Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ireland !!

I slept in the same bed with this guy. He grabbed my ass and caressed me and pulled me in. I was like "uh, it's me dude" and he went OH FUCK!!

Really funny. He musta thought I was a broad.

This same guy wakes up and starts drinking straight away - on a day he's got a party at his house. The Irish are maaaaaaaaad.

My little game talk went very well... like 23 or 24 guys came out... and then I did a mini bootcamp on the sunday with a few guys so that was cool. I was absolutely fucked on lack of sleep. IT was amazing. I even did my hour long comjedy show. was barely functioning but I managed. Somehow.

A talk, bootcamp, and comedy show in ONE weekend!! woo!!

Hung out with JuiceTerry who was a friend of a friend. HE helped me organize shit and was a super nice guy. I LOVE YOU MAN!! Anyone who goes to Ireland should hookup with this dude!!

Ah - on my first night I made out with 2 babes. One was really hot and 19 - the other was 34. I went to a late night tango class with the 34 year old but couldn't get her back. I tried.

the 19 year old was smooooooooking. Invited her to the party the next day but she didn't show. Ah well. EAsy makeouts tho... I can see the appeal of night/booze game. haha

I love the Irish. Truly. I do.

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