Sunday, 30 December 2007

Small Epiphany about frame/body language

I was walking down the street just outside Wood Green tube station this man (who was clearly homeless) started to approach me. I knew what he was going to ask. He had this desperate look in his eye - I could tell he wanted something just by looking at his eyes, I didn't need his clothes as a clue. It was clear he was defeated man from his body language. His shoulders were slumped and his face was just giving it all away. He looked hopeless. I knew he'd been turned down 100 times already that day and it made it really easy for me to do the same. He was expecting it. I shook my head no even before he asked me for money and he just sauntered along, off to his next target. He wasn't persisPublish Posttent at and I didn't expect he would be.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I just though to myself "Can you imagine if this guy was trying to pick up?"

This guy even with the best clothes and clean shaven and washed would have no chance at all.

He was coming in with "Beggar's frame" ... he'd already been shot down and he was expecting to get shot down. Not a hint of confidence at all. Any woman would just think "If everyone else has shot him down, I don't want him either!" ... he could be the most amazing human being in the world, but with "beggar's frame" nobody is ever going to find out! He's never going to get past the approach

When a hobo approaches us, think about how easily we just say "no" and wave them away. It's automatic. We see them coming and we just shoo them off! It's just as easy for a hot girl to shoo you away as well!!
Think how much much easier you make it for a woman to dismiss you in such a manner if you come in with crappy body language.

So for all you new guys (everyone really) next time you approach a set, keep that image of that poor, stinky, defeated, hopeless man in your mind. Think about his sorrowful, unshaven face. His swollen, hungry belly and his slumped shoulders. His dirty, stinky clothes. And his shaky hand he got from nam in '69. He pees himself whenever there's a loud noise.

Don't be that man!! Avoid Beggars frame when you approach a set at all costs!!!

Ps - should I call it "beggar's body language?" that rhymes as well lol

p.p.s i could go on and on and make more examples and correlations between this and a pua approach blah blah blah but you get the point.

Monday, 24 December 2007

FR - Dec 23rd. Being a performer is the ultimate DHV!!

Did a gig out of town. Couple girls tried it on but for the most part not onces I liked, except for this one absolutely lovely HB9... she came up to me and said “just wanted to meet you and say you are really cut and you were really funny. I though you were the funniest. My friends liked the last guy but you were the best”

So I start gaming right away – within 2 mins I know she has a BF but it’s long distance. She lives in france and he’s in England. This girl again is giving me that look.
We agree to be facebook friends and I leave it.

I re open her. This time she’s had more drinks and we really click. I mean it’s on right? She asks me “so, how long are you in town for? And I tell her I’m goin back tonight”

A while later she asks me again … I use my “you totally want me to take you home. Shame on you!” and she sooo blushes…. I know I could fuck her that night. But where?? LOGISTICS!! She is staying with friends and was THERE with a couple of friends – I’m getting in a car to go back to London with comics. I could have rented a hotel but that’s dirty. How do you break that to a girl? “let’s get a room and fuck” …

She was an easy 9. I’m starting not to give a fuck if chicks have boyfriends. It’s costing me lays. Do having morals and being a PUA go against each other?? I’m finding it fucking difficult right now because I know I could have had this girl and because she had a BF I wasn’t really that bothered. Maybe what they teach is right. Maybe they all girls are looking to upgrade. Maybe a girl who is behaving this way just needs to get fucked.

In the end her friends dragged her off without her even saying goodbye.

Let’s say I didn’t have morals. Just for a moment. What should I have done? Just say “I wanna spend the night with you – let’s get out of here!” … or just simply bounced elsewhere then tried to get her to a hotel? Fucked her in a park??

Of course if it didn’t work I’m stuck in the hotel alone, then have to take a train back to London in the morning ... so I'd have done the gig virtually nothing. (Yes, trains/hotels cost that much)

But let’s just say, for a moment, I didn’t have morals… what should I have done in that situation??

Sunday, 23 December 2007

FR - Dec 22nd. Awesome night + More phone numbers

Meet by buddy khan (not a pua but knew who mystery was – guess he IS huge!) and I open a set (target had a bf, got facebook) another set with 18year old hottie (she was scared of me) and then I just moved my chair right over to this 3 set (2 ug’s and an 8) and I said “That’s it. I don’t think we should see each other anymore!” and she’s like “ I don’t even know you!” and I said “I find it easier breaking up with girls when they least expect it!” she laughs … “this way I have the satisfaction of dumping a girl and you have a non terrible memory of being dumped. Usually it’s a lot worse than this, right?” and they love it. also I’m thinking you could say, jokingly “HA, you do YOU like it!” talked some, she liked me but had a BF. Got facebook (will invite them to comedy!)

Went to the gym, opened sad hb 8.5 polish girl (boyfriend) but she works at a beauty salon. It’s agreed she’s going to drag some girls out one night so I took her email.

Ok I meet frank and I open a set or two to warm up. First one the girls were actually in shock from my new opener. (breakup opener) They couldn’t handle it, or me when I was talking to them after. I think I came in TOO high enevery. They were entertained but stunned. One was hot, one wasn’t and the hot one looked pretty young. So I just moved on. Used my new direct approach on this 3 set “Dam! You guys can’t be walking around looking like that! Who told you to dress up like that? Guys are going to be smashing their cars into posts and shit! Put a bag over your head! you guys are killers!!” Now the black girl was like “if only other guys could talk like you. You should be teaching guys how to pick up girls!” Ego boost!! Anyways I’d reached hook point with the black girl but not so much with the others. They were on their way into a club. They stopped to look at a map and I was starting up again – interrupted by some guy touting some other club, then one of them says “it’s this way!” and pulls the black girl away. She keeps looking at me and is like “byyye!!” … it would have been weak to follow them so I waved goodbye and we proceeded to sugar reef.

It was dead in there. Deaaaaaaaaaad. There was like 1 good set. Hb9 asian and hb8 blondie and hb7friend and this one guy. This Chinese girl kept making retarded faces every time someone took her a picture. I go over and I’m like “your retarded face sucks. I’ll show you how to do one properly” and I get them to take my pictures with frank and I make a completely retarded face while he looks normal. We do this 2 more times and each time he looks normal. This makes frank a retard, ironically. I get some good banter going with the girls while pulling the guy in as well. He keeps looking at the menu. It’s the hbfriend’s birthday so I say to her – cool I have a birthyday present I’ll give it to you later, and we wander off. Dance floor sucks. No hotties. I get an ioi from hb6 and ignore it. dance a bit. We get a water and go back over. I say “ok time for your present! But you have to open your mouth and close your eyes! “she’s like no!” and I’m like “don’t worry it’s nothing bad!” and she just looks at me. I said to the Chinese one “what’s with her?” and she says “if she doesn’t want it she doesn’t want it!” and I finally relent “ok ok, it’s just a magic trick. Are you ready? And she’s shaking her head no. at this point the guy has his arm around her, showing his manliness and his alphaness. He’s protect her from big bad me with my vanishing ring trick. It never hurt anyone, I swear. It’s all going tits up fast and so to really lame it up and turn to the blondie “you can have her present if u want!” and she’s like “uhhh no” … I say “fine! And I do that turny head motion and walk off. You know, “Hmph!” .. I hear them laugh as I do this, so at least I exited with a touch of grace but It was really going down the shitter quick, I tell ya.

Anyways I say to frank “fuck this noise. It’s 11.40 and it’s not still dead in here. Let’s hit hoxton!” and as we go back to coat check there’s a HB8 and her friend HB7.5 so I open the 8 and tell her I’m going yo guess where she’s from. She’s Russian. I talk to her in Russian. She’s smiling right away. Frank talks to the other one. It’s going well. My one says they are going to hoxton I say “cool we are going to bars there, we’ll come with you! Hang on a minute let us get our jackets!” .. now there’s a a small line at coatcheck (people are leaving!) and I know they could just leave but I’m pretty sure I’ve got hook and she likes me so we go over and get our coats. I see them move outside, and a little voice in my head says “run after them! but I don’t panic… gotta keep the strong frame all the time – if she can’t wait 5 mins for me fine – I didn’t game her well enough… we get the coats and the girls are there waiting for us. So we keep chatting and I get her number on the tube. We make plans to play “durachok!” which is a russian card game. Yaay. She tells me she’s going to teach me another one too… cool…. Frank gets email from the other one as she’s going back to Barcelona in 2 days … hopefully he will see her when he goes there…

IN hoxton we go into this bar. The one just next to electric. 2 hot blondes on the side.i move right up to the hot one “I don’t think we should see each other any more!” and she’s stunned. Like “WHAT?” … “yea that’s right. I’m breaking up with you. I find it’s easier with the girl is least expecting it!” she is still shocked…. “you never call me anymore. I think we both know it’s been over for quite some time (pause) but I really think we should still be friends! Finally she says “uhh where did you get THAT one?” (bitch shield is very much up!” and I say “I came up with that one myself. Earlier today. Only tried it once before. I said to my friend, first 2 hot girls I see I’m gonna do it. oh come up, points for originality! “and she’s like” weeelllll and I say “at least it wasn’t… hand on I’ll come in again” and I walk away, come up to her looking her right in the eyes and I say “If I were to re arrange the alphabet I would put you and I together” hahah no wait or I could have done this (walk away) come back in “hey can I borrow a quarter, I told my mother I would call her when I fell in love… or wait, how about this. This one I actually like” … walked away, came back “girl, you so fine, I’d drink your bathwater with a straw!! Haha!! It’s from fresh prince of bel air!!” and by this point the bitch shield was DOWN. That’s it so I chat with them, DHV DHV I think I threw a neg but I’m not sure, I was just having fun… It was clear they loved me I just said “you guys have boyfriends or what?” and my target says “yea I have one” and the other one starts to say “at the moment!” and I interrupt and say “but, you’re gonna leave him for me? Haha” and the other one says “that’s not what I was going to say!” and I say “go ahead” but she didn’t finish. Later frank told me she was about to say whether SHE had a BF. I was getting a lot of IOI’s from the 2nd girl - she was still HB 8 but my target was like a 9 or better. One of their friends came in to save them and I suck him RIGHT in. I was in the middle of a story so I catch him up and then finish it. He says just checking you guys are alright and leaves. Eventually I’m like “well we gotta go. Give me your facebooks” … I say “I can invite you out to a comedy show, or, you guys could come to party with me one night” and they’re both like “we wanna come see you do stand up!”

Went to this other bar that had like a 8 set of of some super hot brazilian girls. Got looked at by this super hot one like 2 times, I open with “coma estas!” (ok so they speak portugeeze, close enough!) and she basically ignores me. Ok. We get a drink. They’re all crazy dancking with each other. I open another one with “you guys are from where in south america? Ah brazil. Are all south Americans good dancers? I’ve just taken a few salsa lessons I suck!” so she says something to her friend, who then dances with me. They were dancing meringue but I knew enough to almost keep up for a couple of moves. Just for like 2 minutes. All the guys eyes were on me. Then she went off back with her friend. But as soon as the guys saw me break thru they ALL moved in and tried to open the girls and were all shot down… ah well.

Then there’s a 5 set of hotties all dancing behing this row of dinner tables. It’s like a shield. I go around .. “hey I see what you’re doing, blocking yourself away from all the guys. Is that sub conscious or conscious? Your fault is you’re not gonna meet the really fun cool guys like us!” and she’s like “Yea, if you have the balls to come over here then we want to meet you haha” and I got friendly with this one. HB9, had a BF. Told me which friends were single but that they were old uni friends just partying. She actually said “tonight it’s not about cock. Usually it’s about cock, but just not tonight! Hah!” I figured I’d talk to them more but it was very hard to open them. They were shooting all these guys down, all of them. I was cool with 2 of them but the others didn’t give 2 shits. Also it was very loud… I figured I’d chat at the end of the night but they flew out of there. Ah well I facebooked the leader … it will probably be a flake though. Facebook flake. Haha! How sad….

That place closed at 2 and we go to cargo. They want a 5er each to let us in, but it’s only open an hour. We try game the bouncer but no luck. We way we’ll pay. Then we come up to the girl by the till. I joke with her, tease her, she lets us in 2 for 1. Cool.

I open this half Sudanese half Indian girl. As she walks by I’m like “damn!” so I go direct on her. “Who told you that you could go out of the house like that?” HB “What?” SAsha “You’re too hot. You might actually be hazardous to men’s health. Guys are going to be looking at you and smashing their cars up. Put a bag over your head before you go out. Or mess up your make up, or something…”
HB “Oh my god! You are totally cute too! I can’t believe you said that!”
I talk to her for 2 minutes, find out she doesn’t have a BF, and SHE says “I gotta get your number!” so I get the # talk to her a bit more and walk off. She said she was there with her brother but the guy she was with was groping her a lot. So either she’s a big fucking liar, or she’s into incest. So a win/win situation for me, as I’ll be in familiar waters either way ;)

The there’s this like, oriental 10 on the sofa. Looking really pouty. Like really sad. Bitchy sad. Did I say she was a 10? That’s because she was a 10. that’s why I said that. Maybe 5 foot tall, from Thailand. Perfect body. Perfect face. Perfect hair. Perfect everything. Just for a second I actually feel some AA. Then I’m like “fuck it here I go” … I lean down and make a pouty face to mimick hers. Then I do the cheesy smile thing where you put your pointer finers on the corners of your mouth and turn them upside down… she smiles but then said “I lost my phone! All my contacst! Blah blah” and she just kept goin ON and ON and ON. Being the helpful guy that I am I say “hang on, did you ask the bar staff if they’ve seen it? (she’d left it on the bar for a sec and someone nicked it) and she’s like “no can you ask them for me?”

Hmmmm … now… is this a frame game? Is this girl used to getting guys to do whatever she wants all the time? You betcha. So I can’t just comply. But I don’t’ wanna flat say “no do it yourself” while she’s in a bad state. I have to think fast
“Well, I have to find my friend in a minute. When I do, I’ll swing be the bar and see if they’ve seen it! – what does it look like…”

so I do ask the bar staff if they’ve seen it and they haven’t. it’s gone

I go back to HB10

I try use logic and reason to calm her down and get to know her a bit “look your phone is gone. I know it sucks. But you could still have a good night. Listen, how long have you been in London…” I actually manage to break thru and chat for a couple of minutes. Then one of her friends comes over, I shake his and talk to him a bit. She starts moanin about her phone. Eventually I realize that she’s stuck in a drama. Probably she’s a drama queen (would be expected for a girl that hot) .. I say, well it was nice to meet you. She says “where are you going?” … “to the dance floor. Your no fun. Maybe I’ll see you later” … she was pissy that I was leaving. Now, was it because she liked me or she just wanted another person around so she could have her drama? Maybe both, but probably the latter. I dunno. I was planning on re opening. No point in going for the number close though ;) … but Frank was like “email close dog, for real” …. I’m like “it’s gonna be a flake dude” and he says “yea but, what if she doesn’t flake?” … I say “alright I’ll try get her email!” … anyways we dance a bit, it’s fucking loud on the main floor. There’s an HB8.5 dancing. Nice dress, nice body, nice face. Nice smile. This girl was hot and shaking her booty around big time. She was doing this crazy African tribe dance move (well that’s what it looked like to me) so I lean over and say

“I don’t know where you’re from, but you dance like an African!!”

she smiles and I keep dancing… minutes go by and I think alright sasha, how do we do this? It’s too fucking loud to talk. But I was in good form and very confident so I just walked up to her and said

“Hey. I like your style.…. Judging by the way you dance and your cool dress, I’m guessing you’re an awesome girl – I’d like to find out if I’m right. I wanna get to know you a bit but it’s too loud in here – come chat with me over there by the couches for 2 minutes. If you don’t like me, I promise to piss off and you’ll never see me again!” (somewhere I added in “you could be a complete bitch for all I know, haha!” .. she just said “yeah, sure!” (in fact she tried to be all non chalant about it she actually said “I’m, I’m down for whatever” but was totally sold. There was a massive interrupt/cockblock RIGHT as I was doing my openere “hey I like you’re style….” This bloke LITERALLY RAMS BETWEEN US AND GOES “WHOA WHOA” and says “that’s my girl!” and I say “Hey buddy, relax, we’re just chatting. I have a girlfriend….” and my target was like “chill buddy” and he walks off. I say to her “Is that your boyfriend?” and she says “NO! That’s just my brother’s friend!” … aaahh…. Then I use my line “If you have some 6”4 musclebound boyfriend who’s about to come up behing me and break me, now’s the time to tell me” and she laughs and says “no I don’t have one” (I started using that back in may I think but I heard about it from somewhere since then) … so I continue with the opener and isolate to the couch. Now I don’t know if it’s cuz she thought I was cute or my bold approach, but she was up for it. take her to couch – normal chat. Did 3 truths and a lie (again this is wonderful – she found my lie on the 2nd guess and I totally picked the wrong one all the way .. so I was like “you were better than me! I lost to a girl!! I can’t believe it!” and she’s like “better get used to it, buddy!” she was a lot of fun! Really cool girl. When I shook her hand initially I kissed her all the way up her arm to her check… after that I totally should have gone for the kiss close … well I kinda did at the end when I said bye but I didn’t think she was ready. I said “whoa- u gave me the check! Did u think I was gonna try make out with you?” and she’s like “maybe!” and I said “plant one on my mouth. But no tongue!” and she gave me a wet one…. Felt her up on the hug. It’s a tight body….fuuuuck. she’s in town 2 weeks from Birmingham uni. I said “we could have a great fling in 2 weeks!” and she was like “yea we could!!” oh and she actually asked if I was good in bed and I broke it down for her… I started with “ don’t wanna brag but….” And then I bragged, hehe. Well, only a little…. I actually told her I suck with condoms. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that? Oh well…

p.s frank told me that some girl literally PUSHED that into cock blocking us. Like told him what to do, was standing behind him and SHOVED him into us lol. I’ve never seen such a maneuver! What a fucking bitch, gets some poor kid to do his dirty work for her??

this girl is a solid number. If it was always this easy it would be a fucking joke. It’s so great when the set just goes THAT well. Gotta say, isolation in under 60 seconds was pretty good. (well if you count the dancing line then It was 5 mins but… I don’t count it, so 60 seconds it was!)

Brazil Vivian - opened on the street at 2am. “Your hands look really warm. You’re lucky to have pockets. Look at me, I look like a looser if I put them in these pockets! (was going to get her to kino me and warm up my hands but when the other way) then just normal banter. Eventually I’m like “how many boyfriends do you have?” … none … really?? You must be defective! Or crazy or something!! She’s like “No I’m not!!” I’m like. “ok, come on, we’re going to hang out next week. Give me your number” and she puts it in my phone. Kiss on the check and I’m off.

Great night! Yes I could have fucked the dance floor girl. Yes I am still gay.

Friday, 21 December 2007

FR Dec 20th - Cute Oriental girls!

Day game – 2 japanese girls HB 8 and 9 walking around totenham crt road. I pass them and over the shoulder “kinishiwaa!! Japanese right?”

HB9 “Yeah”
Sasha “I knew it! I though I heard some Japanese!”
HB9 “No we were speaking English!”
Sasha “really? I’m guess I’m turning Japanese! Haha! So you guys been here a while? What u doing?”
HB9 few months, studying and working
Sasha “I think I knew you were Japanese because you guys are wearing really funky clothing. (to HB 9) Your shoes rock… hers kinda suck, actually lol
HB8 Yeah these aren’t cool
SAsha “you’re letting japan down!”
HB9 actually she’s Korean
Sasha What! You lied to me! That’s no way to make friends! Blah blah blah

Basically I was taking the piss out of them a bit for like 90 seconds and got a good reaction – then we come up to where spamalot it playing and the road forks. I recognize this is a bad situation, because no matter which way they turn, if I follow it looks creepy like I’m going after them. So I stop them in their tracks by telling them I’m going. I did this right after I got a big laugh “anywyas I gotta run. (I stop) “what were your names?” … I saw a little disappointment when I said I was going so I take that as another IOI (and they are laughing and talking to me) … I get their names and I say “so, uh, I’m going shoe shopping. I never get into clubs because I have shitty shoes. I talk to the bouncer and it’s all good, then he brings his vision from my eyes to my jacket, jeans, and as soon as he gets to my feet, he pauses, the looks at me and says “Sorry buddy, we’re full up!!” and I’m like “you just let in 25 people!! 50 people just walked out!! It’s the shoes isn’t it?” … “no, uh… we’re … full….”

This is a new routine I came up with pretty much on the spot as I was going to buy some shoes to get into paper club. They loved it. Then I did another DHV story which, again they loved. I qualified them a bit, told them they were really cool but that I had to go. “What the best way to contact you guys!?”

HB9 “Facebook?”

So I get their facebook. They’re shy. I don’t wanna creep them out trying to get their number – I’ll get it off facebook anyway.

The observant of you with notice I negged the HB8 – what, I can’t like the less hot girl more?? EH? YOU WOMANIZING BASTARDS?? No, you’re right. The HB9 was my target. But I was in the moment and she really had crappy ass shoes and it got a laugh, so cut me a break, ok? Assholes ;)

Then I was stopping all the hot girls asking them where neil street was – spoke to one HB9 who had a BF but I got her number anyways. I told her she’s bringing her hot friends to meet me and she was cool with that! After I got my shoes (THEY ARE AWESOME AND were on SALE!) I got a sandwich at prĂȘt and at the shop there were 2 set of girls sitting. One looked kinda cute – “hey guys, I need a female opinion. Be honest. I can take it. what do you think of my new shoes?” and it opened the set SO easy. I used this a couple of times but the girls were never too hot up close so I didn’t take it anywhere but I was getting ioi’s from a couple. I was just walking into pubs asking girls what they think of my new shoes! “Sexy or not sexy? Does it match my jacket? Come on, you’re girls, you’re supposed to know this stuff. I’m helpless!!” hehe

Then I meet cyber tho he’s stuck in his stupid work do. We chat. I open this one hot girl, talk to her for 20 minutes and then find out she has a BF. I’m gay. She was so friendly I assumed she didn’t have one. I’m gay. Need to always find out early in set! I just feel I telegraph interest (in a social environment I use more MM style stuff) and once I decide not to telegraph interest I seem to stick to it. this is retarded. I’m talking to her 1 on 1 – I can easily find out of she has a boyfriend!

Then I went to notting gate, the club I was going to was closed but I found this little shitty boozer.. it sucked but I met interesting people. I started gaming outside the club just to make sure I get in. Was opening up the room. Talked to this really cool guy for like 20 mins and number closed him (gay!)… Eventually I see this HB8.75 (yes, it can come in ¾ measurements, you (non) fuckers) and she’s with this guy. I open him and make friends with him. She keeps leaning in. She kino’s me in front of him and I slap her hand away and tell her she’s very rude! He loves me. He’s a drunk dickhead. He asks if I want a drink and I say maybe juice. Then he goes to the bar and leaves me with this woman

We have the most amazing 10 min conversation I’ve had in like… at least 2 weeks(and that’s over 100 sets, easy) … I tell her this. “you are the coolest chick I have met in like … days) .. dunno why I said days but that’s what I said

She was sooooooooooooo into me. Kino, oio’s EVERYTHING. He comes back. She tells HIM to give me one of his cards. I swap business cards with him. He’s so hammered I just give her one too and say “yea facebook me!” and she says “we can be facebookfriends!” … we both know this means we’re going to fuck.

We are going to fuck. This girl was so hot and so fucking hot and so sexy and into me it was sick. No game here guys – other than I opened up her man first and like negged her one time. After that it was just a genuinely amazing conversation

This is what I think game should be about. Actually just meet girls and talk until you find one you really connect with. Game should just be a lubricant to smoothe the process along, you know? Little bits here and there – but really it should be you they are meeting not some fucking robot. Anyway I had opened a group earlier with an HB9 in it (very very hot French/English) girl but it didn’t hook so I left it. I re opened and this time I hooked. Good chat, isolate to corner. Touching – tried to escalate but she wouldn’t let me get far. She told me she doesn’t have a BF … even said “I don’t do boyfriends!” and I said “party girl huh? And she’s like “yeah!” but she was actually smart and classy and shit….. she was just staaaaaaaring at me with the “fuck me” eyes. She’s going on flight to france tomorrow but insists we hook up when she gets back. She invited me to her new year’s eve party. She asks where I live and I’m like “what, you’re not trying to get me to get you to my house are you??”and she’s like “I have to be up early” … now I think “I think I can do this” but she was well over tipsy and it’s just not my style so we change numbers. She kisses me on the mouth (no tongue) …

Alright. I’m gay. Fine. I admit openly to being a homosexual. Alright? Good. I never try bang really drunk girls. I’ll probably never see her again. I’m ok with that

Anyways on the way out the HB 8.75 re opens me and is like “hey great to meet you” and I’m like “yea it was” … and she fucking plants one on my mouth too!

So 2 girls kissed me one of which had a BF. On the mouth. With no tongue. I don’t know what to feel. Like it was a great night or I’m really, really gay

I actually had a good time. If I end of sleeping one of those girls though it will have been a real success but whatever, just another night.

These girls were hot though, and they were into me. And one day I’m going to start taking them home on the night. Numbers are gay. I have to start working on my kiss closes.

This confirms that, at physically escalating when girls are totally into me, I suck. I’m just an funny guy. An approach machine, who number closes a lot and occasionally gets “lucky” … . but I’m not seducing anyone. Gay. I didn’t necessarily wanna fuck the French girl that night, but it would have been nice to make out and have the option. Also I should have tried to bounce her to a coffee shop or something even tho she was with her friends. It didn’t even occur to me! Reeeeeeetard

I think I’m actually worse at gaming girls that are totally into me, especially while drunk. I can’t explain it but if they are REALLY into me, I don’t do shit other than # close. What the fuck is wrong with me??

Apon further consideration – I think I should have emphasized how much I wanted to see the BF chick again. I played it down. We agreed to be facebook buddies, right? But I should have given her an intense look and said “listen, I’d really like to see you again. As long as you think you can keep your hands off me, I’m not an asshole” … that would have been the thing to say! Maybe she won’t add me and I’ll never see her again. I feel so powerless. I hate that. I should have asked her name so I could find her

Another realization

At one point in the conversation I told her I was sleeping with this girl, but she didn’t’ have much personality. She asked why I was sleeping with her and I said because I like to fuck. She said I shouldn’t be sleeping with her. It is so painfully obvious now what she wanted to hear
“well I’m only with her till I find a really cool girl to sleep with. So how about you dump your boyfriend and I’ll stop seeing my girl and we’ll be together”

I think she would have just agreed to it. I actually think that there is a good chance that it would have happened. I’m not delusional or anything. That’s how good we were getting along. I mean I’m sure it’s true what they say, women are always looking to upgrade, right? And her boyfriend was a drunken dumbass. FUCK. My friendly frame/opening/flirting is so GOOD right now, that even when the poussy is right there I don’t take it. there’s so much of it and I still don’t take it. what is the matter with me??

I think really I must be a latent homosexual. So, next month, I’m doing a challenge. I’m Going to open 5 sets of hot men every day in order to find out if I’m GAY. GAY GAY GAY

The French girl – she was nervous around me, and I was around her. That’s how much we were into each other. And I didn’t even try and take her home. That's pretty Gay, wouldn't you say? Maybe i'm just using "she's drunk!" as an excuse to be GAY? I'm really worried here. If I'm queer this sarging stuff is really a waste of time - I could just be walking into gay clubs and pulling. Man o man. It's not looking good. I'll tell you what - the fact that I # closed a bloke doesn't help my case either. Fuck.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Dec 19th - Lots of Street game and # closes

Fr dec 19th

Street game and bit of club game

Sarging with Osmond. We were goin to go to moonlighting but were street sargin for a while first and by the time we got there they weren’t letting people in. I talk to these 2 girls (I though my target was HB9 but Osmond didn’t think she was hot) and her friend was maybe HB6.5

HB9 was pretty drunk and was just into me right away – a thing I’ve been doin recently that’s working great on the street is, if you just touch their hand for a second you say “wow you’re so warm” and then just take their hands, put your hands together and make them sandwich their hands overtop of yours. I’ve done this a few times and it’s GREAT. Suddenly they are HOLDING YOUR HANDS. (If her hands are cold, you cup her hands and warm them up.) After this my arms were around her and we were hand holding etc withing a minute or two. Osmond moves in on her friend and we take them to this other club that was SHIT. The stupid promoter lied and said there were 75 people in there but there were like 25.

Anyways she told me she had a BF but would NOT let me leave them. She was really fun and we’re holding hands. I try to kiss her but she won’t let me. Some part of me wants to stay and try more but another part is like “MOVE ON” so after a while we bailed. I have her number, but what’s the point really? Is there any? Should I even call her or what? Osmond when downstairs and isolated his one, and mine went to pee, so I opened a set of hot cougars while she was in the loo. After 10 mins Osmond runs up and says "“we gotta get out of here, she thinks I’m going to bang her!!” so we bolted. The way he said it I thought he'd like sexually assaulted her or something hehe. Shame, 2 of the cougers were pretty fine and I was working the whole set… more street sarging

HB 8.5 - I opened her on soho on the street corner just asking where this one place was, then went into my normal stuff. I noticed she had some flyers, and I asked her what they were for. This was a mistake, because then she sees me as a customer and goes into her shbeel about the fucking place she works for. Stupid. Don’t mention their stupid product! Just as with a stripper you have to be in YOUR frame, not THEIR frame. I know this. Anyways I DHV enough and get some laughs (she was Hb8) so I didn’t neg her or anything, just had a goot chat. She agrees to come out partying with me and I ask her what the best way is to get in touch. She said “email!” I’m like “email??” she said “it’s the most practical way!” and I’m like “oh great, I’ll email you and I’ll be stuck in a lump of spam offering up penis enlargements and Viagra ripoffs. Are you serious? Give me your number, I promise not to call you 20 times a day and stalk you. I’m already stalking 5 women and I don’t have time for another. She laughs and gives me her number. Yay (yes as I post this on 4am boxing day she is flaaaaaaaking haha)

HB8.5 italian. This was going to be trickier, on the street and she’s with 2 guys. I think fuck it, I don’t care and I open up the guy with some crap. He gives her money to buy cigarettes and I start yelling at her as she moves off “they cause caner, emphasyma, erective dysfunction (turn to the guys) “Does she have to worry about that?” … I say bye to the guys and go down the road. Not I know she went for ciggies and there’s a tobacco shop across the st. I cross and there she is .. I yell “hey stranger!!” and immediately start “so, where u from?” blab la bla DHV I’m a comedian blah blah she gives me IOI – I qualify “you seem fun, you should party with me but .. what else you got going for you? Are you as fun as you seem? She qualifies herself… blah blah….”ok cool well give me your number I’m going to this cool club on Friday…” she was into me. Ran into her 10 mins later and said hi and she stopped and was just chatting with me. After Osmond was like “dude you could have made out with her EASY” .. I guess so, but I was just in the mindset of vibing and getting her # but I WILL START TO TRY MAKE OUT WITH GIRLS EVEN ON THE STREET

I’m gay for not doing already. Gay gay gay GAY

Uhhhhh couple of other sets went really well (hot Japanese girl waiting for bus) but the bus came and she got on it! FUCK! If I wasn’t with Osmond I woulda gotten on for a few stops and gotten her digits. SHE WAS HOT MAN but cuz there are SO many girls, I can’t be fucked running after just one but she was hot!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Dec 13th - Oh my god!! Hotties Everywhere!!

Tonight was pretty awesome. Ended up in some gaffe in notting hill

I opened so many sets is retarded, so I’m just going to go with the good stuff

On dancefloor, was at the front watching this band. Was just opening up everyone around me. “Hey! What’s up! I love your hat! I’m stealing it!!” just normal chit chat. I nicked this girls hat and was taking pictures of me wearing it with other girls. Merging all sorts of sets. Like ALL sorts of sets

Get to talking with this HB9 (17, turns 18 in a few days) .. this AGAIN. She was pretty interesting and sooooo hot. Can’t remember what I said. Wasn’t needy – just took the piss out of her and she gave me ioi’s and I was like “you gotta take me out and show me a good time!” …. At one point kissed her check and she was like “you gotta try harder than that” and I said “that’s my line!” got her number anyways, and she texted me at the end of the night and we had a few back and forth

Now, there were these two girls near the bar. HB8 and HB9.5 (dunno exactly but she was really fucking hot) … I was just friendly to them both, couple of DHV stories and I was like “See u later!” … I remember the name of the one I liked. Later I ran into them and it was GOOD. After chatting to them both I’m like “alright you guys are awesome. I want your numbers – I’m gonna have a party and you guys are invited!” … so HB9.5 says “I don’t give out my number” … and I’m like “Really? Stalked much.. you’re alright but you’re not THAT hot…” but HB8 is like “cool, I’ll come, I’ll bring her…0789…” and I turn my back on HB9.5 and I’m like “oh no, she’s not invited anymore. Haha….” And you should have SEEN the look on her face. She was like “ok, take my number” and I was like “no no, it’s cool” and she’s like “no come on, I want you to have it…” so I got it. hehehe. Negs WORK SO WELL on hot girls. Oh HB8 went to piss and left us alone and I kept trying to actually get to know her, which was ok but not great. I did one of my own routines “give me your life story in 15 seconds!” and she wouldn’t so I told her mine first and then she did hers. The I did “3 truths and a lie” … now I’ve said before I had canned shit, but this is a fun game and I have been meaning to try it. It worked great! She was really into and and I was just breaking thru when some friend of hers got her attention…

Anyways then I met this 20 year old who was a model. She was from Iceland. She was HB 9, maybe more. Athough her front teeth weren’t all that. I got to use the “what, like a hand model?” on her which was hilarious. The girl NEXT to her’s mouth dropped open. I think it went over the model’s head. After 2 mins I knew I wasn’t interested in her and I left her alone. However I applied perfect MM on her – I just spoke to this other guy and other girl and just ignored her/negged her… Later on I ran into her downstairs and really took the piss out of her. “oh! Let me clear the way for you o beautiful one! MODEL COMING THRU EVERYONE… BOW DOWN!” and she laughed and did a little strut. She wanted to talk but I just kept walking ;)

Then I went back to dancefloor. This one girl ran into my elbow and I was like "whoa! my elbow likes to take it slow! Easy!" ... joked with her a bit and she was like "I like you" ... and a few seconds later "Where do you live?" ... she was quite drunk, and a little chubby although she was cute. I wantered away from her. There was an Hb 8.5 in a sexy red dress/sweater number sitting on the stage. I shake my ass in front of her, walk off, then come grind her a bit in a jokey way. She smiles, and I take her hand and dance. Dance game – we are making out soon. She’s pretty drunk. I isolate her to the other room, make out etc. I can’t get ANY compliance from her. She won’t sit in the same chair with me. I freeze her out, it doesn’t work. Go back to her like a bitch, then freeze her out. Kinda works but not really. She’s too drunk, I leave her and come back and find her there with 2 drinks. I’m like “this for me?” and she hesitates and nods her head. Ok. I have a bit. Make out some more. She keeps trying to ram her tongue down my throat. I try control the kissing (but my kissing frame is not strong enough) lol …. I just sit there. I don’t want to take her home, she’s too hammered. What do I want? I get her number. After a while..she takes BOTH drinks and wanders off. Haha! I really didn’t care at this point. 15 minutes later a find her snogging some other guy. What a ho!! Just to be a dick, I poke her as I leave and say “nice to meet you” and she’s like “yeah!” barely recognizing me. Hah. I want to call her, fuck her and never call her again, just to teach her a lesson. Petty – I know. But you’d be thinking the same thing…. The little ho!!!

That’ll make for a weird text “hey, hope you made it home alright. This is the first guy you made out with last night!” :P …

Anyways before I go I re open the model to say goodbye and see what happens. (I actually don’t give a shit about her but at this point, but just purely for ego purposes because she’s a model I want her number. So…. I say “nice to meet you, I’m out!” and high five her. She starts taking to me about something. We talk for a bit and I try leave but she re opens me. I can tell she wants something from me, she doesn’t let me leave. I’m like “ok I’m throwing a party on 29th, you wanna come?” and she says she’s be in Iceland. I’m like, ok then… at this point she’s kino’ing me… and something in my gut said “walk away!” so I was like “too bad” and I went and got my buddy … took a couple of minutes, but when I went outside. The HB 8 from the 2 set from before gets into a car and I’m like “hey there” … she yells “hey, call us!” and I’m like “I will!” … I look over and guess who was there standing around. the model. Hmm… she got out there fast! We chat some more and this time I give her my card and I’m like “ok next time you’re in town we’ll do something… give me your number” and she says “Don’t knot it by heart, my phone is in the club, I’ll give you a missed call when I get back down” I’m like “ok!” ….

Nothing yet – we’ll see….

Well… I’m quite pleased – getting the # from the 9 who texted me (probably not a flake!) and the # from the 9.5 from the two set, (probably will flake)
I did some solid gaming but mainly I was just having fun and being myself taking the piss out of chicks….

It was actually easy getting the model after me because I knew she was boring and didn’t give a FUCK about her and it showed, so by the end she wanted me (or at the very least, she wanted my attention) … All night guys were talking to her vying for her attention and I’d just make fun of her and walk off. Woo! Interesting though, if you can just replicate that “I don’t care!” attitude with all the women all the time you will pull a lot more!

Bah, who am I kidding. If she texts me I am sooooooo gonna try and bone her :D :D :D