Thursday, 3 December 2009

Yad's room smells worse than anything

Nov 20th

So I’ve been stayin with Yad for the last week. It was fun! For those of you that don’t know (most people in the UK community know who he is) Yad’s the guy I really got my infield experience with. We went out like 12 or 14 hours per day, every day, for months back in oct/nov 2007. We just pissed about mainly, but that’s really where I killed my AA and got comfortable talking to women. I’ve been referring to him in my posts on my blog and more so on my local forum since then, but in recent months the word about him as really gotted out there. The first bootcamps I ever accepted students I was co-teaching with him. We were going to rip it up together, but … let’s just say the “gogogo get it done” mentality needed to co commercial wasn’t in him. So, now he’s working with pua training. Lost…. To the dark side! Hehe. I jest. Well, kind of. It’s not that bad, I guess. He’s happy, so I’m happy. Those guys have a bad rep in the Uk community… but I’m told Gamber’s an alright guy once you get to know him. He’s just a bit shy around new people. So, there you go.

I’ll leave “the commercialization of pua bootcamps” to another post.

So … we didn’t really go sarging at all if you can believe that. I was sleeping thru the days, or out teaching myself so our schedules didn’t really match up. When he wanted to go out, I’d be tired L …. Ah well. I’m going to make sure we hit the field at some point soon. He’d say “I keep meeting Russian girls” and I’d say “I love Russian girls, I want to meet more of them” and he’d say “but you never sarge!” and I’d say “I don’t have to GO sarging – I’m always sarging” and he’s like “nah you need to go sarge!”

Sarging is a stupid word.

Actually wait – we went out a bit one day early in the morning when I hadn’t slept. I’ll tell you what was funny – we met a couple of girls from a norwegien girls football team. They had a van nearby full of girls. yad had his camera on him. We were going to film us going in there and interviewing the girls. there was a kind of angry dude hanging around the van that was with the football team so we didn’t do it in the end. But we almost did. Ehehehe. Also, we did a set where I had to plougggggghhhhhh. 5+ mins of plowing this one boring ass girl and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. This is exactly what I’d stopped doing recently and I remember why. Plowing is gay! If she doesn’t want to talk, leave her alone. Ugh.

Anyways, the funniest thing, consistently over the last week was the smell in yad’s room. That’s where most of the laughs came from. Like, seriously. It’s unreal. It smelled like…. Stale death? Rotten feet with a bit of pizza? Dryin condoms? Dirty laundry? I dunno. When I was going in there to get my stuff, I’d have to hold my breath, run in, grab something, and then get out. It was brutal. I actually was holding the door open (along with my breath) for a moment and one of his flatmate’s walked by and yelled “JESUS CHRIST CLOSE THE FUCK DOOR” … and that’s the guy who smokes in his room. Hahahaha. WoW! I think it’s better now but for a while… it was pretty brutal.

Anyways – I’ve just got to my mate’s house in North London – one of my old friends. Let’s just call him “Hairy” … Hairy’s awesome. Funny, I love him and trust him with my life. But, he’s a rampant alchohlic. The place looks like a squat, but he pays good rent for it. Shit all over the place, stench. Brutal. You can’t go into the kitchen, AT ALL. It’s a no go zone. It smells about 3x worse than yad’s room. The kitchen is so messy it’s like a work of art. If you take a picture and name it “heroin abuse” it would be powerful. And it may, genuinely, put people off. Or name is “alchochol rocks” hahahaha. I’m not even kidding. I gotta get that pic and post it on here. It’s amazing. Anyways it was good to catch up with hairy. He hasn’t changed much. I wonder if he’ll ever give up the drink? Proably not. Hairy’s game involves getting hammered and hitting on other hammered girls. that’s not going to change. I told him about game. He thought it was interesting … but that’s about it. he’s far too ingrained in being the way he is to want to change…. So I don’t even try. What’s the point? I’ve already learned that lesson a few times before: Only help those that ask for your help. Otherwise, it always ends badly.

I’ve met a few girls… nothing significant to report so I won’t bother…… I’m going to stay with ace next week so that should be a gooooooooood time!

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