone including fucking homeless people and old ladies. They have just as much value as a smoking hot girl… maybe more.

Maybe this is why jesus hung out with prostitutes and restitutes and bums. He saw their eternal light. He knew they were just lost souls, and he wanted to help them. In fact, I’m guessing these people had a lot more to offer him than the “normal” people around.

So - being in that talkativel, warm, friendly state where you you embrace the opportunity to meet people – where you embrace the opportunity to give value and learn and grow… this goes hand in hand with everything I’ve been saying all along. But before it was about trying to get laid. Not it’s more about…. Just being. Being that friendly guy that makes everyone feel good. THAT guy! How could that guy ever not be getting laid? Does that guy even THINK about “Sets?” or “value” or “getting girls??”

Ha! No. he doesn’t have to.

Anyways what the fuck am I rambling on about. We should treat all people well because it’s the right thing to do. Treat everyone well. How would the world be? I realize it’s a pickup blog. But guess what: that’s going to get you laid pretty quick. If you actually lived that like, if anyone did – girls would literally throw themselves at you

Shit – if I think about the couple of guys that I’ve met that are true value givers. I mean, they’re just full of love. They love everyone around them. They have nothing negative to say about anybody. They are loved by all. They can have any women they want. I mean, literally. Any girl that they know would be happy to go to bed with them.

It transcends game.

Game actually becomes irrelevant on that level of enlightenment.

I truly hope I can get to that level.

July 8th: Gaming for sausage... +Eckart Tolle is the shit!

July 8th

I’ve been spending more and more time with HbKarate. We have fun… It’s cool doing new things with someone, sharing experiences. Jesus, I haven’t had like a significant relationship in what seems like years. I’ve just had fuck buddies pretty much. This is like a relationship. IT’s probably not going to last very long as I’m leaving North America quite soon…. But… well I won’t worry about that now. The now is all that matters, and now I’m enjoying spending my time with this girl. I taught her how to salsa dance the other night. I got her started on my Spanish course so we can do it together. I cook us dinner, she cooks us dinner. We massage each other, we make each other cum. One thing that I’m really enjoying is actually getting to know her – her life, her issues etc. Who she is. I’m really enjoying helping her out with her life… adding “value” as gay as that sounds. Like, just getting her organized and having her to what she needs to do to better her life. It’s almost always easier to help someone else organize their shit than it is for someone to organize yours, isn’t it?

Funny that.

My friend and business manager (I’ll call him, Mr Wing Chun) said that same thing to me…. It’s easier to look at someone’s life from the outside and go “all you need to do is this, this, and then this, and you’re good!” …. Fucking easy! But when it comes to your own shit…. never so easy. It’s cuz we’re all wrapped up in it. we can’t see past our own shit, you know?

Speaking of that,

I’ve been reading “A new Earth” by Eckhart tolle.

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow? Holy shit is more appropriate. It’s all about how our fucking ego’s control everything. How we identify with form “things, people, etc” … how our minds actually run “us.” But, we are not our minds. We are a being entirely separate from our minds. We are the “I am” …. I can’t even go into this right now. I could write about it forever. EVerone just go and read this fucking book. Trust me. Best thing for your game you could do….

What else…. Err… I’ve been working out still. Either swimming, doing yoga, and now I’ve started jogging with my new friend in my building and doing these intense work outs in the park. Around 5 days ago we ran about 1km. Today, we ran 1.5K approx, then did pushups, situps, pull ups and some other all round exercises. Some back stuff too. IT’s a great workout, works the whole body! Last week I was pretty sore the next day. The kid was surprised I got most of the workout done … as he said “you’re in pretty good shape for an old man!” … he’s 19 and does kung fu 3 times a week. And the works out on his off days too so… he’s pretty fucking buff. HbKarate runs too… so when I tell her I’ve run 1.5K she’s all smiles!! She does like 5k, 3 times a week. I guess I could even go on a little run with her? Awww …. Dunno how long it will take before I can run 5k. Probably a while….

Oh, we went to the beach the other day. We’re there, and we didn’t have shit for food. We brought books and a blanket. There’s this couple near us who are doing up this barbeque … they have this grill and tons of hot dogs. I wanna get some of those. So I formulate the plan. I get up, walk over to them, smile and say

“Hey! I run a sausage disposal business. Normally there’s a cost… but you guys seem cool so… if you have any leftovers just let me know – and I’ll remove them, free of charge!”

The girl laughs, and the guys says “nice….”

I got the vibe he really wasn’t impressed. I think it’s the fact that he knows he could never 1) come up with something that funny or 2)deliver it well (or even have the balls to come over

Anyways, I sit back down, knowing my work is done. Sure enough, a few minutes later the muscle head comes over. It’s apparent he’s a few short. He brings over a big, grilled sausage and half a tomato, and along with some bread. I’m like “no no, I was just joking around!” and he says “there’s truth behind every joke!” … I say “That’s true. Thanks a lot man, you rock!”

Now, I knew if his girlfriend laughed at the jokes, he’d be obliged to bring us some food. I was charming, sweet and funny. His girlfriend found me entertaining. So, if he does bring us some food, he’s a cool, kind guy and gets points with his girl. IF he doesn’t, he’s a douchebag.

We eat. It’s delicious! I know it’s not really a big thing but… well… it was cool. Hehe … sometimes, comedy works! ;)


I went around filming some funny shit the other day. I was supposed to be filming daygame but ended up interviewing women about how to approach them. I got some funny footage. I may put it up here for you guys to watch…. But in the meanwhile - I’ll tell you what. Women have, absolutely no idea about anything when it comes to picking up women.

OF all the times women have been picked up, fucked, etc etc, … you’d think they would have some insight about how to pick them up. But they don’t. I’m sure some girls out there do. Or maybe they know, but they never admit they know, and still pump out the same boring shit society tells them to say. One girl, when asked what a guy should say when approaching her said “he could compliment my shoes”

Really? Really. Wow. They weren’t even cool shoes. They were crappy ass stripper shoes. She looked like a stripper.


Anyways it was good fun and I got some great footage!