Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dancer's have sexy bodies...

Had an exciting couple of days. So, on friday I went out with Connor and Dr. Yen. We hit a couple of bars in shoreditch but there weren’t many hotties around. Then we walked over to old street but they weren’t letting people into the bars we wanted – even tho it was only 12:40. Dr. Yen decides to “escort” one drunken hottie to the subway. Me and conner nip into this one bar that’s actually not bad. He opens this 2 set and we have a bit of a chat with them. After talking to one socially retarded but hot vampire, we end up back in the 2 set. It was 1 brazilian girl and her friend. The brazilian was cute and had a smokin’ body. The other one was plumper but was cute too. I played the question game with the
Brazilian and gradually escalated. She was a bit shy but we were making out by the end. Also the 4 of us played truth or dare. Connor had to do a gay dance in the middle of the dancefloor. He did a little bit too well, as one gentleman’s interest was definitely peaked. Then for one of my dare’s I had to go ask a gay man to dance. Well, I ran into the same guy and had a dance with him. I joked and said I was just doing it to make connor jealous. He actually got his hang on my leg and all.Anyways after this … the guy wouldn’t leave connor alone. He’d walk by and fluff up his hair… then just stand there and act all sexy trying to seduce him. We were in stitches.

I didn’t get the feeling I got have slept with the brazlian that night but… I should have tried more I suppose. She hasn’t had sex in many months! I spoke to her on the phone 2 days after. She was happy to hear from me but doesn’t really seem that keen. I’m not really that keen either so… probably nothing will happen there.

On haloween (sat) most of my (pua) friends went to torture garden. I couldn’t be fucked putting a proper costume together and Gameboy Huck had a couple of parties in North London so I thought I’d do that instead. Met up with Dunners and his girlfriend for Dinner then went to the parties.

Party one: Bunch of jewish guys in their early 20’s… 1 hottie who had a BF and a couple of fat girls.

That didn’t last long.

Second party: Quite a few hotties, but boring all except of the host – who had (you guessed it) a boyfriend. It was an ok time –my outfit was a big hit. Oh yeah – so check out my outfit.

Let’s see if you guys can guess what it is. This was pretty much half of the joke on haloween. I’d walk around wearing this red shirt with this cute fluffy giraffe on it. It has buttons for eyes and they stick out and it really is adorable. Then, I got me a back of candy, (including a big lollypop which I dropped and it shattered) and a balloon. So, I’d walk up to girls and say “hey little girl. would you like some candy?” ….. and whatever they said I would reply “but first, you have to guess what I am!”

Then I’d follow up with

You sure are a pretty little girl. would you like to see my van? Would you like to touch my giraffe? It’s soft. Come with me, let me show you something.

If they STILL didn’t get it I’d have to explain

“I’m dressed as a child. I have candy. And a balloon. Helooooooooo”

Then I’d say “NOBODY EVER GETS PAEDOPHILE!! ARRRGHHH” and walk away to either a)laughs or b)ackward silence

Anyways – it was awesome. best outfit EVER !!! I actually managed to creep out some people at the party. Apparently I’d make a good paedo.. who knew?

The funniest part happened earlier in the night. I went to tesco’s to buy some candy. I get to the section with the chocolate There is one woman standing there also looking at the candy. I say to her

Me “Hey, are you going to be a paedophile as well?”

Woman “sorry?”

Me “Are you going to be a paedophile… for haloween”

Woman “Uh… no”

Ackward silence

Me “Oh. I just thought cuz you were looking at the candy, maybe you wanted to go as a paedophile”

Ackward silence

Woman “No, I just like candy”

Me “Oh, I see”

More ackward silence

Woman walks off.

Right. Man I’m laughing as I write that. That actually happened. I really make myself laugh sometimes.

Anyways – then on Sunday I had a date with the tiny brazilian I met on haloween. (On the way to the 2nd party I spoke to her on the street and got her number, even tho her not so attractive friend was cockblocking)

I met her near my temporary flat in shoreditch (oh yeah) at Liverpool station. Then she hung about as I ate a falafel. Then we went for a coffee. Question game ensued. She’s only been with 2 guys and hasn’t had sex since April. APRIL!!! And she’s really fucking cute. Ok, she’s half Japanese from her mom, and her dad is Italian. She’s absolutely TINY like I love – and she’s got the sexy Angelina jolia lips. I’m not kidding. She’s adorable!! Slightly corked ass teeth but that’s the only fault. I can live with it. anyways I could tell she was up for it… she was a bit shy kissing in public is all. She said “not here” in the café place. Well… I still kissed her there. I also demonstrated my skillz by joking around with the waitress and 2 girls that were sitting next to us.

I’m really seeing how much of a difference this makes. I can’t emphasize it enough. On a date, a girl seeing you getting along well/charming other people is very powerful social proof. It may be just as powerful as having cool friends etc…. it’s more impressive if you think about it. your friends are ALREADY your friends. Of course you’re going to get along with them. That’s what friends rae – people you KNOW that you get along with. Right? But – for you to walk into a café/restaurant/whatever and just make friends with people before her very eyes is, in my opinion – just as powerful. You don’t KNOW these people. They don’t HAVE to be nice to you. They don’t know you. And yet, here they are warming to you in a matter of seconds/minutes. THAT shows he you’ve got the skills. Whether she’s looking for a quick shag or a BF – social skills are necessary in this day and age and are far more relevant than your physical size/earning etc …. If you can talk, you don’t need to fight. If you can talk, you can get a job and feed the kids. It’s the ultimate DHV !

I do this on ALL my dates now. Win over the waiter/waitress or merge sets with any tables/people around. Just for a 3 minute chat … just long enough for them to show they want to be friend with me. That’s enough!

Anyways – after the coffee she’s saying she’s go to get back soon. I promised her a tea, AND a desert if she came all the way to see me… so I go into the shop and buy a sweet thing. She doesn’t want any…. I tell her I wanna swing by my place to drop it off. She’s like “yea right!” … she totally knows I’m goin to try and lay her. Haha. So I say “ok you got me – I’m totally going to molest you when we get in there. But if you tell me to fuck off, I will” … she’s like “ok”

Again – this is a critical move. By admitting you’re going to try and sleep with them (being honest) it takes away her power of accusing you of doing it. you’re telling her you’re going to do it. – but since you’re being honest they’re likely to believe what you’re saying along with the true statement which is “I’ll stop if you tell me to” (which is true. But she’s more likely to come over if I admit to her I’m going to try it on) …..

Again – normally I don’t have to say this but… cuz I’ve already had my tongue down her throat she knows what’s up. So you have say something – otherwise she feels you’re being dishonest and she wont’ come back

Anywho – I get her in there, I’m just gently kissing her lips and she attacks me!! I was totally just teasing her and she was like getting right into the making out. I was biting her stomach and neck etc. she’s really sensitve all tlike “oww don’t bite me, it hurts!” … shame. I like to bite. Anywho: I couldn’t seal the deal: She wasn’t having any of it!

I got her on her bus… then I realized I’d totally forgot to put across the non judgemental frame. I mean, I have it anyways but I just didn’t put any of johnny’s stuff across. Shit!! She felt slutty putting out. She probably would have anyways but it would have increased my chances.

Any well. It’s all good. We’re texting each other. She’s got a cold now but this one I’ll likely see again (even tho they usually flake if you escalate hard and don’t close)

Ok, then today the dancer girl came over to my house. This is the one that flaked last tues. it was a total flake too. No text – nothing. I met her, we made out in L square (and I kisser her belly – hot!) and we make plans for tues. then nothing.

Then, on Saturday I get this text “hello mr sasha! So sorry for the no show. Had to work ridiculous hours at work. I move into my friend’s house on Tuesday. Monday? Chu chu xxx”

I reply “hmm I dunno. You broke my itty bitty heart once. Why should I give you a second chance? You’d have to think up a pretty good reason….”

She says

“Because I can make a gay man come in my mouth?”

I says “so, just imagine what you can do to me? Is that what you are saying? ? ?”

She says “I’m not one to big myself up. You either want to or you don’t”

She’s escalating me. Fuck the hoop, all I have to do is confirm a time and place and it’s on.

I says “Ok, I want to. And guess what – there is a huge mirror next to my bed. How hot is that?”

She says “Nice to know ;) so you have a place here now? But we get ahead of ourselves. How about that milkshake?”

Then I have her meet me near my place.

We get noodles. Question game. She’s open but claims she’s not very good at games or coming up with questions. I can tell it’s a limiting belief for her. Hmm. Anyways after our food I say “how about tea and backrubs at mine?”

And that’s that. No tactics necessary – she’d already decided she wanted to fuck my brains out. this girl learned in about 30 seconds how to give me head exactly like I want. Nice. I had 3 or 4 orgasm without coming. Yay! She was duly impressed. I talk to her a bit about her sexual history. She’s been checked out a month ago. So has her lover who’s she’s been seeing for 15 months. They are open, but he tells her if he has sex with anyone without a condom. I decide she’s not a crackhead or high risk case and I go down on her. I pray for no fish smell. There isn’t one. Yayy. She has 2 screaming orgasms. Nice work.

We have sex. I try one of these new non latex “feel real” Avanti condoms and they totally suck. Ugh. she’s into the sex but it just feels like banging plastic to me. It kinda starts to feel good but I ejaculate the old fashion way and it’s all over. She almost had orgasm #3 but assures me she’s satisfied nevertheless. Damn it – I have to work on my fucking with condoms skillset lol. Then again, the head was really good so I was happy.

This girl is a real trooper. She actually had said “I love having a nice cock in my mouth” … in fact she said this when I said “I’m gonna get you back” … in other words sucking my cock was enough. God bless this girl.

Why can’t all girls be like this? Her massage skills left something to be desired but… she’ll learn. So, 13 days in London to get laid from daygame. That’s ok. It took over a month in Toronto!! Ugh!!

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Hi, mate

I have absolutely raped my own eyes looking through your posts. You've onece posted a link for a page with a couple of long Johnny Sapornos speaches, but I coudn't find this link now. Anyway, I would really appreceate if you could drop this link again. Thanks, fucker!

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